VotS Live: Reviewing the Suns' trade of Luis Scola

Join us at 5 p.m. to discuss the Phoenix Suns’ trade of Luis Scola to the Indiana Pacers, a look at what they got in return and the roster outlook moving forward.

  • sunsn7

    Another stellar trade engineered by McDonough. Also want to give credit to Robert Sarver and Lon Babby for admitting mistakes were made and taking a backseat, allowing a future GM of the year to do what he was brought here to do. This is only the beginning but it’s clear he has put a plan in place to bring the Suns back to legitimate contender status. All indications thus far indicate Hornacek and himself communicate very well and are on the same page. It’s clear the Suns value youth, althleticism and dare I say it, defense, and are working to improving the team in those areas. Suns need a young superstar with scoring punch but hopefully that’s next year Now if the Suns can only figure out a way to put themselves in the best position possible to acquire Andrew Wiggins next summer…. love the trade!

  • Zack B.

    Totally agree with you (sunsn7). I just really wish we had McD when we were in the hunt for Rudy Gay. That’s the type of guy we needed, and still need. He is gonna have a monster year, especially with the corrective eye surgery. Yeah I know, 2014 draft. But it’s not like we’re a lock to get Wiggins. We wanted a star caliber player, he was it. Memphis didn’t even want too much in return, that was the most disappointing part. Oh well. Maybe we can sign him if he opts out (unlikely, but my wishful thinking).

  • foreveris2long

    Sunsn7 good to have you on board. Man if we get Andrew Wiggins next summer this website will go wild. I think we also need to find a top flight power forward in the draft or free agaency next summer.

    As for moves by the prior regime, I agree with the above panel that credit needs to go to Babby, Sarver and Blanks in acquiring 1st round picks for Nash and Lopez. I did not like the Scola move last summer due to his age but I was so wrong in that the Suns knew they wanted to trade him for draft considerations next summer. Props to those guys. Finally this team is picking up steam in turning this thing around.

  • KayGee

    I would trade Gortat & Kendall Marshall to GSW for Harrison Barnes & another player, maybe Bogut. GSW would become a real force now with good shooters & a post presence! Maybe top three or four in the west. The Suns would get a dynamic small forward in Barnes that would be explosive with this team!

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    @ Forever
    Funny you mentioned me being a closet private eye….in hi-school we took a test to see what profession you would be good at & my “skill set” said I should be a detective…..lol
    My main suspect in the “impersonation” case is Cosmo Kramer…aka NEJay.

    As for the Suns, the trade KayGee mentions is intriguing….I’ve seen it on a few different boards but have a hard time believing they would give up Barnes but with the development of Klay Thompson & acquisition of Iguodala it’s possible.
    However, I am probably the only Suns fan in the world who takes McD at his word that the Suns are not shopping Gortat….at least until Len proves he can handle starter minutes at Center…..and that could take awhile.

    ps….Good to see ya Sunsn7.

  • Scott

    Well … if the Suns aren’t shopping Gortat, I don’t have a problem with it. They seem to know what they’re doing, and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it plays out.

  • DBreezy

    I could see Gortat staying all season and simply leaving as a free agent like Al Jefferson or Paul Milsap. If it comes down to a bad trade or just taking the cap space, I think McD will just take the cap space.

    It will be interesting to see how Gortat handles that if that’s the case. He’s not going to be featured offensively anymore than he was last season and will likely see many of ‘his’ shots go to others. He lost almost 3mpg last season to O’Neal, which he was OK with because he respected him, but what happens when he loses another 2-3 mins a game minimum to Len? Or if Horny and McD want to get a look at what Plumlee can do as a backup?

    Hawki, I don’t know if the Suns are actively shopping Gortat but I do think they’re fine with taking the right deal right now. If Len isn’t ready healthwise, they go with Plumlee/Frye/Kieff and deal with it. McD said process over results this season, but nothing about on court credibility!

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Hawki, you are not the only one and I also believe they won’t send Gortat away. The new coach seems to like him and needs a guy who can rebound the ball well in order to run his fast attacks. At least, that’s what he said in an interview. And Gortat, if motivated, is one of the best rebounders in the league (I think he was top 5 two seasons ago). Hornacek seems like a guy who can motivate people very well (at least that’s my impression after SL).
    Other than that the Suns have no good rebounders on the team now the Scola is gone. Frye and Beasley (in my opinion the most likely candidates to start at the 4). Also, if Frye won’t be immediately as good as he was before his sickness, Gortat will be the best scoring option in the frontcourt for the Suns. Len has to proove his value first, but to be honest I don’t think very highly of him and for sure he won’t be a scoring threat (which he wasn’t even back at college).
    In other words: if the Suns trade Gortat they will have no quality post player on the roster (assuming they won’t get any big in return).

  • Scott

    Indiana’s take on the Scola – Green – Plumlee trade:


    Their basic observation on Green: big hops, tiny IQ.

  • shooter flatch

    If they keep Gortat, it’s probably as a band-aid, until Len can get used to NBA post play. Howevah…
    If Gortat can move to the 4, they might keep him longer. He’ll also need to adopt an enforcer type mentality to be effective at that position.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    I don’t see Gortat at the 4. He is best finishing around the rim and he has no 3p-shot (I think he made two in his whole career). Either they play him as center or they trade him for another center. You can’t go into the season with Len being your only 5, especially when you know that he’s injury prone.

  • foreveris2long

    That is funny about the private eye stuff. Next time you are in Vegas go to the MGM where they have a CSI lab and you get to play detective, it is pretty cool.

    As for Trading Gortat for Barnes, if McD pulled that off, he could sell me a bridge in Phoenix next week after I get some financing from you. I love Harrison Barnes’ game. I think I am in the camp that Gortat remains a Sun until the right deal comes along, if ever. I do not think he has the value the Suns were hoping for and like DBreezy said, they will not trade him for bad parts in return. I think in all liklihood they keep him until a playoff contending team loses a center to an injury, rendering Gortat essential by that team, increasing his value. Today I am not convinced we could get a 1st round pick for him as teams know he will be a free agent next summer and why rent him unless you truly need him.

    Good hunch Hawki on the impersonation suspect. I need some more sleep.

  • DBreezy

    I think there is probably a team willing to keep Gortat long term, but the problem from their standpoint is that he won’t sign an extension. I don’t blame him when Pek is about to get 55-60M on a 4 year deal. That is one year and a whole lot more $$$than Gortat is able to be extended for. You’re basically gambling if you want him long term and take him now, and Dwight Coward couldn’t be on people’s minds more in that regard.

    So it’s likely trade deadline or walk. Trade deadline deals dried up under the new cba, because management wants luxury tax cost certainty meaning they’re holding on to the type of expiring contracts trade partners tend to want. For similar reasons they’re not as interested in giving up players on rookie deals or picks at the deadline.

    At the colitis interruptus presser Stern gave during the Suns SL game he commented on the new cba creating more free agent activity than before which they expected. I think he was basically saying that they’re lowering average salaries by cycling more players through free agency quickly and getting them off old cba deals.

  • Scott

    There’s a new interview article with Hornacek available at:


    One thing you might pick up from what’s said and what’s not is that Gortat seems to have a more secure spot on the team than Marshall does. (Of course, that could just be the writer’s viewpoint.)

  • Scott

    There’s also a new audio interview with McD, but I can spare you the 10 minutes: nothing of any consequence is said.


  • Scott

    From the Orlando Sentinel:

    Much ado about nothing?

    One of the biggest stories of the Magic’s offseason — their supposed interest in trading for Eric Bledsoe — turned out to be badly overplayed.

    According to reports on ESPN and on a website called SportsCity, the Magic were ready to send Arron Afflalo to the Los Angeles Clippers for Bledsoe, who was the backup to Chris Paul.

    That trade never materialized.

    The Clippers, Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks eventually reached a three-team deal that sent J.J. Redick in a sign-and-trade and Jared Dudley to the Clippers, Bledsoe and Caron Butler to the Suns and a pair of future second-round picks to the Bucks.

    According to a source familiar with the Magic’s thinking, the Magic weren’t nearly as interested in Bledsoe as the initial reports indicated; although the team thinks Bledsoe has potential, it appears the Magic weren’t convinced that he’ll be an effective starter at point guard.

  • frenchysunsfan

    The Scola trade is a good trade for both teams. The pick is obviously the best thing for the Suns but Plumlee could be a nice asset for the Suns. I prefer that guy than Haddadi, he’s much more athletic and he will be very motivated as he didn’t play much during his rookie season.
    The only thing I don’t like in this trade is getting Green and his two-years remaining contract. I hope Green will be the next Shawn Marion, not another Shannon Brown.

  • Scott

    ^^ If Plumlee can defend, rebound, and throw the outlet pass accurately during his few minutes, that will be useful, considering he was a toss-in.

  • Roger

    One more key trade needed before the training camp – Gortat. Yes, I hear we should wait until maybe the trade deadline until some team is desperate or Alex Len is healthy but remember, we have a new coach who wants to develop an identity now and not starting in Feb 2014.

    I propose we trade Gortat to Houston for disgruntled Asik straight up or a 3-way trade. Houston might be very interested in an expiring contract besides Gortat has played with Howard before in Orlando. Asik will be a great addition, will be happy to get out of Houston and who can easily play with Alex Len or at least be a starting center until Len is ready.

    Can anyone figure out a 3-way trade if Suns are not interested in Asik but would like to accumulate assets which seem to be McD’s modus operandi.

  • Ty-Sun

    I like Asik’s game but Houston signed him to a “poisoned pill” contract that I do not want the Suns to take on. Asik made $5 mil last season and will make a little over $5 mil this season BUT in 2014-15 he’s owed almost $15 mil! I doubt the Suns want that on the books next season.

  • Roger


    I assumed Suns will be in a rebuilding mode until 2015 when some big fish FA might be available so Asik’s big expiring contract could become an asset going into 2015 season. I also view Asik’s salary as $10m per season from a financial standpoint so Sarver wouldn’t be too upset about the cash flow. Suns can easily absorb Asik’s $15m contract in 2014 and still be $7m or so under the cap assuming some renouncements which are very likely for cleaning the house after 2014 season. I also fear Gortat, like Beasely, will be a cancer in the locker room this season so sooner we get him out better for Horny to quickly instill his good-boy culture. Finally, if Asik works out well, he may be a good player to have on the team beyond 2014 at a much normal rate.

    One last comment – I’m not an expert to figure out all the implications of Asik for Gortat trade but I feel we need to move Gortat quickly so we begin the process of ushering in the new culture now than later.


  • Chad

    Roger, you make a good argument but I think the issue is that his trade value isn’t very good ATM. At the start of last year he was playing very well, his defence was great early.. Maybe they’re hoping for him to come out like that, being a contract year, and then trade when someone feels they would cough up a bit. His contract shouldn’t scare teams too far away, it’s only 7-8 mil? Although I see credit to your argument, I’m happy with the suns being patient.

  • Roger



    Houston just signed Camby so they might be very motivated to move Asik who I think is a very good fit for the Suns.

    Let’s see how things pan out. I trust McD will make the right decision.

  • Scott

    IMO, Gortat got to the point where he expected to contribute as a significant part of the offense, and then last year – as he fell out of the offensive schemes – he felt overlooked and lost his edge.

    Previously he had a high PER, something north of 18. Then, after Nash left and other changes took place, suddenly he was barely above average and was giving up minutes.

    If the Suns play Bledsoe at PG, play at a faster pace, and have a spacer at PF, they should be able to revive Gortat’s offensive game.

    Remember, Gortat’s difficulties all came about when Gentry slowed the pace, clogged the paint, and started running the pick and pop with Scola instead of the pick and roll with Gortat.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    So Hornacek said in the interview that he considers Gortat to be one of the best running big men in the NBA (which btw I believe to be true; Gentry once said in pre-season that Gortat was doing the running training together with the guards). So I think you are right Scott, Gortat has a secure spot on the roster and I think the faster play style will suit him well. Of course, if at some moment a good trade comes up the Suns will make the deal, but Gortat should go into the season with the Suns (otherwise there would be no starter at the 5 anyway).
    Also, there is absolutely no indication that Gortat (or Beasley for that matter) are disliked within the team. In contrary, Gortat is a very likeable, honest and funny guy and he didn’t cause problems on any team he was a part of. Beasley may have some problems outside the court, but he isn’t disliked by his teammates. The only “cancer” in the locker room is Marshall because of his poor attitude.
    Last but not least, the Asik-Gortat trade is dumb for both teams and will never happen. Houston would get an (extremly unhappy) backup in Gortat who might be better than Asik, but who cares if Howard is going to play ca. 40 minutes a game. Phoenix would get a center who is worse than the current one, but more expensive and still with 2 years left on his contract. This trade makes no sense.

  • Chad

    I took it more as hornacek breeding a new culture with players that are actually going to be here in the future. Gortat can play. To be honest, it was strange how gentry dismissed him as an offensive option last year. Gortat might still even have a spot for the next 2-3 years but what do you do ? He does seem likeable but he also whinges a lot.

  • Chad

    The biggest problem is, if we keep gortat, we’re going to win more games! Probably.

  • Azbballfan

    If Gortat was unhappy last year, imagine how he is going ot be if we ship him to Houston for Asik! (who i really like btw)

    Gortat would be backing up Howard……again!

    I would do a Gortat and Marshall for Asik and Donitas Moteijunas trade

    or swap out out Monte for Terrence Jones

  • Smovas

    @hawki @foreveris @DBreezy

    Funny, I was thinking of Earl, aka NEJay, today. My thought on the David1787 impersonator is that it may be our beloved friend from Vegas. His AZCentral name escapes me at this point but we used to get updates from SL from him and I think he worked with HIV non-profit. I think he also did some self defense classes as well. He was 3rd generation Serb and I think his first name was Mike but went by Mihailo.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    @ Smovas

    Are you talking about EBJM ?
    Yeah, I miss his posts but whoever was using David1787 ended his comment with “quite the contrary”….I can’t believe EBJM would ever “say” that….but ya never know.

    Good to see ya Smovas & hope everything is cool.

  • Scott

    @Chad -

    Yeah, the way I see it, the Suns might win more games by keeping Gortat … provided he has a bigger role in the offense. In fact, it could be that the Suns might win more simply by having Hornacek coach.

    Logically, the Suns SHOULD win more games if they pick up the pace, have a spacer at PF, and run some pick and roll with Gortat. Bledsoe and Dragic is a serious upgrade over last year’s guard lineup, and while Butler has a lower PER, I don’t expect much of a drop off from Dudley at SF.

    The 2nd unit ought to play better than last year’s as well. I don’t know who all will be on the floor, but having a 7′ 1″ mobile big (Len) at C, the twins at forward, Goodwin at SG, and either Brown or Marshall at PG … there shouldn’t really be any drop off in talent over last year.

    With the roster upgrades – particularly adding another scoring distributor (Bledsoe) – the Suns may also have better options for crunch time scoring.

    So … don’t pencil in Wiggins just yet. If the Suns don’t make some additional trades (Butler, Gortat, etc.), they could be better, not worse, than last year.

    Then again, there is that Marshall, Brown, Green, Beasley, Plumlee lineup … ;)

  • Smovas

    Thank you @hawki. That’s the one. Good point about the way the comment was ended too.

  • Foreveris2long

    I knew Phoenix CSI, Hawki would remember the code name of EBJM. I do not know what happened to EBJM as he was suppose to meet me in Las Vegas last summer at the Cosmopolitan and he never showed. Hopefully he is alive and well.