Semblance of a Suns depth chart

It’s just about that time. Under new general manager Ryan McDonough, the Suns have made two compelling draft picks and two trades that will result, or have already, in fine returns.

Jared Dudley and a second-round pick that was acquired in the Sebastian Telfair-Hamed Haddadi trade netted young point guard Eric Bledsoe and veteran small forward Caron Butler. Luis Scola was officially traded Saturday to the Indiana Pacers for a 2014 lottery-protected first-rounder, 2012 pick Miles Plumlee and Gerald Green.

Phoenix is already younger, more athletic and with more assets in the back pocket.

Scola and Dudley had obvious trade value to teams like the ones they were dealt to, but it’s arguable veterans like Marcin Gortat and Shannon Brown will be harder to pawn off. In Gortat’s case, it’s a matter of dealing a player somewhere in the grey area of role player and second or third option. Where it was clear Dudley and Scola are fine bench options, Gortat’s niche is to-be-determined.

So what will the depth chart look like assuming that the roster goes relatively unchanged? Diante Garrett is unguaranteed and Alex Oriakhi has yet to be signed — technically, the Suns haven’t yet signed Alex Len either — but Phoenix already has 16 players under contract.

Obviously, the versatility of the roster makes for more complications (i.e., if Goodwin and Bledsoe are in the backcourt, I’d expect Bledsoe to play point guard). But here’s the breakdown for your eyes to analyze.

G – Goran Dragic, Archie Goodwin, Kendall Marshall, Malcolm Lee (?)
G – Eric Bledsoe, Shannon Brown, P.J. Tucker
F – Caron Butler, Marcus Morris, Gerald Green
F – Markieff Morris, Michael Beasley, Channing Frye (?)
C – Marcin Gortat, Alex Len, Miles Plumlee

Something will have to give. The season will begin with a 15-man roster so Garrett and Oriakhi excluded, the Suns will need to make a move. Options include dumping Lee, making another trade or even using the stretch provision to shed Michael Beasley sooner rather than later. McDonough told Paul Coro that Channing Frye’s health is looking good, so he might have that above question mark rescinded before the regular season begins.

Hold your horses

In all the excitement over the Suns acquiring picks for the loaded 2014 draft, we’ve got to slow our rolls a bit. Expecting three picks in 2014 might be jumping to conclusions. Odds are, two are likely but it’ll be difficult to get the third.

Last summer, the Suns shed Robin Lopez and Hakim Warrick for a draft pick and Wes Johnson, who was allowed to walk. Like all these trades, the key piece was the pick.

The selection coming from the T-Wolves in 2014, however, might be a longshot.

Phoenix could see the first-round pick come its way in the 2014 draft if the T-Wolves don’t find themselves owning a top-13 pick.

Michael Schwartz broke down what is one of the most complicated trades last season, but with Memphis’ first-round pick being conveyed to Minnesota in this 2013 draft, the ability for the Suns to acquire the T-Wolves’ pick in 2014 is quite simple. The Timberwolves must make the playoffs or have the best record of all teams not to make the playoffs. There would always be a chance they fall to 14th in the lottery if they don’t have the best record of the lottery teams, but that’s a bit too much speculation for this summer.

What the Suns are betting for is a successful run by Minnesota. Certainly, it’s possible under coach Rick Adelman. Minnesota looked primed for a postseason berth last year but injuries to everyone not built like Nikola Pekovic kept them out of the conversation. Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Martin and Pekovic have a good shot at making the playoffs, but the always competitive bottom of the West could make it a testy situation.

Likely, Suns fans will be following a chase for the eighth spot up in Minnesota, just as they hoped for the Lakers to fall short in 2012-13.

It’s probably safe to say that Indiana’s pick is headed Phoenix’s way. In a top-heavy Eastern Conference, a catastrophe is unlikely to keep Indiana out of the postseason. A catastrophe is unlikely, as is. Contrast to last year’s expectations of the Suns acquiring the new-look Lakers’ pick, we know what to make of Indiana’s roster that’s really only revamped on the backend.

  • Gas

    I disagree with this depth chart a bit


  • david1787

    RE: trade with T-Wolves last season,

    “Michael Schwartz broke down what is one of the most complicated trades last season…”

    Schwartz was thoroughly confused by the trade and it he reported it about 5 different ways. If that reporting had gone on at a daily he would have been suspended.

    Most readers get that VOTS AA ball and BSOT is rookie league so expectations are tempered, but can’t throw the link out a year later like this is where readers came for clarification on the trade- quite the contrary.

  • Scott

    The Wolves have had enough hard luck. They really ought to do well this year and make it as the 7th or 8th seed.

    I would trade them Plumlee for Dieng if it would help. Plumlee already has his beard growing. :)

    As for the Lakers messing the Suns’ draft dreams up by tripping and falling into the 8th playoff spot … as it happened, moving from the lottery to the bottom of the first did help the Suns nab Goodwin. So while it was hard to bear at the time, I can’t complain.

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    @Gas, I had a hard time determining what to do with the depth chart. Goodwin can go in either or both slots. Tucker, Beasley and Marcus could slide between two spots or more.

    We also don’t know where vets like Brown, Butler and Green fit in. Anyway, lots of discussion for who gets minutes with whom and at what position.

    @David1787, Schwartz broke down the protections/scenarios in that post once and it is accurate. He was initially confused about why the trade was being held up, and that didn’t have anything to do with what the final restrictions were.

    For the purposes of this article, there’s no reason not to cite that piece to discuss the final details of the trade. Many of the details are moot at this point so better for me not to write 400 words of an aside

  • Scott G

    I feel pretty good about Minnesota’s playoff chances, but health – not talent – is what has prevented them from taking the next step. But I like their chances with a starting lineup of Rubio, Martin, Budinger, Love, and Pekovic.

  • Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

    Judging from the current roster, the Suns do not look as terrible as I earlier thought; however they’ll be at the bottom of the league for sure.

  • Chad

    Marcus Morris has to be a 3 if he’s going to make it in this team

  • bruce

    I think you are underestimating Gortat’s value quite a bit. He is one of the better starting centers in the league. Also, he is on an extremely friendly contract. If they could get a couple young prospects for Scola and a draft pick, they should be able to get a similar, if not a better return for Gortat. I also disagree with your depth chart. You really have Tucker ahead of Brown at the 2? Tucker will pick up minutes at the 3 too.

  • Scott

    I posted a depth chart the other day that is similar to the one in the article. The only quibbles I have – and they are indeed quibbles – I bring up mainly to elucidate.

    Dragic and Bledsoe are going to be either PG or SG, but they will be starters, and at one time or another we’ll probably see both players in each guard role.

    As a minor note, while I believe Dragic is the better PG, I think the team will want to fully evaluate Bledsoe as a starting PG, getting major minutes, so he’ll get the nod at that spot.

    Before Summer League, there was talk of playing Goodwin at PG. It could be that there was the assumption at that time that Marshall would be dealt. Remember the rumor that Marshall was being included in all deals as the “price of admission?”

    Clearly, in SL Goodwin had his best success at SG and was most often used in that role, so I can see where if Marshall is kept and not dealt, Goodwin plays SG.

    Goodwin played well enough at SG that I can see where the team might push Tucker and Brown back on the bench in order to give Goodwin time to develop. So I pencil in Goodwin as the 2nd unit SG, and Marshall as 2nd unit PG.

    Brown has played at PG in the past so I put him in as 3rd PG, and Tucker goes in as 3rd SG, though of course both of these guys can swing to another spot if there is need.

    So I see the guard spots as:

    PG – Bledsoe, Marshall, Brown
    SG – Dragic, Goodwin, Tucker

    Now that the roster is over 15 I don’t even count Lee (G) anymore, though that might change if there are further trades that reduce the roster.

    The order at small forward is fairly easy to figure. You can go by PER.

    SF – Butler, Marcus, Green

    The ranking at power forward is problematic only to the extent we don’t know how ready Frye will be, and we don’t know how dedicated Hornacek will be to playing Beasley. So, assuming Frye is ready to go and assuming Beasley is on the outs, this could be the order:

    PF – Frye, Markieff, Beasley.

    This also matches up with PER for those players.

    At center the only real question is whether or not Gortat will be present.

    C – Gortat, Len, Plumlee

    Judging from fan and media comments, it seems like a lot of people are sleeping on Plumlee. He’s an active body who can block shots, grab rebounds, and if a path to the basket is open he can jam it home.

    If he gets play time, I think he’ll remind Phoenix fans of Gortat when he first joined the team.

  • Chad

    @ Scott – are you surprised they kept brown ? I understand they want agile players but still do you find it a little confusing ?

  • hawki

    David1787 ??….lol

    Hey, DBreezy….someone from the old AZC is impersonating you….a nice compliment

    Suns still have too many players to figure out a rational depth chart….McD needs a couple more moves to whittle down the roster before the season starts.

    I would rather they wait a year to “stretch provision” Beasley but they might not be able to wait that long……wonder what McD REALLY thinks about Beasley…haven’t heard much on that subject.

  • Scott

    @Chad -

    Yeah, I was surprised McD picked up the 2nd year on Brown’s contract. But I think I know why.

    Sad thing is … though he’s a below-average player, Brown does have one of the higher PERs on the team. If McD was musing that he might fob off Gortat, Scola, and Dudley for garbage contracts and picks, he might have thought, “That would leave Dragic, Frye (who is injured), and then Brown as the top players on the team. We’d better keep Brown.”

    Brown has a PER of 13.14, which puts him behind Frye (14.92) and in front of Butler (12.50).

    Since Brown renewed for the season some trades have occurred, and fortunately the Suns gained another above-average player in Eric Bledsoe. With Bledsoe and Gortat (still on the team for now), Brown is the 5th best player as ranked by PER (in this order: Bledsoe, Dragic, Gortat, Frye, Brown).

    You might be thinking, “What does it matter? The Suns are going to lose big this season anyway.” Yes, but the Suns have to field a product that looks entertaining. Shannon Brown won’t turn the Suns into a contender, but his athleticism will help make the games easier to watch.

    Gerald Green, if he gets on the court, will serve a similar function.

    An awesome unit the Suns could send onto the court would be Marshall, Brown, Green, Beasley, and Miles Plumlee. I have a feeling Jeff Van Gundy would like to see that. ;)

  • Luka

    Gortat for a first rounder, Brown for a second rounder, Marshall for a 2nd rounder. Problem solved. Suns can play small and move Beasley to start at 4.

    C – Morris, Len, Plumlee
    PF – Beasley, Frye
    SF – Butler, Morris,
    SG – Dragic, Tucker, Green
    PG – Bledsoe, Goodwin

  • Hesam

    From last season’s team I only liked Dudley, Haddadi & Tucker
    From what I’ve seen of the new team I like Goodwin, Christmas and Oriachi
    But I’ll follow my boy Haddadi wherever he lands, Suns fell to 3rd after Haddadi’s team & 76ers(Kazemi’s team)

  • Scott

    @hawki -

    In the vein of my post just above, I think it suits the Suns to have Beasley and Green available to play because it will give announcers, media, and fans something to talk about in case there’s nothing else going on. The Suns could fill those spots with D-Leaguers and cheap undrafted guys, but fans and announcers won’t know who they are and will find it hard to talk about them.

    For entertainment value, it’s better to have guys who are well-known, athletic, and controversial than guys nobody knows, even when in both cases you’re losing.

  • Lon Babby

    We aren’t using any sort of amnesty provision on Robert Sarver, or myself. Any report that suggests we are being forced to use an amnesty clause is false. We are being forthright in this manner to dispel any misinformation.

    We have a good relationship with the board of directors, David Stern, Adam Silver, the players union, any unnamed arbitrators, their respective attornies, our respective attornies, and any other agents that have not been directly mentioned.

    Any party that we have failed to disclose please e-mail Robert Sarver’s inbox. We will pass out those business cards at the end of the press conference.

  • Scott

    @Hesam -

    Only Goodwin will be playing this coming season.

    Christmas and Oriakhi were in Summer League and aren’t expected to make the regular season team.

    Congratulations, BTW, to Kazemi for getting a spot on the 76ers. They said he played better than they expected during Summer League.

  • Chad

    Imagine if we had Ro-Lo in his 3 Rebs a game prime to chuck in that lineup! It’s going to be very interesting to see who gets minutes. Do you guys think PJ will still be getting decent PT ?

  • hawki

    @ Scott

    Agree completely about providing entertainment value while losing.
    I think Green actually has a chance to stay on the team beyond this season….unless of course he plays this year the way Beasley played last year.
    As for Sir Michael….back-up minutes at PF….too slow for SF…should be fined if he shoots anything beyond 15 feet…..then “stretch provision” him next year….unless he has the greatest comeback since Lazarus.

  • DBreezy


    Yeah that impersonation shocked me too, wonder who did it?

  • Pix

    I’ll throw it out there.. I think Brown and Beasley will start! They may not finish the year starting but that’s how the year will start.
    Has anyone actually heard Horny or Mc D say Bledsoe is starting? All I’ve heard is that they think him and Dragic can play together. It makes a hell of a lot more for the Suns to start Brown, and have Bledsoe first guard off the bench. I think they need to squeeze some production out of Brown to make him look more appealing to trade.
    Same goes for Beasley. Though Beasley is a little different..
    For 2 years all I’ve heard is he plays better as a PF. Well what do we have we got to lose? He’s only 24, it doesn’t matter if we lose and even if it doesn’t work he may have produced enough that somebody will actually take him.
    Also, Morris boys get to play together in the second unit, so they’d be happy. Second unit I guess will look a bit like summer league, with a bit of Len and Bledsoe thrown in!
    As I said I think we’ll start like that, doubt we’ll finish like that though..

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    @ hawki:
    I read an interview with Hornacek somewhere (I even posted the link in one of my comments) and he says that Beasley seems lazy and plays without effort, but could be a very good player if he changed that. Maybe the new coach wants to give Beasley a chance, but honestly, I don’t believe that Beasley can do something about his character flaws, because this would require a change of his whole attitude. I can’t see that happenning. I guess Beasley is just one of those guys who has the talent, but wastes it due to his own personality.
    Plus, if they say that Frye is gonna be healthy, he will start as PF. Frye at PF and Gortat at C looked very well, because Frye is a deadly 3p-shooter which gave Gortat more room under the basket. On the other hand, nobody fears Beasley or Morris shooting from beyond the arc.

    Looking at your charts I think that the Suns are weakest at the 3 (or at the 5 if Gortat leaves the team which I don’t think is going to happen soon, Hornacek said in the same interview that he needs Gortat and wants to make him a prime scoring option) and 4 if Frye can’t be the player he used to be before his illness.
    The backcourt looks fine with Dragic, Bledsoe (and I’m sure that they will start together) and Goodwin. Tucker’s gonna play a 100% every night. I’ve never liked Brown and his attitude s u c k s! Neither do I like Marshall for the same reason. But Dragic, Bledsoe and Goodwin (and Tucker) are a fine backcourt.

  • john


    It was you who was confused. Don’t take it out on this site and its writers that you couldn’t understand a very complicated trade scenario. A lot of us were in the same boat as you. Michael Schwartz was not one of those people.

    And, fyi, this is exactly where I came for clarification on the trade, and this is exactly where I received it. No other source I found near the time of the trade mentioned anything about the conveyance of the Minn/Memphis pick.

  • Ty-Sun

    I’m betting that Horny is going to be a coach that rewards hard work. Beasley will get a chance this season but if he doesn’t get his act together this year then the Suns will probably waive him next year (on half his contract is guaranteed next year). After that, Beasley will either have to play in China or live with a series of 1 year, vet minimum deals from various NBA teams for the rest of his “career”.

    As to the Suns depth chart… only Horny really what it might eventually be and I sure he hasn’t set much in stone yet. And there could be even more changes before training camp so I’m really looking forward to seeing the final roster and lineups.

  • Scott

    @Pix -

    Pretty sure I’ve heard from McD and/or Hornacek that Bledsoe will be starting, but I couldn’t possibly direct you to a quote without doing research on it.

    Bledsoe has the highest PER on the team, BTW. If he’s statistically the best player, he ought to start. Also, he’s only got one year left on his contract, so if the Suns want to have a chance at re-signing him, they can’t diss him by putting him on the bench.

    As for trading Brown, I think that ship has sailed for 2 reasons. 1) Nobody wants him, which was evident last summer when the Suns waited till late to sign him. 2) As I mentioned before, the Suns need to sell seats, and while he’s a below-average player, as we head into the season Brown is still better than 2/3s of the current Suns team.

  • Scott

    @Ty-Sun -

    Beasley’s going to think he’s playing under Sloan. ;)

  • DBreezy

    I’m not saying that I definitively think Channing won’t contribute this season, but I wouldn’t expect much before the 2nd half of the season. He’s been inactive for much longer than Amar’e was following his eye injury and it took awhile for him to really get his legs under him.

    If he’s here, I expect Beas to get a shot and to probably play more minutes than most of us expect. With Scola gone, the common thread with the Suns PF’s is inconsistency. While I’m sure there will be a plan coming into and out of camp rotation wise, I expect that inconsistency to yield stretches where all of the guys sees minutes.

  • Scott

    ^^ I, too, would be surprised if Frye was taking heavy minutes at the start of the season. He’s a shooter rather than a dunker, but shooting comes from the legs, so he’ll have to have decent conditioning to be hitting his in-game shots.

    If it comes down to Markieff or Beasley starting, I could see the nod going to Beasley for 2 reasons: 1) seniority, and 2) there’s the idea that it’s better to play Markieff with Marcus.

    On the other hand, the Suns will want to give Markieff the opportunity to show he can start, so that could be tried as well.

    Also, there’s the effort issue. Hornacek will want to try to get both players giving their top effort.

    I imagine we’ll see each player start some games during the pre-season, and probably still some shuffling afterward.

  • Foreveris2long

    D’Breezy that is pretty funny someone from the old Suns message board is impersonating you. Thank goodness we have our top CSI Suns investigator, Hawki, on the case. I have always suspected he was a closet private eye.

    Anyway I agree with you it will take Frye at least half the season for Frye to find his basketball legs after sitting out a whole season. Shoot it takes me two week to find my legs if I miss one week of hoops and I am a veteran hack.

  • http://none Keith

    I would have thought Lon Babby knew how to spell “attorneys.” Shocking!

  • http://none Keith

    Beasley won’t be starting. He’ll be lucky to find any minutes whatsoever, especially if the Morri and Frye play well. Similar with Brown. If guys like Goodwin and Marshall show anything, there is no room for Brown or Green to play much at all. Tucker is one of our few defenders and will be playing a lot, at least 15 mins a game, probably more, and certainly more than Beasley, Brown or Green.

  • john


    Good catch on “attorneys.”

    I’ve wondered if it would be a good idea for the Suns to simply drop Beasley altogether. I know they are still on the hook for his contract, but seriously, why not pay him not to play? I think it sends a good message to the fanbase, that the front office won’t put up with his bad behavior on and off the court, and that the FO is willing to listen to the fans.

    The only thing Beasley is good for is losing games. If that’s their goal, keep him. But he’s not putting butts in seats, and he’s not going to make the team better than they would be without him. So why not eat the contract and move on?

  • Ty-Sun

    @john – The Suns might actually decide to drop Beasley eventually but there is really no point in doing it right now. They are going to have to pay him anyway so what’s the rush? It’s doubtful that he will ever change but there is no harm in at least bringing him to training camp and giving Horny a shot at figuring out how to motivate him.

    As for sending a good message to the fans by dropping him, wouldn’t that message have more impact if they dropped him during training camp when more fans – the casual fans – are actually thinking about the Suns again? Of course if (when) Beasley gets into any more off-court trouble, that would be the perfect time to drop him.

    I don’t disagree with you. I just don’t think there is a really good reason to drop Beasley right now.

  • Foreveris2long

    Keith and John, funny dialogue on the so-called Lon Babby’s inability to spell attorneys, not once but twice in the same comment section. Good catch Keith.

  • theph0xx

    Personally, if Frye is healthy, and we can move Gortat for a pick, I’d like to see a starting unit of:

    C – Frye
    PF – Beasley
    SF – Butler
    SG – Dragic
    PG – Bledsoe

    With a second unit/bench of:

    C – Len/Plumlee
    PF – Keef
    SF – Marcus/Green
    SG – Tucker/Brown
    PG – Goodwin/Marshall

    And, of course, the second unit is unlikely to all be on the floor at the same time, so certain skill deficiencies can be addressed with the right rotation (e.g. Second unit ball handling).

  • Scott

    @Keith -

    Tucker was a top defender on the team last year, but will he be as impactful this year?

    As far as this next season goes, Goodwin, Butler, and Marcus Morris are relative unknowns in terms of defense. Tucker would not only have to defend better than them, but also help keep the scoring tight.

    Since Goodwin has the length that Brown lacks, Marcus Morris has the lateral speed and athleticism that Dudley lacked, and Butler is a cagey vet, I’m not quite so sure that Tucker will easily find a spot.

    As for Beasley playing minutes at PF, the whole premise is based on Frye not being ready yet. Once Frye can start, like you I don’t see Beasley getting much – if any – court time.

    As for buying out Beasley, Brown, or Green … there is only a point to it if the Suns have someone they really want to get onto the roster and they need the space. If the Suns had to make room for someone like Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love, then sure, one of those guys would get bought out instantly. And probably the first one to go would be Brown, as his contract is the cheapest.

  • Scott

    @theph0xx -

    I don’t mind seeing Frye at C. I thought he did his best work there.

  • http://none Keith

    It may be a little tougher for Tucker, Scott, but I see him having a similar impact. I think he’s been working on his game and will come in and be effective. Horny will play him more than Beasley, Brown, or Green because he’ll get better results. He will also probably play more than Mook. Butler’s time will likely dwindle as the year goes on and he’ll probably be jettisoned at the deadline, if not before. Tucker could start at some point. Even if he’s not, I fully expect him to play at least 15 mins and be an integral part of the team. Beasley, Green, Brown, and likely Mook won’t.

  • Ty-Sun

    I think Tucker will stick with the Suns this year unless another team actually wants him as part of a trade or at least as a 13th,14th or 15th member of the Suns. He’s great insurance at the very least in case of an injury. And I really doubt that Butler stays with the Suns for a full season. The first contender that needs a good SF to fill in because of an injury will at least inquire about Butler if he shows that he has any gas left in the tank during the 1st part of the season.

    And if it came down to it, I would be shocked if the Suns cut Tucker and kept Brown. Tucker may have a more difficult time getting minutes this season but I think he’s still a great guy to have even at the end of the bench.

    Even if Frye is cleared to play I can’t see any way that he could be in NBA basketball shape early in the season.

    And I can’t help but roll my eyes whenever someone says that the Suns can somehow trade Gortat for a 1st round pick. To who? Seriously, to who? I’m not saying that Gortat isn’t worth a 1st round pick in a trade but which team needs/wants him enough to make that trade? And his salary is large enough that the Suns will have to take back at least one other player contract along with a pick to make the numbers work. A simple trade of Gortat for a 1st round pick just won’t work… unless the team trading for him has a large trade exception on the books which would allow them to make a lopsided trade.

  • http://none Keith

    We just got a 1st round pick for Scola, Ty, so I am going to have to vigorously disagree with your assessment about Gortat. It probably won’t be a lottery but we likely will get a first round pick. McD has already shown he’s a boss. He’ll get better than we expect as he has in the first 2 deals.

  • john

    I think Ty’s main point was that a 1st for Gortat straight up isn’t likely to happen. The Suns are going to have to take on some dead weight in order to make a deal like that happen. And I would tend to agree with that.

  • Scott

    @Keith -

    One thing’s for sure: Tucker gives effort. If anybody’s slacking, Tucker will probably be called upon to show them how it’s done. ;)

  • DBreezy

    I don’t see any reason to stretch Beasley at this point. For all the issues he does have, he’s not an issue in the locker room and at least personality-wise (vs. on court) seems to get along with his coaches. That would be the biggest reason for this particular team to drop him now and he’s not a problem in that area. Besides this isn’t a Gilbert Arenas situation. If he is indeed charged and found guilty, they will almost certainly void his contract. So why pop the cork now? The first paychecks aren’t even printed until November for most players.

    As far as his play goes, this likely won’t be popular, but it’s probably not unreasonable to expect that he’ll be considerably better this season than last. Not just because he’ll be back at the 4 as many have said. It would probably be because there is absolutely zero pressure on this squad to perform and because last season was a statistical outlier even in what has been a subpar career thus far for Beas. If he returns to his career average PER of 15 or even the 13 he had in his last season in Minny it would look like a stunning improvement putting him right in the mix with the Suns other 4′s.

  • http://none Keith

    Good points, Breezy. There will probably be some improvement in his PER and whatnot. It won’t have any effect on the team, though. Hard to do much in 10 mins or less a game. He’s not going to play enough to be noticed much. I could be wrong, though, if Frye doesn’t play much or if Gortat is traded early and we get no bigs in return.

  • DBreezy


    I agree it won’t have any effect on the team, that’s basically what I meant when I said he’ll do better because there’s no expectations of the team. It’s like some of the guys I play with up at the park. They’re quite confident and very good out there, but when I ask some of them to play with me in leagues where the W’s and L mean a little more their games do not travel.

    As far as minutes go, I’m nowhere a wager on that as there just aren’t any real standouts at the spot for the Suns. After all even Hakim Warrick averaged between 15-18 mpg with the Suns.

  • Animan

    My personal opinion on Beasley is that he will be either starting, or playing consistent minutes at the onset of the season. Horny won’t give him any pressure either, basically a vibe of “perform well, and if you don’t, I have other players.” He’ll get another chance, and personally, I don’t have a problem with that. What if he becomes a diamond waaaaaaaaaaaaay down in the rough?

  • Daniel

    Finally people showing some positivity for my boy Beasley!

  • Ty-Sun

    @Keith – You are mistaken in your interpretation of what I said about Gortat. I said that I believe he is worth a 1st round pick but that finding another team that needs/wants him enough to make that trade isn’t an easy thing, especially during the off season.

    Rebuilding teams are doing the same as the Suns, hoarding their draft picks and trying to acquire more. Contending teams are set at the 5 with centers better or as good as Gortat (with the exception of OKC) and most of the teams in the middle are set at the 5 too. Once the season starts and another team’s starting 5 gets injured, then there will be a sellers market for Gortat.

  • Azbballfan

    The Suns have had ample time to get rid of Beasley via the amnesty option

    if they have not done it by now, that means they might want to hang on to him

    well, might as well get his trade value higher than “nothing” and play him

    coach hornacek is putting a priority on effort in practice on who is getting regular playing time

    i guess that means Beasley has the same chance as anyone else

    really the roster is so muddled right now

    we still have a log jam at the PG, SG, and PF ranks

    Malcolm Lee is a lock to be gone

    I would love to see the Suns start Plumlee at the 4 next to Len just for the heck of it

    His game isnt polished, but is an athletic freak and can really block shots and rebound

    The Suns this year just gotta focus on developing Len, Goodwin, Dragic and Bledsoe

    who knows if the Morris brothers will be any good this year

    if Beasley has turned it around, by some miracle, then play him

    either he plays well and starts building trade value or he is terrible and the fans vomit in unison whenever his name is spoken at a home game

    either way, we win

    despite what McMiracle said, i think Gortat is gone

    we already got his replacement in Plumlee

    i dont care if we go super young at all

    this next year isnt about winning its about building value and getting a great draft pick

    I think Beas gets one more chance and thats it

    he blows this, and he is playing in Germany with Casey Jacobson

    i think Gortat eventually goes to OKC btw

    Perkins is just too limited at Center

    just give us Perkins, Perry Jones III and a 1st rounder for Gortat and Marshall

    if the Suns had acted quicker, the market would be better but thats about the best we can get right now unless McMiracle turns on the charm and turns it into a 3 team deal

  • Animan

    We can’t amnesty Beasley, we already used that provision on Childress. Regardless of what happens, we can all agree, this pairing of McDonough and Hornacek is finger lickin good so far.