Luis Scola to be traded for Gerald Green, considerations

According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, the Phoenix Suns are working out the details of a deal with the Indiana Pacers to trade Luis Scola for swingman Gerald Green and draft considerations. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski first reported that Scola was about to be moved, and later added Phoenix will “minimally” receive a future first.

The draft considerations are still under negotiation but it appears the move will be done by Saturday, according to Stein. Danny Granger appeared in some earlier reports of the trade but apparently won’t be a part of them.

Scola averaged 12.8 points and 6.6 rebounds last season for Phoenix, and off the court appeared frustrated with the constant struggles. Going to a contender like Indiana seems like a perfect fit for the Pacers, who need frontcourt depth, and for Scola, who will prove his offensive worth in relatively limited minutes — the fine defense of his Pacers teammates will hide his deficiencies.

Green was signed last offseason to a contract that has two more years at $3.5 million each remaining. He was coming off a strong season with a very bad Nets team but couldn’t fit in with Indiana. Green might still be one of the most athletic players in the NBA, but his chucking became a problem for Indiana coach Frank Vogel. Green averaged 7.0 points and 2.4 rebounds a game last season but shot 36 percent overall and 31 percent from three-point range.

At 27 years old, the former dunk contest standout will likely have a tough time cracking the Suns’ rotation considering all the younger talent ahead of him. But he obviously fits into Ryan McDonough’s philosophies for a team to push the ball in transition. They also have history. Green was picked 18th overall in the 2005 draft by the Boston Celtics.

Whatever Green’s case may be, the best part of the deal for Phoenix comes in whatever draft consideration might come with Green, no matter how small.

  • Scott

    It’s too bad the Suns had to take a contract back. I hope the draft considerations are considerable. ;)

  • Animan

    If only Granger really was part of the deal…

  • foreveris2long

    Kev, I agree it is a good move because it will involve a future draft pick. To get a pick for 33 year old Scola would be a great especially since we really cannot use him this year. It also cements our lottery run as the young guns experience growing pains.I suspect or at least I hope it will be a 1st round pick in 2015 assuming they have not previously traded it away. Hopefully this opens a spot for the Syracuse big from the summer league team.

  • Scott

    DBreezy’s onto it.

    Green + Beasley + Brown = Wiggins

    There’s an Indy article from last month on this very topic. It’s titled, “Pacers should find Gerald Green has strong trade value.”

    Here’s the operative quote:

    “Well, the market to move Green this year, either around the draft or after, could not be better. Let me introduce you to Andrew Wiggins. The Kansas freshman is the consensus top pick in the 2014 NBA draft, holding a franchise-altering value no player carries into Thursday’s NBA draft.

    So any franchise understanding they aren’t competing for a championship next year should be willing to begin a “soft tank” to put themselves in lottery position to land Wiggins.

    Is there a better player in the NBA than Gerald Green to simultaneously entertain a fan base while also making sure the team doesn’t win their way out of Wiggins territory in the draft lottery? Quick answer: NO!”

    One thing this trade points to, as well, is that the Suns may be planning on continuing their dominance of the lottery for 2015 in addition to 2014.

    If that’s the case … I can see where Dragic might want out. His whole contract would be spent with a team full of losers who are looking to lose. That might not sit well.

  • Michael Beasley

    What up party people? I’m excited man for next year. Coach got us all shooting threes for realz. It’s gonna be cool. Later dawg.

  • Roger

    McD got Bledsoe a Blake Griffin substitute – Gerald Green.

    We gonna see a few Griffin-type dunk highlights this season!!

  • frenchysunsfan

    Don’t like this trade at all except if the draft considérations are a top 20 unprotected pick. We don’t need Green, this guy can’t shoot and he is the same type of player as Shannon Brown. Maybe this trade is just announcing other trades soon.

  • azbballfan


    He does it again!

    Trading a player that wasn’t happy here into an athletic wing and some kind of 1st rounder?

    Great move

    This will sort of clear the logjam at the 4 spot too

    If green turns out to be good, great. If not who cares his deal is cheap and moveable

  • Luka

    This move clears the way for the Suns to freefall next season. Now we just need to deal Gortat for a draft pick and we’re en route to an 11 win season, and the #1 pick.

  • 1azfan

    Love the trade. Shaves some salary off the next two seasons while procuring another draft pick and weakening our talent level. Couldn’t care less if Gerald Green turns out to be any good on the court. He’s only good for teams that are contending…for the lottery.

  • Noitall

    This was a favor to Scola. Sending him to a championship contender when we could have sent him anywhere, all while taking bask ANOTHER wing that can’t play is a HUGE favor.

    should have taken back a big, as we now have instantly become the smallest team in the NBA.

  • Noitall

    @1azfan BTW, we didn’t shed salary. Scola was not guarantted next year, Green is. we just ate more salary.

  • Luka


    The sole reason for this move is so the Suns can get worse and tank.

    The next move is to dump Gortat for a late first rounder.

    I also hope they decline all options on the Morris brothers and Marshall.

    McDonough is decontaminating Planet Orange which was toxified by Lance Blanks.

  • hawki

    I’m pretty sure the Celts have 2 1st round picks next year…..we have to get one of them in that trade….maybe we give back a 2nd because the Celts don’t have a 2nd next year.

    Gerald Green has always been my boy….classic case of guy who should have went to college.
    Still has a world of talent, maybe he can do something.

  • SkyBill40

    I don’t like this move from a purely competitive standpoint seeing as it simply paves the way to what will clearly be tanking for a shot at Wiggins, but I do like the move for Scola’s sake. He’s a blue collar guy that’ll be immediately appreciated in IND for his work in and around the paint. It’s too bad PHX didn’t want to hold onto him since he was, quite often, the best player on the court most nights. Without him, the Suns would have been lucky to end up where they did. Perhaps that’s why they moved him… since wins don’t add up to more ping pong balls in the hopper.

  • WC

    I think this is just yet another trade exemplifying that McD is ready to turn this franchise around. Latest news is that Phx and Indy are “still discussing the specifics of the picks headed Phoenix’s way.” This is a smart move for us, *especially* if it’s a first round pick within the next couple of years. We have potentially 2 first round picks next year (ours, T-Wolves 1-13 protected, so let’s root for them to make the playoffs). And then the following year we have potentially 2 first round draft picks (ours, Lakers protected pick, can’t remember the stipulations off the top of my head). So if this pick is going to be a first rounder, it’s yet another reason to feel good about the legitimacy of this franchise returning down the road. Furthermore, this only helps our tanking cause, which also makes me happy. While I understood that getting Bledsoe worried some people (including me) that the trade might make us “too good” (meaning good enough not to get a top 5 pick for the 2014 draft), it’s really nothing to worry about when you actually consider the roster in it’s entirety. Look at Cleveland last year. They had Kyrie Irving, one of the best up and coming point guards in the NBA, and they had the first pick, with an arguably better roster than ours (granted, they battled injuries all year, like they always do..). So this looks good for us. Can’t wait to see what will come of this.

  • hawki

    I have the Celtics on my mind….sorry….trade with Pacers, guess it will be in the hi 20′s if it’s next year’s pick.

  • DBreezy


    Yahoo! is saying that the Suns are getting at least 1 1st rounder along with other draft considerations and cash. Depending on the amount, the cash could help facilitate a buyout down the line so that the cap hit of taking on the extra year of Green’s salary is nullified.

  • DBreezy

    The official tally is Scola for Green, Plumlee and a 2014 lottery protected pick.

  • Animan

    Plumlee was a good addition. All-around excellent trade.

  • Jeremiah

    At least this time the “lesser brother” is a first round talent. Not to mention he is also a good sized big man as well.

  • DBreezy

    Plumlee alleviates the need to either get a 5 back in the eventual Gortat trade or sign a veteran big man stiff on the cheap for depth at the 5. They’re covered if Len isn’t ready by the start of the season or has minutes limitations starting out. They also get a free look at young player to see if can be contributor going forward instead of some veteran who’s story is already known.

  • Slap Dog Hoops (SDH)

    The Suns definitely win out in this trade. Scola never fit in and his presence probably impeded the progress of Michael Beasley, who the Suns tabbed as a building block for the future. Without the Suns open court style of play, Green might even flourish while Miles Plumlee is a safe bet at bolstering the frontcourt.

  • Scott

    @frenchysunsfan -

    Don’t discount even a late first round pick. Remember Goodwin was taken at #29 and probably would have still been there at #30.

    If you have good scouting in addition to a good GM – which the Suns may finally have – there can still be some value late in the first round.

  • Jeremiah

    Scola talks had been ongoing for weeks but it was Indy’s willingness to finally include Plumlee that compelled Suns to agree on deal.

    — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) July 27, 2013