VotS Live: 2013 Phoenix Suns Summer League review

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    I like your effort, but 28 minutes is too long, can’ watch this :(

  • Roger


    We just witnessed the performance of very likely 2nd unit of Marshall, Goodwin (or Tucker), Morris twins and Onuaku. Not outstanding but pretty good for guys without the benefit of full training camp.

    Can you comment or do a video on how the first unit of Bledsoe, Dragic, Gortat, Scola and Butler would gel? Or do you see a different combo for the first unit?


  • Animan

    Speaking of summer league, I wish the suns FO would scout Andrew Goudelock and sign him next season, I feel he has huge promise and potential. Also, we should try and trade for Gerald Henderson in my opinion, maybe a package of Scola and Brown.

  • phxsunsfaninla

    Lets trade beasley and brown to ny for shumpert !

  • Michael

    Hey guys I saw some posts on Facebook about a trade sending Scola to Indiana. That’s all I know. Does anyone else know the other parts of the deal?


  • DBreezy

    Stein reporting Scola to Indy for Gerald Green and draft considerations.

  • DBreezy

    Indy’s bench just got a nice boost keeping up with what the Nets have been able to do as well. Miami will have quite a battle. Green is likely to have some exciting moments in the uptempo offense, but is unlikely to actually contribute to wins. A Beasley, Green. Brown lineup could has greatest moments in tanking potential written all over it. Looks like Kieff has the starting gig for at least one season and SL has probably ensured that he and Marcus’ options will be picked up.

    Next up to the plate: Marcin. His agent has done a great job of keeping him quiet this summer, lets see how long it lasts.

  • Scott

    Indiana can use a PF and they have way too many SFs.

    On the Suns’ side, this trade must be all about the draft pick. Hopefully it is a first rounder. After all, Green’s PER is 9.92, which is awfully low, and Scola’s is 16.80. That’s a night and day difference.

    Green’s contract isn’t much different from Scola’s.

    @Animan -

    Goudelock played well in SL. If there hadn’t been about 2 or 3 dozen PGs in the last draft, I’m sure he’d have been snapped up right away.

  • DBreezy

    Looks like Marcus and Beas will be fighting it out for backup PF. I know Frye is still in the mix, but he hasn’t even been cleared to play yet. So how much could they be expecting from him? Amar’e went down with his eye injury just after the all star break in 2009 and wasn’t cleared for practice until around August iirc. It took him until the second half of the 2009-2010 to really get his legs back and get going again. Channing has been out much longer.