NBA Summer League bracket: Suns earn 3rd seed

The Phoenix Suns open the NBA summer league tournament as a No. 3 seed.

  • Scott

    I expect ATL to come out of the ATL/POR battle. It would be good to see Schroeder against the Suns, though he could win the PG battle.

    As for Goodwin’s 22 pts … get used to it. :)

    We may not see that sort of performance from him during the regular season this year, as he needs to bulk up a bit and keep working on his shot, but it will come before long.

    Another nice development this game … Marshall played inside the perimeter in his limited minutes, especially in the 2nd half. It’s too early to call this a trend, but if he’s going to be brave and start to play inside, it should make this next season a lot more interesting.

    Marshall scored 3 layups, 2 of which were guarded. He had two passes he made on the inside get disrupted, IIRC, but I’m not worried about that. He has to make those sorts of mistakes in order to learn from them. This next season should be a prime year for Marshall moving inside the perimeter and making some mistakes as he learns how to navigate, manipulate the defense, and score/distribute from this spot.

    Hopefully, if he sticks with the Suns, he speeds up his game and moves inside.

    Something I’d also like to see this coming season … Dragic taking Goodwin under his wing. I think to some extent they may be kindred spirits, and they’d play well together. I don’t know if Goodwin will get any PG time, but I think he can learn a lot about playing that position from Dragic.

  • KayGee

    As I said last year the minute the suns brass picked marshall he is a complete bust as the 13th pick, & he’s proving it ever since..the suns were better off getting john henson…he’s putting up juicy numbers w mil! He would of looked sweet in a suns uni playing w Goodwin! My two cents

  • Foreveris2long

    To be perfectly honest, Garrett ran the team better than Marshall last night. IMO the only reason Marshall is on the Suns when the season starts is because no one else wants him. Getting rid of Marshall allows the Suns to play Goodwin a few minutes at the point some games.

  • Scott

    @forever -

    Regarding Garrett’s play, maybe Memphis just didn’t provide much resistance?

    As for the high score from both sides, I can see where there was maybe a faster pace overall than what Marshall normally plays at.

  • Majestic One

    I fear lack of length in the middle going to hurt us.

  • DBreezy

  • Scott
  • foreveris2long

    Good night for Shabazz who I think scored 17 and a another miserable night for McLemore who went 0 for 8 from the field.
    Scott, good Hornachek article.

  • DBreezy

    I’ll have to check the replay of Bazz’s game, thanks Foreveris. He was due, from the games I saw it looked like he may have been thinking too much about the last few months. He tried to stay within the flow of the offense and even tried to pass a lot. He lost a few assists between accuracy and guys getting fouled, but at least he was trying! Seems pretty comfortable with that lefty hook off the box and actually looks comfortable shooting the 3. He looks predictably lost on D and out of breath, but he does appear to be working. The Wolves should be a good fit for him if he keeps his head right.

    I watched B-Mac’s 26pt game from last night and didn’t know what to think. The dude clearly is the most athletic guy out there, but his head looks suspect outside of Self’s system. He’s blazing fast running around, but basically moves at one speed. Few can do that effectively in basketball, you have to be able to change speeds-it’s how my old ass still gets away with working people in the post. Outside of shooting, I don’t think he’s as advanced offensively as Goodwin or Bazz. Goodwin has better moves to the hoop and Bazz has those posts and cuts he works very well. He actually looked better to me coming off screens than BMac has so far, but Bazz doesn’t have that sick elevation on his J that BMac does. He seems like he’s in situations where he had a clean shot at UCLA that now he’s got a defender close by. I suspect he’s going to use his size/strength in those situations to get guys on his hip or behind him.

    We talked all year about how much certain systems help guys and I think about it every time I see Archie, Bazz and BMac. All rookies get caught ball watching too often, but watch how deep BMac lets himself float towards the rock without Self and crew around. It burned him a bunch of times in that TOR game. Bazz actually seems somewhat aware of what’s going on from his UCLA days, but can be comical trying to apply it. Archie had a tough season at Kentucky, but he seems pretty well coached on the next level by Cal. Hopefully the KU experience doesn’t affect Wiggins like it has some others.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    The Hornacek interview was a very good read, but also it made me wonder quite a bit.
    I think it’s clear now that Dragic and Bledsoe will start as 1 – 2. So the backup backcourt could indeed consist of Marshall and Archie.
    Coach said that they want to be a good rebounding team, pass to the first available guy and score within 8 seconds. While this might sound like a nice plan I don’t see it happening with the Suns. They have only one solid rebounder on the roster, which is Gortat. (Also O’Neal, but I think he isn’t with the Suns anymore?) The forwards we have aren’t good rebounders at all.
    Hornacek mentioned that he wants Gortat to have at least 10 touches in the post per game, so it seems to be true that they don’t want to trade him at all.
    And the last thing: Beasley won’t be an important part of this team. Hornaced critisized him for the lack of motivation and effort and I think he is the kind of coach who really cares about the right attitude (which is good news for Tucker, but bad news for Beasley and Marshall).
    What do you guys think?

  • foreveris2long

    D’Breezy, I agree with regards to Shabazz and actually McLemore as well. Shabazz coming form the B. Holland UCLA system where IMO guys think the system too much, causes paralysis by analysis, which really is not good. However it seems after a few months removed from that system they seem to flourish. While Shabazz does not have the crazy athleticism or speed of a Holiday, Westbrook or even Collison, he has decent athleticism but is strong. Shabazz probably does not have that balance yet between waiting for the game to come to him and making something happen but hopefully he will find it and start erring on the side of aggression. Most UCLA players play better in the NBA than college. I use to see a ton of live UCLA games and never thought Kevin Love would be as good as he is today.

    Regarding McLemore, man I definitely agree he just plays at one speed with no moves to keep the defender off balance. I was listening to Isiah Thomas announce the Portland Atlanta game last night and he talked about guards needing to change speeds when handling the ball. While I suspect he was primarily talking about point guards it applies to both guards because defenders hate to guard the guy who lulls you to sleep only to suddenly explode to the rim. I cannot place my finger on Self’s system and why most of his players struggle at the next level. I watched Thomas Robinson last night and it seems he is beginning to understand his role with Portland, just defend the post, rebound and get put backs. I guess Self’s system has most of his players feeling they are better than they are (see Morris twins and many others) to their detriment at the NBA level. I guess it is false confidence.

    Meanwhile Cal seems to be the perfect coach for getting guys to the next level where their game fits the pro game so well. Roy Williams Carolina players, except for our very own Marshall, seems to play better in the NBA than they did in college as well. Bullock might be the latest former Tarheel to surprise the NBA. He looks good this summer.

    Sillmarillion, just a hunch but I do not feel Hornachek is going to show Marshall much love during the season if he is still on the team. He may showcase his limited skill set early hoping a fish bites so they can trade him but I think coach wants Bledsoe and Dragic to get most of the point guard minutes with Goodwin picking up a few each night. As for interior muscle, I really like the free agent the Suns have from Syracuse, Onuaku as he has a knack for positioning himself under the basket for tough rebounds and offensive putbacks. He may get a lot of time playing power forward this year especially as long as Gortat remains on the team. I have no doubt though that Gortat is gone as soon as the Suns can net a 1st round pick for him. I do think coach want him to get a lot of low post touches which may help in the Suns scoring earlier than late. It will also showcase his skill set hopefully letting the Suns get value for him when traded. He will be a free agent next summer so I think the Suns want to trade him before then. I think you will like Len as the new center the suns have waiting in the wings when he recovers from his injuries.

  • Scott

    @Sillmarillion -

    About the rebounding … quite possibly Hornacek will impose different team rules than what we’ve seen most of the time under D’Antoni and Gentry. In this case, Hornacek may call upon the team to secure the rebound first, and only if they fail begin to get back. I’ve always observed / believed that this strategy works better, and stat geeks back it up with data.

    So don’t apply the rebounding rates of past years to next season’s Suns. We might see a completely different scenario.

    @forever -

    So you think the problem is excessive Self-esteem, eh? ;)

    As for Hornacek on Marshall, I think he’s going to treat Marshall like Sloan would, which is honestly and with no frills.

  • Foreveris2long

    Ok Scott I gotcha with regards to Self. Very good. Slow week at work this week so I get to fool with this message board quite a bit.

  • BCrayZ

    Barbosa has an offer from the Mavs.

    But he hasn’t signed yet because he wants to play here.

    Suns should give it a shot at near zero cost.

    MUST reunite that killer bench unit. Let’s go SUNS!!!!