NBA Summer League: Suns hit 100 as Archie Goodwin shines

Making an impact is easy in the NBA for someone with talent. Being consistent is another sort of deal. Archie Goodwin has seen the ups and downs of being talented but he’s lacking the experience to make an impact each game. And that’s shown through three games in the Las Vegas Summer League.

On Tuesday, Goodwin scored 14 first-half points after Monday’s game where he turned the ball over five times, fouled four times and scored just two points. He finished Tuesday’s 100-88 win against the Memphis Grizzlies with 22 points on 6-of-11 shooting as Phoenix moved to 3-0 in the summer league’s regular season of sorts.

Goodwin showed it all against the Grizzlies. He went 3-for-3 from deep, got to the foul stripe and would have scored more if he hadn’t gone 7-of-11 from the charity stripe.

One reason Kendall Marshall’s transition game has come under question of late? Juxtaposed to Goodwin’s pure speed, it’s more than an inhibitor – it’s a pure disadvantage. Twice when Marshall by default tried to advance the ball via the pass, it was batted down by speedy, more athletic defenders attempting to get back in transition. Where Marshall passed because he’s not fast enough to run the break himself, Goodwin dribbled. Twice Goodwin threw down thunderous dunks in transition.

In the first half, Goodwin beat the defense down the court off a made basket. In the second, a rebound off a three-point attempt by Memphis saw Goodwin start nearly at the opposite end of the court before beating the rest of the field down for a dunk that also drew a foul.

Such displayed all the good things that could come in time for the 18-year-old out of Kentucky. And such is the reason that Marshall and the rest of the Lance Blanks scouted Suns are at risk of being moved.

Coach Jeff Hornacek didn’t give the veterans all that much playing time. Marshall played only 16 minutes and scored eight points to go with three assists. In his place, Diante Garrett played his best of the three summer games by dishing out 12 assists in 20 minutes.

Sputtering twins

For as telling as it is that Goodwin has consistency issues just three games into his pro career, it’s equally important – and more frightening – that the Morris twins still can’t put more than one or two solid outings together.

Yes, Hornacek did limit the playing time of the twins and Marshall in the first half, but the twins appeared disengaged because of that or otherwise.

Marcus Morris picked up the fourth technical foul by a Morris twin over three summer league games, not a good sign considering up-and-down summer league appearances, both within single games and overall. Marcus followed up his game-winning shot and poor shooting game on Monday against the Timberwolves by going 1-for-5 and fouling six times in just less than 14 minutes. He also had three turnovers and finished with four points, two boards and a block.

Meanwhile, Markieff Morris played more than 15 minutes and put in four points, five rebounds and two blocks. But he also had four personal fouls and two turnovers.

Tucker shows offensive improvements

It’s not like it matters and not as if he was struggling to score before — forward P.J. Tucker wasn’t really forcing any looks or getting good ones. But he took over in the third quarter Tuesday and showed his improvements on the offensive end. Tucker splashed some nice jumpers and showed better control on simple dribble-drives past slower, less athletic competition.

He scored 18 points on 7-for-10 shooting.

Tucker’s advancement on offense came as Iowa State product Chris Babb tried to show that, like Tucker, he is a thick perimeter defender who can hit jumpers. Babb scored 11 points and splashed three three-pointers on the evening.

During his senior season as a Cyclone, Babb averaged 9.4 points and shot 40 percent from the floor. He did hit 38 percent of three-pointer and projects in the NBA as a classic 3-and-D type of player.

Onuaku hits the boards, again

Arinze Onuaku has quietly been one of the most dominant rebounding forces in the Las Vegas Summer League, at least in terms of minutes played. On Monday, he grabbed 12 boards and scored 13 points in 20 minutes.

Postseason place

Phoenix should be in a solid spot in terms of seeding for the postseason of summer league action that is determined by wins and point differential by quarter, though they’ve trailed during most of the three games’ first halves.

  • ShanMan

    I’d be willing to trade Marcus Morris and Markeiff Moriss straight up for Zach Morris.

  • ShanMan

    On a serious note though, I’m not even sure who the better of the two is. I felt Markeiff had some potential but somehow it seems he got worse once his brother showed up.


    in this years finals the suns will beat the heat 4-0

  • ShanMan

    @Shazam, the only heat the Suns are beating this year is staying in the gym and hydrated.

  • C brown

    We need to lose every game. If they do i buy seson tickets @ the end of yr.

  • foreveris2long

    Goodwin is going to be a player in a year or two. At age 18 he plays with a nice chip on his shoulder. Great move by the Suns to draft him. Onuaku was a beast in the low post and on the boards. He will or should get serious minutes at the 4 when the season starts.

    There is no doubt in my mind the Suns want to trade Marshall. Opponents play the passing lanes when he has the ball which is why they get deflections on Marshall’s passes. Garrett did a better job running the offense tonight than Marshall. I think they want Marshall gone so Goodwin gets some point guard minutes.

    For the McLemore fans, he had an awesome game tonight where I think he scored about 25 on an efficient basis. He looked good tonight.

  • foreveris2long

    Onuake is a better power forward than Marquieff Morris, no questions asked.

  • Jeremiah

    Was very nice to see Archie have a good game. Hopefully he continues to be aggressive like he was tonight.

    Anyone have any thought on Dennis Shroeder for the ATL Hawks? I think he could be the best “pure” PG in this draft class. His game actually reminds me a little of Rondo’s.

  • Roger

    Can we trade Marshall for Pierre Jackson, please ?

  • Scott

    @Jeremiah -

    Yeah, Schroeder is very good, and he has a very good chance at being a star player. I’d love to have him on the team.

    Another rookie PG out there not quite as good, but still excellent, is Ray McCallum. He’s currently with the Kings. IIRC, he’s a former McDonald’s guy who scouts went to sleep on. He’d be a rock-solid backup PG.

  • DBreezy

    Marshall or no Marshall, some fierce training camp battles look to be brewing on this team. Goodwin has been up and down, but he’s shown a lot of signs that he’s going to be pushing for a spot in the rotation. His demeanor for an 18 year old says that to me even more than his considerable talent. I hope the Morris twins, Beasley, Brown are taking notice because the trickle down effect on these battles could be big for them. Horny’s got a quite a few decisions to make on what should be a poor team record wise.

  • Jeremiah


    Yeah I actually watched one of the Kings games to see McLemore and McCallum stole the show in that game including some moves that were borderline amazing.

  • DBreezy

    While I think his arms might be longer, Goodwin’s body reminds of Kobe’s when he first came into the league. Hope he’s just as durable.

  • Azbballfan

    Goodwin would have had 25 had he not bricked a bunch of free throws but all around excellent game

    I have seen much from oriaki but Onaku or whatever his name is has been excellent

    get a regular roster spot and give us energy like lou amundson excellent

    mr burns excellent!

    he has done better than both morris twins in summer league and they have a few years of experience in the NBA on him i am impressed

  • foreveris2long

    Just woke up from taking Nyquil earlier, can’t sleep. D’Breezy after seeing the game, Kobe is exactly who came to remind due to his body type and playing fearless. Goodwin is not afraid of the moment. He will be inconsistent but his future is really bright. He is Scott’s boy. Guys like Goodwin, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Glen Rice Jr. is why the Suns did not want to use their lottery pick on McLemore. In two years any of the 1st 3 could be as good if not better than McLemore. This was a good draft for wings. Now whether they will regret passing on Noel remains to be seen but I continue to believe they are going to be really happy with Len.

    The competition for playing time will be fierce with PJ Tucker definitely in the mix. I love how he competes. When you consider how he has upgraded his offense, he should get quality minutes at the 2 guard. With him and Onuaku on the team the Suns look really physical on both ends of the court. Yeah the 3ms, Marshall, Morris and Morris (not a law firm), will find it really tough getting minutes. Now moving Scola will help should that happen (Marshall will likely be tied to any deal involving Scola).

    Hornachek kills me with his facial expressions, even in summer league. You can see parts of J.Sloan written all over him.

  • foreveris2long

    Oops the medicine has me out of my mind, I meant to say “…,Kobe is exactly who came to mind…”. Let me go back to bed.

  • Kendall Marshall

    I see how it is. I’m eating sour skittles dawg. Screw ya’ll.

  • Roger


    Can you take Marcus with you to NO and send Pierre Jackson back ? You’ll be closer to home and your great college coach Mr. Williams!!

  • kendall marshall

    Screw yall! – We ran and gunned it at north carolina. Trust me im quicker than i look on tv. I’ll race Bavetta, like sir charles did and prove it!!

  • john

    I was all about Goodwin, Rice Jr., and Hardaway Jr. (in that order) at 30 for this draft, with McLemore and Shabazz generating a bit of interest from me as well (but I wouldn’t have wanted either at 5). Getting Goodwin at 29 was quite possibly my favorite move of the draft by any team (except for the fact that I’m really not sure why they bothered moving up from 30, but it’s not like they gave up much to get there).

    I think Goodwin has all-star potential, and I believe he has the right type of attitude to get there. He seems like a killer, something the Suns have been missing since the heyday of Amare.

  • Jeff Hornacek

    Sorry kid, your un-athletic ass is on the trading block. In the mean time here….have a seat..keep the bench warm for us would ya?

  • a-game

    For those of you interested in the seeding rounds, our suns play the winner of game# 37 between atlanta and portland on thursday july 18 @8pm eastern.

    Heres the full schedule -$/news/2013-summer-league-las-vegas-bracket/index.html

  • Roger

    Bavetta running backwards will be speedier than Marshall – even on TV, lol !!

  • Brenton

    Looks like McDonough continued his streak of finding quality late round picks with Goodwin. The Morris twins look like they dont really want to be in Vegas.

    I hate to say it, but Tucker has no place in a run and gun offense if he cant shoot. If he could just learn to hit a corner three the guy would be invaluable. He needs to spend the rest of the summer shooting 5000 threes a day.

  • Scott

    @Brenton -

    The only quality guys on the team right now, for sure, are Dragic, Bledsoe, and Goodwin. If Len stays healthy, he’s probably on that list.

    It’s too bad the Suns couldn’t work any draft day deals for quality players, as that could have significantly shortened the rebuild time and given fans – and players – more hope.

    At least Dudley escaped. ;)

  • Foreveris2long

    Scott, Gortat is a quality player although his value decreases everyday he gets closer to becoming an unrestricted free agent. However if a championship caliber team loses a big to injury I suspect they will pay more for a Gortat rental.

    The rebuild time would have escalated if Blanks had simply listened to me and drafted Henson at power forward instead of Marshall. Oh well I will probably discuss with Blanks when I need a vacuum as I suspect he will be selling them when his NBA money runs out. We have to turn the page from that stiff which should be easy as we have some nice pieces in place for the transition.

  • Scott

    @forever -

    Yup, there have already been some wasted years, putting the Suns in a deeper hole.

    BTW, I feel relatively certain the Suns were going to draft Cody Zeller at #5, but Charlotte beat them to it. Zeller is doing a great job at distributing; definitely a high IQ guy.

    Len was higher on their draft list, but they didn’t expect to be picking him.

  • Scott

    BTW, Sarver gave a good interview during the 3rd SL game.

  • frenchysunsfan

    I would keep the twins this year, trading them would make no sense. They both can be good reserves but they must get more rebounds, especially Markieff. I’m glad to see Goodwin playing like that, his athletism will be an important asset this year and I’m sure he will improve on his shooting.
    Onuaku could be a solid rotation in the paint, his toughness and rebounding qualities would help the team, hope he’ll get a contract.

  • Scott

    @frenchy -

    Well … I have no idea how things might go this season in terms of the roster. If the Suns can move the vets, then sure, it would be okay to play the Morri.

    Or, if the Suns can’t trade the vets, I would be okay with a trade of the Morri.

    Just so long as in either scenario the Suns get good young talent or picks.

    If they get minutes this year, the Morri could surprise with improved shooting. Or … they may not.

  • Lance Blanks

    I have been watching the Summer League, and am thrilled with the progression that Markieff, Marcus, and Kendall have made. What we did in the draft was cultivate the soil if you will. We are beginning to see the fruits of that labor now.

    I also want to address some comments regarding my financial status quickly. I am not broke. I am not selling vacuums as has been suggested here. I am not sure what I will be doing next, but to suggest that I have retrogressed is simply false.

    Gardens aren’t cultivated in one day. Trees aren’t grown in one month. Cities aren’t built in one year.

  • Doug

    The way its looking this is going to be the starting line up:

    Honestly not bad, solid defenders, solid on the outside and inside, this would be the bench:


    as in the Goodwin and Len show with a bunch of scrubs.

    Fairly certain that the law firm of Marshall Morris and Morris will not have their options picked up, and are a clear weak link on this team, People keep saying that Gortat is gone just a question of when, and Scola will most likely be traded, but why not keep them around? They are talented players that can be good pieces.

  • Brenton

    By the time the Suns are in the playoffs again, Scola will be close to retirement age. He doesnt want to play for a rebuilding team, and keeping him here blocks the development of younger players.

    Gortat is fine to keep, as long as you dont break the bank to do it. You dont want to lock up the key players of a 30 win team long term.

    Marshall will be selling lemonade in the stands in a few years. Marcus Morris will buying the lemonade as he watches his borther ride the bench. Markief is good enough that he will probably eke out a 10 year career as a backup. I wouldnt be opposed to the Suns keeping him and using him as the third big off the bench in the future. He clearly isnt going to ever be an all star or even quality starter.

  • james

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