Kendall Marshall's name pops up in NBA trade rumors

Kendall Marshall displayed the best parts of his game in a 91-89 Las Vegas Summer League victory on Monday, hitting two huge three-pointers and making the right passes to mount a 24-point comeback. The success could make him a viable option for the Suns behind Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe.

That, or the success makes him a trade chip that another team wants, or at the least, would be willing to take back. Several NBA executives in Las Vegas told’s Scott Howard-Cooper that Marshall is on the trading block.

“They’re trying to attach him to pretty much any deal that comes up,” a league executive told Howard-Cooper. “If you want to talk about any of their players, the (Suns) include him. He’s basically the price of admission to any trade right now.”

This isn’t surprising news. If anything, it asserts that Phoenix and general manager Ryan McDonough are still working tirelessly to make some moves this offseason. Marshall could simply be a throw-in to a deal involving a larger contract.

And considering the circumstance it all adds up. I’ve been higher on Marshall than most people because he’s a smart basketball player and has a passing ability that’s rare. His shot, as terrible as it is mechanically, at least has dropped because Marshall is confident. And yeah, he would be entering his senior season at North Carolina. So the drafting of Marshall 13th overall in 2012 is not yet a complete failure.

“My game is much more advanced this time around,” Marshall told Dave Dulberg before the Suns left for Las Vegas. “Last year in Summer League, I was still lost. I was just kind of out there moving around, not really leading. One of better qualities is leadership, and I feel like I’ve done a much better job with that the last couple days and plan to do the same when we’re in Las Vegas.”

But does Marshall even fit into the system?

Forget that Dragic and Bledsoe are really both point guards. Marshall could see a decent number of minutes on the court this upcoming season because both Dragic and Bledsoe can play at shooting guard — and that’s not to mention the importance of depth if there are injuries. Paul Coro noticed that Marshall went to Twitter to voice his displeasure about chatter that resembled a quote coach Jeff Hornacek gave to

Hornacek told that Marshall puts pressure on a defense with pick-and-rolls and drags out of transition but “he’s not maybe the type of guy that is going to fly it down the court and penetrate and put pressure on a defense that way.” Marshall, always an active tweeter with nearly 150,000 followers, tweeted “Apparently I don’t like to fastbreak” and “Apparently I didn’t got to Carolina, team that fast breaks more than any team in the world”

Marshall deleted the tweets.

No matter how much the open court helps Marshall’s game because of his vision, he’s at a major disadvantage in the NBA because of his below-average athleticism. In college, he had the horses to outrun teams with lesser athleticism. In college, the pass advances the ball a lot easier than in does in the NBA.

And in the NBA, it’s the ball handler who, more than in NCAA hoops, must be able to push the tempo to create fastbreak opportunities. That’s not Marshall’s skill.

It is a skill of two of McDonough’s acquisitions — Bledsoe and Archie Goodwin — and Dragic. So while he may not be the odd man out in terms of the three best point guards on the roster, he might already be considered just that in the eyes of the new front office and coaching staff.

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  • Scott

    I’m starting to think the main issue with Marshall is that he’s a PITA.

    If that’s the case, no wonder they’re trying to include him in every trade.

  • Daniel

    I think that Kendall is gonna work well in the second unit this year. I know it’s summer league but I mean the ball movement is terrible. Kendall seems to be the only one trying to pass out there and I feel he’s the reason for the comeback along with the morris twins finally knocking down shots in the second half.

  • DBreezy

    I would have to agree with you Scott. It’s been kind of a trend with him. You can gloss over individual things as misunderstandings, but put them together and it just doesn’t look good.

    Ok he wasn’t prepared for SL last season as he said above. Where was the extra work after that, especially after he got beat out by a player the Suns always intended to trade in Bassy? It’s not like he denied the report that he wasn’t showing up for extra work with the developmental coaches. How could he considering the word came from those coaches?

    Then there was the D league thing where he clearly believed he shouldn’t have been there and played like it. When other teams’ scouts watching the D league notice your attitude and make comments about it, that’s not good. Then you have his father getting into with Gentry over PT-something that the most recent deleted tweets from Kendall unsurprising.

    I’ve also seen comments from some of the Bright Side reporters that they’ve been personally emailed about some of their observations on Kendall. They also have pretty much said that they’re not holding their breath over him improving mainly because of his attitude which supposedly is apparent when you’re around him.

    You can survive a long time in pretty much anything, not just sports, with a great attitude. If you don’t have one, you better have some great skills at whatever you do and not F up, because you effectively already have one foot out the door already. Well Kendall has one skill, an elite skill at that, but the rest of his game and his athleticism don’t let him use that prime skill effectively. Add in a subpar attitude plus suitable alternatives to him on the roster it gets ugly.

    The most interesting thing to me about the trade rumor was that McD didn’t really work all that hard to deny that he’s on the block which to me was more of a message to Kendall than the league. I hope he gets the message, because he has a lot on the line. There’s a solid chance his third year option isn’t picked up which makes things dicey for him. There’s no guarantee that he will get traded or that if he is traded that he gets an opportunity. He could very well be acquired for cap reasons. If the Suns really don’t like his attitude and progress, he could find himself on the fringe or out of the rotation.

    Any of these things could put him in a bad spot to be an unrestricted free agent in a league where guys like Nick Young and Wes Johnson are getting vet min deals. If he doesn’t get it together, would it be a total shock to see him in SL again next summer as an unrestricted FA trying to latch on with a squad?

  • Morgan

    I think every player on this roster is on the block except for Len, Goodwin, Dragic, and Bledsoe. Even then if the right deal comes along I think they would pull the trigger.

    I’ve always liked Marshall. He has a great basketball iq and a great passer. His shot is still a little flat, but he is showing a little better touch on it. Of course his big issue is D.

    I’m ok with trading or keeping Marshall. He still has great value because he runs a offense very well. That is hard to find in this league. I think he will be a good back up pg next season

  • Morgan

    I just hoped last season humbled Marshall last season. I think he had the wrong attitude going in to his rookie year. He thought it was going to be easy and just given to him. He looks better prepared for this season.

  • shooter flatch

    I’d trade the Twit-er for some cut up Pro V-1s. And, I don’t like Pro V-1s.

  • Azbballfan

    Marshall should take a lesson from P.J. Tucker

    it doesnt really matter who you are when you come into the NBA

    if you cant put in the hours to improve, and listen to coaches and do the best you can, while all the while you are getting a dream job, getting paid millions, well you know what then, you can play in the Euro League or the D-League

    Marshall had a great game tonight so did the morris brothers

    that great, but hell marcus banks scored 44 points once in a summer league game and guess where he is now?

    i dont know, but i am pretty sure its not in the NBA

    nothng is just going to be given to you because your a basketball player

    lottery picks bust all the time in the NBA

    now, hey if a coach is being verbally abusive to you and the team front office people dont do anything about it, then thats wrong

    but you know what, if you work hard and stay humble thats the best you can do sometimes, you may not stick it out on a team for political reasons, but people notice when you work hard and are reasonable

    working hard and having a good attitude will do you much better in the long run

    if Marshall really has an attitude problem, then cut him or trade him

    i am really suprised we havent heard nothing about beasley being shipped off or released by this point

    the moratorium is over

    get something done

  • shooter flatch

    Seriously, I read and hear from practically every place that the Twit-er has a high Ball IQ. One of the best areas of the game to test that in a player is in his anticipation skills, on both sides of the ball. From what I observed of the Twit-er last year, and Summer League so far this year, his Ball IQ is below average. Trader Mac needs to dump this flat-footed, bereft-of-up-and-down-and-side-to-side-speed, hopless blogger — as quick as possible.

  • Scott

    @shooter -

    Keep in mind, though, that Marshall appears to be lazy. So if he anticipates something on the court, well, maybe he figures it’s somebody else’s problem.

  • Scott

    @Daniel -

    I would be very happy if Marshall would work out. But it’s looking like nothing from the Blanks era is worth keeping.

  • Lance Blanks

    I couldn’t be more thrilled with the progression that Kendall has made this year. I also have full confidence that Michael Beasley will flourish in a new uptempo system. At the end of the day you need to cultivate the soil, and these guys are part of that foundation.

  • Azbballfan

    i expect marshall to be traded and i expect Beasley to be released under the stretch provision

    since, you know, his value around the league has to be almost nothing right now

    i would like to see them both become great suns, but the way the off season has been going i just dont think its gonna happen

    they would have to leapfrog so many players right now to get real game minutes like 30 plus a night

    Beasley hasnt shown he can put it together for more than one game

    either have the morris twins or marshall

    i know their young, but beasley was supposed to be a devastating scoring and the morris twins were supposed to be NBA ready

    how come all the scouts, so far, totally swung and missed?

    Markieff Morris had a pretty nice summer league last year to and it didnt carry over to last years 8 points and 4 boards a game regular season

    Beasley had a pretty respectable pre season and other than a few good games it was a disaster

    you just put alot of trust into what the summer games show, all you can really do is hope for improvement and pray that it carries over to the regular season

    if marshall stays where his skills are now, i dont expect anything more than 4 points and 3 assists a game in 14 minutes

    its just unlikely your going to get minutes or dragic or bledsoe or goodwin

    i think he hasnt been moved yet because basically teams arent going to give up very much of anything for him

    i would take a 2nd round pick at this point really

    you would have to trade away your two best players in dragic and bledsoe for marshall to make an impact and i just dont see that being realistic

  • Kendall Marshall

    Screw you guys, I’m going to IHOP.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    I still like Kendall and (i’ve got my bullet-proof vest on guys no worries) so far I think he’s been the brightest spot for the Summer Suns.

    … And in a backwards kind of way, I’d imagine that has something to do with all of this trade chatter.

    Taking his points out of the equation, his presence in two summer league games so far has resulted in the players around him playing a higher brand of basketball on the offensive end.

    Yes I know, it’s only summer league, but the facts remain.

    Through 2 games he’s what, almost or near +15 on average while he’s on the court? I’d be fine if he didn’t get traded and was allowed another season to improve. We’re rebuilding anyway. Really, who are we going to get? it’ll probably be expiring contracts or a late first bundled up in some other 3-team trade. I’d take Marshall over that.

    I really don’t understand why everybody seems to be so impatient with him. The Morri have been around a year longer, yet nobody is picking their lack of progression apart.

  • JamRock

    You know who else had a very high bball IQ? Keven Ollie, and that’s exactly who we have here….Can’t shoot, no quickness and can’t get to the rim. Cut your losses and try to get him in as a throw in on a deal to trade Scola. Also just bite the bullet and waive Beasley, addition by subtraction.

  • Michael Beasley

    I can’t wait for the season man. Coach if you listenin’ I’m ready man… I’m ready to have an all-star year!

  • Foreveris2long

    Normally being a cerebral baller with extremely limited basketball skills will not be enough to make it in the league. The reason being is basketball is basically an instinctive game. If you are thinking too much on the court, you are not going to be very effective,i.e., paralysis by analysis. Stockton and Nash are very cerebral players who both could shoot and dish. Stockton was also tenacious on defense. Both players had no problem penetrating the lane to score but if they read the help defense they would find their guy for an assist.

    Marshall, if he drives, does it primarily to find an assist as he does not look to score often. I watched the game yesterday and I saw Marshall about 25 feet from the the Suns basket on the right side of the court facing the basket, drive the lane with his left hand, gets within 2 or 3 feet of scoring and he passes to another Sun 20 feet away from the basket. That is bad basketball no matter how you slice it. To be effective in the NBA, you cannot play like that.

    Rich, I am definitely not a member of the Morris Twins fan club as I was begging the Suns to draft John Henson last summer to play power forward. To their credit however, they play with a lot of heart and are not afraid to fail. They are reserve role players in my opinion.

  • Scott

    Okay, I finally got to see the Suns 2nd SL game, the one vs Minnesota.

    I’m actually very pleased with Marshall’s performance in that game. He showed a big improvement over the first game and was moving in the direction I believe he should go.

    I want players who play smart and successful, and Marshall has had a few obvious impediments in this regard: 1) no shooting, 2) no penetration past the 3 point line on offense, and 3) he’s no threat on defense.

    In this game, though, Marshall played some decent defense. It looked like he was putting effort into it. He shot the ball several times – not just once – which was essential to winning the game. And the team was at its best offensively on those occasions when Marshall moved with the ball in past the 3 point line and applied pressure to the defense.

    I don’t know if I have an accurate count, but I think Marshall moved significantly past the perimeter about 8 times. That’s not a lot in terms of what Phoenix fans expect to see, but it was a big move in the right direction for Marshall.

    If Marshall can continue to show improvement in his game by putting up shots, defending, and making the defense deform by penetrating the 3 point line, then he’s a player you want to keep.

    I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes in terms of him practicing adequately or not, or about his attitude, or whether he is accepting his coaching. All we get are rumors, and most of them are unflattering. But if he picks up his game and plays in a more well-rounded style like he did in game 2, that shows that something is starting to click and maybe he’s developing in the right way.

    I’m hoping we’ll see a lot more of this type of play from Marshall.

  • Scott

    @Rich -

    You can’t be surprised with Marshall’s +/- rating in SL so far. The Suns have won both games, and Marshall’s the starting PG and the most effective PG by a long shot. So he’s going to have a great +/-.

    As for the trade chatter, the rumor was that the Suns were including him in all their trade scenarios as something the other side would have to take, regardless of who the trade was originally for. That’s not in any way flattering.

    It’s that rumor, plus the one about the the tweets he erased, plus the general sense of whining last season from him and/or his father about play time, that has made me openly wonder if he’s being a PITA to the coaching staff.

    It’s very important for a team to have good leadership. Marshall can’t be seen as a knucklehead like Beasley who doesn’t listen to the coach. That won’t fly. Leaders have to be a lot more gracious and diplomatic, and they have to be open-minded, especially when it’s the coach speaking.

  • Foreveris2long

    Scott, I am not sure if you watched the whole game but the Suns were down by 24 in the first half and I think down by almost 20 at half time. marshall nor anyone else played well in the 1st half. At best Marshall played a good second half. I saw everything except the last 2 minutes where I think he did most of his damage. Up to that point it really was just a mediocre game for him. It was difficult judging him on defense as Minnesota did not have a really good point guard playing. I will watch again tonight on my computer.

  • Morgan

    If you watch Marshall is always making the right pass and hitting guys in their spots. I really liked how he was aggressive looking for his shot during stretches of the second half. He does that he will be a much more complete player. I believe I read somewhere last night that Horny told him to take the shots they are giving him.

  • Morgan

    Is it just me or the Morris twins not puting the effort on the glass again. Very frustrating.

  • Foreveris2long

    According to SB Nation the Suns game will be on ESPN 3 at 5:30pm tonight. There is also a rumor on Hoopshype the Suns are interested in Jamal Tinslly. Other than perhaps their displeasure with Marshall or knowing Marshall will be dealt before the season starts, I do not know why they want Tinslley.

  • sunsn7

    Foreveris, I see a few of you Azcentral regulars have landed here. Good to see you guys posting again!

  • DBreezy


    What up? (Former David1787) good to see a few more people coming back around. The Suns won’t be good this season, but they will be more interesting than they’ve been in recent years.


    Good call on the ESPN3 for tonight’s game. I’m kind of tired of watching the NBATV replays where they randomly cut out chunks of certain quarters and constantly broadcast the final score and stats of the game you’re currently watching. Is the 50th replay of NBA GameTime really that important to rush the replays?

  • DBreezy

    Summer league is so subjective. Not just in the normal sports fan sense where we all have different opinions on the players/coaches/management, but because the individual expectations of players varies so widely and rightfully so.

    If Alex Len had had a game as efficient from the floor as Kieff did last night, with the same performance on the glass the staff would likely be thrilled. Banging with guys who are in general stronger, faster, and more focused mentally than the players collegiate guys have faced in the past is a big challenge. But guys like Kieff and Marcus already know that so it’s spot on for Morgan to comment on them not being much of a glass presence.

    Kendall remains a tough one to figure for me. He’s noticeably calmer and more confident this SL, which is great. Yet he still does things routinely that I’m not sure are sustainable in the regular season. The guy has outstanding court vision, but I think a lot of the passes he’s making in Vegas would be turnovers in the regular season.

    For example he made a 3/4 court lead pass to Markieff I believe early on for a dunk that was partially deflected by a Wolves player but still made it through for the finish. In the NBA, even vs the worst teams, that Wolves player is likely to be better than who’s around in the SL meaning that pass would be tipped out of bounds or intercepted. We see the halfcourt version of this all the time when Kendall tries those cross court passes.

    Also the windows on the passes are so much smaller in the NBA. Kieff blew by his defender to get open on that play yesterday, but he’s not going to be winning many foot races by that length in the reg. season. To me that’s where Kendall’s lack of penetration and scoring threat hurt him the most. There was a play where he threw a pass to Mr. Irrelevant that ended up in an offensive foul. While it’s likely that a NBA caliber big could have made a better play off that pass, I noticed two things. The 2 Wolves up top basically zoned Kendall which is what allowed Collins to dive to the hoop. A little penetration towards the FT line there could have allowed not only the pass to Collins but it would have opened up the wings for better shots.

    Even if the Suns get Frye back, they’re not a good 3pt shooting team so it wouldn’t exactly be a shock to see similar defensive alignments vs them next season.

  • Morgan

    I wouldn’t say windows are smaller in the nba. Summer league is kind of like college in the sense that spacing isn’t the best. A lot of guys clog the middle and that doesn’t happen as much in today’s nba.

    Marshall loves to throw cross court passes it was his bread and butter and unc for fast breaks. He’s going to have to be careful when he does that because better athletes.

    With summer league I look at how guys make plays and do the little things. Marshall is making plays that translate to the nba.

  • Morgan

    I compare Marshall to a young developing Andre Miller. I think that is a fair comparison.

  • Foreveris2long

    Sunzn7, My man, welcome aboard Planet OrangeII where the dialogue is entertaining to say the least. D’Breezy yesterday may have been the 1st time I was really impressed with Marquieff because he spent most of his time in the paint. It seems he made a concerted effort to stay inside. It was interesting that while sometimes his shots were blocked or altered, sometime he made interior passes to teammates. I would rather see him get 10 points primarily inside than 15-20 points beyond 15 feet while he continues to develop his game. I am going to watch my boy John Henson play today.

    Whether it is Len or anyone 6’9″ or taller, I rather the player score down low.If it is Len or someone else, I hope we get a player who will eventually require opponents to double team him in the low post.

    Morgan while I understand the physical comparisons with Andre Miller, the similarities in my opinion end with their athleticism or lack thereof. I watched Andre Miller a lot in college at Univ of Utah. His shooting mechanics and scoring mentality are far superior to Marshall’s. We’ll see if Marshall can catch up because Miller was good scoring in college.

  • Scott

    @forever -

    If I’ve done my math right, Andre Miller was 23 when he was drafted (born March 1976, drafted June 1999). Kendall Marshall’s only 21.

    As for the game, yes, I did miss some of it, but it wasn’t my doing. As DBreezy noted, NBA TV sometimes cuts portions of the game to make it fit the time slot. So we went to commercial with the game tied at 8-8, and when we came back from commercial, the game was 23-10 or something equally feculent.

    Anyway, what I did see was that Marshall played till the score was 8-8, and when the game resumed after that, I think it was largely Garrett and Goodwin at the point. I’m not sure if Marshall made it back in before the half.

    When Marshall did return, Minnie’s lead started dropping. As Flip Saunders was being interviewed during the 3rd period, Marshall began playing with increasing energy, and started taking shots and penetrating.

    IIRC, when he took his rest the Suns stopped gaining ground, but when he came back, the scores changed again for the better. And, of course, in the final minutes he hit 2 of the 3 pt shots the Suns needed to win.

    The Suns got down because the talent level of the team is pretty low aside from the twins, Marshall, and Christmas. I haven’t even noticed Oriakhi, and Tucker’s been unobtrusive as well. Goodwin had the sort of off-game you expect for a 18 y.o. rookie, but even so he at least got a couple of stops by drawing fouls.

  • DBreezy


    I agree with your point on spacing not being the best in the SL, but I still say the available windows to make passes are smaller in the NBA and close a lot quicker. Look at Gortat. He’s nowhere near as good of a target on S/R’s as Amar’e was when he was here, but he looked pretty strong with Nash feeding him and not so much with Goran doing so. Goran is a willing passer, but the window in which to pass it to Marcin on the roll isn’t very big on most plays and the loss of Frye squeezed it a little tighter because Scola tends to setup closer in.

    Nash is a maestro at successfully squeezing passes through those small windows at exactly the right time. There are definitely better pg’s in the game right now, but I’m not sure any are actually better at making those kinds of passes than he is. Goran doesn’t try to make that pass, and I don’t think it’s because he doesn’t see Marcin. I think it’s because he understands how difficult it is. Remember when Goran tried to do the dribble around the paint forever thing like Nash used to do? He ended up with more turnovers than successes and wisely doesn’t do that much anymore.

    I actually think Kendall is good enough of a passer to get the ball through those tight windows, but he can’t get himself in proper position to make those passes like Nash could. The result is an even smaller window or no window. There’s a reason you don’t see many guys attempting some of the passes Kendall does.

  • Scott

    BTW, speaking of Marshall, I’m glad he didn’t tweet this …

  • john

    What were Marshall’s tweets? I missed them.

  • Morgan

    I think Marshall has hit just many 3s as Meclemore lol

  • Azbballfan

    The Suns have been terrible for the past 10 years with developing draft picks, thats something to consider too

    if the player development coaches are not very good, how can we realistically expect someone like marshall who needs a ton of improvement to really make it in the NBA?

    you add up the fact that the suns signed goran dragic a week after they drafted marshall and now got goodwin and bledsoe, and all the chaos that was last seasons season and front office……you would really have to blow the doors off the gym as marshall to succeed in a situation like that

    keep him around and work with him, unless he has a bad attitude and is a locker room problem

    its never a bad idea to have a PG if we have to move dragic or bledsoe in a bigger deal

    (unlikely as that is)

    marshall has been disapointing so far in his career, but so has everyone else the Suns have drafted in the past 10 years not named amre stoudemire

  • DBreezy

    Good one Morgan

  • Scott

    @john -

    Basically, Marshall believes his 2 years in college are a mountain of experience and he qualifies as a fast break specialist, when in the NBA his basketball experience is a puny mole hill and makes him qualified to be essentially still a rookie who needs a lot of practice and coaching.

    Here’s the exchange as related on AZ Central:

    Suns point guard Kendall Marshall, put on notice by recent Suns’ moves to add Bledsoe and Goodwin, tweeted and deleted an apparent reaction to a back-handed compliment from Hornacek. Hornacek told that Marshall puts pressure on a defense with pick-and-rolls and drags out of transition but “he’s not maybe the type of guy that is going to fly it down the court and penetrate and put pressure on a defense that way.”

    Marshall, always an active tweeter with nearly 150,000 followers, tweeted “Apparently I don’t like to fastbreak” and “Apparently I didn’t got to Carolina, team that fast breaks more than any team in the world”

    My advice: grow up, Marshall. If you manage to have a full career in the NBA, your college years will be a tiny blip by comparison.

  • ShanMan

    Why not keep Marshall? I realize he lacks NBA level talent in certain areas, but his court vision is above average. If they plan on running Bledsoe and Dragic as starters, there is room for Marshall on the bench. I’m not at all impressed with him but I’d hate to give up on the guy so soon.

  • ShanMan

    On a side note, I wonder what the Suns plan to do with Beasley. He’s certainly an enigma. He has unquetionable natural talent, but somehow it falls flat come gametime. I honestly wonder if all the talk of him being a “star” and “leading scorer” from Blanks got in his fragile little mind. I’d be willing to give him one final shot under Hornacek and give him a consisten role on the team he can settle into. This as opposed to shoving him in and out of the rotation, moving from the 3 to the 4. I think he still has some value. He’s like a treasure chest under the sand, and hopefully someone has a big enough shovel. It may also be that he has poor work ethic. I was in Scottsdale before the season and ran into Gortat and Beas at the club. Was excited to meet them and talk to them, but I wasn’t shocked that they were two half hearted players during the season considering they seemed to be drinking buddies haha. Reminds me of when I’d see Amare EVERY weekend when I worked at the mall and I just wanted to yell at him to stop shopping constantly and work on some defense.

  • john

    I’m all for keeping Marshall as well. Anything that will make the team worse in the short term and give them a possibility to get more for him in return. At this point, Marshall is worth a second-rounder or cash. Play him 20 mpg this year, let him put up assists at a 40% clip or so, get his PER above 15, prove he has a little bit of ability to score, and you could get a few teams interested in him. And when there is competition for a guy, the yield is going to be greater.

    Getting rid of him now does no one any good.

  • Ty-Sun

    I starting to think that the players that the Suns already have will make up the team that starts this season. Marshall is at best a “sideshow trade chip” – not the main attraction – and as much as I look for potential trading partners for the Suns two best trade chips – Gortat and Scola – I can’t find any teams that would want either of them enough to really make more than a roughly equal trade with the Suns.

    Yeah, Dragic, Bledsoe and Butler are also very good trade chips but I don’t think that the Suns will actively be shopping them right now. I’m not positive how soon a team can trade players after acquiring them by trade.

    But I don’t think that the Suns will be able to make any really significant trades until after the season starts and other teams might be looking for injury replacement players. Best case is perhaps Dallas might get desperate for a starting center next season and trade the Suns a future 1st round pick (NOT in the 2014 draft) for Gortat. But more than likely what you see is what you will get this season because the Suns aren’t the only team in the association looking forward to the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes.

    Very few of the bad NBA teams will want to get marginally better by trading for anyone on the Suns’ team just to decrease their chances in the lottery. And most of the teams that are already good don’t need any players that the Suns might want to trade or don’t have any players that the Suns would want back in trade.

    The Suns will be bad next season but will they be bad enough?

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  • Vee

    C. Boozer
    2014 1st Round Pick

    M. Gortat
    C. Butler

    -Suns pick up salary for 2 yrs to pick up picks?
    then maybe trade Boozer next year to a contender ?