Suns Offseason: Improvement Rankings Introduction

With the conclusion of the 2013 NBA draft, the summer leagues, along with the free agents smelling the ink dry on their new contracts, the 2014 NBA draft is looming in the distance. It is loaded and stuffed with superstar talent at the top, with above average role players in a significant part of the first round.

With the media reports of deals being discussed and teams picking up big-name free agents, I kept saying, “we’ll THEY’RE not tanking”. The Phoenix Suns had the fifth-worst record in the league last season. With many teams acquiring free agents for big money that will impact their team and inking decent rookies to contracts, I decided to create improvement rankings to see which teams are going to be “tanking” this season for the chance at a franchise-changing player in the summer of 2014. I will lay out the rankings by division on Sun-N-Gun over the next week or so.

The Suns have some promising players, but they won’t be good enough to make a difference this season, so they will be as bad as possible, while giving the young guys significant playing time to develop their game. Other teams, thinking they have a shot at the playoffs and possibly contending for a championship are poaching players via free agency and trade to bolster their rosters.

We shall determine which are tanking and which are contending. With every free agent signing and blockbuster trade, the chances of Phoenix getting a top-3 spot in the 2014 lottery continue to increase.

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