Suns' 2013 Las Vegas Summer League roster released

The final holes of the Phoenix Suns’ 2013 Summer League roster have been filled, and as expected, the majority of the team will be quite familiar. Archie Goodwin, the 29th pick in the 2013 draft, and 57th pick Alex Oriakhi will be joined by last year’s draft pick, Kendall Marshall, and 2011 picks Markieff and Marcus Morris. Second-year point guard Diante Garrett and last year’s surprise, P.J. Tucker, will also play for coach Jeff Hornacek.

Former Syracuse center Arinze Onuaku, former Iowa State guard Chris Babb, former Washington State forward Thomas Abercrombie, former Temple guard Dionte Christmas and former Davidson forward Jake Cohen have also accepted invitations.

Phoenix will go with two-a-day practice sessions in the next three days in preparation for an opening game against the Portland Trail Blazers this Saturday at 5:30 p.m. MST.

The most interesting aspect of this roster comes in the prevalence of likely rotation players. All but injured fifth overall pick Alex Len will be there — he is still recovering from a stress fracture. And thus, the battle for regular-season minutes begins.

This is a clean slate for Markieff Morris, Marcus Morris, Marshall, Tucker and Garrett. The point guards, for all we know, could be at risk of losing battles to Goodwin. The twins risk losing battles to the always-hustling Tucker and the physical Oriakhi.

Or, the old will cement their places over the new, giving hope that Lance Blanks’ operation wasn’t a completely outlandish one when it came to scouting and development.

Either way, the Suns have more reason than ever to really treat the summer league squad as a key part of the future. No, this isn’t about Hornacek getting his feet wet in terms of coaching. That’s a fun point of interest as well; Hornacek’s entire new coaching staff will accompany him to Las Vegas. But it’s more likely his presence is simply needed to, firstly, set the tone for the future culture and, secondly, to give Hornacek hands-on experience coaching with what he’s got available.

Does a player mope when things aren’t going well? Do Hornacek’s instructions go in one ear and out the other? As broad as the phrase might be, who’s going to play “winning basketball?”

The rebuilding Suns get a chance to set things straight — and right — with whatever happens in the summer league. While we won’t take the minutes dolled out as an exact representation of how it’ll go come the regular season, there’s no doubt we can make some assumptions about the future when this is all said and done.

  • Suns fan from israel

    Jack cohen signed a 4 yr contract with maccabi tel aviv. I cant wait to see him in the suns sl team.

  • cmblink

    Are Archie Goodwin and Alex Oriakhi playing in the Summer League team for the Suns?

  • Scott

    It’s Christmas in July!

    (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)

  • Ty-Sun

    I still suspect that Tucker is only there to work on his shooting. As Scott said in a previous thread, if he can just learn to knock down the corner 3 he would increase his value as a player quite a bit. And if Horny is working with him on his shooting… that’s very possible.

  • hawki

    Maybe Garrett beats out Marshall.

  • DBreezy

    I’m interested to see what limited half court stuff they run and how bad the shooting is. Scott I see you watched Christmas’ interview from the Orlando SL.

  • Scott

    ^^ Hehe. I have been caught! :)

  • Scott

    FWIW, Royce White has gone to the Sixers.

  • Foreveris2long

    If Oriakhi has any game he should be able to make an impression at the 4 spot.

  • AZboy47

    I can’t believe the Suns drafted Greg Odgen, I mean Alex Len. I know Alex will be the worst big man the Suns have ever drafted. This is a huge mistake. It will not work. I don’t understand why people are saying he is a complete player, he isn’t and it will come out next year, you just watch. Huge risk that will bounce back and hurt the Suns for at least a couple of years.

  • Scott

    @AZboy47 -

    Like you, I’m concerned that Len might not remain healthy. However, I think we can rule out him being a Greg Oden, in that Oden had a permanent physical condition (one leg significantly longer than the other) that was always going to produce a strain on his body. For McD to pick Len, he must have got a medical review of some sort by the Suns’ training staff. Especially after the Oden debacle, I’m sure the training staff must have seen nothing that would impact Len’s health on a continuing basis.

    My concern is based more on intuition and general concern about the structural health of very large men. A lot of 7 footers have back, knee, and foot problems (Yao, Sabonis, Ilgauskas). I would have taken someone a little shorter but with a good wingspan, as I think wingspan often counts for more than height, and I suspect every additional inch of height greatly increases the risk of injury.

    On the other hand, Shaq had very few injuries till the end of his career, despite playing a physical game, so … you never know.

  • Azbballfan

    AZboy47 is totally wrong in his assessment of Len

    Len is the best center prospect the Suns have drafted since Alvin Adams, and if it werent for Clevelands obsession with Anthony Bennett, he would have gone number 1

    The fact that the Suns and 5 other teams passed on Nerlens Noel shows me that len was the right choice, and tha this knee or knees must be very damaged, enough to shorten his career

    come back to me when Len is putting up 14 and 9 in year 2 and 11 and 7 in year one

    A stress fracture is nothing like what Oden had happen to him, the Suns have the best training staff in the NBA, if they didnt think his injury was any big deal, then it wasnt

    besides, your gonan question our new GM that just turned jared dudley and a 2nd pick who wasnt going to make the team into eric bledsoe and a 8 mil expiring contract? give me a break Azboy47

  • foreveris2long

    Guys like Brenton and AZboy hating on Len will look foolish this year. I doubt they show up during the year to remind us of their negative Len opinions. Len has a very good skill set to go along with his athleticism. Just my opinion but I think he will be a special player.

  • SkyBill40

    It’s time for the team to finally admit that Marshall was a waste of a lottery pick and move him elsewhere which may end up happening if the new GM continues to revamp the roster. Seeing as how he has no ties to anyone on the roster at this point (excluding the freshly acquired Bledsoe, newly drafted players, and toss in player Malcolm Lee), he may turn it all upside down and start over.

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