VotS Live: Breaking down the Suns' Eric Bledsoe trade

  • Scott

    BTW, I hope if you can you’re watching the Orlando Summer League games, which started today. As I type this, Miami v Utah is starting, and I saw Trey Burke is suited up.

  • foreveris2long

    Scott good info on Orlando Summer league. I had totally forgotten about it. Yeah I saw Young’s article and it is an interesting parallel.

  • Doug

    Now that the dust is settling with the Howard and Josh Smith I guarantee that the Lakers, Hawks, or Dallas will fall over themselves to trade for Gortat (whichever one does not get Bynum).

    I still see us trading Scola before the deadline.

    Bottom line we will still suck really bad next season because not one single person on this team can shoot consistently, and so teams will pack the paint against us taking away the effectiveness of Dragic, Goodwin and Bledsoe slashing to the basket, and Len inside.

    But the 2014-2015 season we should see marked improvement as we will get 2+ dynamic rookies in next years awesome draft; and we should be huge players in next seasons free agent period.

    There is hope…its just not next season.

  • Scott

    @Doug -

    Yup, I agree next season could be gruesome if there are no early graduates from the Hornacek School of Shooting.

  • Scott

    Two minor observations watching OSL …

    1) It’s so nice to see the teams that intelligent GMs create, even the SL teams look good. (Watching Pritchard’s Indiana team going against Presti’s OCK squad.)

    2) People complain about the short sleeve jersey, but I think it could actually be a good thing if they change the sleeve to a double-thick “tongue” that drapes from the collarbone down over the deltoid, with stretchy fabric going along the sides of the shoulder, and maybe something more like a heavy netting under the arm to vent heat. This would look less like a t-shirt and more like a serious sports uniform, and it would help protect shoulders from scratches. (Players get tons of shoulder scratches throughout the season.)

    Bonus observation: I still like the idea I proposed earlier of trading Gortat to OKC for Adams and Roberson. They’re looking good. :)

  • Ty-Sun

    @DBreezy – Gortat is one of those players that has a variable trade value. It’s not great for teams that don’t need a 5 but good for those that do. And McD is playing it right by not trying to push for a trade. Anytime other teams know that you are trying to move a certain player, they are going to make low-ball offers.

    I think that is what Houston is also trying to do with Asik. They’ve publicly stated that they aren’t interested in trading him even though Asik has requested a trade.

    But I think that Gortat’s trade value will go up as the season goes on and McD will find a good trade partner before the trade deadline if not before the season starts.

  • Scott

    Asik has a poison pill contract, doesn’t he? That ought to make him hard to trade.

  • Jeremiah

    @ Scott

    What about Boston’s Olynyk? He had a great line today. It’s obviously way too early to make any assumptions. Not to mention SL isn’t necessarily all that good of a measuring tool for NBA success, but I could see him being solid as soon as this year.

  • Scott

    ^^ Yeah, I just saw that game. I wonder what is going through Hennigan’s head watching his young guys struggle against a Celtics squad that was just Olynyk and “…”.

    Orlando did eventually pull away late in the 4th, and they won despite having Oladipo play PG, but still. I’m a bit surprised that the ORL crew – with a year’s NBA experience under their belts – found the Celtics to be at all competitive.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    JJ Hickson has signed with the Nuggets.
    That gives them Javale McGee, Kenny Faried, Darrell Arthur & Hickson up front.
    They also still have Tim Mozgov, who they might lose to a team in Russia.

    That leaves Anthony Randolph as the odd man out.
    He is a long, athletic PF who is due $1.7 mil this season. …..wonder if the Suns (McD) have any interest?

    Our PF situation is grim at best:
    Scola……trading block
    Kieff……career back-up
    Frye…….status unknown

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    ps….if nothing else, it’s fun watching the lakers come apart like a cheap taco.

  • DBreezy


    I agree that Gortat has a varying trade value, but I’m starting to wonder if we’ve all over estimated what the ceiling of that value is. Mostly I think we’ve given short thrift to how his contract affects things.

    There is zero chance of Marcin accepting an extension from any team, because extensions are tied to the current value of his deal which is below market value. So an acquiring team is looking at a one year rental of a guy who will them become an unrestricted free agent at a position that is notorious for outrageous free agent offers. Add in that what the Suns want are young players and/or draft picks and not nasty contracts and you can see why teams aren’t beating the Suns door down.

  • DBreezy


    That’s why I’m really curious to see if Horny is going to install some of Sloan’s halfcourt sets for the times the team cannot get points on the break. Even watching their summer league today, you could see flashes of those sets setting up easy buckets and shots. Most importantly to me, those sets seem to create shots off of movement and screens vs relying primarily on the players shooting ability to space the floor.

  • Scott

    @DBreezy -

    Well, that of course has been a consideration. However, a team looking for a center might prefer to try Gortat out for a season first, and would weigh the benefit of finding out how well he meshes with the team before signing him to a large contract against the risk of losing out on him later.

    If OKC was interested, for example, I think the risk of them losing Gortat is small, because they are a competitive team, and if he meshes well they’d sign him to whatever value they could afford. If he doesn’t fit, they can try to deal his expiring contract to another team, let him walk and use the cap room, or try to sign and trade him when his contract is done.

    I watched the Thunder’s SL team play today. I thought Adams and Roberson were not outstanding, but they seemed decent assets with potential down the road. Jarrett, by contrast, was an obvious and ready weapon, and I don’t see OKC trading Lamb at all. PJ3 was out with an infected tooth, so I don’t know how well he’s doing.

    If the Suns were to trade Gortat for Adams and Roberson, I think it would fit their plans better, in that these players are the least ready to perform; they’re developmental and deep on the depth chart. It’s possible OKC might even want the Suns to take another inexpensive player, like PJ3 or Liggins, to clear another spot on their roster.

    I think OKC may have 15 on the roster right now, after you subtract the expired contracts of Fisher, Brewer, and Martin, and allow Abrines to be kept overseas. If you trade Adams and Roberson for Gortat, that opens up a roster spot for them to sign OKC SL star PG Dwight Buycks, which might give them greater depth at PG. (Normally more of a scoring PG, Buycks demonstrated he can rack up assists in bunches in his first game this year.)

    Then again, OKC might say, “No.” ;)

  • DBreezy


    My point isn’t that Gortat is untradeable, but that perhaps we have his contract situation is a bigger deal than we thought previously. It seems like that looms larger than his play last season in getting an acceptable deal done.

    OKC has just let Harden and Martin go in successive years over an unwillingness to pay above a certain amount of salary even during a championship run. They’re likely leery of trading for someone like Gortat without cost certainty beyond next season. It’s not that he wouldn’t resign there, it’s will he resign there for an amount they feel comfortable with financially? If they could get him to sign an extension, I think OKC and others would show interest, but that ain’t happening. Especially in a world where Pek just a 12M per offer.

  • Foreveris2long

    I am definitely with DBreezy on the diminishing return for Gortat. While I have said for the last 2 years OKC is where Gortat needs to go, I seriously doubt they would give us Lamb as they badly need scoring from another wing and presently Lamb is their best option. They may have done that last season when they had K. Martin but probably not today. Since the Suns drafted a center with their lottery pick I seriously doubt they want another rookie center.

    Since most of the teams who I feel are championship contenders, Spurs, Warriors, Rockets, Pacers, Nets, Heat and Bulls have decent talent at center, only OKC should upgrade that position. The problem is they really cannot afford to give the Suns what they would want, Lamb or P.JonesIII. However if they gave us either one of those two, I would help Gortat pack and offer to drive him to the airport. So yes while OKC is likely the best option, I suspect everyone else will just wait until Gortat is a free agent since there would be no rush in signing him since as D’Breezy mentioned, he will not sign an extension as it would be foolish economically to do so.

  • Foreveris2long

    I am 100%with you on the Suns trying to bring Randolph aboard to play power forward. As you pointed out we are terrible at that position. Also, watching the Lakers fade like a cheap swap meet teeshirt brings joy to my world. I cannot recall when three free agents, 2 who were starters, Clark and Howard, left the Lakers to go elsewhere. They could easily be a lottery team this season. This has been a good basketball summer so far.

  • Scott

    OKC presently has $14m available, coming from expiring contracts, so I think they could probably absorb Gortat’s $7m salary in addition to other salary increases.

    Perkins has 2 years coming on his contract. I don’t know if there are any options on the final year.

    Not knowing any other details on their financial picture, it seems to me OKC could take on Gortat this year, keep Perkins, and when the season ends, instead of paying $3-4m on 2nd year contracts for Adams and Roberson, they could use that to sign Gortat to a higher value contract (going, say, from $7m to $10m).

    The following year Perkins would come off the books (assuming he’s not off earlier), and that would be another $8m OKC can use to pay salary increases on other players.

    As for whom OKC might prefer to give the Suns, they might prefer to deal PJ3 along with Adams, for salary purposes. Or they might prefer to deal Adams, Roberson, and PJ3. I don’t know.

    But I certainly wouldn’t take Perkins, and I would insist that any trade include Adams and other young talent. If they tried to push Perkins and Adams, it would not be preferred, but I guess it’s doable. Perkins is at least a hard worker, which fits the current ethos.

  • Scott

    Perkins would be Mark West? ;)

  • DBreezy

    I don’t thnk the team was interested in absorbing Perk’s deal when they had more cap space for 2013 so I don’t see them being interested now that they have less post Bledsoe deal.

    I think OKC is trying to do a few things. While they probably feel Perk is paid too much, they still see value in his locker room presence and the move of Howard to the Rockets along with the playoff series that Brook Lopez, Gasol, and Hibbert had has to give them pause. Perk gives them the luxury of guarding those guys one on one. So if they’re keeping Perk, financially I think they want to preserve some space to find someone to play that Harden/Martin role. They’d love to be able to develop and keep someone affordably in that role, but if not I think they want someone that they can secure for around the MLE for the next 3-4 years of their run.

    While we’re not in Marcin’s head, it won’t take much for him to command a deal in the 12M (yikes!) or more range IMO. While Marcin thinks his value has been hurt by not having Nash and not being featured offensively, it really hasn’t been. Teams like him for his rebounding and defensive toughness, two things he’s kind of pushed to the side as he’s gotten more touches on a lottery team. If he had just worked hard defensively and run the floor hard for offensive opportunities last season, his value would likely be higher even if he didn’t score as much as he did with Nash.

    If you’re a team like OKC and you’re interested in acquiring Gortat, you have to believe that once he sees he’s on a team with KD and Westbrook that he’ll know his place and go back to being the guy from Orlando and his first season in PHX. Doing that on a championship contending team would raise his profile and easily put him in line for a big deal. If you’re not going to pay the tax, you have to look ahead and plan for this type of stuff. Bird was talking about it in an interview today.