Shannon Brown remains with Suns, Hamed Haddadi waived

The Phoenix Suns have waived Hamed Haddadi, per a team release, but have done nothing in regards to Shannon Brown, according to a Paul Coro report, meaning the veteran shooting guard will have a fully-guaranteed contract for next season.

Brown is owed $3.5 million next season and would have been paid half of that if waived, and cutting him would have hardly saved the Suns any money.

Under a new coaching staff and new management, it’s possible Brown has gotten over his benching last season. He seemingly got the short end of the stick on a downtrodden roster that still had other veterans receiving playing time despite the supposed tanking effort; that’s not mentioning the random rotations under interim coach Lindsey Hunter.

Brown averaged 10.5 points and 2.6 rebounds per game through 59 games in 2012-13. He re-signed a partially-guaranteed, two-year deal before last season after spending the summer in Phoenix and expressing his interest in returning to the Suns front office.

Haddadi was bought out for $200,000 and would have been owed $1.4 million next season. The cut at center makes sense since the Suns have been adamant Marcin Gortat will remain with the team and serve as mentor to first round draft pick Alex Len.

Playing in 30 games, Haddadi’s stint in Phoenix earned him the most significant role of his NBA career. He averaged nearly a block per game in just more than 10 minutes a night. Haddadi and a second-round 2014 draft pick were acquired from the Toronto Raptors before the trade deadline in exchange for point guard Sebastian Telfair.

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  • Azbballfan

    Keeping Brown makes zero sense unless the Suns are planning to trade him in a deadline deal or before the season to a team wanting to clear cap space

    I cant imagine he is the long term answer at SG since the Suns just snapped up Goodwin

    If the Suns wanted a guy to just be a practice player and sit on the bench they could have just sold the 29th pick

    a future trade must be in the cards, having an expiring deal you can move likely easily is never a bad thing

    I wish McMiracle would get on the phone and get Thomas Robinson from Houston

    He is a better PF prospect than anyone in the last draft and anyone on our team thats a PF in my opinion

  • Scott

    Since the Suns have re-signed Brown, I have to assume they intend for him to start at SG.

    If that’s the case, then Tucker plays where? Backup to Dudley? Backup to Brown?

    And that creates a cascade of other queries about who plays where, like is Marcus then a 3rd string SF? How is he supposed to prove himself from that sort of spot? And where do Lee and Goodwin play?

    Either the Suns are thinking of at least one trade, or the twins are going to ride the pine till the end of next season, when they get cut.

  • Azbballfan

    I agree with you Scott, this makes little sense right now

    Channing Frye just tweeted that he is ready to play as well, which means, if true the Suns have got to start trading people and clear up that log jam at Power Foward and SG

    right now we have…………geeez

    Markieff Morris, Beasley, Scola, Alex Oriyaki at PF

    Gortat and Len at Center

    Marshall and Dragic at PG

    Tucker, the other Morris, Dudley, at SF

    and Brown, Goodwin and Malcolm Lee

    If the Suns are signing anybody to a FA deal (and from what McMiracle said, its quite likely they add someone thru FA)

    we gotta seriously move like 5 guys

    Lee, Dudley, both Morris Twins and Beasley

    Im not even counting Scola and his amnesty contract

    Theres gotta be some trades on the horizon, a healthy channing frye plus two 18 and 20 year old rookies plus Malcolm Lee doesnt get you anywhere in the NBA

    and the Suns seem too deep at the 2 guard spot to really develop goodwin right now

    I almost forgot, Jermaine Oneal could be back, so thats another body

    I expect some stuff to go down in July around the 15th when the ban on trades and signings is lifted (or around there)

    July 10th-15th is also when players can be Amnestied

  • bk

    Keeping Brown means they are not saving his playing time and cap space for another FA SG. So, I dont expect there will be some big name signing in July.

    The team is already carrying a maximum 15 playres. So, as of now with the addition of 4 players in the draft, I can see that only one of Lee/Tucker/Johnson will come back next season or all of them are waived for a FA signing in order to keep within 15 players.

    Haddadi -> Oriakhi (about 200k saving)
    Garnett -> Goodwin
    Tucker/Johnson -> Lee
    O’Neal -> Len

  • Scott

    Earlier today I was reading the comments from fans as they read the news that Brown was being kept by the Suns.

    It was as if there was a great disturbance in the minds of Suns fans, and thousands of voices suddenly cried out “WTF?!!” and fell silent. ;)

  • Scott

    To recap:

    Who’s on the team?

    C: Gortat, Len, Oriakhi
    PF: Scola, Markieff, Beasley, (Frye)
    SF: Dudley, Marcus, Tucker
    SG/Combo: Brown, Lee, Goodwin
    PG: Dragic, Marshall

    That’s 15 players, a full roster.

    Who’s gone?

    O’Neal, Haddadi, Johnson, Garrett

    Who has expiring contracts?

    Gortat – $7.7m
    Beasley – $6m
    Brown – $3.5m

    Other notes:

    Scola has not been legally available for trade in the past year, but will become available July 1.

  • DBreezy

    The roster is somewhat of a mess and I don’t think we can expect any explanations any time soon. Partly because this version of the front office is savvy enough to not say they’re tanking publicly, partly because free agency and trades are coming, and partly because I don’t even think they know because the value of their assets is likely lower than they thought.

    Brown was likely kept primarily as a potential trade asset, but also because they have an unclear situation at the 2. Officially they’re at 14 on the roster btw Scott, as Oriakhi is a second rounder without a guaranteed deal. Even if he’s part of the team, I would expect them to wait through free agency and trades before making it official. If he has a great SL, they might wrap him up like Tucker. If not bring him to camp with a partial guarantee that allows them to scoop up someone else late if opportunity arises.

    While I think they will absolutely be on the phone trying to make trades, what can they realistically expect? The Suns do not need cap relief, they’re under the cap now and can get quite a lot more space simply by sitting on their hands with the players they have now. I can’t see them taking on long term money in a deal unless it nets them a good young prospect or a first round draft pick. I think that was true under Blanks’ and continues under McD, but those kinds of deals seem unlikely to materialize.

    I think they go into camp with pretty much the roster they have now and hope for the typical lottery season: Some early BS talk by the vets about what they can do followed by performances where they either mail it in or find nagging injuries that keep them sidelined for most or all of the season, mixed with the inevitable Benny Hill feel of playing a lot of rookies and young guys .

    20-25 W’s seems like a solid early guess on their season.

  • Azbballfan

    Yeah i dont see magical improvement with the way the roster is constructed

    But thats ok, because even if they just sit on what they got, we can still clear alot of money with cap space just by letting contracts run out

    i would bet money the Suns were asking for a 2014 1st rounder for Gortat and everyone said no

    I do think we gotta get rid of Beasley though

    Just use the stretch provision, i dont want him around any of our young guys

  • bk

    so, what are 2014 picks?
    Suns’ own 1st and 2nd round picks.
    1st round from Johnson trade if both wolves & Grizzles make playoff.
    2nd round of Toronto from Telfair trade

  • Scott

    @bk -

    The Griz are out of that pick calculation now. So it’s just a matter of where the Wolves fall. IIRC, it’s only protected to 13 this year, and if it rolls over, to 12 next year.

  • Ty-Sun

    While I like the effort Haddadi gave this year, the fact is that he’s at best a backup 5. I can see the logic in letting him go because he has very little trade value. Brown may be a black hole when he gets the ball in his hands but he does have good scoring nights occasionally and has some trade value to a team looking to improve its bench scoring.

    Keeping Gortat makes sense too because his trade value is probably very low right now. He’s in the final year of his contract so he will be motivated to play his best whether he wants to stay in Phoenix or move on. I’m betting that he will be traded before the trade deadline after he increases his trade value.

    I think the roster will change a lot before training camp and even more before the end of the season. And I’m fairly certain that McD and Horny aren’t going to to try any shortcuts just to make the Suns competitive in the short-term.

  • Rdway

    Oh how I wish the names in the headline were switched…

    I have high hopes with Ryan McDonough, but this news adds to my uneasiness.

    As I commented on a previous post, I wish the Suns would have chosen Ben McLemore instead (I give the front office props, though, for getting Archie Goodwin).

    Now I wish the Suns had kept Haddadi and got rid of Brown instead.

    The backcourt would’ve been as follows:

    PG – Dragic, Marshall
    SG – McLemore, Goodwin

    The front, then, would’ve been as follows (and, as armchair GM, the trades would happen on this side of the roster)

    SF – Dudley, Tucker, Morris
    PF – Beasley, Scola, Morris
    C – Gortat, Frye, Haddadi

    Oh well, wishful thinking.

  • http://google nick

    what happen to phoenix suns? when are they going to try to win a championship? they have all these inexperience players, then they went and got ainexperience manager and coach, whats going on? i guanrantee, they wont make the playoff for another 5 or 6 years, really really really disappointed in the phoenix suns.