Marcin Gortat not on the trading block

Marcin Gortat will apparently start with a clean slate. Both Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and Gortat’s agent, Guy Zucker, have said Phoenix will go into the 2013-14 season with the Polish big man as the starting center.

McDonough told the Burns and Gambo show on Friday they’d hang onto Gortat, though a contract extension hasn’t been discussed. The Suns have apparently relayed those wishes to Zucker, who said the drafting of Maryland center Alex Len won’t play a part in Gortat’s status — as of today.

How Gortat fits in with a rebuilding roster of course is key. Jeff Hornacek and McDonough mentioned after the draft that Gortat could play a mentor role to Len, who was introduced in Phoenix Friday with a walking boot on his foot.

Len has a stress fracture but he’s expected to only miss the Summer League before a projected return in August.

It’s likely the Suns want to see what value they can get out of one of their best players in Gortat, if anything. McDonough didn’t deal with Gortat’s rough season in 2012-13, and it seems reasonable to sit on the center rather than dumping him for expiring contracts and a pick — maybe he can rebuild his value with a strong start to the year and get moved for a coveted 2014 first-round pick before the trade deadline.

From Gortat’s end, it’ll be more interesting. He’ll put on the frustrated face when losing — that we know — but his playful locker room presence once he sprained his foot and losses weren’t necessarily on him alluded to more questions. In short, it remains to be seen if he can stay positive and lead a struggling team. Hornacek will have a clean slate himself in convincing the Polish center of the positives of playing hard for a young squad, so there’s still reason to believe Gortat could make a positive impact in the locker room, as well as on the court.

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  • Ty-Sun

    Very sound analysis and reasoning for keeping Gortat at least until the trade deadline. As I said in a previous post, it’s a contract year for Gortat and that alone should motivate him to play at his best whether he wants to stay with the Suns or move on.

  • Scott

    Well … the Suns and Gortat’s agent are going to say that he’s staying with the Suns … until the Suns receive the right deal and he’s traded, or the season elapses with no one showing sufficient interest.

    BTW, those articles grading the draft … quite a waste of time, IMO, this year in particular. I give the Suns an A, and I’m only withholding a “+” because I wanted them to get more picks and I don’t understand yet why they picked Oriakhi instead of a foreign player to stash (giving one more spot of roster flexibility).

    I’m hoping that as rosters fill out with free agents the Suns will be able to make a few more positive moves for the future.

    Looking forward to Summer League next … :)

  • Scott

    Draft picks missed who now (for me at least) become trade targets:

    Adams, Roberson (OKC)
    Dieng (Minnesota)
    Schroeder, Neto (Atlanta)
    Livio Jean-Charles (SA)
    Nemanja Nedovic (GSW)

    Four of those are foreign players who may not come to the US right away.

    As for Cody Zeller, the fact that Charlotte picked him at #4 makes me deeply question his value as a player. Since when has MJ been right in his scouting?! So Zeller must be sucky, alas. :(

  • Azbballfan

    Zeller will be a solid pro

    Charlotte was full of Guards anyway, and really, if you got a guy like Mclemore supposedly not putting in max effort in a workout, whats the chance he is going to bust his butt once he gets drafted?

    Zeller will spread the floor, help Biyombo out, and now that they are not going to retain Byron Mullens, should get all the minutes in the world for a rebuilding Hornets team

    I actually really like their core of Walker, Henderson, MKG, Zeller and Biyombo

    Take that core and flank it with a true star, which if they do it right they might have in the 2014 draft, and they wouldnt be that far off making the playoffs in a weak east

    I see the Suns waived Haddadi

    unless their is a trade comming for Brown he should be waived as well to make playing time for Goodwin

  • Scott

    I hope Zeller does well … or at least gets set up for a trade to Phoenix. ;)

    Here’s the announcement of Zeller in Charlotte:

  • Scott

    Wow … Brown was not waived.

    Looks like the Suns are serious about getting into next year’s lottery.

  • Scott

    And I suppose the mystery of Oriakhi is revealed, in that the Suns must have been planning on dropping Haddadi and using Oriakhi as a replacement.

    Probably Oriakhi played well against Adams, and that showed the Suns that despite his shorter stature he could bang inside.

  • Doug

    As a life long suns fan I say this with absolute certainty…BOMB NEXT SEASON.

    Honestly, dont even try, the only hope of this team turning around in the next 5 years into an actual contender is named Andrew Wiggins.

  • bk

    Trade Gortat or not, I think that it is up to how much he wants to get paid after this contract expires AND how new coach use him with Len (as exclusively used or twin towers). It is a luxury to have two good 7 footer in the roster to improve the rebound and protect the rim.

  • bk

    Okay…. now I can see why Gortat cannot be traded. Other top tier center Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Al Jefferson are all available as UFA in this summer. It doesn’t make sense for some teams to give up a first or second round pick for Gortat when they can get other top pier or 2nd pier centers at a multi-year contract through FA signing if they have the cap space.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    And it wouldn’t make sense for the Suns to trade Gortat now, either. If they did they would stay without a center at all. Frye is way too soft and Scola is a PF, nothing else. Len has to show that he really deserves to play in the NBA, but for now he’s gonna be the backup C. So there was no choice for the Suns, really.
    As for the other available centers: Howard is a clear case, if you can get him, GET HIM. Jefferson is not a true 5 imo, since he is too small and shows more PF skills. Still, obviously he is a good player to have on your roster. But never ever would I trade something valuable for Bynum. Yes, he has potential, but his injuries are too much. You don’t want to end up like the 76ers, right?

  • south philly

    hard to understand why the suns did not take the minnesoto trade. Williams placed in the right situation is going to be a star. To get him and two first round picks?