VotS live: Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft review

Join us to talk about the Phoenix Suns’ draft picks.


    in the finals next year ..the suns will beat the heat 4 games to 2

  • Suns Fan In Portland

    I went into the draft with McLemore, Len, Oladipo, and Noel as my top 4 and wasn’t sure we’d have a chance at ANY of them. I was just hoping at least one of those four guys would still be available. (However, for some reason I’ve had a strong feeling all week we’d end up with Len. I must have espn or something…)

    Even though I initially had Benmac ahead of “The Train from Ukraine” I still think it’s a good pick. I like it, and in my dual role as a Blazer fan, I am NEVER for taking a big who’s less talented than a perimeter guy simply because talented bigs are ‘more rare.’ From Bowie to Oden and every Darko in between, it’s almost always a bad idea. However, McLemore is no Durant, Jordan or Dwayne Wade.

  • Suns Fan In Portland

    Oh ya, love the Archie Goodwin pick too. Huge potential and an awesome retro 70′s basketball name.

  • east coast

    I trust the brain trust to make the right pick at 5. Love the Archie pick. If the league had the old rules off eligibility, he’d have gone in the lottery last year. One “meh” year is an aberration, I hope. And he still put up 14 ppg in that “meh” year

  • http://BleedOrange Alex Havig

    I still am a little mad that we didn’t take McLamore but I am accepting that Len is a good pick. It seems that he is that big center that can really help your defense and will be able to help you on offense a little. I’m going to trust this new management for the Suns and assume they know what they’re doing.

  • SJ_PHX

    I understand wanting to give the team the benefit of the doubt, but it just seems that Suns management always tries to get cute with it and I think this Len pick will be an example of that. Even if we didn’t miss out on Jordan or Durant, did we miss out on a 18-20 pt scorer with a sweet jumper and insane athleticism?

    Still can’t talk myself into this pick

  • john

    Am I the only one who believes Goodwin will outperform McLemore in the NBA?

  • Foreveris2long

    John, While I am not a huge Goodwin fan, I really appreciate his raw skill set. I just said on another thread the problem I have with McLemore is he reminds me so much of Wesley Johnson when Wes was at Syracuse. He was 6’7″, so athletic with a sweet jump shot, I thought he was a can’t miss pro. However like McLemore he needs a heart transplant to do some damage in the paint and draw some fouls. So absolutely in 2-3 years Goodwin and a few other wings could be better than McLemore.

  • Foreveris2long

    Hornachek could make Goodwin into a really good pro in helping him to evolve his jump shot and to think the game better. I could talk myself into justifying this pick.

  • Rk13

    John you are not the only one :D

  • http://frankenstein4300@hotmail.com gary fuchs

    Well once again the suns went for cheap not quality. Center of future huh? That’s see, robin,shaq,gortat, this song sound familiar. They knew len would be mr. straight and narrow,yes mr sarver, no mr sarver where ben might not. they had the chance to get the Stephan curry they were cheated out of a couple of years ago and passed. That’s see, when the suns were good, we are talking e.j., rex,and oh yea some guy name hornecek. SHOOTERS! We now know why Charles said jeff bought a ticket, would not be surprised if sarver made him buy his tickets,along with his puppet strings.

  • DBreezy


    I was a big Goodwin fan last season so I’m good with the pick. I think Cal tried to make him into a pg which wasn’t natural for him and being on a team that was far too young overall didn’t help. This wasn’t the same kind of team that Rose, Knight, and Evans played on when Cal did the same with them (Teague and Wall were more natural pg’s coming in imo)

    It will be interesting to see what they say in the press conference today and how they use him in SL. Early rumors have them liking Archie as a one and hoping to make him into a Westbrook type. He’s a willing passer, unlike Austin Rivers from last year’s draft, so he has a chance but it seems like that may be putting too much on his plate. He already has major shot work to do while adjusting to NBA speed/strength as the youngest American in the draft. Now we’re going to add making pg reads on a dreadful team?

  • DBreezy

    I should also add that I think Hornacek’s experience with Alec Burks could help. I think Goodwin has better and broader potential than Burks, but they shared similar issues as guys who can basically attack at will but have no jumpers.

  • Ty-Sun

    I’m satisfied with the Suns’ picks. I’m sure they made the selections they made with an eye toward potential trades and free agent acquisitions in mind. The interesting thing now will be to see how all that plays out during the off season.

  • john


    It’s Goodwin’s ability to get to the rim and his willingness to draw contact that has me excited about him. I’m of the opinion that one of the simplest skills in basketball to coach is shooting form and mechanics. I think Goodwin’s shot can be remedied. His tenacity is something that most people just seem to be born with or without, however. I think McLemore is a “without” kind of player, and I don’t think he’ll ever change.

    *Note, all of the above comes from a guy who doesn’t like/watch college hoops and only watches highlights and draft videos.

  • Foreveris2long

    Yeah John I tend to agree with you that it is much easier to learn to shoot than it is to acquire the killer instinct. It takes a lot of heart to be that type of player. I love college basketball and I could not agree more with ya.

  • http://s jared

    I’m just wondering if they are thinking about playing goodwin this year or developing him in the D league. And wondering WHY we did not trade gortat for the trailblazers rights to CJ… If gortat does not get traded, I see Len playing 20-25 mins per game this season. Though I am not thrilled about the Len pick, I have hope that he can develop into the center we’ve always needed.

  • Ty-Sun

    @jared – As soon as I started reading that Lamarcus Aldridge wanted out of Portland I was pretty sure that they would not be interested in trading #10 for Gortat. If Aldridge leaves, Portland goes much farther down the rebuilding ladder. It’s already obvious that Gortat doesn’t want to be on a rebuilding team so Gortat could just wind up being a one season rental for Portland.

    Now if Portland can change Aldridge’s mind about wanting to leave, then Portland still go for a trade during the off season.

  • frenchysunsfan

    The Suns made a good draft IMO. Len reminds Pau Gasol at the same age, just hope he’ll have the same carreer with the Suns. I don’t know much about Goodwin, only saw him in DX videos.
    I think we would better fill the voids at SG and SF with the free agency and trades. I’ve always been a fan of Eric Gordon, he would be the perfect guy for the Suns.

  • Scott

    If the Suns try to play Goodwin, it will be a rough 2 years for him. Fans will obsess over every inadequacy and question the pick.

    He’s young, and he needs experience. My inclination would be to hold him back and have him working on improving his shooting mechanics during the first part of the season. Then, when it becomes clear the Suns are in another losing year, start playing him more.

    FWIW, Nate McMillan became an assistant coach for the Pacers.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    C- We are replacing the Polish Pimpernel with the Russian Robot.
    Len will probably be better defensively than Gortat in a few years but will probably never develop Gortat’s offensive game.
    Len couldn’t get Maryland into the NCAA Tourney last year & only avgd 11 pts & 7 rebs per game in the NIT.
    Len was not even named All-Acc….in fact did not even make the All-Acc 2nd or 3rd teams.

    suggested remedy: Sign FA Andray Blatche….going straight from HS to the pros stunted Blatche’s natural progress…..but after 8 years in the League may be ready to cash in on his potential as evidenced by finishing an impressive 13th in the League in PER.
    Blatche is still only 26 & he & Len would solidify the center position for the next 5 years.

    Blatche has become my #1 FA target.

    PF-Not addressed in draft…with Scola seemingly gone & Frye’s status in question, this position is horribly weak….Oriakhi is big & can bang.
    note…sign Kenny Kadji who (incredibly) went undrafted.

    SF- Not addressed in draft….is Beasley still on the team ? Dudley ?….Marcus Morris ?
    Position needs a complete overhaul.
    suggestion….wait ’till next year.

    SG- Goodwin is not big enough nor has the shot to play the 2….at least not yet…..and doesn’t have the innate instinct to play the one….but that could develop…
    PJ Tucker is solid…as a backup
    Brown & Johnson appear to be gone
    Another position in desperate need of an overhaul.

    PG-Dragic and Who ?……Marshall ? Goodwin ?
    Would have taken Myck Kabongo who would have been a steal at 57….Kabongo apparently has signed with the Heat.
    We’ll see how much Martshall has improved & how far Goodwin develops but this position is very shaky.

    This team seems like a Lottery-Lock for next season…..but if we continue in the Lottery after that then we have become the Charlotte Bobcats.

  • DBreezy


    While he needs to gain weight like most 18 year olds, Goodwin is plenty big to play the two. He’s bigger and has better reach then all of the top two guard prospects in this draft outside of Franklin and Shabazz. Now apparently they intend to make him a one so I suppose it’s a moo point. The roster is a mess and I don’t expect many dramatic changes before camp starts. Blatche is an interesting target, but I can’t see him coming to a bad team that already has a starting 5 and just drafted a top 5 backup. I suspect that he ends up back in BK or another playoff contender.

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    @ DBreezy

    no I don’t think they will sign Blatche either but I expect them to sign someone & to me that is another parallel to follow like Noel v Len & Goodwin v Crabbe, Franklin or Ledo.

    I was prolly too hard on Goodwin in the earlier post….I actually like the guy ….great motor & on court presence & could really excel in some kind of hybrid backcourt.

  • Scott

    I don’t see Goodwin at point at all. SG all the way.

  • kevin lankford

    The blogger’s comment about Goodwin being “shoe horned” into the system at UK and forced to play PG is bunk. Ryan Harrow transferred to UK a yr before Goodwin signed and Harrow was slotted to start at PG from the get go. Goodwin was recruited to play 2G. Harrow struggled so Coach Cal played Goodwin at PG some but Goodwin played 2G at UK 99% of his freshman year. So there was no “slide” in the draft for Goodwin because he played out of position at UK. Goodwin was never projected to be drafted high at all. In fact most had him being picked in the 2nd round. In my opinion Goodwin was very fortunate to be picked in the 1st rd. These guys are supposedly bloggers for the Suns but their facts about Goodwin were WAY OFF.

  • Ty-Sun

    Horny is probably one of the best coaches to help Goodwin with his mechanics. Goodwin just has to be willing to learn and put a LOT of daily practice into changing.

    I know that for a fact. My HS coach never even told me my shot mechanics weren’t good let alone helped me improve them. It was actually after college (I didn’t play collage ball) that a friend of mine help me with my mechanics when we were playing pick up games together after work. We were lucky enough to work at a place that actually had a b-ball gym that was available to the employees during off hours. I spent 2-4 hours a day there for about two months just shooting until the new mechanics felt natural and my outside shot improved dramatically (as did my off hand dribble because I also decided to ONLY use my off hand to dribble during my solo practices). It all felt very awkward at first but I put in the time and work and it really didn’t take too long until it felt natural to me.

    If I could do it, certainly anyone already good enough to play in the NBA can if they are willing to put in the time.

  • Midrange James

    I wanted Noel at pick #5, but let’s check on this pick in a few years.

    I’m excited that we have a basketball brain trust at the helm.

    Now Lon Babby needs to retreat into the basement. I find some of his opening comments rather creepy.