NBA mock draft 2013: The final picks for the Phoenix Suns

If you’ve yet to figure it out yet, the 2013 NBA Draft doesn’t make sense. Put the microscope on the Phoenix Suns, and it’s pretty well-received throughout the basketball world that Victor Oladipo and Ben McLemore could be favorites at the No. 5 slot, and it appears pretty likely that one of the two could fall into general manager Ryan McDonough’s lap.

But this draft doesn’t make sense. The No. 1 pick, after all, is more of a toss-up between Nerlens Noel and Alex Len than you might think. Heck, there were trade rumors on Wednesday that said the Cavaliers were open to swapping the No. 1 pick to the Pelicans.

Point being, McDonough probably won’t know what’s really going to happen until 4 p.m. hits on Thursday. In one of the Suns’ last workouts, McDonough grabbed a CBS mic and went around the media circle asking who Phoenix will take. It was an attempt at putting it on the record. There were a lot of jokes made about who the Suns pick, but for what it’s worth, I went Oladipo to be safe and serious.

But we probably should go on the record. Here’s a roundup of mock draft from everywhere. Most of them are current and final as of Draft Day Eve.

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  • a-game

    Wont be home when the suns pick, got my directTv dvr already set to record the show :-P … Anyway, McLemore is my guy at 5 and Allen Crabbe at 30. And suns PLEASE dont trade for Derrick Williams we have enough of his kind on this roster already.

  • Foreveris2long

    I would prefer Len or McCollum. The problem with Oladipo or McLemore is there will be better wings next year in the draft. Also there are a number of wings in this draft who can be as good if not better than the above two.I say this knowing if we selected either one of them it would be an upgrade over what we have done the past couple of drafts.

  • DBreezy

    Gotta love the attention that Dwight Howard constantly seeks even on draft day. It’s kinda funny that no one really seems to care.

    If the Suns take Len, I’d really like them to pull off a trade for another lottery pick to not only add talent, but to balance out the bigger bust potential that comes with bigs. I would be fine taking a wing as well at 5 and trading into Scott’s man, Adams later in the lottery as well.

  • Azbballfan

    In a dream scenario i want the Suns to

    Pick Victor Oladipo at number 5

    Trade Marcin Gortat somewhere for a pick

    Grab Steven Adams

    Pick BPA at 30 and 57

    I dont care if there are better wings in the 2014 draft

    Just because there is, doesnt mean we cant get two really good ones and play them both at the same time

    Grab Oladipo this year, tank,then draft wiggins or parker for small forward

    poeple get stuck with positions in the NBA, and you know what, only one person can handle the ball and score

    everything thats not point guard or center is basically interchangeable

    if you have the players that is, to make it that way

    Just pick the best players for this team and fit them in where you can

    if for some reason we draft MCW with the 5th pick, you gotta fit him in next to dragic

    Thats the way its gotta work, because you dont waste top 5 picks in guys to be bench players

    Anyone we draft should be starting and playing 36 minutes a game

    I dont care if its the 57th pick guy either, only dragic and Scola have proved themselves to be consistent NBA guys, so we have nothing to lose by playing our rookies a ton of minutes

    Scola is going to be gone soon too, i really hope McMiracle and the brain trust nuke this team, trade veterans for draft picks, and trade anyone that the previous GM brought in

    I expect the Morris Twins, Marshall, Dudley, especially Gortat, to be shopped tonight

    Take anything you can get, because Scola will be gone, who knows what we get from Frye, and the Morris twins have not been able to get it in gear with their 8 points and 4 boards a game

    I also expect Brown to be released and Beasley too, come on guys blow it up

    We may not win alot of games next year but i dont care, and i have been a Suns fan my entire life

    Its about the future, and tearing down the “team” that Blanks gift wrapped to us

  • Mark

    Here is what I hope the Suns do tonight: Take the Minnesota trade deal; Derrick Williams, #9 pick, and #26 pick, for your #5. This isn’t a strong draft, and we’ll more than likely be back in the lottery next year, which is crazy strong. Derrick Williams has a better PER then Beasley, Johnson, and the Morris Twins. He will be a fan favorite, way more athletic then most of the team, and needs to be given a chance to run. At #9 select CJ McCollum, who I think is the best guard in the draft. At #26 select Tony Mitchell, who is 6’9″ 226lbs with a 7’3″ reach. He is a FREAK athlete and crazy strong at the PF Position. At #30 select Glen Rice Jr. or Allen Crabbe. Solid SG’s which is one position, of the many, in need. Or select Dieng (if available) who I think is one of the best C/PF in this draft.

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    I’ll go a little different here: How about Oladipo or McLemore at 5 (whichever one is there), and then deal Gortat and maybe someone else to Portland for the 10th pick, and then take either Adams or Zeller for a good young center or P.F.?

    This will allow the Suns to get two young starters to build around.

    Adams seems like a huge talent that Hornacek can work with on his shooting.

  • VotS Critic

    Why is there not a poll on the website for who we want the Suns to pick in the draft???

  • Foreveris2long

    Mark I like how you think especially if Len is taken in the top 4 picks. However the biggest concern I have is the Sacramento Kings really want McCollum at #7. It is for that reason I am probably against the Minnesota deal. Based on opinions by others, I am inclined to pick McCollum at #5 and pass on the Minny deal. I definitely agree Dieng is one of the better Bigs in this draft. I am not crazy about taking a wing in the top 5 as next year will be where the real wing value will be for wings. Good post

  • Suns Critic

    Oladipo is solid.. snag him and get a SF next year.

  • John Waller

    The only way I’d be cool with the Derrick Williams trade is if we also had the #10 from Gortat trade, and with 9 we got Shabazz/McCollum, and 10 we got Zeller, or Len. This would be the only case where I’d be happy with letting go of 5. Seems unsafe to bet this would occur though – then again Williams could be good who knows… I have never enjoyed his game much

  • foreveris2long

    Bennett #1, huh? Len should be available at 5. Come on Suns get a good post player or McCollum at the point. We can get a wing later in this draft and next summer.