Archie Goodwin picked 29th by Suns in 2013 NBA Draft

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Suns moved up a spot in the NBA Draft to select former Kentucky Wildcats guard Archie Goodwin with the 29th pick. Phoenix acquired the 29th from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for the 30th.

The Warriors traded into the 26th pick, which was owned by the Minnesota Timberwolves, then moved back to the 29th pick owned by the Thunder before dropping to 30th in a swap with the Suns. Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News reports the Suns will take on Malcolm Lee’s contract, the return for Phoenix moving up in the draft.

Goodwin, 18, is a combo guard who was viewed as a lottery talent before his first and only season at Kentucky.

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“Obviously he’s going to need to learn the game better,” Hornacek said when Phoenix worked out Goodwin. “He’s used to being a scorer. He can still be a scorer but he’s going to have to be, more the mental part of the game … a point guard. Really see the game, see how it develops, not only for himself but for his teammates. When you got a young kid like that, those are the guys you can kind of train. You can tell he has a feel.”

The context of that thought was that Goodwin needed to think more like a point guard; not that Goodwin would play point guard. He should fit fine alongside the duo of Goran Dragic and Kendall Marshall. Goodwin is 6-foot-5 in shoes and with a 6-foot-9.5 wingspan measures up to be just fine at the shooting guard spot.

The selection of Goodwin and Len certainly gives a hint of how general manager Ryan McDonough thinks. He’s all about the longtern. Len and Goodwin certainly have more of that than immediate impact potential.

Phoenix picked Nemanja Nedovic with the 30th, and that will presumably be moved to the Warriors for Goodwin.

  • DBreezy

    So how are things tonight Kendall?

  • a-game

    Just seems the suns are intent on tanking this upcoming season, maybe to land wiggins the following year. Guess im okay with that..

  • DBreezy

    The season was going to be bad no matter what as this draft didn’t have any immediate game changers. Even if it did, those types tend to only increase wins by 5-10 at most as rookies. That’s not the difference between these Suns and the playoffs.

  • bk

    Great plan and execution. Planning to have a good quality SG Goodwin at around #30 and it will make drafting a top center at #5 more logic and complete.

  • Dan.C133

    I think we are definitely in tank mode and unless the character issues with Rice Jr are not a thing of the past, we really screwed the pooch. That kid could come in and play this season with no problem. I see Goodwin as a project at best with his iffy jumper and high T/O numbers.

  • Azbballfan

    McMiracle better have a good reason for passing up my homies Nedovic AND Franklin!

    btw, Noels knee must be shot for the Suns, with the best traning and medical staff in the NBA, to pass on him

    2 ACL tears in the same knee a short time apart is devastating long term potentially

    atleast we didnt go point guard at number 5, i think goodwin and Len should come in and play right away

    its not like anyone else on the team is really burning the court with talent, get em both on the summer suns and crank it up!

    btw. i dont think Len will play on summer suns he said something about being ready in August

    Hope the Suns go Adonis Thomas at #57

    btw, no jared dudley or Gortat trade? WTF

  • south philly

    Suns draft only made sense if they would have traded Gortat to Portland and received the shooting guard from Lehigh. That being said it was a horrible draft,even passing on Deshaun Thomas on their 57th pick who may have provided some outside shooting that they surely lack.They better discount the tickets even more than they already have,because this is going to be a long year.Conclusion c- to a D draft.

  • scott

    Archie Goodwin was scoring close to 20 ppg before Calipari tried him exclusively at PG, it ruined hus season. He has as high and upside as anyone in thus draft. Len at #5 was a nice pick, Gortat has an attitude problem and is gone after this season, Len pushing for his starting job should at least motivate him to play better than last year, he’s in a contract year.

  • David

    I hate how people on this site keep talking about “tanking to get wiggins or Parker.” Do you realize how hyped up Sebastian Telfair was in high school? These are all probably the same people that were going on and on last summer about “tanking to get Shabazz Muhammad” then we’d be a contender. Slow down on the high school kids and just hope that these picks don’t end up like the suns last few drafts and we’ll be okay!

  • Scott

    I guess everyone knows I like this pick. :)

    I also wanted Nemanja Nedovic, but IMO if you have to take one, Goodwin is the better pick. He’s got better handles, gets fouled, and I believe that his shot can be fixed.

    I was puzzled about the Malcom Lee part of the trade, but I guess he got passed along from Minnesota’s #26 pick trade, right on down the line to the Suns.

    Lee is a guy who seems a bit passionless to me, and not terribly cerebral, but he’s played PG and due to his SG size has been training to play at SG as well. So, in a way, he’s kind of like what the Suns are looking for at SG: a shooting guard capable of acting as co-distributor.

    Unfortunately, he’s been a 9.89 PER player for Minnesota, shooting poorly in both his years there, and not dishing assists, either. For a team like the Wolves with so many guard options, and most of them being of the distributing but non-scoring variety, Malcolm Lee was clearly the lowest ranked man and first out the door.

    If you want info on Lee, check these links: