VotS Live: Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft preview

We’re live at 6 p.m. MST talking everything about the Suns’ 2013 draft projections.

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    @ Ty-Sun

    Thanks for the clarification on the possible Scola to OKC trade from previous thread.

  • Scott

    BTW, which is the better player: Shabazz Muhammad or Brandon Paul?

    They seem pretty close. Both are volume scorers.

    Muhammad is a little taller and two years younger. Paul, a 22 yr old senior, has basically the same wingspan as the freshman Muhammad, but a 6″ shorter reach.

    Paul adds PG skills. Muhammad shoots a little better from 3. Paul is a slightly better leaper, but otherwise the players are equivalent in agility and speed.

    Both players get to the FT line about 6 times a game, even though both players emphasize jump shots and perimeter shots in their game.

    One significant difference is that Paul dishes 3x the assists Muhammad does. Another is that while Muhammad presently scores best off of catch and shoot opportunities and in transition, Paul creates his own shots off the dribble.

    Muhammad has dropped down to #15 on the DX board, and they don’t even have Brandon Paul listed, as he currently ranks #65 with them.

    I’d take Goodwin over either, but it’s interesting to see how flat the talent curve seems to be in this draft.

  • Ty-Sun

    One thing I’m certain of is that draft night should be very interesting this year. I don’t know how many mock drafts I’ve looked at lately and they vary wildly on their predictions. What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall of McD’s office while he’s discussing his draft strategy.

  • DBreezy

    While I know we as fans and a lot of the so-called experts do this all the time, it’s kind of hard to indict any player after only one season of college ball. That alone is a big difference Bazz and Paul who has had 4 seasons under his belt in college. Bazz may be 20, but he only has one year of non-high school experience.

    Check out the full version of his interview with Rose and Simmons. He freely admits that he was not only used to playing primarily in transition before UCLA and how clueless he was about how to use screens and credited Howland for helping him. That reminded me of Hunter and Hornacek’s comments about what a lot of young players don’t know these days. He also talks a lot about the footwork of Harden and Kobe and how he studies them.

    It’s hard for me to definitively say that Bazz is a volume scorer long term after only one season. When I was reading this years ‘By the Numbers’ over at DX, I was curious and decided to look at some of the previous years’ articles. Look at two former teammates, Russell Westbrook and James Harden. Westrbook didn’t project as much of a scorer at the next level at all, let alone a volume one which he has become. In fact he projected a lot like Oladipo as a tenacious, athletic defender with a shaky handle and a questionable outside shot. The biggest difference was that Westbrook had a much better first step back then even if he didn’t know exactly what to do afterwards.

    Harden projected similarly to Shabazz in the sense that they were both scored a lot, at high usage rates, with questions about whether their athleticism be enough at the next level. Harden was compared to Paul Pierce and Manu Ginobilli at draft time, the very definition of volume scorers in the NBA. What we’ve found out is something different though. Harden is quite capable of being an excellent volume scorer, but given the choice and capable weapons around him he’s a bit of a poor mans Lebron James. He’s very willing to distribute and doesn’t really force shots, other than the ‘right’ kind where he’s driving to the hoop and attacking the D- incidentally that’s something he does more consistently than James’ does imo even if James is more fearful.

    Would Harden have developed this way on both ends in SAC, GS or MIN? I think that’s a big factor to look at when talking about these one and two and done guys. I was a big DeAndre Jordan to the Suns guy a few years back, but one of the things I said about him was that it was very important that he goes to the right situation. I thought a very successful Suns team with two great frontcourt players in Stat and Shaq would have been great for DeAndre. The Clippers? Not so much and it shows just like it did with McGee in Washington.

  • DBreezy

    Shabazz is a weird wing prospect in the sense that he already does things well that teams want to see their wings develop as their careers go on, but doesn’t excel in things that many wings come into the league being able to do. He’s just now focusing on his shooting, learning how to work screens, and how to work from the perimeter. He doesn’t even have the typical explosive but straight line first step a lot of these guys typically have. We all know he’s a poor passer, and that’s being kind. I was surprised to read today that Bazz’s awful 27 assist total for the season was bested by teammate Travis Wear’s, 17. So perhaps there’s something to be said for a system and team that just never clicked the way it should have from jump.

    Yet he’s extremely advanced as a scorer and not just because he’s physical (btw since when has that been a bad thing in the NBA?) He reads angles and spaces well both in transition and in traffic. He already has runners, hooks, and flip shots that many players struggle to develop after years in the league. He also has a post game which is rare among wing prospects and often devastating as a result.

    All that said, the thing I like the most about him is his work ethic and attack mentality. I am not saying that I see him as a superstar because I don’t, but it’s rare to find those traits in a guy with top-5 talent. Usually you find them in players who are or have been struggling to make a name for themselves with NBA scouts, like VO or McCallum. It’s hard for me to ignore that, as well as how specific he is about what he needs to work on. Watching those Simmons/Rose interviews, Burke, Bazz, and McCallum stood out to me as guys who really knew what they are and what they needed to do going forward. In specifics, not the generalities that often come during this time(Len, VO, BMac in their interviews).

    From a value point it’s hard to take Bazz at 5 if McD were so inclined, but as I said after his workout here I don’t know that there’s an easy solution there. To me he’s a credible threat to come off the board starting at #7, Sacramento which worked him out twice and he supposedly did very well there. Joe D in Detroit loves guys that fit Bazz’s description of highly rated guys who take a draft day tumble like Drummond, Brandon Knight, and Tayshaun Prince. Flip could also take him as well because Rubio and Adelman cover a lot of his flaws and a UCLA alum in Love doesn’t hurt.

    Btw, this isn’t just a Bazz thing if the Suns aren’t in love with any of VO, BMac or Bennett at 5. This draft is so unpredictable from the top, I think it’s going to be very hard to know if your guys is going to be there if you’re trying to move down in the 5-12ish range of the draft. How many guys can we 100% rule out not being taken by a team in that range?

  • Scott

    @DBreezy -

    Sometimes you confuse me as to whether you are speaking of McCallum or McCollum.

    I assume you are always speaking of McCollum.

    Ray McCallum is another player in this draft, projected by DX to go in the 2nd round. I wrote a bit about him a few days ago. He could be – like many of the PGs in this draft – a good player.

  • Foreveris2long

    It is rumored Sac Kings are really impressed with McCollum. If he is unavailable at #10 I wonder if Suns would still do a deal with Portland for their 1st round pick.

  • Ty-Sun

    I’m sure the Suns already know who they want at 5. If that player is already gone then that could change any potential trades with Portland or anyone else for other draft picks.

    I’m still hoping that Oladipo is available at 5 and the Suns trade Gortat to Portland for the 10th pick and take a big at 10. If Oladipo and McClemore are both gone before the Suns pick at 5, then perhaps they should take a big at 5 look elsewhere for a trade that would get them another 1st round pick to grab a wing. The Suns have virtually no appeal to free agents this year – even mid-level talent FAs – so they do their best to mine the draft and make smart trades.

  • Ty-Sun

    BTW, I’m not really a fan of McClemore and I hope the Suns have better choices at 5. A lot has been said about drafting Len but I’m not sold on him either.

    Portland needs a center AND needs some help off the bench. I think they are the best potential trade partner for the Suns. Gortat and Beasley or Brown for their 10th and 39th, 40th or 45th draft picks would be a fairly good deal for both teams. LOL, yeah I’m probably dreaming by throwing Beasley’s name into that equation but Brown isn’t out of the question. Portland has probably an even worse bench unit than the Suns.

  • DBreezy


    I was talking about CJ not Ray. My bad.

  • Scott

    You can call me Ray, or you can call me CJ, but you doesn’t have to call me McCollum / McCallum. ;)

  • bill.thomas

    Bazz a volume scorer????? Have another glass of red wine, he’s really an African American Wolters with larger measurements !!!!!