2013 NBA Draft: Two Players for the Suns to Avoid in the 1st Round

With the Suns’ roster lacking in talent that they finished with a dismal record, they can’t really be picky in their draft choices. However, there are a couple players in the first round I would advocate them making sure they don’t take on Thursday.

While neither of the players are projected to go right near a Suns draft pick, I’m saying Phoenix shouldn’t trade a player for the chance to draft either of these players or especially reach from the fifth spot and take them.

This isn’t to say that either of them won’t be decent in the NBA, but they just aren’t what I’m looking for if I’m McDonough and Hornacek.

  • Kelly Olynyk:

The 7-footer from Gonzaga is not what I’m looking for in a center. To me he seems like a taller Luis Scola, but without the craftiness and experience that made Scola so valuable. Olynyk doesn’t have great athleticism. What I’m looking for in a center is either the freak athlete like Dwight Howard, DeAndre Jordan or Tyson Chandler or a solid post guy like Marc Gasol or Tim Duncan that doesn’t have as much explosiveness. I don’t believe Olynyk is either of these.

Olynyk doesn’t fill the role I would want from my center. I want my biggest guy to alter almost all the shots around the rim and block some (inbounds) if possible. He needs to be a solid double-digit rebounder with a few of those coming on the offensive end. He also needs to have an at least decent array of post moves and the physical ability to attain and maintain position on the low block. My center does not need to have a perimeter shot. He can cultivate it later if everything else is up to par, but shooting away from the paint is what the other four players are paid to do. I don’t think Olynyk fits the description

  • Shabazz Muhammad:

Muhammad was projected earlier in the top ten and all the way up to where the Suns were drafting at number five. Then I was nervous we would end up drafting him, but now I’m a little less worried with Draft Express having him go 15th overall.

He is not very efficient on offense in general, but is good in transition; kind of easy to be good when there are less people crowding you in the half court.  He seems like one of those players who needs volume scoring and lots of attempts to be effective, but since he is usually inefficient, that’s not what you want. If he is your best scorer, you don’t want him so inefficient, and if he is the fourth or fifth option then he is inefficient anyway because he main strength is scoring.

Draft Express says things like, “predictable in half-court settings” and “just an average first step” which are not things you want from a top player. Also, it seems as though his defensive intensity is dependent on his offensive production, which is not something you see in the superstar scorers like Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant.

All this combined with something I read back when Muhammad was playing for UCLA that turned me off him. He was a freshman and a very good one and that made him feel entitled to all the big shots and star moments over the more experienced players in the juniors and seniors. It seems like he thinks (or did think) that he was a franchise cornerstone, but I don’t believe his basketball skills and impact on the court back that up.

Both Olynyk and Muhammad will be in the NBA for a while, I just hope they never come to the valley of the Sun.

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