Reports: Jeff Hornacek adds three assistant coaches

The assistant coaching positions for Jeff Hornacek’s staff appear to be filling in. The Suns will move former big man and current vice president of player programs Mark West into an assistant role and additionally add former Washington Wizards assistant Jerry Sichting, as first reported by Arizona Sports.

Sichting, 56, will reportedly be Hornacek’s lead assistant, according to the Washington Post. Sichting’s specialty with Washington was working with its big men.

Phoenix will also bring in former Detroit Pistons assistant Roy Rogers, USA Today’s Sam Amick reported Tuesday afternoon.

West’s move to the Suns’ bench isn’t surprising considering his tenured role with the team and his playing days with Hornacek, and Sichting’s hiring could be connected to last week’s hiring of assistant general manager Pat Connelly, who also left D.C. for Phoenix.

Rogers spent time assisting Lawrence Frank with Detroit and previously with the New Jersey Nets from 2008-2010. Afterward, he spent time on Doc Rivers’ staff in Boston and presumably there is a Ryan McDonough relationship there.

On a semi-related note, it’s still a bit unclear of what role, if any, Ralph Sampson will hold with the Suns. He has remained as visible as ever this summer, attending GM and coach introductions as well as helping the team work out its draft prospects.

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The Suns took Tuesday off from working out prospects after working out Mason Plumlee and Tony Mitchell on Monday. Phoenix also took a look at Temple scoring guard Khalif Wyatt, Delaware forward Jamelle Hagins, USC big man DeWayne Dedmon and Murray State guard Isaiah Canaan.

Representatives, including Connelly, are also in Italy this week to take a peek at Lucas Nogueira and mysterious prospect Giannis Adetokoubo, according to Paul Coro. Here’s a write-up on Adetokoubo from Tuesday and a highlight reel of Nogueira from the adidas Eurocamp.

  • Rebel 2

    It figures. It is not about your qualifications anymore… it is about who you know and who your buddies are.

  • Morgan

    I don’t think it’s a buddy thing. These are new at their position. Of course they are going to hire people who they have connections and relations. I hear mark west has a great basketball mind. Also Roy Rogers worked under frank, and I think lawerence frank is a very good coach.

  • Scott

    Nice to see my guy for the #57 pick – Raul Neto – got an honorable mention.

    “[Alex Robinson] was the camp’s second best pick and roll player after Brazilian Raul Neto.”

  • Scott

    I watched a little Adetokunbo video on DX. He seemed a bit lost, clearly new enough to the game that he’s thinking a lot.

    For whatever reason – maybe his gangly physical profile – it made me think that maybe he could benefit by watching a hundred hours or so of Reggie Miller playing.

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  • hawki

    Almost forgot about Khalif Wyatt….every time I saw him this year he was dominant.

    Scored 31 pts in a win over NC State in 1st round of NCAA Tourney & then followed that up with another 31 pt effort in a heart-breaking loss to Indiana in the 2nd round.

    IU coach Tom Crean said Wyatt was the best player Indiana faced all year.

    I notice that Wyatt is not even mentioned in most Mock Draft’s but the guy can absolutely fill it up from anywhere on the court.

  • Rebel 2

    Give me a break, Morgan! Friendship and connections is the only reason why McDonough got the job in the first place. He is so inexperienced and y0ung! Had it not been for his daddy, a person with that type of qualifications would not even be admitted to college.

  • Scott

    @hawki -

    Why do you suppose we don’t hear more about Wyatt? He doesn’t even have any scouting on DX.

    What they do have are his measurements and stats, which are intriguing: 6′ 4″, 215 lbs, 6′ 9″ wingspan, 20 ppg, 32% from 3, 84% FT, and 4 apg.

    If he goes undrafted, I’m sure he’ll be on someone’s SL team.

  • Scott

    Ah. I see Wyatt was arrested in a prostitution sting last June. So there’s character issues.

    Scouting says he lacks vertical quickness and athleticism. He’s not much of a defender. He makes a lot of turnovers, and he’s not an efficient scorer.

    While the scouting claims may be accurate, it seems there’s a bit of hate against him, too.

    He’s slated for about a dozen workouts, though.

    If the Suns can get Nemanja Nedovic, he’d be a better prospect than Wyatt, judging from scouting. As would Seth Curry. Dexter Strickland – who I had earlier recommended for SL – is closely rated.