Suns After Another First Round Pick?

The Phoenix Suns newly hired general manager Ryan McDonough has already shown us that he’s not afraid to make moves. According to reports on Friday, the Suns and McDonough are currently attempting to secure another first-round draft choice for this upcoming draft in addition to their fifth and thirtieth overall pick in the draft later on this month.

“We’ve talked to a few teams about getting in the draft at different ranges,” McDonough told Arizona Sports. “We have good assets, I think, to do that. We have to evaluate all these guys, figure out where they are going to go; and then if we can get in at a particular range, where we think a guy is undervalued, we’ll try to get in and get him there.”

Due to the lack of depth in terms of talent in this year’s draft, many teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers (10th pick) and the Dallas Mavericks (13th pick) are attempting to move their draft picks.

“We could get in,” McDonough said, “I think, at almost any range except for maybe the very, very top; (picks) one, two, three would be a little bit tougher to get up there.”

While nabbing draft picks is always a good move, McDonough and the Suns must be careful. This year’s draft hardly compares to the 2014 NBA draft which is absolutely loaded with talent; highlighted by big names such as Andrew Wiggins, Andrew Harrison, and Julius Randle but I’m sure McDonough is already cognitive of that. With that being said, it would be completely asinine for the Suns to surrender 2014 draft picks in exchange for 2013 draft picks unless the Suns are able to dump off a bad contract or two.

The Suns own six first rounders in the next three drafts (Including this one) and that gives McDonough plenty of autonomy when it comes to wheeling and dealing. With draft taking place in less than three weeks, things are certainly heating up.


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