Erick Green: Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft profile

PHOENIX – “This is my seventh one. I got about six or seven more to go. Living out of a big bag and just washing my clothes when I get to another hotel and using my change up.” – Erick Green on the number of workouts he’s gone through


The NCAA’s best scorer at 25 points per game, Green’s best attribute is his blazing speed. In a number of ways, he resembles Tony Parker with his smoothness in the full court, pushing the pace but looking in sound control at high speeds. Unlike Parker, Green enters the NBA with a dangerous jump shot. He’s able to pull up at a moment’s notice from full speed, off pick-and-rolls or at a standstill to knock down jumpers.

At 6-foot-3 and with a solid 6-foot-5.75 wingspan, Green has a high release and a true jumper that allows him to get his shots off in almost any situation, even when turning the corner off pick-and-rolls. And like Parker, Green has a floater in the paint that can make up for his lack of strength.

Green worked out for the Suns on Saturday and said his greatest attribute would be his leadership abilities that shined despite playing for a Virginia Tech Hokies squad that struggled.

“When things aren’t going your way, how to handle yourself,” the four-year standout said of what he learned. “Kept going, kept (my) head straight.”

Question marks

Green might be considered a shooting guard in a point guard’s body. Had he been more than 6-foot-1 without shoes, he might be closer to a MarShon Brooks rather than a player who is slotted as a point guard simply because of his size.

And with a similarly skinny frame, Green is criticized for his lack of finishing ability and as a defensive liability. Lacking elite athleticism outside of his above-average speed, Green will spend his many pre-draft workouts proving he is a capable defender.

Likewise, he’ll also be hoping to show he’s more than a pure scorer. Though his role at Virginia Tech required he take 17 shots per game, breaking the mold of a needed go-to scorer could be his biggest problem as he converts himself into an NBA point guard.

“My first workout, I think Boston, I just tried to show everybody I could play point guard too much,” Green said after working out for the Suns. “Now my seventh workout, I’m more comfortable.

“And definitely play good on-the-ball defense,” he added. “I think I showed a good job of that today.”


Green’s 3.8 assists weren’t all that bad for a guy focused on carrying much weight for the Hokies. Above all, Green has already proven he’s an elite scorer, so the next step in his development as a player is growing into whatever role he’s needed for the team that drafts him. It appears that he’ll be solely a point guard at the next level, and the good news for Green is that the Suns’ workout showed he’s at his best in that regard.

“He’s definitely a point guard,” Suns coach Jeff Hornacek said. “Size isn’t going to let him be a two-guard. But he’s a guy who can score. He did a good job of getting the ball up the court. He may be known as a scoring point, but he did a nice job of actually being a point guard.”

How he fits with the Suns

Fitting with the Suns and their 30th pick isn’t hard to imagine for Green, who thrives in the open court and spreads the floor as a solid spot-up shooter off the ball – he hit 40 percent of catch-and-shoot jumpers, according to Synergy Sports Technology.

“They get up and down,” Green said, “played fast. That’s my type of game.”

For a squad that’s expected to also use heavy pick-and-roll sets, Green could be viewed as a Leandro Barbosa type backup point guard who can score a lot in few minutes. Of course, something will have to give if Kendall Marshall and Goran Dragic are retained, but Green apparently showed the ability to play point guard – and defend as well.

And 1 … a second-rounder to consider

Grant Jerrett could be a developmental project for the Suns who could eventually be a replacement for another former Arizona stretch 4 – Channing Frye.

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  • bill.thomas

    Scott, you got that right, and it is true in spades of Beasley, his final expiration date is the trade cutoff.

    After that he will be amnestied and if he wants to play it will be in China where pot possession incurs a penalty of the cutting off of both hands.

    And gun possession warrants a firing squad.

  • bill.thomas

    And I don’t think Mike can live without his pot and without his guns.

    BTW, alcohol is also frowned upon in the PRC.

  • Scott

    @bill. -

    Well, Plumlee will have to be ready to defend against the Lillard – Gortat pick and roll. ;)

    BTW, Lillard was tops in the 2012 PG crop at pick and roll, so I’m sure he could use a guy at C like Gortat if LA, Batum, and Matthews spread the defense.

  • bill.thomas

    let’s hope the Morris’s don’t get in too deep with “five delivery pizzas and a 36 pack” Marshall if they want to have a career.

  • bill.thomas

    Scott: Portland would be pretty formidable like that.

    Its either take that or dump Aldridge and do a total rebuild from the ground up.

    Hopefully they have some sense.

  • bill.thomas

    Well if Gortat will have his wish I’m sure the tooth fairy will be happy.

  • bill.thomas

    Any thoughts anybody on where the Dwightmare ends up ???

  • bill.thomas

    We gotta get enough low-income guys to use 15 fouls on the Dwightmare, take him out of the game whether he is with Lakers, Houston or wherever. A sight to behold and we got it, just keep fouling the BITCH.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: That Gortat pick-and-roll is really scary, even Hakeem or Bill Russell would be quaking in their boots over that one.

  • Scott

    Last season, I thought the Lakers had a good opportunity to trade Howard to the Cavs for Anderson Varejao and the expiring Luke Walton. Assuming, of course, the Cavs were willing to roll the dice, and that being able to sign Howard to a huge contract was incentive enough for Howard to stay.

    The Lakers would have been in a better spot to start next season with the much cheaper but still highly effective Varejao at C. Varejao doesn’t need touches to be effective, and he’s a team player, so that would have eased some of the pain of sharing the ball. This move would enable them to keep Pau, and Nash might have even had a P&R buddy.

    Howard, in Cleveland, could have been the big dog, with stellar young guys like Irving and Waiters shooting 3s and dishing to him in the post. With the lower barrier to entry in the east, they might have even made the playoffs last year.

    But it didn’t happen. And sure, Cleveland gets the #1 pick this year, but they’d have been much better off having Howard instead.

    As for where Howard ends up … I suspect he stays in LA. He’s a vain guy, and LA is the city for vanity.

  • bill.thomas

    Blanks’ toughness ?? If he wants to prove his toughness he better spend a year in a job at a metal recycling plant. What am I a fucking idiot? That guy just plain sucks, period.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: No reply on the scariness of the Gortat pick and roll?? Seriously, this could be Scary Movie IV.

  • bill.thomas

    Howard, vain ?????? What are you, kidding me???

    Goombah !!

  • bill.thomas

    @Ty_Sun: You should definitely test Tony. You could probably write up the results in a professional journal.

    Free material.

    (I think he also goes by the name “NoItAll”.

  • bill.thomas

    That Gortat pick-and-roll will take the NBA by storm !!!!

  • bill.thomas

    Cleveland with the No. 1 pick ?? Wow, what a payoff. Stern needs to be indicted (of course, he needed to be indicted at least 7 years ago).

  • bill.thomas

    Dwightmare 2.0 or 3.0, I’m not sure which.

  • bill.thomas

    Everyone in the NBA is waiting on the Dwightmare’s decision.

    Guess what, it doesn’t matter, folks.

  • bill.thomas

    Stern Indicted.

    That would be even better news than “JFK Assasination Solved”.

  • bill.thomas

    Dwightmare 4.0 will be upon us before we know it, folks.

  • bill.thomas

    And you know his agent has a 10.0 whore by the chops, doesn’t he.

  • bill.thomas

    Come on Dwight, I’m waiting for you right here, BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!

  • foreveris2long

    Scott, Plumlee was a first team Academic All American in 2012 and again 2013. Him and Craft are the only two in the country to repeat in basketball. Oladipo did not make the Academic All American first team in 2013.

    Bill, I get the impression Howard will end up in Houston for a few reasons. One he gets to play for McHale someone who appears to be a better big man coach than Antoni. If Phil Jackson became the Lakers coach it could improve LA’s chance of retaining him. Two, there are no state taxes in Texas. Three Houston has a younger and actually more promising team than the aging Lakers. Not to mention he and Kobe do not appear to be the best of teammates. Golden State may make an interesting run at him though.

  • foreveris2long

    Scott, one other thing about Plumlee. The last basketball Blue Devil to become an Academic All American consecutive seasons was Shane Battier. Plumlee’s major was psychology.

  • Scott

    ^^ Battier speaks well. He’s an obvious high character, high IQ guy. But there’s also guys with high IQ who don’t establish themselves in school, and there’s guys who establish themselves in school but are still only of average intelligence. Scholastic success can come from brilliance or it can come from hard work.

    I’m inclined to think Plumlee is more in the “hard working” category. He’s got a double major: psychology and cultural anthropology.

    In basketball, what’s good about the high IQ guys is they typically have a solid team mind set, they have passing skills, shooting skills, they see the floor, and they have anticipatory abilities. What’s good about the hard workers is they’ve got a reliable motor, they make hustle plays, they play both sides of the court, and they make the most of their athleticism (however limited it may be).

    If a player has both high IQ and hard worker traits, they keep developing their game, adding new abilities as they go along. I’m not sure scouting points to Plumlee adding to his game each year while in college, other than what you’d expect of someone growing up and spending their time on the court.

    As for Howard, while it is sensible for him to go to a Texas team, he’s had that opportunity before and he wouldn’t even talk to them. IMO, the guy who came into the league as a fun-loving, spiritually-minded youth has turned into a spotlight-seeking drama queen.

    We’ll have to wait and see what he chooses to do.