NBA Draft 2013: Suns host Anthony Bennett, Archie Goodwin

PHOENIX — Anthony Bennett dressed in a Polo and Jordan’s for his visit to the Phoenix Suns on Saturday, but that shouldn’t do much to hinder his draft stock. With a shoulder injury initially called a torn labrum but one that later required surgery, the UNLV forward won’t be able to play until training camp and may miss summer league, but there’s little reason to believe he won’t make a full recovery, Suns general manager Ryan McDonough said.

Bennett, a 20-year-old from Toronto, projects as a hybrid forward who is a tad bit undersized for a 4 but likely to play his pro ball at that spot.

“I think he’s primarily a four but is able to step out and play some three,” McDonough said, citing Bennett’s 37 percent shooting from three-point range. “Huge shoulders, long arms. He’s versatile. That’s one of the strengths of his game.

“I think four will be his primary position,” he added. “If he can guard some threes that’d be a bonus. He actually has a similar body type to Brandon Bass who we had in Boston. Brandon’s not that tall … but Brandon guards LeBron and Carmelo and all those power 3s. I could see Bennett in that same role.”

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Before having surgery, Bennett was working out in Long Island with past Suns workout invitees such as Michael Carter-Williams and C.J. McCollum and said he was focusing on honing his perimeter skills. His three-point shot was beyond NBA range, he said, and there was emphasis to put the ball on the deck and also defend faster players.

“I feel like I’m versatile,” Bennett said. “I can go inside and out. You can say I do the dirty work down low. You know, I can play the 3. I’ve been working on that before the surgery, really. I’m getting more comfortable out there.”

Goodwin the stereotypical OKC project pick

Kentucky’s Archie Goodwin was projected as a first-round hit before playing his single season for the Kentucky Wildcats. Talent-wise, there’s no reason to believe he’s not a first-round talent.

But he won’t turn 19 until August — that’s young even for his class. That might hurt his stock, and so too does his lack of a jump shot. Both McDonough and coach Jeff Hornacek said Goodwin’s shot look much improved on Saturday. The Suns coach added that Goodwin, not to mention Virginia Tech’s Erick Green and South Dakota State’s Nate Wolters, shot the ball well.

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“Obviously he’s going to need to learn the game better,” Hornacek said. “He’s used to being a scorer. He can still be a scorer but he’s going to have to be, more the mental part of the game … a point guard. Really see the game, see how it develops, not only for himself but for his teammates. When you got a young kid like that, those are the guys you can kind of train. You can tell he has a feel.”

Goodwin looks like a prime target for the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team well-known for developing talent that’s more raw than many other squads would take a risk on. Dallas, Philly, Cleveland and the Thunder, who pick one spot ahead of Phoenix at 29, have already taken a look at the youngster.

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  • The workout list also included Green — we’ll have a profile on him tomorrow — Wolters, Illinois State big man Jackie Carmichael, Davidson forward Jake Cohen and Oklahoma forward Romero Osby.
  • McDonough on if the fifth pick will change the philosophy on the 30th and so on: “Who we draft at 30 may depend on what position we draft at 5. A lot of times it’s tough to bring in two rookies at the same position. There can be times where they stunt each other’s growth where one doesn’t get the opportunity.

    “There’s more variance with 30. We have to be prepared for more guys.”

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  • DBreezy

    Interesting that Horny sees Goodwin as more of a one, or at least a combo presumably. I don’t think he’s selfish, but he definitely has a scorer’s attacking mentality with the ball. It’s hard to make someone into a Westbrook imo.

    IIRC going into the combine and workouts, Bennett was supposedly pretty adamant about being primarily a 3 in the NBA reminiscent of Derrick Williams saying the same things a few years back. I wonder how he really feels about that now? It’s clear what position McD is evaluating him for.

  • Forever is2long

    D’Breezy I could be wrong but I think what Horny is trying to say is, Goodwin needs to look at the game as a one guard and not so much as a scorer to evolve as a better player. I am sure you heard from various coaches, see the floor. I suspect they saw things in game film that gave them the opinion he can broaden his game if he passed more and got more involved in pick and roll or pick and pop plays.

    Then again maybe he does see him as a future one guard. His Public Defender Scott should be joining us soon with his perspective.

  • Scott

    “Brandon guards LeBron and Carmelo and all those power 3s. I could see Bennett in that same role.”

    Really? Does McD also see LeBron and Carmelo blowing past him as if he wasn’t there? Because, you know, he’s probably still rumbling down the court. ;)

    As for Goodwin getting picked by OKC, as I’ve said many times before, I think OKC is more likely to pick a foreign player to stash, like Giannis Adetokunbo.

    However, I think San Antonio might take Goodwin before Phoenix gets to #30. SA develops young talent too.

  • Ty-Sun

    I agree, Forever. I think what was Hornacek saying – in a roundabout way – was that Goodwin will be a better overall player if he tries to think a little more like a PG instead of just a scorer.

    I think Horny may want to see Goodwin become a little more like himself in his playing days. Horny was always a team player who looked to get the ball to other players if he saw that they had a better shot than him. SGs need to keep an eye on the rest of the court too.

  • Scott

    (For the record, SA could also decide to take Snell, if he’s there. I’m not trying to say SA or anyone else is locked in on Goodwin.)

    Speaking of Goodwin …

    I’ve not found a whole lot of different articles / reports on Goodwin yet, but there seems to be a general theme of disappointment that he’s so young and raw, and the idea of playing him at PG, at least in his first year or two.

    Whatever the reason for the “PG rating” on Goodwin … as I’ve mentioned before, McD and Hornacek apparently want to get play makers at positions other than PG. So anyone with the potential of making plays … they’re particularly interested in that.

    That being said, I’m pleased to note that Hornacek thinks Goodwin has a feel for the game. I’m sure it needs to improve, but that plus defense and slashing is a good start.

    I’d like to make one thing clear, though, regarding Goodwin. While sure I’d like to have some guy I picked long ago turn out to beat expectations and be very good, the main thing is that I believed the Suns needed players who could slash as well as shoot, rack up the FTs, and create both for themselves and others. While I think the Suns need that particularly at SG, it could really come at any position. That need is what came first, and I looked for players who could fulfill it. That’s why my thoughts turn to Goodwin, because so far as I can tell he’s the best shot in this draft of getting all that.

    MCW is another, if he can play SG and can score more aggressively. And possibly Nemanja Nedovic, an athletic slasher who has logged time overseas at PG.

    Most of the other SGs can’t create for themselves or dribble-drive, let alone create for others. This includes the top picks, like McL and VO, and later picks like Snell, Crabbe, and Bullock. Muhammad might have to undergo a complete personality change in order to make plays, so that’s a clear difference between him and Harden.

    At PF, I think it’s possible Zeller could do some play making, as he has a high IQ. He could be like a faster, more athletic Scola, in that regard.

    At C, both Dieng and Adams seem to have a high IQ which might lend itself toward play making.

    At SF, the only players I can think of who would have play making ability might be Adetokunbo and Solomon Hill. (I might include Porter, but to me he’s still neither fish nor fowl at forward, and lacking lateral quickness.)

  • Ty-Sun

    I think McD was talking about potential, not present ability in regard to Bennett. Bennett’s D in college would at best be graded D. I’d say that his development in the pros depends on his drive and attitude.

    With that said, I don’t want the Suns drafting him. Another team with fewer holes to fill could take the chance that his defense could improve with proper coaching but the Suns aren’t that team.

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    Yeah, I don’t think Hornacek meant Goodwin is a PG so much as he’s got to learn about making the right decisions and correct plays instead of trying to score all the time. Again, that’s all due to his youth. The positive from all this is he can be molded and coached to become a higher IQ basketball player.

  • THEDRAGON!!!!!!!!!!

    Suns need to trade up to get Goodwin. He seems like he could turn into a good player.

  • bill.thomas

    Clearly, Bennett has the biggest bust potential of any player mentioned as likely in the top 5.

    Oladipo has the lowest ceiling of any player mentioned in the top 5.

    To me, Shabazz neatly combines the biggest bust potential and the lowest potential ceiling of anyone frequently mentioned as a lottery pick. It is truly a match made in heaven.

    Therefore, I believe he must go to Portland, Minny or Detroit.

  • bill.thomas

    “Brandon guards Lebron and Carmelo.” ?? WTF are you kidding me????

  • bill.thomas

    I guess “guards” is a relative term, LOL.

  • bill.thomas

    Does that mean we’ll be playing a matchup zone?

  • bill.thomas

    Goodwin is Shumpert 2.0 with a very loose trigger-finger. Very simple.

  • bill.thomas

    For that matter, Oladipo is Shumpert 2.0 with jumper, a Republican registration and great press man.

  • Scott

    @bill. -

    I’m not sure about the low ceiling on Oladipo … or maybe not sure what you mean.

    I’d say that in the lottery McCollum and Burke are closest to realizing their full potential, as the main limitations on them appear to be physical, related to their smaller size and wingspan. They’ve already mastered a lot. (Similar players later in the draft are Larkin and Wolters.)

    By comparison, Oladipo is only an elite athlete with length who has more or less mastered defense. He’s got a lot of stuff he could add to his game, and the question is: can he add more, or is he now what he will be?

    What more might he add to his game? He could be more of a scoring weapon, he could learn to create his own offense, he could learn to create offense for others. As for his shooting, since he only shot well last season, we don’t know if his shooting is for real. If Oladipo gains these abilities, it would make him a star along the lines of Eric Gordon or Dwyane Wade, who have similar bodies and athletic abilities, but more advanced play making skills.

  • Azbballfan

    There are rumors swirling that the magic would trade their number 2 overall pick if the right deal camealong, and the Suns are one of the few teams that could take back a 8 mil contract and it really wouldnt matter much for this years free agency

    I would take on Big Baby Davis and Al Haringtons deals if it meant them taking back Gortat, brown,marshall and the 30th pick

    the Magic would get major cap savings while also getting a young point guard in marshall and the 30th pick

    The Suns would be taking on more salary but would end up with the 2nd and 5th pick in the draft

    We could always buyout Beasley and buyout Harrington and keep davis

    if the magic said we will give you the 2nd overall pick for Gortat, Brown, Marshall and number 30 and you take Davis and Harrington i do that in a heart beat

    i know a deal like this is not that realistic but the Suns are one of the few teams that have the cap space and assets to make a deal

  • bill.thomas

    And BJ Young is Goodwin Lite with a corndog, a drawl, a slightly bigger clip and 4double cases of Miller bought at Costco on a borrowed card.

    To help out with the clip, Mike will take him to a local gun shop where he can pick up his very own Glock.

  • bill.thomas

    Sorry about that. Just the word “Arkansas” tends to make my brain move in a certain direction.

    Hey, whatever became of Al Bundy’s wife?

  • bill.thomas

    Mike should be amnestied then retained as a consultant to acclimate incoming players and help them get whatever pro basketball player accessories they desire. He would be very good at that.

  • bill.thomas

    In that regard, I hear Brent Barry’s wife may be available.

  • bill.thomas

    The main squeeze for about seven different players. I would like to see her frequent flyer account. I bet you could get 100K if you auctioned that thing off on Ebay.

  • bill.thomas

    Scott, let me address you first, but let me preface it by saying that Azbballfan comes up with some incredible stuff that makes a lot of sense. I have been trying to get him to supply me with some of the stuff he has for months, but no go. He is on the lookout for Federales.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: I was trying to say that Oladipo is not an elite athlete and therefore not likely to develop past where he is right now after 3 years at IU.

    He is very athletic but I would stop short of calling him an elite athlete.

    This is something where “You know it when you see it” very much comes into play. I did not watch IU that much this year but Oladipo never particularly impressed me. If anything I would say Zeller impressed me more as an athlete during the limited time I watched IU.

    Now there are instances where a player somewhat similar to Oladipo have developed whole new phases to their game. An example would be Charles where he became a very good passer 4-6 years into his career, or started shooting better from various places on the court and developed different individualistic shots to suit certain situations. (Please see game 7 vs. Seattle Supersonics 1993 on youtube).

    I think Oladipo has that similar ability to do what Charles did in those respects.

    However, I do not believe that in terms of his development, his athleticism per se will play a major role in how high his ability may evolve, whereas with McLemore and a few others I believe it may.

    Hard to describe or justify but I suspect our chief talent scout may be feeling the same thing.

    Anyway, I would be glad to share some corndogs with you any time and chew over some more of this fat.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: Agreed with you on McCollum and Burke but some of Burke’s stats are eirily similar to CP’s’ at this stage and you would hate to pass on him if he even become CP3 Lite.

    I don’t think McCollum should be drafted as a tournequet to help Dragic. Nor would Dragic.

  • Scott

    Well … listening to Oladipo speak, his IQ seems high enough that he might have a lot more development to go in his career. He was not one of the scouted kids, so it’s possible he didn’t get the special attention they get and consequently grew like a weed. If that’s the case, he may uncork more ability as he goes along in the NBA, kind of like Dudley.

    McLemore, on the other hand, in interviews seems to be as dumb as the proverbial … dumb thing. They describe him as “youthful,” but I have my doubts. It could be the kind of youthfulness that sticks with you all through your life. ;)

  • bill.thomas

    Musacala is Scola 2.0 with a near Ivy-League degree from an institution which offers no strength training program but has excellent offerings in speech communications and general bullshitting.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: Let’s not drill down too far. “Youthfull” probably means he will overpay for a mediocre hooker.

  • bill.thomas

    Speaking of Dragic, Dragic is actually a reincarnation.

    Dragic was an Allied Soldier who battled it out with the Germans in WW I at Verdun.

    He doesn’t need any help.

    However, help would be welcome.

  • Scott

    TBH, I don’t think I could recognize a CP3 type player in college, or by his stats. There’s generally a lot of well-rounded smallish PGs in college, but when you translate to the NBA, there’s only one Chris Paul.

    As for McCollum, I wouldn’t pick him for the Suns either. While his talent is what the Suns need, it would be better if it was in a body that had a size and length more suitable for SG.

    As for corndogs, I’ve not had one in years, but I like them. I remember when I was a kid there was a fast food spot at Christown Mall that made corndogs fresh for you, and you could pick from a list of ingredients like chunks of polish sausage alternated with cubes of cheddar cheese. They’d skewer it, dip it in batter, and fry it up for you. Ah, freshly fried food … with cheese! Hard to resist. :)

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott, don’t know Christown Mall, the Suns are kind of an acquired taste for me.

    I believe if I wanted an industrial number of autographed photos from Marcin, I could get him out with a bunch of free corndogs.

    It seems pretty clear McDonut is doing the right thing, which is to maximize his choices in the here and now. Thus if any one of McLemore, Len and Oladipo is avail. at the 5, he will just take that player while he is still trying to rack up later draft choices.

    I believe he has to be saying to teams such as Minny, Dallas, Boston, and Atlanta, if you want to leave draft deals to draft night, great, but it is at your risk that they don’t get done.

    One aside, don’t give up any first round pick for Jenkins from Atlanta, he is a 1-D player.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: Have you checked your cholesterol count lately ???????

  • bill.thomas

    I don’t believe McDonut will do a deal with the golden State scam artists who reneged on our deal for Curry.

    Nor would anyone else do a draft deal with them.

    Mark Jackson is a pimp.

  • bill.thomas

    I think I might take McCollum with the 12th is we get it from Dallas, no earlier. Depending also on who else is avail. and who we took at the 5.

    I would throw in a box of Cubans to Mark on that trade as well.

  • bill.thomas

    Mark Jackson=Pimp.

  • bill.thomas

    Mark Jackson = Pimp.

  • Scott

    I don’t have a problem with GS backing out of their draft deal.

    As I understand it, it was simply a proposed deal that would be finalized at the time of their pick, and when it came time to pick, they decided to not go with the proposed deal.

  • bill.thomas

    Good, let’s not propose any more deals to them and let’s take any deals they propose under advisement. Meaning we never seriously consider them.

  • frenchysunsfan

    Suns must not draft Bennett, I’m not very sure he would be much better than Markieff Morris. Moreover there are many good PF in free agency this year (Millsap, Hickson, Smith). Millsap would be an excellent addition.
    We must get Oladipo or McLemore in the draft. If Orlando is ok to deal the 2nd pick, give them what they want except Dragic.

  • bill.thomas

    @frenchysunsfan: Bennett along with Markieff and Marcus would be a great tag team.

    They should be employed to clear unwanted inventory from every Dunkin Donuts and every Cop Donut Shop every Sunday early AM, all season long.

  • bill.thomas

    Throw Marshall in for good measure.

  • bill.thomas

    A way to even thing up with Golden State: Offer them Marshall in exchange for 3-one hour sessions with Jerry West’s proctologist in favor of Beasley.

  • bill.thomas

    How about Gortat and a Cali Roll for Portland’s 10 and Meyers Leonard.

  • bill.thomas

    How about Shannon Brown for Michael Jordan’s 5th best Rolex?

  • bill.thomas

    How about Shannon brown for 12 individualized no restrictions tickets to Souplantation?

  • bill.thomas

    How about Shannon Brown for a 240SX drift racer that needs a ring job?

  • bill.thomas

    How about Shannon Brown for a ticket to a job fair in August in Colton, CA?

  • bill.thomas

    How about Shannon Brown for the rights to an illegal Latin landscaping crew in Riverside, CA, operating with a 1984 Toyota compact pickup?