Otto Porter Jr.: Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft profile


Versatility may not be what a fan base craving a go-to scorer wants to see, but Porter’s brand of the quality is more dominant than the average do-it-all athlete.

Porter can score (16.2) points, and does it well (48 percent shooting from the floor, 42.2 percent from deep. He can rebound (7.2 rpg). He’s a force on defense (1.8 spg, 0.9 bpg).

Porter’s the kind of prospect that addresses enough areas well enough to make the sum of his impact great enough to make up for the lack thereof in any one area.

Question marks

There’s no doubt about Porter’s ability to take his game to the pro level, but some wonder whether star potential remains, at least enough to take him with a top pick in the draft.

Porter thrived as a big man in college, but, as of now, lacks the requisite weight to do the same in the NBA. He weighed in at a palty 197.6 pounds at the Draft Combine, leaving him at least 35 pounds shy of ideal post player size.

That leaves Porter with two options: 1) gain enough weight to become a versatile and capable “four” in the NBA or 2) make a successful transition from post to perimeter, something a lot of college forwards struggle with upon entering the league.


Can Porter show he’s more than what he already is in pre-draft workouts? If scouts and management see an added hunger, athleticism, something, it will convince them that Porter isn’t a he-is-who-he-is prospect.

Proving the scale isn’t a measurement of strength wouldn’t hurt, either. There’s no doubt he needs to bulk up, but if he can prove capable through fundamentals and positioning when working out against other big men, it may be more of a footnote than a red flag.

How he would fit with the Suns

Given the Suns’ needs from the wing, pretty easily if Porter proves he can play on the perimeter. With his shooting, Porter could spread the floor well, particularly on Dragic pick-and-rolls. The Slovenian excels at hitting weak-side, spot-up shooters, an asset the Suns lacked last season.

Porter’s ability to fit at the “three” becomes more important with Phoenix, a team already teeming with “tweeners” (see: Marcus Morris, Michael Beasley). The Suns don’t want to waste another season of mixing and matching lineups due to players’ inability to master one position.

If Porter can do that, provide outside shooting on offense and continue to be an adept rebounder on defense, he could be a long-term solution at the wing.

  • bill.thomas

    Wow, 10 hrs. and no comments. I see Porter has thrown off a lot of controversy here.

  • bill.thomas

    You could make an argument that if available, we should draft Porter simply so he could teach our other young forwards–the Morris’, Beasley and Johnson–how to play the game of basketball.

  • DBreezy


    I saw this the other day on a Chad Ford chat wrap and thought you’d be interested.

    “Jeff (Orlando)

    Will Noel be able to put on enough muscle to be able to defend bigs in the post?
    Chad Ford (1:37 PM)

    I think so. The more research I’ve done on this the more it seems that he was actually up to 228 before the injury. That during an ACL surgery and rehab, young adults typically lose 15 to 20 pounds. He should be able to gain all of that back. In fact, hearing he’s already up to 215 from the 206 he was at in Chicago.”

  • Scott

    @DBreezy -


  • Scott

    FWIW, in a video interview on the Suns site, McD mentions that they’ve spoken to teams about using some of the Suns’ assets to acquire picks in different ranges.

  • Scott

    Also, in another video, McD acknowledges at some length that the Suns need to get additional play makers to share the floor with their present PGs.

    To me that bodes well for the Suns taking a SG that can handle and pass in addition to scoring and defending.

    He also acknowledged that the Suns as a team need more/better perimeter shooting.

  • bill.thomas

    Perimeter shooting? Are you kidding me, anyone who could fry waffles would be fine.

  • bill.thomas

    Perimeter shooting. Yeah, sure.

  • bill.thomas

    I guess that means more Shannon. LOL.

  • bill.thomas

    Lifestyles of the rich and bricked-out. I guess if we keep Mike and Shannon, we’re in the Wiggins sweepstakes for sure.


  • bill.thomas

    Its been set up perfectly. This is our last year with Shannon. And we got rid of Lopez before he got good.

    Mike is truly a force of nature.

  • bill.thomas

    Jordan needs to wipe ass and loves doing it which is why he is a GM. He and Babby break bread whenever they ca.

  • bill.thomas

    Mike quantifies bad shooting. I think he went to Stanford.

  • bill.thomas

    I’m tellin ya, I can make more dosh off Mike at Central Casting than he can make in the NBA. I mean, with his stash and his heat !!!!

  • bill.thomas

    Jordan fucks anything that crawls. Always has, always will.

  • bill.thomas

    I would love to get sued in a defamation suit by Jordan. Bring it on, Mikey !!!!!

  • Azbballfan

    Yeah the Suns were like 28th in the NBA last year in 3 point field goals made

    This team has holes big enough for a rocket powered monkey navigated space ship to fly thru

    We may not be able to fix things long term right away, but trading for need and drafting the BPA gives alot of flexibility

    of course, if the BPA also fills a big hole on the team go for it

    The Suns have just 33 mil in contracts past next season

    This team needs to atleast consider trading veterans who have value for future picks and prospects we can develop

    We were awful at nearly everything last season so why not just blow up the team and start over?

    drafting a scorer is a good idea but its not going to fix the real problems of defense and rebounding

    I am really excited for this draft, there is no way we give away lotto picks for cash this time around

    We also got to look at the future of the morris twins

    are they future building blocks? cause genty and hunter didnt play either of them hardly at all

    Markeiff got the most minutes of the 2 but only got like 20 a game

    We need to either develop these guys or trade them for better prospects, it really shouldnt be that hard in a season where expectations will be low and we have a new GM and coach in place

    Porter would be a nice pick, but you really want a home run in this draft, not a double off the right field wall

  • Scott

    I think … I might prefer to have Jean-Charles over Porter. Mainly due to the lateral quickness thing. JC already plays good defense, and his jumper is coming along.

  • Scott

    ESPN’s True Hoop has an article about Leandro Barbosa working to develop players in Brazil. You’d have thought we’d have heard about this “LeBron-like” player he’s discovered earlier … but then again, if Leandro said something to the Suns, maybe it was kept secret.

    However, he’s already tried out for the Rockets.

    Alexandre Paranhos

    Height: 6’8″
    Weight: 241 lbs
    Wingspan: 7’3″
    Bodyfat: 9%

    Can handle and shoot the 3, block shots. There’s no scouting on him in DX.