Jeff Hornacek officially hired as Phoenix Suns coach

The Phoenix Suns officially hired Jeff Hornacek as their 16th head coach in franchise history on Tuesday, making the team’s 1986 second-round draft pick another player who later became the club’s head coach.

“We are thrilled to introduce Jeff Hornacek as the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns,” said Suns general manager Ryan McDonough in a press release. “Jeff has all of the qualities we were looking for in a head coach—he is a leader, a teacher and a student of the game. Jeff’s name has been high on our list ever since my first interview with the Suns. His successes as a player and as an assistant coach, along with his deep ties to this franchise and this community, give us confidence that he will do great things as the next head coach of the Phoenix Suns.”

Hornacek’s ties to the Valley had much to do in the Suns’ confidence in the hire — not to mention the wide respect Hornacek has around the league. He joins the list that includes Danny Ainge, Paul Westphal, Dick Van Arsdale and Frank Johnson of Suns who were players-turned-coaches.

The Suns will hold a press conference on Tuesday to introduce Hornacek.

  • Scott

    Unrelated to the Hornacek hire, but very interesting considering where the Suns have been and where they are now …

    ESPN- Gregg Popovich builds young players

  • Dominik

    Can’t say much about Hornaceck, I hope, he’ll succeed!

    Besides I think, FO should try signing Pekovic. Hard worker, good rebounder and he can score in the paint.

    Then ship Gortat for a pick or package him in a deal which sends Gordon to PHX.

  • Scott

    DX still doesn’t have updated scouting for Len, but they plugged another hole in first round scouting by putting up a video and scouting report for Lucas “Bebe” Nogueria.

    He’s come along a bit in the last year, but he’ll need more baking time before he’s ready. He’s 20, and has been in a basketball program for a while, but he plays more like he’s maybe 18.

    Anyway, he’s looking like he can make it as a pro, and I could see the Spurs taking him at #28, as DX suggests. (Either him or Jaiteh.) Pick him and leave him overseas for a while, to let him mature.

    While I do advocate the Suns embarking on a plan of renewal through youth, picking players with potential, I think Bebe is farther out than what the Suns want, and while I believe the Spurs can work miracles with young players, I’d rather hedge my bets with the Suns and get guys who appear to be self-starters with high IQ and motor.

  • Scott

    BTW, of the 12 prospects the Celtics have coming in for tryouts in the next few days, 6 of them are point guards. (I would not be surprised if the rest are centers.)

    Considering their first round draft position, they might be interested in Schroeder, who has been compared to Rondo.

    Keep in mind the Celtics don’t have any 2nd round picks.

    I’m getting the impression that in this draft almost everyone is trying to trade down. That bodes ill for the Suns’ own attempts at it, though probably some team will be successful.

  • bill.thomas

    There will be an expansion team in Seattle. That’s where Rondo needs to go. He really needs to be taken down quite a few notches.

  • bill.thomas

    Hi IQ & Motor = Babby whenever he spots a hot-dog stand !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!