NBA Draft Lottery 2013: Phoenix Suns to pick 5th

PHOENIX — The most likely odds had Phoenix Suns choosing fifth in the 2013 NBA Draft — that was at 35 percent — and that’s where they fell on Tuesday in the draft lottery.

The Suns came into the day with an 11.9 percent shot of selecting first, a 12.6 percent shot of picking second and a 13.3 percent chance of being third, but the Washington Wizards made a leap up the draft board. With a 70.3 percent shot of selecting eighth, the Wizards jumped to the third slot. Cleveland, which came in with the third-best chances of winning the lottery won while the Orlando Magic came in second.

At fifth, the Suns will see the second-tier level of talent and miss out on Nerlens Noel, Otto Porter and Ben McLemore, who are three players expected to be atop most mock drafts. But the talent dropoff isn’t that big of a gap with only Noel a lock to be selected in the top-three. Victor Oladipo, Anthony Bennett, Trey Burke, C.J. McCollum and Shabazz Muhammad are all in the mix and could do some damage to increase their value with team workouts.

“I think there are more than five good players in this draft,” Suns general manager Ryan McDonough said. “I think the grouping is pretty close. One of the difficult things … is figuring who’s going to be at the five-slot. We’ll prepare for everybody.”

McDonough said the Suns will make a list of eight to 10 players to focus upon regarding their first pick. His draft philosophy is simple: take the best player.

“Ideally, you have a pretty complete player,” he said.

While the Suns are in the fifth slot, they do have enough picks piled up and assets to have a great deal of flexibility. A decipal of the always tinkering Danny Ainge, McDonough said he will explore all possibilities.

“It depends what the price is, what the teams up ahead of us want,” he said. “I’m pretty comfortable in the fifth slot. It depends on what the teams ahead of us are going to do.”

Check back in a bit for a Valley of the Suns Google Hangout show. Here’s a look at the full order of picks.

1st – Cleveland Cavaliers

2nd – Orlando Magic

3rd – Washington Wizards

4th – Charlotte Bobcats

5th – Phoenix Suns

6th – New Orleans Pelicans

7th – Sacramento Kings

8th – Detroit Pistons

9th – Minnesota Timberwolves

10th – Portland Trail Blazers

11th – Philadelphia 76ers

12th – Toronto Raptors

13th – Dallas Mavericks

14th – Utah Jazz

  • Lloyd I. Cadle

    Poor Suns. They have the worst luck. They could have the first pick in the draft, and still fall down on their way to the podium to make their selection as the clock expires, leaving them with no pick at all!

  • DBreezy

    I guess we’ll see if BMac is as happy next month as he was at the combine last week. With this order, he likely would have dropped to at least 4th if Smart had stayed in the draft. If Burke impresses in workouts and moves to 2nd, things could get interesting for him as Porter to the Wiz seems like a lock (sorry Jan Vesely). The Cats could very well decide to go with a big like Bennett or Len if they don’t feel BMac is better than Henderson.

  • foreveris2long

    I love the fact McD commented we want the best player, which is what I think a team with a top 5 pick should want instead of need.

  • DBreezy

    It’s a great philosophy in general, hopefully the Suns bring in a wider swath of candidates than they have throughout the Sarver era for look sees. Just sit back and evaluate as at #5 a lot if stuff is out of their hands.

  • KayGee

    The Suns were sitting at three at one point but then they beat houston towards the end to end up at the fourth spot, and I laughed at the idea of the third pick winning the lottery but you know what…im not laughing right now!

  • Scott

    Hopefully the Suns don’t trade #5 and #30 to move up.

  • Daniel

    I think the best pick for the Suns would be C.J McCollum. He’s a scorer who is consistent and can lead a team in need. He put a relatively unknown school on the map with wins over schools like Kansas and Duke. Trading down or just picking him at the fifth spot to me would be the best option.

  • bill.thomas

    Does anyone agree that the post-Lottery Draft Express Mock Draft makes no sense whatever, all the way thru the 1st round into the 2nd? They have teams picking for players with qualities/characteristics the same as young players they already have, and ignoring obvious areas of need.

  • hawki

    Best #5 pick in the last ten years….Dwayne Wade (2003)….hon mention…Kevin Love (2008)

    Biggest bust #5 pick in last ten years…Nik Tskitishvili (2002)….hon mention..Sheldon Williams (2006)

    re: 57th pick….back in 2005 the Suns used the 57th pick to take a young player from Poland named Marcin Gortat.

    In 2009 Suns also had the 57th pick…they selected Emir Preldzic, who was summarily traded to the Cavs.
    Interestingly, Preldzic played on the 2008 Slovenian National Team with Goran Dragic’s younger brother, Zoran.

    Looks like this draft hinges on what Orlando does with the 2nd pick.
    It’s at least an 8-5 shot the Suns end up with Oladipo.

  • hawki

    From the “Advanced Stats Dept.”

    opposing teams ran plays off screens 449 times vs the Suns this season & scored 1.03 pts per play on 45.7% shooting, both of which ranked worst in the League from a defensive perspective.

  • Azbballfan

    I am going to make a 1st 5 pick draft prediction and it goes like this

    1: Cleveland takes Ben Mclemore

    Dan Gilbert said he doesnt want to to the lottery next year

    Taking Noel, who will be out atleast until end of december and has a limited offensive game doesnt make alot of sense if you want to win now

    Mclemore would fit great alongside Waiters and Irving

    Waiters played better as the 6th man last year anway

    Magic: Trey Burke

    Magic get a guy that can play the 2 and 1 and do it well

    they already have Harris, Vucavic and Nicholson manning the 3, 4 and 5 thats why they dont pick Noel here

    3: Washington selects Otto Porter. They get a local product that fits a need right next to John Wall and Bradley Beal

    4.Hornets break our heats and take Oladipo at number 4 and team him up with MKG and Walker, creating a deadly 3 man rotation of great D

    Walker already had a ton of steals last year and MKG should be a lockdown defender in the andre igudala mold eventually

    5. Suns take the best player availible and take Nerlens Noel

    Noel slips due to injury concerns and a win now attitude from Cleveland, and that combined with him not filling a need on the other 4 teams makes him go to the Suns

    it sounds crazy but i am basing this off of his injury history and Clevelands already got Verajo, Zeller and probably Greg Oden

    I dont care what the Suns do at #30, they should take the best guy they can get.

    They can always trade for need later, and this team needs everything except PG

  • Azbballfan

    oops i meant to say, “break our hearts” not “Heats”

  • Noitall

    I think the Suns should seriously consider trading down with someone looking to move up. An example would be Minnesota. They have the 9th and 26th pick. The dropoff from 5 to 9 is negligible and we could possibly score their pick next year along with the 9th pick, or take the 26th pick and pick up Derrick Williams [and possibly dump Beasley back on them. Utah has the 14th and 21st pick.

    The idea here is to somehow stay with 2 picks in the 1st round this year and gain a player or another higher pick in 2014, or drop out altogether if we can roster manage by dumping Beasely and gaining a 2014 pick.

    Let’s face it, while someone might turn out to be a good player, we just don’t really know who that might be. Next year the draft will be much deeper, offering a better probability that we end up selecting players that contribute.

  • Azbballfan

    The Suns could take Rudy Gobert at number 5 and store him in France for a year

    tkae best player that is there at #30 and #57

    whatever moves the Suns make this summer, dont destroy cap space by signing middling role players to expensive contracts

    one more season of bad basketball means we get alot of good things in 2014-2015

    this franchise has been around for over 40 years and has yet to win a title

    Suns fans can handle another losing season

    a quick rebuild is what we tried last year, and it was a epic disaster

    the Suns need a good player in this draft, just because there isnt a lebron james doesnt mean the picks are worthless

  • Scott

    @Noitall -

    That might be a brave move for a first time GM, but I can see the sense in it.

    There would be criticism for the Suns missing out on someone’s favorite player X just to get another cruddy bottom of the first round guy.

    IMO, before the Suns trade down, they need to get a good sense of what they can get in trade for their guys, and if there are any picks that can be bought.

    @Azbballfan -

    I don’t see the point of taking Gobert and storing him in France. The Suns have open spots on the roster and he could come over immediately.

    I agree about signings … I only want to see either bottom of the barrel guys (undrafted, D-League, FAs who never got traction) signed on short, tiny contracts, or a franchise player signed (don’t know how or why). But nothing in between.

    I would aim at another year of horri-bad basketball, but with all young guys, preferably no one over 26 (aside from Dragic and Haddadi).

    @bill.thomas -

    I liked how DX gave the Suns Goodwin at #30 and used the phrase “swing for the fences.” :)–ncaab.html

  • BCrayZ

    Neither STAT nor Matrix were a top 5 pick.

    Kobe, Nash, Rondo, Tony Parker, Manu & Gogi were not even close.

    Past top 5 picks include Greg

  • BCrayZ

    Neither STAT nor Matrix were a top 5 pick.
    Kobe, Nash, Rondo, Tony Parker, Manu & Gogi were not even close.
    Past top 5 picks include Greg Oden, Wes Johnson, Neasley & too many other busts to list. The point is that it is usually pure luck. Good teams don’t rely on pure luck. Suns should sign Louis & LB each at a bargain vet minimum deal, because they are free agents & want to come back home & we already know what to expect from their play. They mesh well with Gogi, Dud & Frye (if he is healthy & able to play.)
    MUST reunite that killer bench unit. Let’s go SUNS!!!!

  • Hustlin Russ

    For god’s sakes please don’t draft another point guard. If the best player available is a point guard….don’t pick him.

  • http://-- Joe

    What is a decipal? Did you mean disciple?

  • john

    @Hustlin Russ

    I’d say draft the best player available regardless of the position. The team needs talent, pure and simple. Talent will find a way to win more often than not, and the Suns have only one player on their roster who I believe is talented enough to start on the majority of NBA teams.

    Who cares what the position is? Just draft the best player.

  • Azbballfan

    Hey Scott

    I think the Suns should bring Gobert over if he was drafted. too

    but the “stash away in Europe” is always an option

    of course i am assuming he has a easy buyout?

    sometimes international guys have awful buyouts and their NBA club can only help them so much

    someone on brightside mentioned a draft of Levito Jean-Charles and Gobert together

    I heard a rumor the Pistons want out of this draft, i wonder what they would want for their pick?

    we could get CJ McCollum from them for Marcin Gortat in exchange for

    Jonas Jerebko and backup center Kravtsov

    the pistons save money while upgrading their frontcourt, and the Suns get a pick the pistons didnt want, add cheap talent in two pistons players and fill a need at the 2 with McCollum

    sounds like a good deal to me

  • Azbballfan

    oops i forgot to finish that thought

    that would give us a rotation of

    Dragic, McCollum, Jean Charles, Frye and Gobert (if he comes over here)

    backing that up would be the morris twins, Marshall, Jerebko and Kravtsov and jermaine oneal or Haddadi depending what they want to do

    Suns fill short term holes and long term ones while remaining cheap and in position for a huge 2014 draft and free agent class

    if McCollum is anywhere near as good as Curry or Lilliard then we got a major steal

    that lineup could score, defend and rebound and have a two 6’11 guys and a 7-1 guy in the front court

    Jean-Charles might be 6’9 now that i think about it but the strengths are still there

  • Peter

    How is there not more anger at the Suns inability to tank properly? Suns had the 3rd worst record in the league, win 2 of their lat 4 games and end up with 4th, Cavs get 3rd worst and end up with the #1 pick.

    I’m not for tanking entire seasons, but last 10 games if you’re out of the playoff picture? Yup.

  • Azbballfan

    Im not mad because Cleveland just got lucky

    they only had 3 percent more chance than the Suns did

    Charlotte had a 19 percent chance of getting the 1st pick and they slid all the way to 4th

    if the Suns would have had the 3rd worst record instead of the 4rh theres no guarantee they would have had the number 1 pick

  • Juan

    My man,



  • Jrock

    From what I understand, the Suns like Alex Len. I can see the Suns taking just about anyone, bust more likely they take the best available or obvious choice. Victor Oladipo or Alex Len would be my guess, and Archie Goodwin or Tim Hardaway Jr. at 30th pick. If the Suns are considering trading for another 1st round. Gortat to the Wolves or Blazers and Mavericks would be possibilities. In that case Shabazz Muhammad, C.J. McCollum or Lucas Nogueira would be great options.


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