Gambo: Signs indicate Ryan McDonough is the Suns' GM hire

Update (10:42 a.m.): It’s gone official. Ryan McDonough is in as the Suns GM.

Ryan McDonough, the Boston Celtics assistant general manager, appears to be the next Phoenix Suns GM and the announcement could be official as soon as today, John Gambadoro of 620 KTAR reports. The news either quickly squashes Monday night’s report from ESPN’s Marc Stein that Grant Hill could be a target for the Suns’ GM opening or indicates that Hill does not have interest.

Stein did note that the Suns would choose between McDonough and Milwaukee Bucks assistant Jeff Weltman if Hill passed on the opportunity.

McDonough, 33, received strong praise from Celtics boss Danny Ainge this week regarding the Suns’ opening specifically.

. “He’s been a guy that I’ve heavily relied on over the last handful of years, and I’m excited for him to get an opportunity,” Ainge told the Boston Herald. “It’s been a dream for Ryan. It’s a chance to rebuild. Phoenix is in pretty good position. They have some cap space. They have six first-round picks over the next three years. I think it’s an opportunity for Ryan to try to do his thing.”

Paul Coro reported that McDonough had made headway in putting himself atop the Suns’ wish-list alongside Weltman. A McDonough hire gives Phoenix as close to a home run as can be expected, and it aligns with president of basketball operations Lon Babby’s declaration of the offseason of 2013 being “the summer of analytics.” McDonough, who started in Boston’s video room, is at the forefront of the movement.

“I’ve sort of said to our staff that this summer is the summer of analytics,” Babby said after former general manager Lance Blanks was relieved of his duties. “Last summer was really the summer of upgrading our medical facilities, training facilities … I would say that this summer is our task on analytics. I would say we made tremendous progress, but we’ve got to find a way to integrate that not only into our decisions in the front office but also into coaching in ways that have not been done.”

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  • a-game


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  • john

    Excellent. I wonder how the haters will bash this decision.

    “Sarver couldn’t get someone with some REAL experience?!”

    “Sarver didn’t want to pay the big bucks for Phil Jackson?!”

    “Sarver just hired a computer geek to be the GM?!”

    “This new school numbers garbage will be the end of the Suns!!11!1!!”

    Here’s to hoping McDonough can improve upon the legacy left by his predecessor. My bet is that he will.

  • a-game

    He’s on the forefront of analytics, comes from a winning pedigree, peers such as presti/ujiri/etc…… Great pick up!!

    Now lets see what this guy can do.

  • DBreezy

    I liked the hire at first, but now that John does too…. JK, looks like a good move and I hope it’s the beginning of a steady,well-measured ascent out of this mess. Gambo tweeted that he thinks there’s no way McD keeps Hunter. I wonder if he’ll start a new league trend of tapping Doc Rivers’ assistants instead of Pop’s?

    You could also potentially include Lawrence Frank in there as he was just fired and was a defensive assistant for Doc. Rumor was that he was being considered again for that spot. Perhaps he could consider someone on Tibs’ staff as well. My guess is that it should be an interesting choice, probably a bit out of the box, but probably not in the way that Hunter was. I also wonder if Treloar will get the Quinter quarantine by mid to late summer?

  • Ty-Sun

    Hey, I’m happy with the choice. Now the Suns just need to decide on a new coach and start moving forward. That should be quite interesting.

  • DBreezy

    In other news, this draft continues to become more and more of a sick joke. Anthony Bennett will have rotator cuff surgery and is out for 4mos. That’s 3 out of the top 5-10 prospects that won’t be available for full workouts, won’t be available for summer league, and will probably be worked in gingerly whenever they do return. Not the end of the world for the Suns’ 2014 lottery chances though if they make the right pick.

    Also McD got a 4yr deal according to Gambo, I’m impressed already as I don’t think anyone has gotten more than 3years on initial deal from Sarver. Hopefully it signals a commitment to a process vs a quick patch up attempt and it clearly leaves the door open for Babby’s swan song to be a Hill return as asst GM after Lon’s departure in 2years promoting McD to PBO.

  • DBreezy

    My bad,I forgot that Blanks got a 4yr deal as well because there was confusion about that for some time.

  • john


    Well played, sir. Well played. ;)

  • Rishi

    This is great news Suns fans! This was my pick out of the three finalists, I am happy with the choice!!!!!!!!!!!!