Michael Beasley investigated for alleged sexual assault

Scottsdale Police are investigating but have not charged Michael Beasley for a reported sexual assault that took place at the Suns forward’s home. The department told multiple media outlets Tuesday, including The Arizona Republic, that they are looking into the allegation.

The incident reportedly occurred on Jan. 13 at Beasley’s home in Paradise Valley. A woman brought the complaint to Scottsdale Police, and Scottsdale Police spokesman Dave Pubins told the newspaper, “There is no booking photo as he was not arrested or charged with a crime. This investigation is ongoing.”

The news surely brings a negative cloud over the hiring of general manager Ryan McDonough, who has more than enough on his plate in hiring a head coach and beginning preparations for the upcoming NBA draft. Should the investigation find anything, Beasley’s status with the Suns could come into serious question, regardless of his contract that has two years remaining. His salary of $6 million next season is guaranteed while his final year, worth $6.25 million, is not.

Beasley was cited for speeding and an invalid driver’s license in January by Scottsdale Police, but the Suns did not discipline him publicly for that incident.

  • a-game

    Someome please tell the FO to dump his ass immediately! Another one of those messes Blanks left behind…

  • Scott

    If Jerry Colangelo was still owner, you’d swear you could hear the ticking timer on the Beasley ejection seat … 3, 2, 1 …

  • Scott

    BTW, DX has updated scouting and a Schmitz video for Steve Adams.

    My take on it is that the guy moves well, but is extremely raw, especially on offense. Definitely a project player.

    In terms of motivation, at the moment what I’m getting is that he’s not real competitive – lacks killer instinct – and may be in it just for the money. (Don’t take that as a judgment against him, but more as a question mark.)


  • Voqar

    Can the suns ditch his contract if he’s doing time? Full cooperation with authorities may be a great idea.

  • bill.thomas

    Don’t get so excited. He hasn’t been charged with anything after an investigation of some three and one-half months. Sounds like a case of buyer’s remorse on the part of some one.

  • bill.thomas

    Sounds like Adams may be available with the 30th pick, he is that raw.

  • bill.thomas

    The Draft Express says he is going pro bc he wants to help his family. The Addams family, you know.

  • Azbballfan

    I have not seen much of Adams, because theres raw, and then theres bismack biyombo raw

    is he biyombo-like raw?

    if the Suns keep the 30th pick what about going for Jeff Wtithey if they go for a wing at number 4?

    Withey plays excellent defense and is pretty athletic for a 7 footer

    He averaged 13.7 points 8.5 rebounds and 3.9 blocks a game last year

    just another player for the Suns to look at if he slips that far

  • bill.thomas

    @Azbballfan: I’d love to get Withey at 30 but I don’t think he’ll last. Nearly 4 blocks a game and has an outside shot.

  • john

    If anything comes of this, he should be gone. If nothing comes of this, he should be played 40 mpg next season every game so the Suns can have a chance at parker.

  • Scott

    @john -

    I’m of a similar view. If the Suns can’t get anything decent in trade for Beasley, then keep him, because if he plays the Suns ought to get a high lottery pick in 2014.

    In a similar vein, I’m hoping the Suns successfully trade off Gortat, Dudley, and Scola for good assets that need development time, much like the young players in Orlando that Hennigan acquired.

  • bill.thomas

    If Beasley suddenly does an about-face and morphs into a poor-man’s Kevin Durant overnight, all your evil plotting will come to nothing !!!!!!!!!

  • Scott

    @bill -

    Beasley already IS a poor man’s Durant. A very, very, very poor man’s Durant.

    The evil plotting continues unabated. :)

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    There goes Beasley’s chance at the starring role in the updated version of “Leave it to Beaver”.

    Another name to consider at 30….Ricky Ledo…a 6’6″ SG who was a 5 star recruit for Providence and was ineligible this year due to grades. Kid can play & Suns are desperate for help on the perimeter.

    Possibly a risk worth taking at #30 in this year’s draft.

  • Forever is2long

    Hawk, good scouting report. I had never heard of him. that is why you are my man because you find ballers in the back woods.

  • Auggie 5000

    Ballers in the backwoods


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