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Phoenix Suns, No Direction!

One of the most troubling issues with the Phoenix Suns over the past few seasons aside from the losses piling up is the fact that both on and off the court the Phoenix Suns look like a chicken running around with it’s headed severed. 

When the Suns fired Alvin Gentry earlier this season, they did so without having any immediate replacement locked and loaded. The befuddling part of it was that they knew they were going to fire Gentry. The Suns let Alvin Gentry go at nearly the perfect time, it was upon a home loss to the Milwaukee Bucks and the Suns had five days off before their next game which in essence gave the Suns front office time to figure things out.

So my question is, why did they need time at all?

It was obvious who the three candidates were immediately upon the firing of Gentry, Dan Majerle, Elston Turner and Lindsey Hunter; all three men were already apart of the Suns staff. Yet the Suns waited a solid two days before announcing their decision. Since all three guys were already on the staff there was no reason why the Suns couldn’t name the interim coach immediately upon the firing of Alvin Gentry, but no, the Suns front-office gave the fans the typical mind boggling song and dance that Suns fans have witnessed a few too many times.

And here we are, the same thing is taking place all over again.

The Suns canned Lance Blanks nearly two weeks ago, but they are still without a general manager and this long procrastinated search is hurting no one except the Phoenix Suns. I don’t want to hear any excuses at this point. The Suns KNEW they were going to fire Lance Blanks! I’ll bet anyone dollars to donuts that the Suns had a pink slip with his name on it after that altercation Blanks had with Jermaine O’Neal; granted Blanks deserved to get fired based on his work over the past three seasons alone.

The reasons that the delayed GM search will hurt the Suns is relatively obviously, first off there’s the draft process. Without a general manager aboard there’s not a chance in hell that the draft process is in full swing in Phoenix. The GM is typically the guy that has the most knowledge in regards to the draft, because the man spends 365, 24/7 studying up on prospects, working with the scouts, talking to the colleges coaches, and the GM usually has a HUGE say on who to take.

Then there is the coaching decision. If the Suns select a new coach before they select their new GM that would be absolutely disastrous! The GM, and the coach almost work hand in hand when it comes to making basketball decisions off the court, and if the new coach and the new GM’s relationship is founded upon the concept of “I’m rubber and you’re glue” Then the Suns will suffer on the court as a result; just ask Mike D’Antoni and Steve Kerr.

Finally there’s the free agency aspect of things. Free agency is just two months away. Between the upcoming coaching search and draft process, the ship is already running a tight schedule but add the free agency decisions to the equation it all just makes everything absolutely chaotic.

The Suns currently have two major pieces missing off the court, a general manager and a coach. First the Suns will need to find themselves a GM, secondly they will need to find a coach, thirdly the coach, the GM, and Lon Babby will all need to sit down at the nearest Starbucks in order to discuss their blue print for the Suns moving forward, then finally they will need to start making VITAL decisions which will impact the Suns for years to come.

Case in point, someone needs to light a fire under the rear ends of Lon Babby and the god squad on this whole GM business, because as of right now, everything else is on ice until a GM is selected. The NBA draft lottery is just 18 days away, the NBA draft is just 55 days away, and free agency begins (unofficially) in 59 days. But hey! Who are we to tell Lon Babby and Robert Sarver to hurry it up? After all, they have proven to the fan base throughout the years that they’re capable individuals whom makes completely unquestionable decisions! (Sarcasm is exuding out of my skull…)


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