Lindsey Hunter to interview with Detroit Pistons, Coro reports

The Suns have given interim coach Lindsey Hunter permission to interview with the Detroit Pistons. Paul Coro confirmed the reports that first came from Detroit reporter Matt Dery. Hunter told Coro that it’s “just an interview, like any other” — that is quite the typical, Lindsey Hunter fashion of nonchalantness.

John Gambadoro also confirmed Phoenix will allow their interim coach to interview.

For the Suns to block such a request wouldn’t make sense since the franchise in the Valley of the Suns is just beginning its general manager search.

Hunter did tell Coro he believed that Phoenix’s retained interest in him is genuine, but on his end, waiting around might prove pointless, especially with his backer, Lance Blanks, gone.

Hunter, of course, spent 1993-2000 and 2003-08 with the Pistons as a backup point guard on the perennial Eastern Conference contenders and one-time NBA champions. As far as style is concerned, a fit in Detroit might make a lot more sense than it would in Phoenix. The Pistons’ historically have played the exact style Hunter likely would succeed in coaching, after all.

Still, the Pistons’ situation isn’t a whole lot better than the one Hunter might be leaving in Phoenix. Detroit won 29-53 this season, and the team fired coach Lawrence Frank last week. They do have intriguing young players such as Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and Brandon Knight, however. Plus, a fresh start for Hunter might make all the difference with the Suns locker room already being in turmoil when he took over for Alvin Gentry this January.

  • pece

    Also EU coach, Zeljko Obradovic, is connected with the future of Detroit (on Sportando). It’s not likely, but probably there were some informative talks at least.

  • Scott

    It was easy to forecast Hunter going to Detroit. Hopefully he makes it here.

  • Scott

    The player I like the most in this draft – who I think has the most potential, especially relative to their expected draft position (#17) – is Archie Goodwin. He just got his updated scouting report and draft video on DX. I would say he’s this year’s Kawhi Leonard, though not as NBA ready as Leonard.

    I think Goodwin’s got the physical potential and the right type of mind, he just needs to mature in an environment where he’s learning the right things. If the Suns were to get him, I wouldn’t look for him to appear on the court right away, and I would expect him to need something like two years of seasoning before he really gets it and can start. So he’s a bit of a project, but with my view of how the Suns should rebuild – expecting to spend this summer and next in the lottery before rebounding to the playoffs – the timing is fine.

  • Scott

    Whoa. Just re-read post #2 and saw I made a typo that completely changes the message.

    Should be “Hopefully he (Hunter) makes it THERE (Detroit).” :)

  • Scott

    FWIW, DX is still saying in scouting reports that Livio Jean-Charles is 6′ 9″, but that Mam Jaiteh who was previously measured at 6′ 9″ is now 6′ 11″.

    DX still portrays Livio as a tweener forward and a roleplayer, emphasizing his length and IQ over his athleticism.

    Karl Towns, who has not had much previous scouting attention, is a 17 year old 7 footer from the Dominican Republic capable of draining long 3 pointers, driving in transition, and making behind the back passes. As you might expect at 17 he still needs a lot of work, but keep an eye on him for the 2015 draft.

  • bill.thomas

    @Scott: Its funny how overseas players seem to grow so fast and even defy measurement. Maybe its the metric conversion. Or something in the food or water over there.