Lance Blanks’ funniest quotes

Looking back on Lance Blanks and his role as general manager of the Phoenix Suns, let the record show that there’s no reason to think that all of the below quotes are all that ridiculous. Some are simply coming from a guy with a high-pressure job who wants to win. With help from Michael Schwartz’s fine record-keeping, I’ve compiled a short-list of all the best quotes throughout Lance Blanks’ time as the Phoenix Suns’ general manager and attempted to rank them.

[RELATED: A review of Blanks' time as GM]Again, these are mildly in context, so take them with a grain of salt. Some can be construed as lacking judgment. Others are just down-right funny, while a few are laughable out of context. You be the judge.

No. 7: Before this season

“Anytime that I’m involved with an organization as intimately as I am with this one, if we’re not playing in the spring, deep into the spring, it’s utter depression for me. I think we have enough talent for it, but I also think it’s going to need to come together. The guys are going to need to learn to trust each other. … We’ll have to do it fairly quickly in order to be successful. I think when you look at rosters and support in organizations, we should more than be in that conversation late in the season.

“Absolutely. That’s absolutely a realistic goal.”

No. 6: During the summer of 2012, before the draft

“The commitment is to every single day take this thing to a level where very few teams go, and that’s to ultimately raise a banner and have you guys scrutinizing us even more.”

No. 5: To open Michael Beasley’s introductory press conference

“I’m as excited as I’ve ever been in my whole career to welcome this young man into our organization. This is just extremely exciting for me as I know it is many others in the organization. I honestly feel this way, he is a wonderful, wonderful young man. I feel fortunate to be sitting next to him.”

No. 4: After acquiring Aaron Brooks for Goran Dragic

“There aren’t many players you can get like this in any situation.

“We have improved our chances in the short term and possibly maybe even the long term.”

No. 3: After the 2010 offseason acquisitions of Hedo Turkoglu, Josh Childress, and Hakim Warrick and the re-signing of Channing Frye (none of which Blanks was responsible for)

“A lot of the heavy lifting has been done. They look like solid moves to me.”

No. 2: Upon being introduced as the team’s GM

“With that introduction, I don’t know how it could go anymore positive, so it’s probably downhill from here.”

Editor’s Note: This came after PBO Lon Babby said, “We wanted what I describe as a basketball genius, and if any of you have ever wondered what a basketball genius looks like, here he is.”

No. 1: On Luke Zeller’s ability as a shooter

“I think if you take out games — don’t laugh — he’s one of the best shooters in the world.”

  • a-game

    What a joke! He seriously had no clue whatsoever. The aaron brooks signing for goran and a first round pick, the signing of bust beasley, the morris twins and marshall experiments…..i mean, the list goes on! He did more harm than good and totally sucked as GM.

    The quotes above explains it all – delusional!

    Dont know about you all, but im suuuuuuuuper stoked he’s gone.

  • hawki

    “…he (Beasley) is a wonderful, wonderful young man”

    I would’ve said the same thing too if someone just slipped me an ounce of Hi-Grade Dro.

  • Scott

    I agree with a-game: Blanks was utterly clueless and delusional.

    Makes you wonder how he got picked to be GM.

    Really, it says A LOT about whoever endorsed this guy.

  • http://none Keith

    LOL about the Zeller one. I had forgotten the exact quote. Take out the games? What are we talking about, practice?! As bad as AI!

  • Forever is2long

    From day one like I suspect most of you, I never liked the intern. No wonder J. O’Neil went off on him. I suspect when Hunter is gone, we will get the goods on the screaming match between O’Neil and Blanks.

  • Ty-Sun

    In all fairness to Blanks (and Sarver for hiring him), Blanks started out as a scout for the Spurs in 2000 and eventually became SA’s director of scouting. After that, he was the assistant GM with Cleveland for 5 seasons before joining the Suns. There was really no reason to believe he would fail as GM.

    As I wrote in another post, perhaps the real failure was in the Suns developing young talent. Amare was NBA ready when the Suns drafted him but several other players didn’t really develop until after they left the Suns.

    I’m NOT defending Blanks. I’m just saying that all the blame shouldn’t be piled on him alone.

  • Forever is2long

    In my eyes no one should be immune from blame. Sarver, Babby and Blanks I think have all done a horrific job. If Blanks was given full autonomy, shame on Sarver and Babby. If he was not given full autonomy, shame on Babby for approving the mess he did.

  • silver


  • Scott

    @Ty-Sun -

    I’m aware of his history … I just never assumed Blanks was doing the work ascribed to him, that’s all. I figured Popovich had a good crew and final say on everything in SA, and I thought Cleveland – aside from the James pick – was a clusterfluffle.

    Well, Varejao turned out okay, after several years. But that’s about it.

    Nothing about Blanks said to me, “I am a mastermind.”

  • DBreezy

    Yeah I have to say I was pretty skeptical about Blanks too. Especially after a very long search where the preferred candidates all passed including one to a team owned by the league that knew it would have to trade CP3.

  • Max

    My friend is the head guy in charge of the Suns film crew and he told me that when they went to film the 2011 draft, he asked Blanks what he thought about Faried and Blanks said “He ain’t shit”. Then we went on to draft Markieff because of our need for an aggressive rebounder/defender… Hmmmm… I would not say this unless I knew it were 100% true. Let that sink in. I do blame Babby also but I think he can heal all wounds as long as he has a great new hire for GM and coach. We need Kerr back!

  • Scott

    Kerr was better than Blanks, but please … let’s get someone who can really build a team.

  • foreveris2long

    Max, good insight.

  • john


    If that’s true, I think I’ll just go sit in a corner and cry for a few hours. I wanted Faried in PHX so badly. That man does nothing except what I love to see on the court. Defend. Rebound. Dunk. Repeat.

    After his self-promotional youtube rap video, how could the Suns have possibly passed?

  • bill.thomas

    Markieff was a defensible pick, although he has not turned out yet as hoped, whereas Faried has extended and developed his game better than I would have expected (I still would have preferred to take Faried, not knowing how either player would develop.) At this point I think Morris has 1/2 year to 1 year to develop and make it more consistent. If he cannot make meaningful improvement in that time, then arguably he should be toward the top of our trading block. I think Marcus might be given a bit more time as he has had nowhere near as much playing time as his brother and recently joined us.

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