VotS Live: Postseason edition

  • To start – A general overview of what went wrong
  • 6:10 – On Goran Dragic’s season
  • 10:15 – Kendall Marshall’s development
  • 15:45 – Most disappointing thing in general
  • 23:10 – The Wes Johnson – Shannon Brown debacle
  • 27:10 – Who are “untouchables,” so to speak?
  • 32:20 – Getting into free agency talk and how quickly Phoenix can turn it around (hint: it’s not happening soon)

  • Scott

    I thought I’d introduce two more international players that have popped up on DX’s mock draft.

    Dennis Schroeder is currently at #20, and he’s an interesting prospect for at least one reason: length. He’s a 6′ 1″ PG with a 6′ 7″ wingspan. He’s quick, athletic, and 19. He’s shooting 58% from 3. The problem? He’s a tiny dataset guy playing against Euro teams. So we don’t really know how effective he would be in the NBA.

    Schroeder, at 19, has good potential: he’s already got the basics of scoring and playmaking, and he’s a good on-ball defender, which is particularly important for PGs. He’s got good lateral quickness. He’s effective from the perimeter and he’s got a (shaky) floater. However, the limited dataset doesn’t tell us if he’s truly effective on shooting or just having a good streak right now. While he does drive, he doesn’t drive to the hoop for the foul, and he also currently lacks a midrange shot.

    If Schroeder drops to the Suns at #30, IMO he’d be a reasonable pick, even if the Suns feel they already have 2 solid picks at PG. That’s because I prefer drafting on potential, rather than to fill needs.

    (Someone will misunderstand what I just said, so I’ll try to clarify. I’m not saying the Suns SHOULD pick him. If the Suns pick Schroeder at #30 I can accept that; I won’t be screaming “WTF?!!” over and over, stomping, overturning tables, and slamming doors.)

    The other pick is in the 2nd round at #36: Livio Jean-Charles. Also 19, he’s 6′ 9″, 210 lbs, and he has a 7′ 2″ wingspan. Assuming he’s finished growing, he’d be a tweener forward, possibly playing at SF earlier in his career and then at PF after he adds more weight / muscle. He projects to be a role player and though athletic has few skills at this point. IMO, he’s too high at #36 and possibly should not even be drafted.

    Mam Jaiteh, who I’ve mentioned before, and whom DX had been projecting in the latter third of the first round, has now dropped into the top third of the 2nd round (#32). It would be realistic, IMO, for him to continue dropping right to the bottom of the 2nd round. From what I’ve read, he’s basically a Scola-type player (can’t jump) who is working on developing crafty play, but isn’t quite there yet. If I was drafting, I’d probably want him to have the skills before I picked him, unless I wanted to pick him and keep him in Europe for a few years.

  • foreveris2long

    Scott, would you want the Suns to draft Schroeder over Payne from Michigan State? I definitely agree the Suns need to draft on potential.

  • Scott

    @forever -

    I don’t have updated scouting yet on Payne. His stat line for 2012/13 looks good.

    My preference in any draft is to try to get players with star potential. Payne may be one of the better prospects in the 2nd round. Maybe he’s being held out of the first round because of his medical disability (smaller than normal lungs). I don’t know.

    If he projects to be a role player (as is the case with many 2nd rounders), then – philosophically – that sort of position on the team would be more appropriately filled by a free agent signing.

    However, if there are no more players with star potential by the time the Suns pick, they’ve got to look for quality role players.

  • Dominik

    Some quick notes on Schroeder:

    - selected as MIP in Germany this season
    - youngest All Star in German Basketball history

    He still has a way to go, but any team picking and developing him will make a good move!

  • http://valleyofthesuns.com hawki

    I watched both Dennis Schroeder & Livio Jean-Charles play in the recent Nike Hoop Summit…..didn’t watch the whole game but from what I saw…

    Schroeder was impressive…cat quick & able to get to the rack when he needed to….didn’t see enough of his outside game to comment.

    Livio Jean-Charles was an absolute beast….he actually has grown & was measured at 6’11″ barefoot at the Nike Hoop Summit….at least that’s what they said.
    He dominated the glass & the Americans had no answer for him….he was the star even above Andrew Wiggins (Canada) who also played for the World Team.
    Jean-Charles was the tournament MVP.

    If Jean-Charles was available with the 30th pick I would take him in a heartbeat….actually I can’t believe he would last that long.

    ps….Jabari Parker looked very good for the Americans.
    Final score…

  • Scott

    Thanks for the updates on Schroeder and Jean-Charles.

    There was not much scouting info on the latter, and if he’s bigger and played better at the Summit, then that’s good to know.

    What you always want to get in the 2nd round is a steal, and it’s hard to manage that when you’re picking at the bottom of the draft, but it’s been done before, typically by grabbing a talented foreign player no one has heard of.

  • Forever is2long

    Hawk, great insight on the players Scott referenced. It is always beneficial when someone has seen prospects play. Way to keep those names coming Scott.

  • Azbballfan

    Yeah i also would like to draft jean charles.

    i just hope we get Oladipo and make a trade for Jamaal Franklin if we use the 30th pick to get charles

    that would be a potential packed trio

    franklin could be a sixth man and we could start oladipo and charles at the 2 and 3, i mean what do we got to lose? this team finished 32 games under 500

    i just heard someone on espn the other day tweet that some NBA GMs think this is the weakest draft “in decades”

    thats good for the Suns, who have the worst talent in the NBA (i feel anyway)

    we need to get as many assetts as possible and see who develops

    even adding jefferson and ellis to this team would only improve us marinally since our main problems are defense, rebounding and someone to throw the ball to when we need a bucket

    jefferson and ellis arent known for their defense

    we would improve but is that worth it to clog your cap space and make your draft position worse for whats supposed to be very good draft?

    its great that we could sign 2 max guys but it totally has to be right guys and i dont think this free agent class is worth the money

    Dallas should be selling their pick, i would pick up the phone if i was babby and say, hey you want Gortat for the pcik? or whatever as long as we start accumulating assetts

  • Scott

    @azbballfan -

    Gortat is likely to be sullen if he’s not the starting center, and Dallas will probably be aiming for better centers (Howard, Jefferson, Splitter) in free agency. So IMO it’s doubtful the Suns could trade Gortat to Dallas at the draft.

    If Cuban can’t net any of those guys, he might go for Gortat, but that would happen later in the summer. And Gortat would still have to outfight guys who are more his level, such as Okafor, Blair, and Dalembert. (There’s actually a fair number of Cs up for grabs this year.)

    Of course, the Suns could possibly trade Gortat to NO for Lopez and Rivers … ;)

  • DBreezy

    Lance is leaving the building!

  • Scott

    BTW, I could see Gentry popping up next season as either head coach of the Pistons or Cavaliers, or as an assistant with just about any team.

  • Scott

    OMG … my post on the history of FO moves re: PGs got Blanks fired!

    Awesome! :)

  • Scott

    Now the question is: who will they get in to run the draft? They really do need someone who is going to run the team to make that decision.

    A “mastermind” type, preferably.