Mar. 30, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA: Indiana Pacers forward Tyler Hansbrough (50) attempts a shot under pressure from Phoenix Suns forward Marcus Morris (15) in the first half at the US Airways Center. The Pacers defeated the Suns 112-104. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns Report Card: Marcus Morris

Marcus Morris (Small/Power Forward)

Season stat line (Averages)

MIN: 19.8|FG%: 42.2|3P%: 36.9|FT%: 56.4|REB: 3.6|AST: 0.8|BLK: 0.3|STL: 0.6|TO: 1|PTS: 7.7

Matt’s Comments:

Marcus Morris quietly had a good season, just not with the Suns. Marcus was a far better player in Houston than he was here, but nonetheless he could be a huge factor moving forward. There is a lot of Jeff Green in Morris’ game, physically they’re about the same in terms of height and weight, they’re both “Tweeners”, they both have a good feel for the game and they both can shoot the ball.

Marcus had a tough time cracking the Suns rotation for the most part because the Suns are loaded at the forward positions. Marcus isn’t the rebounder his brother Markieff is but Marcus seems to be much more comfortable handling the basketball and making offensive moves. Like I said, there is a lot of Jeff Green in Marcus(With less athleticism obviously) and with a hard work filled offseason, Marcus could become a great rotation player next season.

If his grade was predicated upon his play in Houston, he would have received a B+ but since he didn’t play as well in Phoenix, a B- seems fair.

Grade: B-

Eric’s Comments:

Marcus played in 25 games with the Suns after being with the Houston Rockets previously. He was reunited with his twin brother Markieff after the trade and seemed to fit in nicely for a while before falling out of favor with Lindsey Hunter for a while, but then it picked up again toward the end of the season, when they wanted the younger players to have more minutes on the court for experience.

Marcus needs to work on his rebounding, footwork in the post and get even better at his three-pointer this off-season so that he can come back and with a training camp make a significant contribution next season.

Grade: B

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  • Sam

    There are better forwards coming from the draft soon. I don’t expect to see either of Morris twins next season. On the average Suns got outperformed on by 10 points while either brother was playing. Too slow for defense, too short to rebound fair accuracy only if there’s no pressure. Marcus is more athletic than Markieff but can not use his athleticism to make points or get rebounds or even do effective defense. I only liked his off and on 3-pointers. My score C-.

    • Matthew

      I was personally impressed by Marcus when he had the ball in his hands. He played very well in Houston, but coming to Phoenix it seemed to kill his groove. I think now that the twins are reunited, they will work hard, improve and will be major contributors going forward. Don’t always go on the numbers Sam, the Suns roster was one of the worst in the league this year, the fact that they actually won 25 games in the west isn’t that bad under the circumstances. Expect more improvements next season from just about everybody.

      • Sam

        Mathew, the picture above explains what I mean about Morris brothers. You see the ball falling with 6’9″ F/C Hansbrough struggling to get the rebound and 6’9″ Marcus is toofar to get the ball while 7’2′ Hamed is above both. Markieff is 6’10″ a bit taller but still not tall or fast enough. I’ve noticed the least productive players are those between 6’6″-6’9″ when they weigh 230 and up (unless they’re super-aggressive) because then they’re not tall enough to challenge rebounds against 7′+ centers and not light enough to jump left and right to defend or to find open positions to shoot, even if they’re accurate. If they’re near they get blocked, if they’re far they miss 70% of shots. Marcus is a bit more mobile than Markieff and has better offensive skills and accuracy. If I had to choose between the two I’d take Marcus as reserve-forward but Suns already has Gortat, Scola as true forwards and what it needs is fast scorer guards or active 6’11″-7′ shooters like Nowitzki or Garnett to replace O’Neal.

        This season was intentionally tanked to get draft picks, Suns could’ve easily ended the season 45-37 and got into playoffs then lost in the first round with no top draft picks but management chose not to. You could tell by the way team suddenly turned into OKC-Thunder when they wanted to win!