NBA Draft Lottery 2013: Jazz lose to end Suns' lottery shot

Moments after the Phoenix Suns ended their dark, dark season with a 118-98 loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Utah Jazz fell to the Memphis Grizzlies, 86-70, in withering fashion. That effectively took the Suns’ shot at earning the Los Angeles Lakers’ lottery pick as Steve Nash’s new team solidified a playoff berth.

The Suns will now receive the Miami Heat’s first round draft pick for 2013, which is set at the 30th overall slot. The pick was acquired in the trade that sent Nash to Los Angeles.

Phoenix (25-57) will now have the 30th pick and the fourth-best shot at winning the draft lottery. The Cleveland Cavaliers secured the NBA’s third-worst record (24-58) on Wednesday with a loss to the league’s worst team, the Charlotte Bobcats. In the second round, the Suns will have the 57th overall pick via a Denver pick acquired in the Nash trade.

At the beginning of the year, the talk of Phoenix adding a second lottery pick seemed farfetched, and it became especially more laughable of a discussion once the Lakers traded for center Dwight Howard. But things obviously haven’t gone as planned in Lakerland. Instead, the end of the year was a cruel tease to Suns fans hoping for just a little luck to go their way in the rebuilding process.

Now, it’s more of another painful prick to what is officially the end to a lost season.

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