NBA Draft Lottery 2013: Jazz lose to end Suns' lottery shot

Moments after the Phoenix Suns ended their dark, dark season with a 118-98 loss to the Denver Nuggets, the Utah Jazz fell to the Memphis Grizzlies, 86-70, in withering fashion. That effectively took the Suns’ shot at earning the Los Angeles Lakers’ lottery pick as Steve Nash’s new team solidified a playoff berth.

The Suns will now receive the Miami Heat’s first round draft pick for 2013, which is set at the 30th overall slot. The pick was acquired in the trade that sent Nash to Los Angeles.

Phoenix (25-57) will now have the 30th pick and the fourth-best shot at winning the draft lottery. The Cleveland Cavaliers secured the NBA’s third-worst record (24-58) on Wednesday with a loss to the league’s worst team, the Charlotte Bobcats. In the second round, the Suns will have the 57th overall pick via a Denver pick acquired in the Nash trade.

At the beginning of the year, the talk of Phoenix adding a second lottery pick seemed farfetched, and it became especially more laughable of a discussion once the Lakers traded for center Dwight Howard. But things obviously haven’t gone as planned in Lakerland. Instead, the end of the year was a cruel tease to Suns fans hoping for just a little luck to go their way in the rebuilding process.

Now, it’s more of another painful prick to what is officially the end to a lost season.

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  • DBreezy

    So assuming the Suns stay at fourth I would say best guess as of today is that Noel, BMac, and Porter are off the board in some order. Right now from the front office’s pov, my gut says that it’s between Oladipo and Shabazz. Perhaps Len gets some consideration in a week draft as well, but I get the feeling that Bennett won’t. There will be much fan trepidation about Zeller being considered, but my guess is that it’s a non-issue.

  • foreveris2long

    I hope whoever the Suns draft has a big upside as opposed to someone safe. I also hope they are an above average defender and is athletic.

  • Azbballfan

    My vote goes for Oladipo if he is availible

    we should also grab Jamaal Franklin with the 30th pick if by some miracle he is still around

    one of the many, many glaring holes in this team is athleticism

    You could start Oladipo and Franklin at the 2 and 3 and call it a day

    i would play those 2 with dragic as much as possible

    our perimeter defense this year was especially pathetic and getting those two studs would help us a ton

    we somehow have 3 second round picks this year too

    we need to get a big guy we can stash in Europe

    Dario Saric or Sacic or however you spell his name from Croatia would be a great choice

    Make a trade with someone in the Lotto and grab another lotto pick (like ive been saying for forever now)

    Should we pick Alex Len at number 4?

    i say we see where he falls and then trade for him

    number 4 seems really high

    i think you gotta take Oladipo if is there

  • bk

    2 first round and 3 second round picks? I’m sure the owner will sell some of them again to keep his style traditionally.

  • Scott

    @bk -

    The Suns have a top lottery pick, an end of the first round pick, and a close to the end of the 2nd round pick. That’s all.

  • foreveris2long

    I agree with Scott’s recommendation earlier the Suns should explore trading down if it will net the Suns a lottery pick and another pick in the teens. If that happened I would be just as happy with Dieng and Franklin and using our 30th pick on someone like Payne.

  • Petshop

    Weird that our win against Utah may have cost us a lottery pick. Now Cleveland will enjoy this pick for us. I mean 14 to 30 is a big jump. At least we have a chance at first pick. PHX Mercury did it why can’t we.

  • Azbballfan

    Thats positive thinking!

    the team with the worst record rarely gets the 1st pick, and i think its Orlando this year at 20-62

    the Bobcats are second worst at 21-61 and the Suns finished just 4 games better than they did this year


    I am assuming we dont win it but if we do, you have to take Noel if his knee isnt structurally damaged

    The Suns have not had a great bigman prospect since Stoudemire and he was drafted 11 years ago now

  • hawki

    @ DBreezy

    I generally agree with how the top 3 should shake out….however, Orlando is desperate for a pg & could take Trey Burke.
    If that’s the case, would you take Mclemore or Oladipo ?

    ps….I think Noel & Porter are locks for 2 of the top 3.

  • john


    I love it when people like you come on here displaying your ignorance to the entire world, and yet you still go on to insult others after proving your worth (or lack thereof).

    Congratulations on your blind hatred. Is it cozy on the bandwagon?

  • Dave Sheets

    Len is a joke. I would trade everything[including my left testicle]to get bmac in this draft. Other than that I see the drft going… Bmac..Porter….Noel….Bennett or flip flop Noel and bennett. Bennett or Porter could get to the suns and I guess that would be our best bet.

  • Russell Suns fan

    You guy’s are forgetting the Suns have 3 first round picks, not 2.

    Their own
    Memphis pick
    and Lakers pick via Miami.

  • DBreezy


    I had the Magic possibly going for Smart, but am skeptical that they’ll go for Burke especially that high. He’s an undersized scoring one similar to the one they’ve had for years in Jameer, although I think Burke may be a better passer. That probably would have been of little concern to Otis Smith, but I wonder if OKC/SA disciple Rob Hennigan will go for it?

    As for McLemore and Oladipo, I think this choice will really be magnified by the way the new age draft scouting process works along with a weak draft. Agents keep guys projected to go near the top of the draft from doing many workouts and those workouts are pretty much always individual workouts. Sometimes they even have them skip all or certain portions of the measurements at the pre-draft camp.

    So we likely won’t get to see the shorter Oladipo guard and be guarded by guys with NBA length in workouts. I don’t doubt that he can hit a ton of wide open jumpers in a private workout, but what I don’t know is if he can hit those against NBA caliber length or if his defensive ability translates vs those kinds of guys. The latter point is huge to me as if he can’t translate that defensive ability against bigger guys he slides big time in my view. Last year, there wasn’t that concern with MKG for example, but think about a guy like Cory Brewer. If people knew that the defensive ability he showed at Florida wouldn’t translate to the league on the same level, I think he would have slid quite a bit on the board.

    For BMac we similarly won’t get to see him up against NBA caliber length to see if he can consistently get his shot off and/or make successful drives. Every time I watch Wes Johnson down the stretch, I think about BMac. Neither are good off the bounce, but Wesley’s length allows him to get shots off that I wonder if BMac will be able to. Honestly that separation ability is the biggest offensive difference between WJ and Dudley.

    More importantly for me, I want to see him go up against a ‘killer’ in a workout to see what he’s made of. I think the agents for Goodwin, Shabazz and perhaps Franklin will be searching unsuccessfully to try and match up with BMac or Oladipo in a draft workout. I don’t wonder about Oladipo’s assertiveness, but I do wonder about BMac’s and such a workout would go a long way for me.

    I also would like to see the combine measurements as there are always surprises there. It’s where we learned for example that James Harden was a much better athlete than people expected and the gap people thought was between him and Tyreke Evans wasn’t that big. That perceived athleticism gap was a big selling point for Tyreke who spent a large part of the season behind the more skilled Harden on draft boards and we see how that turned out. A lot of what BMac and Oladipo are selling over their peers includes athleticism. What if we find out that there isn’t as much of a gap as we think?

    Looking at the Suns organization specifically, my vote would lean towards Oladipo right now. That’s mainly because no matter how people try and spin it, the front office of this squad thought this was a playoff team and maintained that belief after firing Gentry. Sarver has been on record many times about hating losing and we are at the 3 consecutive playoff misses that he said wouldn’t happen. Iow, I expect that they will come out this summer and fall and again claim that they feel this is playoff team. This draft pick will be a big part of that sell and unless it’s Noel, that means pressure. Presently, I see Oladipo (and a few others) being better built for that than BMac. That could change based not only on workouts, but on if there is a change in tenor in the front office this offseason.

  • Azbballfan

    I thought we got the Grizzlies pick too, but then i heard we only got it if Minnesota made the playoffs or something like that?

  • bk

    @Scott and John

    Actually, this article was updated. The time I saw it it said the suns has 2 first round and 3 second round picks.

  • Ty-Sun

    The Minnesota 1st round pick owed to the Suns is top 12 protected. But if they had fallen out of the bottom 12 THIS year then the Suns would have gotten Minnesota’s pick OR Memphis’ 1st round pick (which Minnesota also owns) whichever was lower. But now the Suns will get Minnesota’s 1st round pick in next year’s draft unless they again finish the season with one of the 12 worst records.

  • Ty-Sun

    As of today, the following are all of the draft picks that the Suns own through the 2015 draft:


    1st round

    Own pick
    draft pick from Miami

    2nd round

    draft pick fro Denver


    1st round

    Own pick
    Drafte pick from Minnesota (top 13 protected)

    2nd round

    Own Pick
    draft pick from Toronto


    1st round

    Own pick
    draft pick from L.A. Lakers (top 5 protected)

    2nd round

    Own pick


  • Kevin Zimmerman

    Sorry guys. I screwed up and forgot about the Marcus trade sucking up the pick.

  • Scott

    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but Byron Scott was indeed fired by the Cavs, so he’d be on the “Available” list.

    The Cavs are going to look for a more defensive-minded coach. (… McMillan?)

  • Azbballfan

    didnt we get a pick from the Telfair trade? meaning the one we gave up to get marcus morris we got right back essentially?

    btw Lawrence Frank is out as Pistons head coach

    just another name the Suns can look at

    to replace Hunter

    i hope a decision comes soon and we know what the gameplan is this summer

    i am all for getting you talent and not spending money on expensive free agents that will take us from pathetic to marginally competitive

    this team was 32 games under 500, nobody thats a free agent this summer is going to turn that around by themselves.

  • bk

    The Telfair trade 2nd round pick is next year.

  • Ty-Sun

    Actually, the Suns finished 16 games under 500 (41-41) for the season.

  • Evan

    If somehow we get the first pick please for the love of god do not draft Noel, an 19 year old, who struggles to score, who already has really bad knees is a bad bet. If we pick at 4 like we are projected I would like to see us get Bennett. Bennett is that big, athletic talented wing that the modern NBA is built around.

  • DBreezy

    CBS’ Ken Berger is reporting that Hunter is in trouble and that the players do not want him back. Of course many of those players may not be back, so their feelings might not factor in. Looking at the openings so far, I would say that the Suns are the least attractive for an established candidate. I imagine that will remain the case unless/until Charlotte or Sacramento fire their coaches.

  • DBreezy

    DX tweeting that McGary and GR3 returning to Michigan.

  • john


    Games under (or over) .500 is traditionally measured as the absolute number of games required to equalize your win/loss column by changing only one figure. I get what you’re saying, and you’re right that 16 more wins would have put the Suns at .500, but it’s correct to say the Suns were 32 games under .500 (as it would take a 32-game win streak to bring the team back to that mark).


    Is ignorance really a defense for ignorance now? Should I recant from calling out your blind hatred because you are blaming someone else for blinding you?

    I’m so sick of the same old, tired arguments from Suns fans who think they know it all.

  • bk

    @John, In case you ignore it, I have a “?” in my first post here.

  • frenchysunsfan

    I think the Suns should not draft Noel nor Len. Drafting a guard or a small forward like Shabbazz, Oladipo or Porter (or McLemore if we get the 1st pick) would be better. None of the wing players in the current roster is good enough to be a starter but Tucker should stay, he is the only good surprise of the season for the Suns. Beasley, Brown, Haddadi must be traded. We should also trade Gortat and sign Al Jefferson. Hickson or Millsap would be good additions Inside if we cannot get Big Al.

  • john


    Good ideas.

    I’d still take Noel over anyone else in the draft (assuming his physical goes well and the training staff has faith in his knees), but the next four you mentioned are no scrubs. I’d take any of them in the top five without thinking twice.

    And I’d rather have Millsap more than Jefferson, but the main factor in that for me is that I believe Millsap will not demand as high of a contract. I’d rather have Millsap at $10M than Jefferson at $14M, for instance.

  • Forever is2long

    DBreezy, good reporting on G. Robinson III. I would pay to see J. Franklin play against Oladipo in pre-draft workouts. I think Franklin is a better rebounder and a more explosive scorer. I do not know if he is as good a defender but he is good.

  • DBreezy

    Yeah would be nice Foreveris, but in the range the Suns are picking you have to have done your matchup homework early as you’re unlikely to see anything now. Agents rule the game here.