Suns Agree To Extension With Lon Babby

Phoenix Suns president of basketball operations Lon Babby has agreed to a two-year contract extension with the Phoenix Suns that would run through the 2014-2015 NBA season.

“Lon has led our front office during this important transition period for the organization and he has my full support as we continue to rebuild,” Sarver said.

According to reports, the deal was offered to Babby over this past weekend and Babby agreed to the deal earlier today.

“I greatly appreciate the faith that Robert Sarver and the entire Suns organization have demonstrated with this new contract,” said Babby in the statement release. “We have begun the heavy lifting needed to rebuild our team. While the transition is often painful, I am entirely confident that we are taking the necessary steps to regain elite NBA status. I fully embrace the opportunity to continue on that path.”

Babby along with the Suns front-office has taken a lot of heat from the fans as well as the media however Babby hasn’t been the problem.

Prior to the hiring of Suns interim head coach Lindsey Hunter, there were four individuals who had a major say in every decision to be made, owner Robert Sarver, general manager Lance Blanks, former head coach Alvin Gentry and of course Lon Babby.

Babby was reportedly apathetic about the Michael Beasley signing as well as the trade that sent Dragic to Houston in-exchange for Aaron Brooks.

Lon Babby was signed in the summer of 2010 to the Suns president of basketball operations. During his tenure with the Suns, some of Babby’s great moves include the trade for Marcin Gortat, re-signing of Goran Dragic, and accumulation of multiple future first-round draft choices. With the Suns lack of success over the past three seasons both on and off the court it’s tough to acknowledge the solid job Babby has done. If it weren’t for Babby, things could be far, far worse at this point in time.



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    Reminds me of when Bush said “heck of a job you’re doing, Brownie” while corpses floated down the streets of New Orleans. Great job, Babby. We have a team full of reserves, it hasn’t been in worse shape since the 80s drug years, and we are no longer an NBA hotspot where BIG NAME free agents want to come. We are a lifeless franchise hanging on hopes that Michael Beasley will become a superstar. If only everyone could get a contract and raise for doing a horrible job. Even the Clippers’ Donald Sterling got his head out his butt and became competitive. I’m embarrassed for our city and state. Sarver, you are less popular than Bill Bidwill – how does THAT feel?

    • Matthew

      Yes Brandon the team is just about in turmoil. But keep in mind when Babby took over, he was already standing in 9 feet of sewage. It’s public knpwledge(although not common knowledge) Babby was against the signing of Beasley. Babby was responsible for turning Turkoglu into Gortat and a first rounder. Babby was the one who brought Dragic back. He was also against the Dragic trade to begin with but he was urged by Sarver and Gentry…You should check out the new article, there I explain everything that took place

  • steppxxxxz

    babby may not be the ONLY problem………..but to say oh, I didnt want beasley…… a cop out. If you are the GM those are the sorts of mistakes you MAKE SURE DONT HAPPEN……….and if you have no power, then dont take the gig. I mean, you are in last place, an embarassement, but you get an extension — and while getting gortat was good, Gortat nows want to leave…and who can blame him. Two draft picks in the worst draft in a decade is not something to brag about. Then we come to two consecutive draft BUSTS. Outright busts. Morris and Marshall……….think who you could have had. Faried for one….kawhi leonard…or insteadof marshall, Terrence Jones, or Fournier, or sullinger or jeff taylor even….christ what a draft 2012 was…..phoenix takes the ONE outright bust. You should lose your job for that, not get an extension. Who is left…shannon brown…useless mostly, dudley who is good…..gortat is leaving….and that leaves Dragic. One stud. And then we have beasley. Christ. If you are in last place…..and you are the GM…..then you are a part , a big part, of the problem. Why not mjove gortat at the trade deadline? I know boston would have sent sullinger and picks….and maybe more. No, phoenix did nothing. And now are tanking….so they can get a shot at the next gani lawal……

    • Matthew

      John, Lance Blanks is the GM not Babby. Babby at the end of the day still has to answer to Sarver. Sarver, Babby, Gentry and Blanks all have a say in decisions, Babby can override one personnel not two, simply doesn’t work that way. I wouldn’t call Marshall or Morris busts, because they’re shown that they belong in the NBA. Could there have been better choices? Absolutely. Did I love those two picks? No, not a bit. People called the 2011 draft one of the worst of all time, but that draft turned out to be pretty solid. Keep in mind Babby has to answer to Sarver, and Blanks has just as much say in any decision that’s made as Babby. I felt they should have traded Gortat last off-season when his value was at it’s peak, but unfortunately that didn’t happen.