Marcin Gortat has sprained foot, out at least 3-4 weeks

The Phoenix Suns announced that an MRI on center Marcin Gortat’s foot revealed a sprained Lisfranc, or midfoot, meaning he will miss at least 3-4 weeks of time. Paul Coro reports that a cast will be worn for three weeks, and Gortat remained skeptical if he could return this season — or should.

The Suns’ season ends on April 17 against the Denver Nuggets. If Gortat makes a speedy recovery, what there is to gain for his return to a team that all of a sudden looked like it was threatening its own lottery chances remains to be seen.

Though there were holes in Gortat’s game, he certainly created more than meets the eye. Without him and backup center Jermaine O’Neal against the Raptors in the 98-71 blowout loss in Phoenix on Wednesday, the Suns offense sputtered. The gameplan was changed, yes, but what offense this roster can create without a pick-and-roll or a low-post attack is a question for the ages.

Goran Dragic had six assists in the first quarter. When Gortat injured his foot with 36 seconds left in the first, the wind was sucked out of the Suns’ sails.

“I had, first quarter, six assists on Gortat,” Dragic said afterward. “After that, I had zero. Every time he has a pick-and-roll and he rolls, he sucks the defense in or they are going to stay with shooters and we find a solution.”

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  • DBreezy

    I wonder what Demarcus will do on Friday?  Gentry and D’Antoni were pretty relentless with double teams with this kind of mismatch and were generally pretty successful with it as long as teams weren’t patient.  If they either immediately reposted for a forced shot or kept the ball on one side of the floor the Suns typically forced low percentage shots and grabbed a few turnovers.  If said team moved the ball around the perimeter for a shot or a repost it was a different story percentage and offensive rebounding wise.  From what I’ve seen of Hunter, I don’t think he likes doubles in the post all that much so it could get ugly especially if the Kings perimeter guys are on.  Keith Smart’s team doesn’t exactly carry his namesake though, so it should be entertaining and a possible W.

    • 4everis2long

      @DBreezy I have no clue what they will do DBreezy but I suspect the Suns will lose all of their games until J.O. returns.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    Maybe Dragic can set-up a pick and roll with Hamed Ha— nah just forget it.

    • 4everis2long

      @BoomShakaLuka Yeah forget the pick and roll Boom with Hamed. There might be a pick but the big fella won’t be rolling anywhere on the basketball court. His feet are waaaaaay too slow.