To trade or not to trade: Luis Scola

The Phoenix Suns get back to work tomorrow, but before they take the court, the Valley of the Suns crew still has a few more futures to debate.

Because he was acquired via amnesty auction, Luis Scola is not eligible to be traded this season. But that doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to play out his entire contract in Phoenix. Scola has been a solid contributor during this forgettable year, but a slightly above-average PER isn’t exactly something Phoenix’s front office is dying to build around. Scola has talent. No one would deny that. But are his talents a good fit with the team the Suns are hoping to build?

Ryan Weisert says yes, but Dave Dulberg isn’t so sure. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • TySun

    Even at 32, since Scola’s game doesn’t rely on athleticism, he should be a valuable for several more years.  But that doesn’t mean that the Suns should keep him though.  There are too many unknowns right now to say whether the Suns should be eager to trade him this summer.  If the right deal comes along, sure.  But any other trades the Suns make between now and then and which players the Suns get in the draft this year will make a difference too.

    • BarryZiskin

      @TySun Good point.
      Like Ryan’s analysis.
      Luis is by far the best & most valuable player on this team. Hold on to #14, even though he stole that number from me. Getting him, especially at such a bargain deal, was pure dumb luck. Will we then toss him away?
      Have we not hurt ourselves much more than enough by pushing our best players & veteran glue guys Nash & Hill out the door? Have we not further damaged the Suns by not welcoming back Louis A. & The Brazilian Blur from “that killer bench unit”?

  • 4everis2long

    It seems the Suns do things because they can, not because a move is a smart basketball decision. Because I knew Scola and Gortat in the front court would be a bad defensive combination and Scola would not make them a playoff team, I questioned the move in the summer 2012. Putting that aside, yes he should be traded.
    Now it is being reported the Suns and Mavs are hot for Josh Smith. The Suns do not understand we need a new engine, not a bunch of parts. If the Suns are giving away the pick from the Lakers or their own to secure Smith, they have truly flipped. Actually I think they flipped awhile ago so this would be a double backwards flip.

  • slapdoghoops

    For Scola’s sake, I hope that does get trade–preferably to a team heading to the playoffs or championship bound.  The Suns owe him that much.  Plus his presence has hurt the development of Michael Beasley.  So its better for the Suns if they part ways with him.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    The only two players on the roster worth keeping are: Dragic, and Dudley. Everyone else needs to go.
    Sarver is going to learn real fast that taking shortcuts to winning never works. This team should’ve had some young assets ready to take over now (Rondo, Fernandez, Hibbert, Faried) but thanks to some horrific cost cutting measures year in and year out we’ll be stuck in lottery land for at least the next 2-3 years. You almost have to root for this situation to get as bad as possible for the hope that Sarver snaps and sells the franchise.

  • SkyBill40

    I’d be upset if the team traded him given that he’s far too often been the best player on the floor. I was excited to see the Suns pick him up since his reputation as a hard worker and rebounder was solidified by his consistent play in HOU. However, seeing him languish on this terrible team has been hard to watch.As someone else pointed out, the Suns owe it to him to get him somewhere better for him… but I hope they don’t make that move. If they do, what little is left of the wagon will certainly fall apart.