To trade or not to trade: Michael Beasley

It’s time to debate Michael Beasley.

There is perhaps no player on the Suns’ roster who has brought more joy and at the same time caused more despair to Suns’ fans than Beasley has this season. He has been impressive in the last 15 games, averaging just under 15 points per contest and topping the 20 point mark five times. In the 15 games before that, however, he averaged under four points per game and had six DNP-CD’s. This is the “Michael Beasley Experience”. On some nights, his 3-year, $18 million contract looks like a bargain. On other nights, it looks like money down the drain.

Is Beasley a part of the Suns’ longer term future? Kevin Zimmerman says yes, but Dave Dulberg says no. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • slapdoghoops

    To trade Beasley would be a mistake.  He is too you and has too much potential to give up on now.  He has such a high ceiling and given the right system along with a smidgen of patience, he will give a strong return on the Suns’ investment in him.

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  • JohnWaller

    Definitely not. No way, no way. He’s getting his rhythm. So many people pessimistically harp on Beasley… you could also say that noone has been more an exciting story to watch develop than him – another way to say the same thing. He’s getting more consistent, and it’s very exciting. 
    Something we all need to know as Suns fans: we are watching Michael Beasley get his head on straight for  the first time in his life. He has a chance to be the franchise name. I have been excited from the beginning, he’s a relentless fighter under the easy stuff – I can’t wait to see it unfold… and see him be great.

    • johnhuang

      @JohnWaller Your viewpoints touch me deeply…..I feel that you write your comments with passion and emotion, and I like it!

  • BackCourt2000

    Trade him for a pack of peanuts like the heat did. They had the right idea.

  • SkyBill40

    The acquisition of Beasley will always be a dubious one and a measure of the talent evaluation of the front office. I wasn’t a fan of acquiring him before and I’m not a fan of keeping him now. He’s far too inconsistent and his me first attitude is clearly evident in much of his play. Beasley is too reliant on long range jumpshots that rarely go in as opposed to playing to his strengths in the post and out to 18 feet or so: quickness, length, and jumping ability.
    Beasley should go. Sadly though, we’d be getting back pennies to our dollar since he’s not been able to remain in the starting lineup consistently. He’s definitely got the talent… but his maturity is severely lacking. I’d hoped for Gentry to be able to bring him along, but we all know what happened there. Is Hunter the man to do it? I doubt it.