To trade or not to trade: Sebastian Telfair

On this All-Star Saturday, the VotS crew debates Sebastian Telfair. In case you missed them, here are the links to our Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat debates from earlier this week.

As you can imagine, the discussion surrounding Bassy is really a referendum on Kendall Marshall’s long-term future in Phoenix. After a year and a half in the desert, we’ve seen what Telfair has to offer. What we have not seen much of is Kendall Marshall, and all the potential he displayed at University of North Carolina.

Arguing in favor of keeping Telfair is Ryan Weisert. Arguing against Telfair (and for Marshall) is Kevin Zimmerman. Please let us know your thoughts on the situation in the comments below.

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  • PhxSunsFanInLA

    Trade him 4sure .

  • TySun

    I like Bassy but I think it’s time for Phoenix to clean house and start over again with as many young players as they can get.  And if they can find one really good young player to start to build around then I think they have a good future.  They have no one on the team now that fits that description.  Perhaps they can get someone like that in the draft or through a trade.  And I’m completely willing to see the Suns get worse this season if it has even a little potential for them to get better in the future.

    • Nerual22

      Don’t you think the Suns could start to build around Marshall?

  • bkkkkkkkk

    I think no team will be interested in Telfair. He is not good enough for contending team as a backup PG. Rebuilding team will be interested in developing their young PG. The only question on Telfair would be whether this management will keep him after the season. The FO did a similar thing to keep shannon brown in the last off season if he asks to stay in a bargain deal.

  • ojai1980

    Goodbye Bassy. Hello 2nd round pick. Go Suns.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    The Celtics have interest in Telfair. Suns will get a 2nd rounder for him.

  • JohnWaller

    I think the Celts would be a good trade idea. This team is definitely ripe for a trade exchange. Further, if we cannot get anything else for Gortat, I would bait him to the Celts too, more even than they need Bassy for it, so we could get some serious benefits from a trade like that. So would they! Celts are one of the immediate success philosophy teams. If we give them to very solid immediate pieces, especially solid in Gortat, we should be able to nab a 1st round and Fab Melo.

  • slapdoghoops

    To me I think that at this stage it is pointless for the Suns to look to trade anyone on that roster, let alone Telfair. His contract is rather inexpensive and his trade value is next to nonexistent.  Might as well wait until the offseason and even then its doubtful that the Suns can really get anything for Telfair.