To trade or not to trade: Marcin Gortat

Our series of video debates continues today with Marcin Gortat. If you missed our discussion on Jared Dudley, you can find it here.

While he may not be included in trade rumors as often as Jared Dudley, Marcin Gortat is definitely the most divisive player on the Suns’ roster when it comes to his long term future. After last season’s performance, Gortat looked poised to become a Top 6 center. But after finishing last season 8th in PER among centers he has fallen all the way to 30th this year. He even trails teammate Jermaine O’Neal in that category. Is the talent Gortat displayed last season still there or is he simply a product of Steve Nash?

Arguing in favor of keeping Gortat in the long term is Ryan Weisert. Arguing against is Kevin Zimmerman. Please give us your opinion on the Polish Hammer in the comments below.

Next up for debate: Sebastian Telfair. Check back tomorrow.

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  • Sillmarillion

    On another note: Beasley made it to Shaqtin’ a fool!

  • john manhole

    I can’t watch the video atm, so I obviously can’t take VotS’s opinions into consideration, but I’m definitely in favor of moving Gortat if the price is right.  If the Suns could land an unprotected first rounder for Marcin, the deal would be done if I were the GM.  Heck, if they could land a protected first rounder and a quality role player, I’d pull the trigger in a heartbeat.  Anything less than that, and I’d be hesitant to make a deal.  Gortat isn’t a bad player.  I actually think he’s fairly good, but I don’t believe he’s part of the long-term solution for the Suns, and I think the sooner they can get rid of those types of guys, the better.

  • 4everis2long

    Do not get me started again on this issue. This guy should have been traded last summer when he had peak value having just finished playing with Nash. I understand that the Suns and Clyde Drexler thought the Suns had an excellent summer and would be a playoff contender with Gortat in the middle but I said last summer after getting Scola and others, this would not be a playoff team and keeping a center approaching 29 on a lottery team was foolish. Therefore the problem I continue to have is the Suns consistently think they are only a piece or two away from being a good team, which keeps preventing them from rebuilding instead of this so-called transitional phase stuff. We are a mess so let him go if we can get a 1st round pick and or young potential talent in return.

  • bkkkkkkkk

    Gortat is too old and not very productive. He should be a minimum deal player after this contract.

  • hawki

    Can we trade Gortat back to Poland for Joanna Krupa (born in Warsaw) ?
    Oh man, she is Hot….it’ll make losing much easier to take.

    • john manhole

      Holy YES! I couldn’t agree more. She’s the best thing to come from Poland since sausage (and yes, I know how weird that sounds).

    • 4everis2long

      @hawki Hawki, Absolutely as she is a top 5 lottery pick. Who cares about losing if she is next to you.

  • TySun

    The problem with trading Gortat is finding the right team, one that has both interest in him AND is willing to part with assets that can help the Suns.  As I was looking over potential trade partners, many of them have bad contracts that they are already trying to get rid of or would only want Gortat if they didn’t have to give up too much in return.  Gortat has probably reached his peak as far as ability so I doubt many rebuilding teams would be interested in him.
    I bet that OKC would rather have him than Perkins but Gortat is basically a PNR scorer which might not work any better for OKC than it has for Phoenix with Westbrook as the PG.  Considering that, I doubt OKC would be willing to give Phoenix enough in return to make the trade worthwhile.
    I’m also sure that Boston would probably love to have him but not enough to give up significant assets to et him.
    I could go on and on but one trade idea that I tried on the ESPN Trade Machine was pretty interesting.  It will never happen but it would send Gortat, Telfair and Johnson to LAC for Bledsoe, Butler and Turiaf.  It would improve the Clips (and their playoff chances) and wouldn’t add any long term contracts to Phoenix.  The upside for Phoenix would be that chance to see Bledsoe and Dragic in the same backcourt.  Butler is not that great and 32 but his contract only runs through next year and is only slightly higher than Gortats (by $750,000).  Turiaf’s contract is under $1 mil and runs out at the end of this season.
    Why would the Clippers make this deal?  First, they would have the best backup center in the NBA in Gortat which would help them out a lot in a championship run this year.  Second, Telfair would make a solid backup for Chris Paul even though not nearly as good as Bledsoe.  Third, with Grant Hill healthy, Butler becomes expendable and Johnson’s expiring contract gives them some financial flexibility to re-sign Chris Paul at the end of the season.
    As I said, it will never happen but for a rebuilding Suns team I think acquiring Bledsoe could be a good first step.

  • ojai1980

    Why is every article on ESPN only available for Insider accounts? What a joke! Oh, and if the Suns can’t get a late future 1st round pick or young talent in a trade for him (by himself or in a package deal) they should just hold on to him and trade him on draft day. It seems to me that a draft day trade for a late 1st round pick would be easier because teams can see what’s available to draft and weigh their options. Go Suns.

  • bkkkkkkkk

    The most desperate team should be the Lakers. They are shortage in the big men department with injury in Gasol and Hill. So, I will say they are the most possible buyer for Gortat but Suns shouldn’t trade him to let them enter playoff for a better lottery pick.

  • arizona_jim

    Trade him to the Clippers.

    • ojai1980

      @arizona_jim I like that idea. I wonder if the LAC would give up Deandre Jordan, Trey Thompkins, and a 1st for Gortat, Morris, and a 2nd. The Suns would take on some salary from Jordan’s contract but he is only 24 and he would move the Suns towards a more youth movement. Go Suns.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    I’d be surprised if the Suns could find a taker for Gortat this season. Boston would’ve made sense prior to Rondo getting injured. But realistically, what team wants to give up picks and young talent for a slightly above average center who’s nearly in the final year of his deal?
    I still feel Gortat, Morris, Marshall, LA pick to Charlotte for Diop’s expiring contract, and Biyombo makes a lot of sense for the Suns. The Bobcats need veteran players, and the Suns need extra cap room to sign a couple of star players this summer.

  • slapdoghoops

    The reason why Gortat has not been playing well is because he has not been getting the ball.  The team was also poorly coached to say the least and it affected Gortat’s game.  Simple as that.  I’m certain that a coaching change will help improve things.  And if it is not for an All Star talent, lottery pick or near equal value, it’s not even worth trade Gortat.