Al Jefferson and Gordon Hayward interest Suns, Coro reports

Posted by on February 11th, 2:04 pm

A pair of Utah Jazz players are on the Phoenix Suns’ radar, but how a deal could be etched out has yet to be uncovered. Paul Coro reports that Phoenix has interest in Gordon Hayward and Al Jefferson. Jared Dudley and Marcin Gortat appear to be the two likely pieces to any deal being worked out, Coro reports.

San Antonio is also reportedly in the picture to land Jefferson, as well, reported Chris Sheridan this past week.

But any inching toward a move being made will depend on what exactly Utah is looking to do.

The secretive Jazz have only made it obvious that they’re willing to move one of their starting big men. With Paul Millsap, Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors joining Jefferson on the roster, shedding one of the two highest-paid members of that foursome — Millsap and Jefferson — will be helpful since each is on the final year of his respective contract. Getting something in return is something the Jazz want to do.

So who do the Jazz want to move? Both players are 28 years old. Millsap’s upside probably hasn’t yet been reached, while Jefferson is more productive (17.4 points and 9.5 rebounds) but probably has peaked in potential. ESPN’s Ric Bucher has sources telling him that it’s actually Jefferson who Utah wants to re-sign. The reasoning behind that is the team would like to re-up on Hayward as well, but the Jazz can’t sign all three of those players.

Hayward, a 22-year-old, has long been respected by the Suns — former coach Alvin Gentry would often point to the 6-foot-8 wing as an X-factor when the Jazz faced Phoenix. He is playing 27 minutes a night but producing across the board with 13.5 points, 2.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game. The former Butler Bulldog also is shooting nearly 40 percent from the three-point arc.

Again, the rumor mill hints that Phoenix is working the phone lines. Jefferson and Hayward (together or separately) represent a few identities the Suns would like when they are developing a new culture: toughness, youth and a winning attitude. But even with interest in some widely-known trade pieces, the Suns still would have to out-compete other franchises, many of whom have better assets.

Just look at the one of the most recent subjects of Phoenix’s interest in Josh Smith. As quickly as that rumor floated about, it left and now Brooklyn is going heavily after the Atlanta Hawks forward.

Consider the Iman Shumpert news as well. Ian Begley reported that the Knicks were unlikely to give up their young combo guard in return for Dudley and a pick.

All-in-all, the Suns will be challenged with moving their pieces during the trade season. Unlike a team in that can pick and choose which players to move, the Suns probably won’t have the leverage in any major deal, simply because of their limited assets.

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  • 1 TySun // Feb 11, 2013 at 2:40 pm

    Yes, the Suns have “limited assets” as far as trades go… unless they are willing to part with some of their 1st round picks.  I wouldn’t trade any of them except for those the Suns have acquire from other teams and only then if the trade is very favorable to the Suns.  But I also obviously want the Suns to explore EVERY trade opportunity that comes up.

  • 2 Dragicus // Feb 11, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    Josh Smith, Jefferson, Hayward, Shumpert…
    The Suns FO obviously reads the Suns comments for trade ideas.

  • 3 Sillmarillion // Feb 11, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Why would the Suns make such a trade? I don’t see any advantages, especially if they want to truly rebuild.

  • 4 4everis2long // Feb 11, 2013 at 4:20 pm

    It is one thing to trade for them but how in the heck can this team reasonably expect a player to stay with the Suns when their contract expires. I strongly suspect the Suns will have to overpay someone this summer if they are to remain a Sun. Putting that aside for a moment, It is sad when no team wants the Suns junk parts right now.

  • 5 arizona_jim // Feb 11, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    Trade rumors can be so absurd. Like any team going to give up pieces for someone who for sure gonna be FA in 2 months. Word in NY they are warming up to moving Shump after loss to Clippers. Utah has nothing I would give up lottery picks for.

  • 6 DBreezy // Feb 11, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    @4everis2long If you ask them it’s because Eric Gordon was willing to take their money this summer as a RFA.  As for overpaying someone this summer that’s tough to tell imo.  Babby has been pretty good on contracts overall after he started negotiating for the team and not his former clients.  The majority of his deals are flexible and affordable.  He dodged a bullet on Gordon because of his injuries and because the guy really hasn’t been a winner thus far in his amateur or professional career.  That said the ‘Max’ they signed him to was much smaller than the kind that they’d be looking at for Jefferson or Smith and would have a smaller cap impact if it had to be stretched. 
    Also consider that Sarver was not interested in paying that higher level of max money to an in-prime Amar’e in 2008-2009 before the eye injury and that the previous summer he felt Nash was asking for too much at 15M per.  He also wasn’t interested in big money for Shawn Marion, a player who probably has the most similar numbers to guys like Smith and Jefferson although he was more consistent and did it a playoff level for longer.  We also know that they don’t seem interested in overpaying Gortat to hang around.  Right now I expect that the Suns will express interest in some of these guys this summer either outright or after renting them for the remainder of this season but it would seem out of character for them to overpay guys looking for bigtime max deals. 
    I read a reporter on Hoopshype commenting that several sources were hinting to him that the Josh Smith’s agent is driving the Smith to the Nets talk because he knows that the team has an owner who is willing to spend and is unconcerned with the new LT rules.  While that doesn’t accurately describe the Suns, they are a team that could have a ton of cap room this summer making them a good place for agent to start/drive rumors.  Worst case it’s a soft landing spot for their client if Max money at all costs is really want, best case they can use it drive up the price in places their client wants to go to.

  • 7 4everis2long // Feb 11, 2013 at 7:21 pm

    @DBreezy I am not saying they will overpay only that if they trade assets for a potential summer 2013 free agent, they will be overpaying since they would have divested themselves of likely draft picks. That is why if I am the Suns I am not trading for guys like Jefferson or Smith.

  • 8 bkkkkkkkk // Feb 11, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    Gortat to Jefferson is just a slightly upgrade but it may cost more in the Suns side. Gortat is also a relatively big contract in the Utah side. I don’t see why they want him at all.

  • 9 DBreezy // Feb 11, 2013 at 8:44 pm

    @4everis2long Gotcha.  I agree that they would likely be overpaying especially with the picks.  I’m against them making that kind of trade because I think they’ve moved beyond the point roster wise where a compete while rebuild strategy can be effective.  I know I’m repeating myself from the AZC days, but their moves prior to this season have put them into the exact position that their research has shown them they need to avoid. 
    Listening to Babby, it’s clear that he was charged with getting the most out of the remaining Nash years before moving on.  Not the best plan imo, but fine that’s Sarver’s right and choice.  However you can’t really have your cake and eat it too on this one when it comes to rebuilding.  A guy like Jefferson or Smith doesn’t really make them appreciably better than they are today, but costs them draft picks and cap space which is at even greater premium under the new cba. I just hope these guys get smarter quickly.  I don’t want to watch Sacramento move to Seattle, have the requisite talent fire sale and then make their way back towards contention before the Suns unstick themselves.

  • 10 Rich_Anthony // Feb 11, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    The Shump rumor seemed a little bit off for me, even with the prior love affair the Suns seemed to have with him.  Didn’t really fit with the general direction PHX seems to want to move towards as the cleansing portion of this rebuild is carried out.
    This rumor seems to fight right into that grove.  Quality post men with a more athletic big as a compliment, (J Smoove & now one of these two guys) – also seems to be what they were hoping to get out of Beasley with their risk/reward signing of him.
    I’d rather they didn’t pull the trigger on Jefferson, but you can see what’s on the top of their priority list moving forward.  Perhaps they don’t see enough big-man-quality in this year’s draft even though there are a ton of prospects 6’10″ or taller.
    I know Jefferson’s game pretty well,but since moving to the other end of the earth, I haven’t had a chance to watch much of Hayward so I don’t really know what he brings to the table.  I may have to take a look over at draftexpress.

  • 11 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 12:54 am

    If the team had only listened to me and traded Gortat last summer instead of Lopez, we would not have to look for a center. Lopez had a double double tonight with 23 points, 10 boards and 2 blocks. Then again if we had also kept Clark to go with Dragic, we would be pretty decent at 3 out of the 5 starters. Now we need everything but the kitchen sink. 
    Listen management anytime you have a legitimate 6’10″ guy who has hops, had decent ball handling ability and was a good perimeter defender, you have to be patient with the  guy. Dudley said recently he wasn’t surprised about Clark’s improvement because he worked so hard. As for Lopez, the legitimate 7 footer, you saw first hand what he could do before his back injury when he was instrumental in the Suns playoff run to the Western Conference final. Only his back injury caused the delay in his game improving. Now he is playing the best basketball of his life for someone else at a lower salary than you are paying an older Gortat. Someone with a brain needs to start paying attention.
    With that said it does not mean be patient with Marshall or Morris as IMO neither has great upside to become a likely NBA starter. If we can get any value back I would trade both of them. Morris is an undersized power forward without exceptional hops which makes him a bad defender in the low post. Marshall has a very limited offense with out exceptional foot speed to strike fear in anyone.
    Ok Suns I think you have screwed up enough for a lifetime but do not try and correct  this overnight by just getting a big name player who will not make the Suns significantly better. We need an army of players so just take your time and see what if anything you can get for Gortat or Dudley (throw in Beasley) and use the draft. Mclemore and O. Porter (Georgetown) are probably my favorites for the Suns pick. There will be decent bigs available late in the 1st and in the 2nd round.

  • 12 Rich_Anthony // Feb 12, 2013 at 2:04 am

    @4everis2long And again, you, (and thousands of others so this isn’t really a shot just at YOU), continue to miss the point behind why these guys you just named were sent away from the team.
    Lopez did not FIT in Phoenix.  Two-fold in fact.  First, he didn’t fit in Nash’s offensive system.  He was too slow, couldn’t set a proper screen and in all the years he was here, never learned how to pivot on the near leg, (for a quick turn and dive to the basket), which meant that while he was in the game, bigs could easily slide over and prohibit Nash from doing his thing.  
    Second – even with Nash gone he still didn’t fit into Gentry’s system for many of the same reasons and while Gentry was retained combined with Lopez wanting starter money, there was no way he was going to be kept.  He didn’t fit here.
    Clark didn’t fit either.  He couldn’t hit a mid-range jumper to save his life and the absolute death sentence in a Nash-driven system: He took TERRIBLE shots and often times neglected to make that final pass to the open man, instead stopping the ball and taking, (yep), MORE TERRIBLE shots.
    He was young, and Phoenix wasn’t.  There was no time to develop him so they sent him away.  It was the right call at the time because Clark wasn’t anywhere near the player he is now and he certainly wasn’t in the right system.
    One more thing about Lopez. He would still be a Phoenix Sun if he would have learned those things I mentioned above.   When he and Gortat were both Suns, Gortat OBLITERATED him in every way lets not forget this.  Gortat was far better with Nash and going into this season post-Nash with Gentry at the helm I pick Gortat 10 out of 10 times over Lopez.  He fits better in that system.
    At the same time, you plead with PHX to get rid of Marshall and Morris before they’ve had a proper opportunity to develop and mature under a stable coaching philosophy going forward.  Something you were blasting PHX management for doing a single paragraph above your plea. How can you bash a FO for something then suggest the exact same thing yourself?

  • 13 hawki // Feb 12, 2013 at 6:24 am

    and of course the Cavs lose to the TWolves last night….

  • 14 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 7:34 am

    @Rich_Anthony Rich you could not be more wrong. The Suns best stretch of basketball in the past 5 years was approximately 30 games before Lopez was injured and yes with Nash running the team. Lopez was athletic and offered shot blocking to protect the rim. He was the starting center.  He also had an evolving back to the basket game that included a 30 point game. They rode him, Nash and Amare to the Western Conference finals. I have no doubt you would have picked him because you did not see his potential just like Sarver, Babby and Blanks. Of course he wanted starter money, yeah a whopping $5m/yr which New Orleans paid him on 3 one year option contracts and he is making their front office look very good. He is absolutely worth his salary as he hasn’t even reached his prime, where Gortat has. His shooting percentage and assist numbers look pretty good. In fact over the last 10 games he is shooting about 65%. These type of bonehead moves are what keep teams coming back to the lottery year after year.
    If you read my comments carefully, it distinguished Morris and Marshall from Clark and Lopez because in my opinion they do not have significant upside. Patience should be dictated by one’s ceiling. IMO Morris as being undersized without great hops will never be an everyday starter, so why be patient. Marshall is only above average in passing, while his athleticism and foot speed (hard to defend with bad foot speed)are suspect which will likely prevent him from being an everyday starter. Generally you do not significantly improve those qualities this late in the game so why be patient. Management cannot be robotic and apply the same principles to everyone. The great GMs figure it out while the interns don’t.

  • 15 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 8:04 am

    @Rich_Anthony I just went back to check the stats for the year Lopez started when the Suns lost in the WCF to the Lakers. He shot 58% and started 31 games. Any in game comparisons to Gortat were unfair because Lopez was recovering from a herniated disc in his back the majority of the time Gortat was in Phoenix. In fact Gentry confirmed Lopez lost 8 inches in his vertical from the injury. It was only the last half of last season Lopez started making progress in his recovery. Toward the end of the season Lopez started closing more games with Gortat on the bench causing Gortat to claim he needed more minutes. The Suns have to make decisions based on potential not someone’s performance while recovering from a herniated disc where they have to receive a steroid injection. 
    Why you mention the Nash system with regards to the future of Lopez when the Suns knew or strongly suspected he would never play for the Suns again, is a million dollar mystery. It has zero relevance to the Suns situation where they will soon be without a center when Gortat leaves by trade or free agency.

  • 16 IowaPhXfan // Feb 12, 2013 at 8:06 am

    acquire draft picks. no long term deals. sign lebron in 2014.
    “taking my talents to the desert”

  • 17 john manhole // Feb 12, 2013 at 8:20 am

    @4everis2long  @Rich_Anthony
     As usual, I’m more with Rich on this one.  <br>
    On a similar note, Earl Clark, even with his halfway decent numbers in LA, is still not a good player.  PER of 14.7 and WS/48 of 0.109.  That’s decent, but it’s nothing that’s worthy of a starter’s minutes in the NBA.  I’m not saying Kieff is better than Clark at the moment, but I see no reason to believe that Earl Clark is significantly better.<br>
    Also, Robin Lopez is averaging 11.8/5.5 in 26 minutes.  Let’s not blow things out of proportion with him.  He’s a decent center, no doubt, which is exactly what I thought he was when he was in Phoenix, but there is no way you can convince me that he’s a 35 mpg guy who’s going to give you 18/10 with 3 blocks and 2-3 assists.  Robin Lopez is a great backup C.  Robin Lopez is a mediocre starting C.  I don’t think either Gortat or Lopez were part of a long-term solution, so why would it matter if the Suns had held onto Lopez (I do agree that they should have traded Gortat, though, assuming the right deal was on the table)?

  • 18 john manhole // Feb 12, 2013 at 8:23 am

     This is a good plan.  All the problems are solved, people.  Move along.

  • 19 john manhole // Feb 12, 2013 at 8:28 am

    @4everis2long  @Rich_Anthony
     Another point, I keep seeing you mention that the Suns are going to be left with nothing once Gortat leaves as if Lopez could have been signed to a 12 year extension.  Lopez has one more year on his deal than Gortat, correct?  No long-term problems would have been solved with Lopez (for one because he’s not that good, and secondly because of the years).  Do you honestly think the Suns would have been better off with Robin Lopez and Earl Clark?  Look at the two teams those guys play for.  Neither one of those guys are top-5 options on BAD teams.  How does it make sense to you that those guys would significantly improve the Suns?

  • 20 BarryZiskin // Feb 12, 2013 at 9:15 am

    @TySun What is the most current medical diagnosis for Channing Frye?

  • 21 Sillmarillion // Feb 12, 2013 at 9:38 am

    How can you discuss a center who gets 5 rebounds a game, although he usually is the tallest guy on the court? Let all things aside, imo rebounding is the top preiority of any center. Every player can (or should be able) to score, but only the big ones can dominate the boards. And Lopez is just a very weak rebounder.
    Another question: am I the only one who thinks that the acitivity on this board really went down since VotS implemented the new comment tools?

  • 22 IowaPhXfan // Feb 12, 2013 at 9:49 am

    @john manhole  @4everis2long  @Rich_Anthony ROBIN LOPEZ VS MARCIN GORTAT………
    Neither player will ever be a starter on a contending team. So who cares?
    I’m excited for 2014-2015 season when our rotation is….
    Trey Burke/Diante Garrett
    Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker
    Kevin Love/Frye
    Damarcus Cousins
    (grabbing a mop to clean up my own drool…..)

  • 23 IowaPhXfan // Feb 12, 2013 at 9:52 am

    @Sillmarillion activity will always go down when you’re required to create an account…. the day where youtube or google require you to create an account is not too far off…

  • 24 john manhole // Feb 12, 2013 at 10:06 am

    I think you’re right on about rebounding, Sillmarillion.
    Also, IowaPhXfan is right on about the activity.  I have a feeling a few users were managing multiple personalities, and it’s simply not worth anyone’s time to troll from four different accounts except for the trolliest of trolls. 
    I, for one, am THRILLED VotS went to a different comment system.  I still would like to see a few things different, but this is a huge step in the right direction.  Great job, guys.

  • 25 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 10:38 am

    @john manhole  @Rich_Anthony John look at the stats for Lopez the last 10 games and tell me again he is not a top 5 option offensively.. He may also be one of their best defenders. His minutes are increasing every night. Would the Suns still be in the lottery with Lopez and Clark? Absolutely. However we would have a decent center whom we could have signed for 4 years if the Suns wanted to. The point is the future would be better with those guys than with Gortat and Morris. However John you agree with my major point, theSuns should have traded Gortat instead of Lopez. No one said Lopez was an allstar.
    No one said Clark is an allstar just that he is better than Morris and they should not have given up on him. He has a higher ceiling than Morris. It does not matter he is the 5th option, who cares? He is better than Morris because he can defend the perimeter and the low post. All you are talking about is offense. He is better than Morris on both sides of ball.

  • 26 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 10:45 am

    @IowaPhXfan  @john manhole  @Rich_Anthony Newsflash Iowa, we are not a contending team.. We are a rebuilding team who needs help every where. Why are you assuming facts not in evidence? The fact we are not a contending team is exactly why we should not have kept Gortat last summer.

  • 27 IowaPhXfan // Feb 12, 2013 at 10:59 am

    @4everis2long  @john manhole  @Rich_Anthony What the heck are you talking about?….I know we are not a contending team…think you read what I said with different emphasis on certain words or something.
    All I said was neither Lopez or Gortat are very good so why are we even debating about them. I am all for trading away any players we can for young talent or draft picks. But if nobody offered much for Gortat than you hang onto him and hope a better offer comes along.
    On rebuilding teams there are always a couple guys getting vastly overpaid…. usually a bad attempt at showing the fans “hey we’re still trying look we signed this guy who is kinda good!”….sadly I think it was a real attempt this offseason by the Phx FO and they actually thought Phx would be a playoff team.
    Read any of my previous posts on here, I am the leader of the pack for trashing this whole thing and rebuilding to the max. Did you not see my hopeful starting lineup in 2 years????

  • 28 john manhole // Feb 12, 2013 at 11:30 am

    @4everis2long  @Rich_Anthony
     A 10-game stretch doesn’t mean all that much, in my book, but just for the heck of it I checked out his last 5.  17.2/6.4/0.8 (AST)/1.6 (BLK) on 66% shooting in about 31 minutes.  Those are decent numbers (like I said, I believe Lopez is decent.  His ppg total is more than decent, but the rest of his numbers are pretty mediocre (and his insane shooting is likely contributing to that high ppg.  When things normalize, he’s not going to be averaging 17).
    I’m pointing that out because I don’t fully agree with your statement that “the Suns should have traded Gortat instead of Lopez.”  I agree that they should have traded Gortat (assuming the right deal was out there), but I don’t think they should have kept Lopez.  From what I remember from around that time, reports were that Lopez wanted 4 years guaranteed with more than $5M per (I think he was originally thinking between $7M and $8M, but he might have dropped his expectations once he realized the rest of the league knew he was insane for asking for that much).  Assuming the Suns would have been able to sign Lopez to a comparable deal (money-wise or option-wise) is a leap that I don’t think is logical or reasonable.  Lopez wanted starter minutes and starter money to stay with the Suns, and I don’t think he’s worth either.
    And again, I can’t fully agree that Clark is better than Morris.  His numbers are normalizing, and it’s becoming fairly evident that he’s an average to slightly-below-average player.  Again, I’m not going to say Kieff is definitively better, but I don’t think anyone could say that for Clark either.  Both are slightly-below-average players with what I believe is limited upside.  Does Clark have slightly more potential?  I might agree with that, but it’s a little pointless to discuss such things, in my opinion, when neither of those guys are ever going to be impact players for a good team unless they DRASTICALLY change their games (for instance, I think the only chance either of those guys has of being an impact player is develop a deadly deep ball and/or develop a knack for rebounding at an insane rate.  Both guys are capable, but I don’t think either will accomplish it.)
    Again, I think it’s kind of pointless to discuss bad players at such lenght, so this will be the last thing I say on this matter for now.  I think it might help to just mellow and understand that what leads to situations like this is not always blatant negligence like you seem to think, and getting frustrated about things that are out of your control is not only pointless, but also self-destructive.  Cheers.

  • 29 TySun // Feb 12, 2013 at 12:06 pm

    @BarryZiskin  The last thing I read on Frye’s condition is that he’s definitely out the rest of the season but he’s continuing treatment and is hopeful to return next season.  You can read a very recent article (Feb. 7) on him at

  • 30 TySun // Feb 12, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    @Sillmarillion  I originally had some difficulty signing in at VOTS even after I created an account.  I finally was able to sign in after changing my browser settings.  That might be part of it.  And IowaPHXfan is also right about some people just not wanting to have to create accounts (for various reasons) to make comments.  I’ve been burned before by creating “accounts” and then suddenly getting tons of spam in my email.  I trusted VOTS enough to not get involved with anyone that would do that to it’s readers though.

  • 31 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    @john manhole  @Rich_Anthony Hey John we can agree to disagree but I suggest what may be self destructive to you may just be enjoyable dialogue to others. I will add this one last thought in closing, while everything the Suns do is not blatant negligence, most of their work is substandard IMO which has lead to the demise of the organization.

  • 32 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    @IowaPhXfan  @john manhole  @Rich_Anthony That was my point Iowa, they should have trashed it last summer and traded Gortat. His value is less today than it was  in the summer. My sole point regarding Lopez is he is significantly younger and has not reached his prime. He would have been cheaper to keep and would have signed a longer contract if he was the starter. People can question his talent but the Suns will be hard pressed to find someone as good in this summers draft. At $5m/yr he is a very good deal for New Orleans who is rebuilding just like the Suns. The Suns have zero margin for error and cannot waste any potential talent.

  • 33 DBreezy // Feb 12, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    @4everis2long The thing to me is that no matter what one individually thinks of these players, in the big picture it doesn’t speak well for the team’s drafting and development.  It’s a results business at the end of the day, and they haven’t gotten enough in that area for quite some time.  Like in everything in life at some point, reasons are more excuses than anything meaningful. 
    The thing to me is what does it mean going forward?  This isn’t looking like a great draft, but odds are there probably will end up being a star or two in there somewhere and role players/near stars of varying degrees.  I’m not going to get on my old soapbox about player development, but I think it’s clear that precious few lottery players come into the NBA as anywhere near a ready to rock product-the Damian Lillard’s of the world are rare these days.  Whomever you get is going to likely require a lot of patience and effort from both parties over an extended period of time to tap into the potential.  So many All-Stars of today are of the Jrue Holiday, Paul George, Tyson Chandler, Marc Gasol, Kevin Love, James Harden, Rajon Rondo, Andrew Bynum, Roy Hibbert, etc variety.  
    Every year now, guys like Kyrie Irving, Austin Rivers, Harrison Barnes, Shabazz, and now Wiggins get hyped up in preseason as the next big draft prize.  Then when they don’t live up to the hype, the draft is then suddenly labeled weak.  Now it’s nice that in some cases a Kyrie or a Harrison perform well for their teams off the bat, but recently history seems to indicate that many of the ‘forgotten’ guys will be heard from with a vengeance in a few seasons like a Harden or Love.  Do the Suns have the patience and staff for something like that to cultivate here?  I really wonder, because honestly we haven’t seen it around here since D’Antoni’s first season and change.  Ironically the man most associated with not sticking with youth around this town was the last one to really do it.

  • 34 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 5:09 pm

    @DBreezy Exactly DBreezy. When some players you draft perform better elsewhere you have to look within.. The Suns have to ask themselves did we not exhibit enough patience with certain players? Why can’t we see the potential or lack thereof in players when other teams seem to do a better job of it? Do certain players lack the necessary attributes to be everyday NBA starters? If the Suns are honest with themselves they should entertain these questions. When no other team wants the players you currently have on your roster someone needs to assess whether these players are as talented as the Suns thought they were. A ton of self assessment is necessary in Phoenix.

  • 35 DBreezy // Feb 12, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    @4everis2long I couldn’t agree more especially on your last line.  We’re all grown enough to know that we don’t run the team and that they can see and do things differently than the way we personally see fit.  That said once a plan is made and executed, at some point you have to assess how well you’ve done and figure out what adjustments need to be made if any.  The Suns don’t seem to be doing the greatest job on the adjustment phase.

  • 36 4everis2long // Feb 12, 2013 at 6:54 pm

    @Sillmarillion Well Perkins the starting center for championship contender OKC only gets 6 boards a game and averages less than 5 points a game, so absolutely there can be discussions about a young center who is having a good season, though far from perfect. When a young center gets 23 and 10 on any night he is worthy of discussion.

  • 37 effyewe // Feb 13, 2013 at 4:12 pm

    Thoughts on Dudley’s game? I have seen a vast decline in productivity, due to the stand still offense and his 3ptFG% declining…

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