Iman Shumpert wanted by Suns, according to NBA trade rumor

Yet again, the Phoenix Suns are showing their infatuation with second-year guard Iman Shumpert. Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the team is dangling Jared Dudley and possibly a future first-round pick in front of the New York Knicks, who reportedly have shown no indication they’re interested in such a deal.

HoopsWorld’s Alex Kennedy, however, tweeted that the Knicks indeed have interest in Dudley.

Wojnarowski also reports that, separately, Phoenix is indeed looking to trade Sebastian Telfair away for a second-round pick — no surprises there.

But back to the potential acquisition of Shumpert, who Wojnarowski says has been scouted by Phoenix in the past week. This would mark at least the third time that reports have surfaced of the Suns privately expressing interest in the combo guard. They loved him in the 2011 NBA Draft but instead took Markieff Morris. The Suns then looked to get the 6-foot-5, 220 pound athlete in a sign-and-trade deal for Steve Nash this summer.

Shumpert, who is still recovering from an ACL tear in last year’s playoffs, is averaging 5.6 points, 1.7 assists and 3.3 rebounds per game for New York. That is down from career averages of 8.9 points and 2.6 assists per game.

Trading away the 27-year-old Dudley would obviously help the Suns get younger, as Shumpert is only 22. It upgrades the team from an athleticism standpoint and would help the team define an uptempo style. He’s also considered an elite defender, though the knee injury has hampered him from playing more than 20 minutes per game on average.

At this point in time, however, Shumpert would appear to be a downgrade on the offensive end. His per-36 points per this year (10.7) are below Dudley’s (14.2), and a career field goal percentage of 39 percent is nothing to be impressed about. One notable improvement this season is Shumpert’s three-point percentages, which sits at a healthy 42.9 percent currently.

Dudley’s contract of $4.25 million per year with three years (and an early termination option following) is obviously a bit larger than Shumpert’s rookie contract, Zach Harper of CBS Sports notes.

The Knicks need to send out about $2.1 million in addition to Shumpert in order to get it to work. The options (realistic options that don’t upset the core of the Knicks’ rotation) could include Marcus Camby (although why would you want to take on two more years of his contract if you’re Phoenix), or a combination of Kurt Thomas and either James White or Ronnie Brewer.

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  • KerimAppelqvist

    Dudley + a first rounder? No freakin way…

  • PhxSunsFanInLA

    I really like shumperts game but trade bassy and brown

  • TySun

    I wouldn’t mind acquiring Shumpert.  The Suns need a good 2.  As much as I like Dudley, Shumpert is younger and has more upside potential.  I don’t really like the idea of throwing in a 1st round pick into the deal but if it’s one of the picks that the Suns have acquired from other teams instead of their own it might not be such a bad idea, especially if it’s a future pick and not one from this year’s draft.  I’m not sold on the idea but it has enough merit to continue looking into.
    And I was just reading about the potential trade for J. Smith with Atlanta.  It seems that rumor won’t go away.  I’m not big on that idea either but if the Suns could pull off both and bring in Shumpert and Smith for Dudley and Gortat… ?  That would change the team a great deal.  And even if the Suns lost Smith at the end of the season, perhaps that could lead to a sign and trade deal that would get the Suns a nice trade exception to use later on.  Like I said, I’m not really for it but I can see some positives that could come out of it.
    And even adding those two at the trade deadline probably wouldn’t make the Suns finish the season better than 7th or 8th from the bottom of the NBA… if that high.  Especially if loosing Dudley and Gortat is part of the process of bringing them in.

    • wattyman

       The problem on Smith is all the Suns would get in a sign and trade is the asset whatever it may be in the trade….Suns are easily under the cap and would recieve no such exception.
      As far as the offer goes, I hope the Suns won’t be dumb enough to throw in a first rounder….some of these Knicks fans are insane.  I saw some saying it was only a good trade if the Suns throw in there own pick unprotected.  I’d hate to burst the Knicks fans bubbles but we’re not talking about a proven player in Shumpert….I understand he has more upside than Duds, but that’s just it it’s upside.  Duds is the better player right now.  The Knicks would be fortunate IMO to get Duds and O’Neal for Shumpert and Camby and that means the Suns are taking back a bad contract for the Knicks.  I think that’s a good deal for the Knicks and a fair one for the Suns if they really value Shumpert that much.  Personally I think they’d be better to wait till the end of the season and for Scola to become available.  In the meantime just be the facilitaing third team in deals right now by renting their cap space out.

  • Nikolaj

    Shumpert is nice but I believe our 1st round picks are better

  • the real shazam

    if the suns cant steal him then the deal wont happen

  • bkkkkkkkk

    This same yahoo guy BS the rudy gay too.

    • john manhole

      @bkkkkkkkk Woj has it out for the Suns’ brass.  He’ll say anything negative about Suns management (especially Sarver) just to get a few clicks.

  • Sunsfan4life

    To: Lance Blanks and Lon Babby
    As a suns fans i request that you please hand in your resignations. You obviously do not have the knowledge/business acumen to properly run the suns franchise. This lack of ability has cost the Suns dearly this season and has put in jeopardy the future of the franchise as it looks to rebuild post-Nash. As i am aware that you have a very cushy job that you will likely not remove yourself from, please take some friendly advice.
    1. Do not sign Josh Smith to a Max Contract.He is NOT a franchise type player and not someone who yu can build around for the future.
    2. Do not trade J.Dudley and a future 1st round pick for Iman Shumpert. While Shumpert is a good young player and a great man to man defender he is not worth Dudley (who is on a great contract for the next 4 years) and a future first round pick (which due to your continued incompetence is likely to be a very good pick)
    3. Please do not look to sign M. Ellis. While he is a great scorer and this franchise certainly needs someone to create a shot for themselves outside of G.Dragic and M.Beasley, Ellis is simply a shoot first and second and third type point guard, and not someone that would fit in well with the current Suns roster which requires a facilitator to get people good shots.
    Please look at
    1. Making trades that will look to get us some more early first round draft picks. Despite our recent bad track record with draft picks, the Suns have in the past selected good talent (Rondo, Deng, Gortat, Robinson). Please invest in scouting the college and international scene and in developing talent. (By talent I mean actual talent.. not “talent” such as M.Morris and W.Johnson)
    2. Look to get two way players, and a defensive anchor. While M.Gortat was great for the suns last year, his whole game, both what he does on offense and defense is tied into the amount of points/shots he has scored / taken. When he does not score well or get less shots than he fells he deserves, he hands his head and gives up on both ends of the court. This is not they type of player you can develop a good team core around, as young players will look to this and follow by example.
    Instead please look at this trade

    The trade would bring A.Bogut, R.Jefferson and F.Ezeli to the Suns and send out M.Gortat, M.Morris, W.Johnson, S.Telfair and S.Brown. This trade would see the Suns gain a person many believe is the best defensive center in the league in Bogut, a young center on a great contract in Ezeli and Jefferson’s bloated contract. The trade would take out more than $6million in payroll for GSW and would put them under the tax threshold. It would also see them with aprox. $8Million on cap room, with the ability to amnesty A.Biedrins and create $18million worth of cap space to chase free agents next year. Not only this but they would be getting a center that can stay healthy and on the court, who when engaged can be very effective.
     They Suns may also have to give swap first round picks such as the Lakers pick assuming that it is higher. This should not be a problem as in this draft (and most) any picks outside of the top 12 are generally role players and not stars.
    For those that would like to talk about the “cap” hit the Suns would take this year, my answer is this… D.Howard is not coming, and no one else is worth the suns throwing max contracts at. Bogut and Jefferson’s contact expire at the end of next season, and Beasley’s contract is only partially guaranteed. Morris and Marshal may not have their options picked up and the suns would have close to $25Million in cap space available. That combined with some promising draft picks may entice some free agents of value to look to the Suns
    For those that took the time to read all this, thank you, any comments will be appreciated.

    • ojai1980

      I like the idea of getting Bogut, but I don’t know if even the Sun’s warlocks could keep him healthy for a full year. I think that having to trade the better of the two 1st rounders (between the Fakers and GSW).would be a deal breaker. Not only would the Suns help the GSW’s in the salary cap area, but they would be giving up a relatively healthy Gortat for an injury prone Bogut. Just because he is a better player doesn’t mean he will necessarily be worth the risk plus a 1st round pick. I think the Suns should do what they can to stockpile more future picks and maybe, if they can’t get Noel in the draft, go after a player later in the 1st round like Willie Cauley-Stein. A big defensive presence in the same mold as Tyson Chandler.

    • BoomShakaLuka

      Ellis is exactly what the Suns need. It’s true he’s not exactly a playmaker, but he’d give us a real advantage on the break. He also takes the pressure off Goran, because he can create his own shot. We would have one of the fastest backcourt tandems with Dragic and Ellis. Then, if we get lucky and draft Shabazz Muhammad to play SF and sign Millsap at PF, and hang onto Gortat you’d have a hell of a starting unit. We’d just need to fill out the remaining spots with defensive wings land one back-up C. Perhaps Frye returns.

    • BoomShakaLuka

      No thanks on Bogut. The Suns need to be focused on getting more athletic. Bogut is too expensive, and injury prone.
      I’d deal Gortat, Morris, Marshall, and the LA pick to Charlotte for Diop and Biyombo. Suns save $7 million for FA, and get a defensive PF/C in Biyombo. Charlotte gets an additional pick and a legit starter in Gortat.
      I think Monta Ellis is exactly what the Suns need personally. He can create his own shot. He will take the pressure off Dragic to create. You’d have one of the fastest backcourts in the league with Dragic & Ellis.
      Then if the Suns can get lucky and draft Shabazz Muhammad at SF you get a versatile athlete who can score from anywhere. Then sign Paul Millsap at PF, and a C such as: Mozgov, or Dalembert and you’ve got a hell of a starting 5.

    • wattyman

      Couldn’t agree more on Ellis, meaning Suns will probably get him and in 6 months being the loyal fans we are we’ll be talking ourselves into him just like we did with Hedo T. a couple years ago.
      Like the idea of going after a center though as you proposed with Bogut.  Heard rumors that the Nets are looking to get some floor spacers, and also expessed interest in JSmoove from Atl.  Was messing with the trade machine and came up witha trade scenario I thought would benefit 4 teams.
      Obviously this is not gonna happen,but I do think B Lopez could have a roster built around him, and Dragic is a great start.

  • lbst405

    KD is coming for you Phoenix

  • hawki

    Trade Babby, Blanks & a 2nd rounder for Shumpert.

    • 4everis2long

      @hawki I think all we could reasonably expect in a trade for Babby and Blanks is a can of discontinued dog food.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    I’d pass on Shumpert. Suns can easily upgrade their backcourt this summer via the draft and free agency. Dudley is excellent if he’s coming off the bench. If.the Suns want a defensive SG they should make an offer on Tony Allen. There’s a good chance Memphis won’t be able to afford to keep him.
    I just hope this front office isn’t delusional about this Gortat situation. Unless they are planning a contract extension we don’t know about, it’s move him now. He’s the only player on the roster aside from Dragic, that any team would really want. Even if it’s for more picks, and cap room.

  • BoomShakaLuka

    Suns Send: Marcin Gortat, Markieff Morris, Kendall Marshall, Jared Dudley
    Bobcats Send: Desagna Diop, Bismack Biyombo
    Suns get 7 million in cap space, and a prospect defensive C/PF in Biyombo.

  • BoomShakaLuka
  • 4everis2long

    Let me get this right, Suns passed on drafting Shumpert so they can get Morris and now they may be considering giving up a player and a 1st round pick to get him, which is on the heels of giving up a 1st round pick to trade away Dragic. I like Shumpert but no thanks if you have to give away a 1st round pick in this years draft that could potentially be a top 15 selection.

  • DBreezy

    My biggest takeaway from all of this is what it likely means for the future of the front office.  Much like the decision to let Babby and Blanks make the call on interim coach, letting these guys make the calls on potential trades involving Dudley, Gortat, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, etc seems like a solid indicator that Sarver presently intends to stick with Lance and Lon beyond this season.  My guess is still that he extends Lon for another season to matchup with Blanks’ deal, but perhaps LaCava is right and he fires Lon while promoting Lance and I assume Treloar.  What this could mean seems like a bigger deal than any individual trade proposal.