Josh Smith a piece the Phoenix Suns want, per report

Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks is a target of the Phoenix Suns, according to’s Alex Kennedy. He reports that Phoenix is looking into acquiring the versatile forward before the trade deadline, and if that falls through, the Suns would continue their pursuit into the offseason.

Smith would likely be a max-level player. At the least, he believes he’s worth such a contract. Though Kennedy’s sources tell him the Suns view Smith as a franchise player — wince now — Phoenix could theoretically have enough cash after this year to go after another max contract.

An unrestricted free agent this offseason, Smith’s agent and Atlanta General Manager Danny Ferry met earlier in the year to discuss the future of the team — no trade was requested — and his client’s place with that vision, according to CBS Sports’ Ken Berger.

The two sides are expected to meet this week once again.

Now, it’s a matter if the Suns could work out any deal with Atlanta. Again, the Suns are hampered because they have so few players that would send equivalent value back to the Hawks, and Marcin Gortat could certainly be looked at as a centerpiece in the deal. Phoenix would hope the Hawks would find no better options elsewhere, and in any circumstance, it’s likely trading Smith now would net them less value than Smith is worth — it could be similar to Phoenix shipping off Nash last offseason for picks.

With so many issues being involved in any trade — contracts are another thing — Smith would certainly be an interesting thought as a member of the Suns.

His dissatisfaction with a much better Atlanta squad would make acquiring him before the trade deadline appear to be risky, as Smith could bolt this offseason if he didn’t like the atmosphere in Phoenix.

Plus, appreciation for Smith in Atlanta and even league-wide has been dichotomous to say the least. To find a day where someone didn’t reference one of his ill-advised jump shots would be a miracle. And putting that alongside, say, Michael Beasley would give the Suns two players with widely-recognized skillsets who arguably haven’t gotten the most out of them.

At the same time, the Suns need an elite player. Smith does fit the bill as the same grade of player as an Eric Gordon or a Rudy Gay. Unless you think Phoenix can pull off a blockbuster move to acquire a Dwight Howard in the offseason, that type of player is the likely answer to the current woes. Howard’s role in it all could be an important factor, as well. He and Smith are high school buddies, and should the Lakers center leave Los Angeles in a huff this offseason, expect his hometown of Atlanta to be a draw — Smith may want to wait this season out with the Hawks.

While this is all starting as a rumor, there’s no doubt the Suns are working the phones at this point in time. It’s a solid sign they’re putting their work into making improvements to the roster, but whether Smith and his various inconsistencies are the right answer is up for debate.

  • Fan in Chi Town

    This would be worse than getting rudy gay. Tell me, if gortat is included in this deal, how is that an upgrade? Please, FO, don’t do this. Please.

  • silver

    F*ck, f*ck, f*ck…

    It would take our draft pick…Suns don’t know what they’re doing and they’re going to screw us over before they get fired this offseason.

  • Geminid670

    Rebuild, compete, rebuild, compete. Does the Suns front office resemble a 16 year old fresh from drivers ed. that has to decide on their new car?

  • Harry

    This is disgusting. Doesn’t Blanks understand the definition of a team player?

  • Harry

    This is disgusting. Doesn’t Blanks understand the definition of a team player? How can you build a winning culture acquiring players with such a limited basketball IQ?

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    In any case, you’d have to trade one for the other.

    Of course you’d have to give it a chance to work, but I’m of the opinion that any team with BOTH Smith and Beasley on it at the same time could be highly entertaining… for everyone minus Suns supporters.

    I will say, the Suns being so active in free agency and trades for the better part of a season is a good thing for a few reasons.

    At least they know the team as it is constructed isn’t going anywhere. Also, at least they’re keeping their name out there as potential trading partners.

    Other teams won’t even bother calling you if they don’t think you’re willing to listen. So this news leaking out is good from the standpoint that even if this deal isn’t done, teams could come to Phoenix for help in other deals which could net the Suns more of what they’re looking for.

    Young / expiring-contract players and draft picks.

    They’ve also let it be known that the team is in search of “THE MAN” in Phoenix. So studs who could walk away from teams this off-season could see appeal in that if they can’t find teams to chase rings on.

    I don’t care what they do as long as they don’t give up draft picks to do it. They can trade away anybody on the team minus Dragon as long as our cap remains flexible and our draft-pick count remains plentiful during the rebuild.

  • bk

    Funny, there is some signature patterns of this management:
    1. Taking the worse of a set of brothers.
    2. Missing the playoff and then draft at #13.
    3. Trading whoever named Josh from Altanta, if it works. I think it is their main reason.


    everyone settle down..this is just suns pr dept fluff to keep us engaged..we were never going to get gordon,harden or gay and we wont offer enough for smith…the suns make the phone calls to get press but the offers are crap..if they cant steal it they wont get it..the league is too smart for the suns right now..the only exception to this ploy was gordon..they made a fair offer but KNEW they wouldnt get him..the end result is the same though…we get excited for nothing…just what they want…because nothing doesnt cost anything

  • Cam

    That’s no! Don’t make me spank you!

    Go Suns.

  • foreveris2long

    I vote NO on the Josh proposition and NO, NO, NO if it involves trading The Suns/Lakers 1st round pick this summer. Harden or Gordon would have been good since they both were 25 or younger and could have grown with a young team. Josh Smith seems like a head case who probably lacks the patience of the Suns evolving.

  • foreveris2long

    I will say this, the fact there is a Josh Smith Rumor lends credence to likely management realization Morris will never be the answer at power forward. Some of us knew this last season but the elevators in the Suns executive offices seems to take considerably longer to get to the top floor.I am just saying.

  • Jeremy A

    I dunno about you guys, but I’d buy a ticket to see some Josh Smith dunks.

  • Mike D’Antoni

    Josh Smith would be a good complimentary piece. If the Suns could land Millsap and keep their pick they’d be well on their way.

    What’s laughable is the front office unwillingness to part with Gortat, and how he will follow the Nash route out of PHX.

  • Animan

    Josh Smith is simply too aged mentally and physically to be a benefit to the “vision.” And if you honestly think we need Dwight Howard on this team, you must not know basketball. He’s so bad. High maintenance attitude, little reward in the actual game, costs way too much, injury-prone. NO. We need more people, in my opinion, like Beasley.

  • bill.thomas

    I’m beginning to think Beasley has more “MOTOR” than Morris !!!!

  • DBreezy
  • DBreezy

    On another note, it’s hard not to look at the sidebar and laugh at Kendall tweeting about who the best pure shooter in the league is. Imagine Shawn Bradley tweeting about the best finishers in the league…

  • Alessandro

    I vote YES for the trade. I love the way Smith plays. We need him.


  • Cam

    If the Hawks can’t win with Josh Smith on their team, what make the 3 stooges think that the Suns could do any better! The Hawks have better pieces around him now compared to what this Suns team would have after a trade. If the Suns brass is so hard up for him, they better see the wisdom in waiting until free agency. Smith isn’t going to sign an extension, no matter if he is traded or not, so take your chance when it doesn’t cost you future pieces. I hope Babby/Blanks/Sarver don’t believe the Suns can make a run to the 8th seed after this win over L.A. Crap, I think they may actually feel that way after thinking about it a little. Go Suns.

  • Cam


    Nice clip. Made me chuckle. Go Suns.

  • hawki

    Josh Smith ? LOL….which Smith is he ? always get him mixed up with J.R. Smith…or was it Ish Smith.

    While were at it, let’s pick up some Joneses…Dahntay, Dominique, or Perry will do.

    In fact, let’s get a whole team of Smith & Jones….if you can’t beat ‘em….confuse ‘em.

    Trivia ? Are there more Smith’s or Jones in the League ?

    Answer: Jones…7

  • Junior

    Suns must really be anti-draft if they do this. You lose all leverage on Smith. He will have all the leverage and will threating to leave or get a max contract.

    Please, just tank this season, get your high draft pick, Lakers lottery pick, and the other pick. Hope to get the #1 pick and draft.

    Teams are built through the draft. Try it for once.

    Don’t dare ruin your chances, become a mediocre 500 team again.

    Rebuild using the draft. If anything. I would use your cap and take some bad contracts and future draft picks off teams.

    Doesn’t anyone in the Sun’s office have half a NBA brain.

    You are in a tanking season. Just tank and lose.

  • superGM

    I would only want HORFORD from ATL!!!!! (and maybe Pachulia, Korver)


    lets trade Gortat, Scola, Morris, MEM 1st for AL HORFORD

    and then sign

    Pekovic or Bynum

  • LoLoChandler

    Smith would be an upgrade people. Gortat is softer than a noodle. We have no power player or scorer, he would fill both of those needs. Finally bring back the pick and roll… which creates opportunities on the weak side, wake up people, this is a great opportunity!

  • Luka

    The Suns should be focused on unloading contracts right now starting with Gortat.

    If the Suns could package Morris, and Marshall with Gortat there is bound to be a taker.

    The Bobcats would be an ideal trade partner. Try and get the expiring deal of Diop, and Charlotte’s 14th pick in return. Charlotte would be getting a legit starting C who they can offer a lucrative long-term contract to.

    The Suns would then be armed with three first round picks, and an additional 7 million dollars in cap room. They can easily go sign two impact free agents and fill the rest of the roster with draft prospects.

  • Michael

    I don´t see the Bobcats doin´such a trade. Why should they? Aquiring slightly above average players (Gortat) and bad players (Morris) and very bad players (Marshall) for a pick? They have two lottery picks (hopefully same like us) and I cannot imagine a Suns/Bobcats trade.

    Other people often state Dudley should be traded away. I would only give up on him when we really get sth nice in return (lottery pick or great talent). Otherwise he is on a very easy contract, has a high basketball IQ, is very important off court and a safe pick at the 3. He´s not the best SF in the league, but also he doesn´t make a team worse.
    Goran and Dudley have favourable long term contracts to build a team around. And they can easily be part of the team once the rebuilding process is finished (2 or 3 seasons?).
    The focus should be on the draft to get at least one great guard (McLemore, …) and two big men to fill the holes that are presently visible at the 2, and our future holes at the 4 and 5.
    Gortat has told he doesn´t want to be part of the franchise long term, and I honestly see neither Scola (age), Morris (talent) nor Beasley (you just cannot count on him) as our future solution at the 4. Beasley can be a bonus coming from the bench in case he shows more consistency, Frye can be a bonus once he gets healthy again (wow, I´m missing his deadly 3-pointers).

    Josh Smith surely wouldn´t hurt us when we´d be able to get him with a contract extension. Though I doubt he´s worth a max. contract. (I love his hustle and effort, but I hate his long jumper and his FT%).

    Players to be traded for anything in return as soon as possible:
    Brown, Telfair.
    Maybe you can squeeze out a second rounder for their expiring contracts.

    Players to be traded for sth good in return as soon as possible:
    Johnson, O´Neal, Beasley, Gortat, Morris.
    They all might have a certain value for a team trying to achieve sth now, especially Gortat.
    So it should be possible to get any kind of talent and/or 1st rounders for them.

    Players that have a lot more value for us then their present trade value might be:
    Dragic, Dudley, Tucker.
    I wouldn´t trade them unless you get sth in the “franchise player” category.

    Scola might be traded in the summer to a contender, and I have no clue what to do with Marshall.

    What I would like to see the Suns roster look like starting the next season:
    Guards: Dragic, lottery picks (McLemore, Burke), FA
    SF: Dudley, Tucker
    PF/C: Frye, lottery picks (Noel, Austin), FA

    We´ll surely get some players in return for Gortat, Scola, Beasley etc. They should be young and fairly talented…

  • Forever is2long

    If possible I like both what Luka is suggesting as well as Michael’s thoughts. Even though Mike doubts the Bobcats would have any interest in Gortat I could see them deciding we need an above average veteran to go with our young pieces. While Mike may be right they won’t have any interest in Gortat I would not summarily give up on the proposal.

    Mike, I too hate Smith’s untimely jump shots and would never try to trade for him now as he would hold us hostage to a max contract. I love the rest of your proposal especially trading Gortat ASAP.

    The more I see McLemore at Univ of Kansas the more I like him over Shabazz (or however you spell it).

  • Forever is2long

    DBreezy, that was a funny and very timely clip.

  • Cam

    I don’t understand why many of you here are so keen on trading for Josh Smith. The guy isn’t going to agree to a sign and trade unless he gets a max offer, which he isn’t worth! Why trade for a player when you can go after him in free agency. You won’t gain anything by giving away picks for a player who could severely limit the Suns salary cap situation going forward (if he gets a max contract). I’m all for chasing him in free agency because he is a very dynamic player.

    I just think the negatives outweigh the positives by acquiring him via trade. It could turn into another D12 situation (trade with no extension and the ability to leave without compensation for L.A.) or a Joe Johnson/Amare situation (overpriced contract that’s almost impossible to move later on).

    Go Suns.

  • IowaPhXfan

    I agree with Michael, I had a very similar post about a week ago. Trade anybody you can for young talent or draft picks.
    Please please please do not trade for Josh Smith, unless you’re sending them Gortat only. If we trade any of our draft picks I would be stunned. I would like to see our FO sign Mayo in the offseason, 3 yrs/~$20M. Starting lineup next year….


    If our FO doesn’t f up our picks too bad, and LA doesn’t find a resurgence, we should get one of guys in top tier of draft (top 5), and a guy you can start at center right away in Withey or Austin, or if you get Noel with 1st pick can try to get CJ McCollum or Trey Burke with LA pick…. this draft doesn’t have the immediate all star types at the top but it is a pretty deep draft with very good value still in 2nd rd.

  • Suns Fan in PDX

    I don’t understand why people are giving up on Markieff… He’s got talent and he’s still young. I think Suns fans could regret it someday if he gets traded. I love Scola, he’s one of my favorite players, but we need to trade him and Gortat away for young prospects or decent draft picks. Josh Smith would have been good when Nash was still on the team, but you don’t want him on your team if he thinks he’s the best player and team leader. That would be a disaster. I agree with SuperGM above that if there’s a player on the Hawks that would look good in a suns uni, it’s Al Horford… Smith’s the one who wants out of ATL though (and that they want to get rid of, red flag.) ScolTat have the highest trade value they’re ever gonna have right now, and they’re not the future for teh Suns. Trade ‘em now for prospects. (I’d say draft picks but I don’t really trust this FO in the draft…. oy.)

  • DBreezy

    Adding to what Cam said, I believe the new CBA removed the primary player motivation for seeking a sign and trade: the ability to get an extra year and higher raises. Iirc there was a short window in the first season of the cba that still allowed the old way, hence last years Dwightmare. I thnk it’s gone this season which is part of why you haven’t heard of similar situations unlike previous seasons. Why would a free agent commit himself early these days unless he was with a contending/up and coming squad he was sure he didn’t want to leave?

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    The CBA is tightening. That’s the way it is.

    You guys talking about Horford though, man crazy.. ATL is shopping Smith, and you guys are talking about the other forward. Why is that?

  • DBreezy


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