Suns shouting match? Jermaine O’Neal, GM Lance Blanks get into it

Count Jermaine O’Neal among the “old guard” unhappy with the new changes in Planet Orange. The Suns’ backup big man reportedly got into a post-practice shouting match with general manager Lance Blanks, according to Yahoo! Sports insider Adrian Wojnarowski.

O’Neal, according to a report from The Arizona Republic‘s Paul Coro, was already scheduled to miss Phoenix’s Wednesday road game against Sacramento with an “unstated medical issue.” That issue may have been more emotional than physical if the argument was as vehement as Wojnarowski’s sources indicated.


Jan.  18 – Suns fire Gentry

Jan.  20 – Suns promote Hunter

Jan. 20 –  Majerle leaves Suns

Jan. 21 – O’Neal, Blanks argue

With the Suns in complete disarray (13-28, worst in the Western Conference), Blanks and the rest of Suns management decided the team was in need of a different direction, though apparently not everyone is pleased with the ultimate decision on how to go about it.

The confrontation is the latest of several reported rifts from within the organization following the hiring of head coach Alvin Gentry and the promotion of Lindsey Hunter, formerly the team’s player development director. Hunter’s hiring came at the expense of more experienced candidates in Suns assistants Dan Majerle and Elston Turner.

Majerle has already left the team after being passed over, and Turner may not be far behind.

Hunter’s prior position in player development has many thinking he will dole out more playing time to the Suns’ younger players, including second-year forward Markieff Morris and rookie point guard Kendall Marshall.

At age 34, O’Neal is the team’s oldest player and just one of two older than 30 (Luis Scola is the other).

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  • DBreezy


    I think you need to go back and re-read what I wrote. I never said that Kerr was under orders to make that specific move. I just said that he was under orders from above something all your posts agree with. Again, my point in bringing it up was Kerr blatantly lied about why he completed that trade at the time and that the local media have him a big ass pass on it. You seem to be worried about me making what u view as an unfair assertion against Sarver when that wasn’t my point at all.

    I’m just saying that otherwise savvy media guys have given this team a pass in the past. For instance a lot smelled wrong with Quinter’s role post-Blanks or what exactly was going off with Lopez going into the 2011 offseason. I understand why they might not be 100% truthful, but that has zero to do with the media covering for them. Interesting that tonigh we have the 2nd story in a few days confirmed by Coro that the organization is disputing. Different times in PHX.

  • azbballfan

    So if there was no argument or anything why did oneal miss the trip to Sacto?

    Someone is lying

    either Oneal is trying to save his time with the Suns or the source was wrong

    Given the fact that after this fight that may or may have happened, Oneal misses practice and game in Sacto and we are all supposed to think that this was a coincidence?

    i wasnt born yesterday

    the whole thing would have to be a total media fabrication.

    Somehow i dont trust that it was, given the front offices credibility as at an all time low right now

  • DBreezy

    Thanks M.i.milliman, but that wasn’t even my read on what was going there, just a juxtaposition of comments mad at the time vs years later. As for my read on things, I think Kerr was a neophyte Gm that had several things blow up on him.

    He had a deal for KG fall apart and the lost the Hawks pick in the lottery. Either of those things don’t happen and the KT is a footnote. Instead they didn’t get the big they wanted (incl D’Antonu by his own requests) and still had they payroll issue because marion was still on the roster.

    Kerr made two bad deals to satisfy the goals from above, but he lied about why. That in an of itself wouldn’t be a big deal to me except for the way he did it. He made up that garbage about D’Antoni not wanting to play a big when D’Antoni made several comments that he wanted someone at least along the lines of Stephen Huntet who he said was a mistake to let go. The Suns offseason search to that point was for the big man and big defensive point guard that D’Antoni said he wanted. I’m not blaming Kerr for not getting that done, I’m just saying why did he have to use the coach as a cop out? And why didn’t the media hammer him, especially after Kert drafted Lope and Dragic who fit exactly what D’antoni asked for?

  • john


    I read it. Perhaps you didn’t mean what you wrote, but here are your words.

    ” Kerr did admit that he was under orders from above, who could that be?, to make that move.”

    You said exactly what I said you said. You seem to have a problem misremembering quotes. First Kerr’s, now your own, whose next? :)

  • Jason A.

    The problem isn’t the changes but the competence with which the changes were executed. Why didn’t they have an interim coach in place? That’s SOP right there. I have been giving this FO the benefit of the doubt time and time again. That’s over now.

    I think if Blanks and Babby aren’t fired Sarver should just sell the team and move on. I’m tired of this shit.

  • azbballfan is reporting that blanks and oneal exchanged hugs and high fives after this incident took place, and oneal has tweeted he had a health scare

    this doesnt compute

    so we are supposed to think that they just had some “conversation” if thats true what was it about? harry potter?

    both people are clearing trying to save their jobs

    people who think that this stuff never happened have never worked in a toxic work environment .

    I hope sarver has some balls and doesnt buy this bullshit and guts the front office

    oh and if Oneal is moved the at the deadline we are supposed to think it was some basketball related move?

    what a disgrace

  • DBreezy


    Your quote would be more relevant if it was the first thing I said. The first thing I said I said was simply ‘Kerr finally admitting the deal with the KT trade on a TNT preseason broadcast’. I said it simply as an example of something where the front office said one thing that was clearly not true, that the local media gave them a pass on when they knew better. I didnt mention anything about who ordered Kerr to make that deal, but you said that you don’t recall Kerr ever blaming

    . That’s where the quote you just used came from. Sure Kerr didn’t name who gave him the orders to cut payroll, just saying things like financial obligations, orders from above, etc. My quote simply meant that it was obvious who made those financial goals, not that Sarver ordered that specific trade. That should have been clear from the context of our posts.

    You still don’t seem to understand what I was talking about in the first post, as you seem to be arguing something I wasn’t. I have no problem understanding Kerr’s quote you posted or what he said on TNT, in fact they were not point. He said those things over two years after the trade. He said very different things at the time of the trade and the local media gave him a pass on it when they knew better. That’s all I was saying. You expanded it into sometbing i wasnt thinking about and somehow turned that into what you think my original comment was. The blame Sarver boogeyman isn’t everywhere you look. Put simpler, I don’t care of Kerr made that trade on his own volition for those same reasons, he still lied about why, and the local media still gave him a pass.

  • foreveris2long

    DBreezy, Are you Big Dave from Coro’s board?

  • john

    We’re going in circles, but another thing to note is that I don’t remember the Suns getting a free pass for that Thomas deal. I don’t recall a single time I have heard any member of the media say that trade made sense from a basketball perspective, and you, as usual, haven’t provided any reference to such sources. I agree the local talking heads are upping their brutality, so if that’s really all you’re trying to say, I guess I’ll just leave it at that and forget about the fact that you seem to have either an extremely sharp memory or a suspect one.

  • foreveris2long

    Jason A and Azbball, I hear both of you loud and clear. In my opinion this franchise is dysfunctional. I hope they fix this thing before the draft when we may have two lottery picks.


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  • Scott

    If O’Neal is saying there was no spat with Blanks and it was a misunderstanding by the media, I can accept that. Sometimes when people are speaking or joking around they’ll use loud voices that could be taken as angry.

    Maybe O’Neal was just commiserating about his health scare, saying “Damn! Damn! Damn!” or something to that effect, and Blanks was cradling him in his arms, howling, “NOOOOOO!” and “WHYYYYYYY?!”

    Or something like that. :)

    (I hope JO will be okay. #fingerscrossed)

  • Tony

    “I agree about the shift in media coverage, I disagree with the notion that Sarver came up with the idea for the Thomas trade.”

    This is just silly nonsense. John, I know you will protect your employer’s, oops…, I mean Sarver’s reputation at all costs; but seriously, just ask yourself what incentive would Kerr have to trade Thomas and 2 1st round picks for nothing in return? I mean come on! Your blatant refusal to accept reality makes you appear as if you are being intentionally obtuse.

    There’s no question about it-the infamous Kurt Thomas trade was designed solely to shed team payroll. Then ask yourself this John, who would be far more concerned about the financial repercussions of holding onto Thomas and those picks, Kerr or Sarver? Obviously, it’s going to be the guy who has to pay Thomas and those picks-Robert Sarver! It’s just baffling to me how much of an aversion you apparently have to facts. In all sincerity, I truly do not understand how you can remain so supportive of these knuckleheads in the FO….

    “I don’t recall a single time I have heard any member of the media say that trade made sense from a basketball perspective…”

    Your next quote is just as nonsensical as deflecting the responsibility for the Thomas trade away from Sarver and onto Kerr.

    Of course nobody thought the Thomas and two first round draft picks for nothing in return was a solid trade from a basketball perspective. Only a total moron would argue that the Thomas trade was a smart trade. You act as if Sarver shouldn’t be criticized for such a stupid deal, when to the contrary, he should lampooned for it. The mere fact that at the time of that reprehensible deal he was not largely condemned by the local media for it demonstrates how lenient local reporters have treated Sarver.

    In any event, I wonder how that clown Rich feels about the Suns new head coach being investigated by the FBI for mortgage fraud? I guess this is the type of leadership from the FO that he expects to effectively rebuild this franchise back into a contender…. Not only does the FO get rid of all of the Suns star players without getting even close to adequate compensation in return for their departures, they manage to fire a well-respected head coach in Gentry and manage to promote a guy, who in addition to never coaching a basketball game in his life, is also under investigation by the FBI! Oh, and by promoting Turner, they manage to alienate Turner and especially to Majerle by their disloyal conduct, which subsequently has led to Majerle’s resignation and probably Turner’s as well.

    Rich thinks this FO crew, with all their ludicrous decisions, are competent to make the right decisions to lead this franchise back into an elite team????

  • Tony

    “It’s funny, I watched Chicago put a beating last night on the Lakers with a starting line-up of Noah, Butler, Hinrich, Hamilton and Boozer. Phoenix has a better line-up. More talent, but the coach couldn’t get it out.”

    Harry!! Firstly, your quote suggests that you didn’t actually watch the Bulls/Lakers game because it was a close game throughout until the latter portion of the 4th quarter when, because of Kobe’s ball-hogging isolations, the Bulls pulled away.

    Secondly, that’s absurd to contend that the Suns have a more talented roster than the Bulls do. It’s just absurd. The only reason the Suns beat the Bulls was because they were tired from playing the night before and because they simply weren’t focused against the Suns. The Bulls have repeatedly lost their focus and allowed inferior teams to beat them this season.

    In any event, not only do the Bulls have a more talented roster than the Suns, you can’t underestimate the importance of team chemistry. The mere fact that Gentry was forced to incorporate nine new players this season made his job a lot harder than Thibodeau’s, who is fortunate enough not to have to deal with a revolving roster each season, but instead he gets to coach a roster that’s player with each other long enough to generate that vital team chemistry.

  • hawki

    @ Forever……yeah, that’s David….Big Dave to you…& I’m the same Hawki….miss ebjm & especially Rude who is probably dying a thousand deaths in this season that has turned into a complete & utter debacle.

    Really, the only thing left to look forward to is the draft & hopefully the “genuises” in the FO won’t screw it up.

  • JO

    Man I was tellin da GM, You brought me here to mentor some people~ but ya’ll just putting crap like beasley here to lose games and get paid, aint nobody want to coach this! Trade me for a taco.

  • azbballfan

    Fox10 Sports apparently has reported that Oneal is requesting to be waived.

    I feel bad for any player on this team

    even the two people i think who had their hand in it were probably manipulated by Blanks and Babby

  • DBreezy


    Yeah it’s me, the artist formerly known as David1787.

    @ John,

    Yes we’re going in circles because we’re not really talking about the same thing. I said they gave them a pass, ie they didn’t hold their feet to the fire on that trade and other things. You say, I don’t recall anyone saying that it was a good deal and made sense from a basketball sense. Not the same thing. You remind me of my freshman history teacher with your reference stuff, shall I use the MLA format? ;). Anyway you won’t find many references from me these days thanks to the good folks over at AZC limiting us to 20 articles a month without a subscription which I do not have. I used to provide all sort of old AZC links before that change, but since the change that’s not going to happen as I’m not going to waste a view for something like this. Quite frankly from what I’ve seen, no one can meet your burden of proof if it involves something you disagree with for whatever reason. Not a big deal in the sense there are plenty of things we agree to disagree on around here, but why make it more than that?

  • hawki has Suns taking Noel at 4….Isaiah Austin at 12 (lakers pk) & Patric Young (Fla) at 34…4th pk in 2nd round.
    That would be a dream come true.
    However, I can’t believe that Noel would fall to 4….Austin is very skinny & raw & needs another year in college but has great skill for his size & could actually develop into a stretch 4 in the NBA.
    Patric Young is a man amongst boys at the NCAA level & if he ever fell into the top half of the 2nd round ( I find that hard to believe) the Suns would be remiss if they didn’t draft him.

  • Scott

    In the newspaper this morning, it reports Blanks said his argument with O’Neal was misperceived, “just as his playful wrestling with Michael Beasley could be misconstrued.”

    Really, guys? Get a room.

    I can see why Blanks isn’t allowed to speak to the media. ;)

  • azbballfan

    Yeah Hawki that would be a kick ass draft class

    The Suns really need a good 2 guard

    but really good big men are hard to find

    Looking forward to Wednesdays Game

  • john

    Quite frankly that’s as asinine assumption of you to make, DBreezy. I’ve admitted fault on multiple occasions just in the past couple of weeks on various topics. I honestly have zero problem with being proven wrong. I welcome it.

    Maybe we speak slightly different languages. Maybe I skip over your qualifiers, maybe you forget to use them sometimes. Maybe I miss your parts of speech, maybe you forget to type them of use one you don’t truly mean sometimes. Maybe I miss your point, maybe you focus far too much of your effort on things that are somehow unrelated to your “real” point.

    Whatever it is, I’ll just drop this discussion, but if you must insist that I wouldn’t have admitted I was wrong (even though these weren’t your main points, despite the fact that you talked extensively about them), all I would have required for “proof” would be your alleged Steve Kerr quote from the TNT preseason game where he said Sarver made him make THAT trade (again, you may not have meant “THAT” trade, but you used those words. It’s not my fault your mind and your keyboard don’t always agree. Instead you made some excuse about how I took that out of context. How about just saying your words may have been misleading and that wasn’t your intention? No, can’t admit we’re wrong. Can’t admit we’re wrong.) The only thing I would require for the Thomas trade would be one article or quote that says anything NOT negative about it.

    If you want to argue subjectively about how much Kerr did or didn’t get raked over the coals, then why bother bringing up a specific example. Basically, if your true MAIN point in all this was, “local media has really upped its harshness when it comes to criticizing Suns management decisions,” why not just say that and save us a few thousand words? If all those things I brought up weren’t really your main point, you need to consider two things before you say I’ll never change my mind. 1. You’re scatter-brained. 2. You aren’t very good at making your point if you’re bringing up all these tangentially related topics that so easily derail the conversation from your true point of emphasis.

    Or just blame me for being stubborn. That’s easier.

    Sorry I’m being a douche right now. It’s early, I didn’t sleep a whole lot last night. I’ve got a stubborn deuce that isn’t cooperating at the moment. It’s no excuse for my rudeness, though. I actually am sorry for that, I just don’t feel like retyping everything above in a nice tone.

  • Lon Babby

    Transitions are never easy… but I’m pleased to announce that Einsten Bros. Bagels do deliver to the front office.

    I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the honey walnut schmear which is out of this world. I’ve got the Zeller kid a job as our new “President of Bagel Operations”.
    He won’t receive a pay raise, but he’s got a clause which entitles him to three future first round day old bagels which he can redeem at any time.

  • foreveris2long

    The only thing to be happy about is my doggs, DBreezy and Hawki are in the fold again. When you add Tony and Azbball we have some pretty insightful talent on board.

  • john

    Mmmm, Einstein’s honey walnut.

  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    Even when i’m not around people are chanting my name. I feel like a rock star.

    As far as the “new” head coach goes, I was first to go on record saying that he is nothing more than a stop-gap strategy to get the suns to the end of the season, and then he will be gone.

    Nowhere did I back Lindsey as the long-term solution for the Suns’ coaching direction.

    I also didn’t say that I think the Suns FO “would” turn it around at the draft / free agency. I said that I do like the direction they’ve taken by finally cleaning house.

    But, I also said that it would be critical for them to get the draft and this free agency period right, and that I’ll reserve judgement until after the summer.

    But you see, trolls will be trolls.

    carry on.

  • DBreezy


    I think my first post about this, number 30, was pretty simple. We got off on a tangent because you asked a question that really has nothing to do with what I was saying. Not a big deal as that’s one of the good things about boards like these.

    Perhaps we do speak different languages, because I don’t know how many ways I can say that my main point was that there has been a tonal shift in local media coverage regarding this team. My point had nothing to do with Sarver, Miss Cleo, or whomever else was responsible for Kerr’s move that you inquired about. Whatever else this discussion is has truly gone far enough. Best of luck freeing the hostages.

  • DBreezy


    I can’t see Nerlens dropping that far either. Austin clearly needs weight, but I do like not only his skill level, but that he seems to understand what he should be doing on the court even if he isn’t always physically capable of it yet. He seems like he would be a great project for Ralph Sampson.

  • john

    Not that it really matters, but you’re wrong about why we got off on a tangent, or at least the way you worded it is totally blaming me for something I didn’t do.

    Your first post, #30 in this thread, contains the following statement:

    “A lot of the negative stuff was innocuously releasd years later (ie Coro admitting that it was Sarver not D’Antoni who wanted picks traded or Kerr finally admitting the deal with the KT trade on a TNT preseason broadcast).”

    Then you just said this in your last post, #78:

    “We got off on a tangent because you asked a question that really has nothing to do with what I was saying.”

    Let’s see if we can find that “question” of mine. From post #32:

    “Also, I don’t remember Kerr blaming Sarver for that Thomas trade. I thought Kerr basically said, ‘We were going to be way over the cap, management told me to get under it, and I opened my GM days with a dud as a result.’”

    For one, that’s not a question. Secondly, that’s DIRECTLY related to your post. YOU brought up the KT trade, not me.

    THEN, you go and try to pretend like you werent trying to make a big deal about the KT trade and I’m the one who got onto a tangent. I didn’t ASK for a reply from you, but here are your next words to me, from comment #35:

    “I think it’s been popular to hate on the Suns front office for fans, but from the local media at least this is a relatively new phenomenon. Kerr did admit that he was under orders from above, who could that be?, to make that move. If you recall at the time the trade was made he gave a different reason when pressed. He said that D’Antoni wouldn’t play a true big and that Marks would be a good fit for him. Marks who never played vs KT who was a rotation player his whole time here save for when he was coming off a long injury layoff in the WCF. He was full of it on that one, protecting his boss and taking a jab at his head coach that was a hint of things to come with them.”

    One sentece about media. Five sentences on the KT deal. Tell me, how in the world am I supposed to interpret from that that you weren’t trying to make a big deal about the KT trade (and remember, you’re the one who brought up the KT trade in the first place, NOT me)?

    Seriously, I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but you gotta stop pretending I’m the one getting off track, I’m the one who can’t remember who said what, and you’re the one who hasn’t contributed to this at all.

  • Forever is2long

    Hawki, I like Noel a lot but I love Anthony Bennett. As many holes as the Suns have either player would significantly boost the lineup but my vote goes for Bennett.

  • Vick

    Suns should take Archie Goodwin instead of Isaiah Austin… Goodwin has been doing well… We need a 2 guard anyways.. Centers are usually busts…

  • From_MileHigh

    What on earth…Are they staging a mutiny? Read this on yahoo. I am very embarrassed for the team.

  • Harry

    Kevin Zimmerman,

    If you read this, is there a reason comments are not available for the preview game thread? I’d be curious to read people’s expectations for this evening.

  • john


    I know I’m excited to watch the game tonight. I want to see if the players come out with the same energy they had with Gentry or if they show their supposed frustration by taking the night off.

  • hawki

    Forever….I agree…I love Anthony Bennett & hope he ends up in a Suns uniform.

    @ DBreezy….forgot that Ralph Sampson is part of the Suns Development program…yeah, Austin reminds of a little shorter version of Ralph.

  • Harry


    I’m more excited to watch tonight than in a long time. And I’m a perma-bull on this team, meaning I’m excited for every game.

    I see no reason for the team to not play hard. People are cunfused if they think the team played especially hard for Gentry. That’s just how most players play. Do you think Dragic, Scola or Tucker wouldn’t play hard for anyone?

    I’m skeptical about Hunter but I like he wants to play uptempo. He wants Dragic to be aggressive. I hope he focuses on Dragic and Gortat. I can’t wait. Gonna be a long 6 hours.

  • hawki

    @ Harry…was wondering the same thing….not able to comment on preview thread.

    @ Vick…while I don’t think Archie Goodwin merits a top 5 pick at this point (a little small & ? on his jump shot), if the lakers keep losing & the Suns could get Goodwin at 12 or so , then I certainly wouldn’t disagree with that.
    I really like Goodwin.

  • DBreezy


    I pretty much agree with your assessment of Goodwin currently. It seems like a lot of Cal’s guard prospects really start to get it in the latter part of the season, so I’m curious to see what Archie does. His driving ability reminds me of Wade a bit, he’s quick and crafty although he’s got a Jamal Crawford kind of body. His shot looks fixable, so it will be a part of the draft process to test his commitment to improving.

  • IowaPhXfan


    OKC gets: Gortat & 1st Rd Pick from Lakers

    PHX gets: Perkins, Lamb, & OKC’s 1st Rd Pick from Toronto

    OKC gets Perkins off their books (~$9M 13-14 & 14-15), can trade Gortat after season if they want since he will be expiring next year, & still get a likely lottery pick w Lakers 1st rd pick

    PHX adds some toughness in Perkins (not on a great contract I know), a young player that with potential in Lamb, & a potential top 5 pick with Toronto’s 1st rd pick

    Suns need top draft picks, plain and simple. If got 2 top 5 picks this year could have combo of mclemore/noel….shabaz/bennett….zeller/mclemore…zeller/noel (longshot)….

    I think OKC would be very very open to the idea of perkins and their TOR 1st rd pick for some type of package from us that includes either Gortat or Dudley..

    Perkins’ salary for 13-14 is $9M, which is $9M that OKC would be over the luxury tax…meaning Perkins would cost them ~$23.5M total next season. NOT gonna happen. Only way for them to avoid it is to trade him or amnesty him. If they can get another player in return (Gortat) that could help them this year and still be a good trade value in the offseason I’d think it would be of interest to OKC.


  • Scott

    @IowaPhXfan -

    Personally, I don’t think OKC intends to trade Lamb, and I think they appreciate the mental toughness Perkins brings. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they want Gortat; and keep in mind that Gortat will shortly be looking for a pay raise.

    The type of team that would want Gortat would be a team in the lower playoff berths (or just outside) that needs to shore up the center position, which isn’t in salary trouble, and can trade what the Suns want (young assets / picks).

  • Forever is2long

    Iowafan, I too believe OKC would or at least should have interest in Gortat. I think your proposal that could net us Lamb and a top 5 lottery pick to go with the Suns top 5 pick, even with the baggage of Perkins, would be a very good trade. As I have said many times since Gortat is not 25 or younger and does not make the Suns significantly better, he should be traded. I think your proposal has appeal. Then if we could dump Scola and or Beasley we will look like a team with direction instead of the schizo team we appear to be today.

    I say the above without confirming that OKC has Toronto’s pick. I am assuming they got Toronto’s pick from Houston, who obtained it when Lowery left Houston and went to Toronto. Good dialogue Mr. iowaPHXfan

  • Scott

    I thought today’s interview with Sarver was interesting. It didn’t reveal much, but if you take him at his word it shows he believes in Blanks and is giving him time to execute his strategy. He says Blanks is an excellent talent evaluator – which I’ve heard before (I think Kerr said it), but I have a hard time believing it seeing the moves Blanks has made.

  • hawki

    @ DBreezy

    I think you mean Kentucky’s guard prospects.

    Speaking of Cal’s guard prospects….haven’t seen any mention of Allen Crabbe 6’6″….he’s a junior with an above avg jump shot but might return to Cal if not rated higher….Suns have 2 picks at bottom of 2nd round (50 & 51)….Crabbe & Soloman Hill (AZ) would be great pick-ups there.

    @ IowaPHXfan

    I think I like it. Lamb avgd 23 ppg in D-League (7 games) but appears to be lost in a numbers game in OKC, but not sure if OKC is ready to deal him yet.

  • Forever is2long

    Scott, You could be right about Lamb (I would not trade him if I were them) but I do know they had interest in Lopez 2 years ago when they already had Perkins. Personally I think they lost to Miami last season when they essentially got nothing out of the 5 spot when Miami even with a soft Bosh, had more productivity from the 5. Defenses really do not have to guard Perkins as he is not much of a threat, especially when the game slows in the playoffs.

    I do not know to whom but a Perkins trade would not surprise me. Nonetheless, interesting observation Scotty.

  • Cam

    I’m here in Vegas so I get to see Bennett firsthand. I can tell you this. He is very talented, and can play inside or out. The problem is he is very inconsistent and he is kind of a tweener. He is 240 lbs., which places him in the PF range, but is 6’8″, and has some quickness, which puts him in the SF range. If he gets drafted I see him playing like a quicker version of Barkley. That’s exciting, but I don’t know if he is worth a top 4 pick. If the Suns could get another top ten pick, either the Fakers (hoping) or through a trade, ie Toronto via OKC, then I say draft him. I think the order I would prefer for the Suns is Shabazz, Noel, McLemore, and then Zeller or Len. I think the Suns can get a player similar to Bennett later in the 1st round in Tony Mitchell. My wet dream would be the Suns getting Shabazz with their first pick, pray the lakers pick is in the top 7 so the Suns could get Len, and then get a pick later in the first to get Mitchell or McAdoo. Then the Suns could run this starting lineup:
    Len/Oneil/backup C

    I’m assuming that Gortat is gone in this scenario through a trade for that third 1st round pick.

    Go Suns.

  • DBreezy


    I meant Cal as in John Calipari who has had a number of high profile guard prospects at Memphis and Kentucky in recent years. They generally seem to improve dramatically as the season wears on, with John Wall probably being the exception as someone who hit the floor running.


    Yeah it was an interesting interview. A lot of great interviews on KTAR today, if people have the time to take a listen. I’m listening to Majerle’s interview right now. I agree about your characterization of Sarver’s view on Babby/Blanks. It’s consistent with his previous decisions where he backed Kerr and let him make the call on D’Antoni and Porter. Listening to him, I don’t really have any problem with the concepts that Sarver wants to use to run the organization, but imo he has to get better at picking the people who run things. He has trended towards people who little to no experience in the positions they were put in, and he hasn’t been rewarded for it thus far.

  • Scott

    @Foreveris2long -

    Re: OKC and Lopez, I think they satisfied their need for a youthful C by obtaining Thabeet. He’s on a very inexpensive contract with them for now.

    @DBreezy -

    Agreed; Sarver’s had no real reward for his selections.

    I did notice though that he’s willing to take on people who have no experience, so I’m going to submit my application for GM. ;)

  • Tony


    thanks for posting the link, much appreciated. I have to say, listening to that arrogant SOB Sarver try to defend himself made me seriously cringe, but at least it was interesting to listen to that scumbag squeal. What’s amazing to me about what he said, and typical of a guy born into money who thinks he hit a triple, is how he can sit there and claim that he doesn’t feel most Suns fans are upset with him and/or the direction of the franchise. I just wish those radio hosts didn’t call him out for being a pathetic liar though!

    “Even when i’m not around people are chanting my name. I feel like a rock star.”

    Trust me Rich, that was by no means a compliment.

    As far as trolling is concerned, losers like you are the true trolls.

  • john

    The impression I got from the interview was that Sarver is out of touch with the majority of his fanbase (which consists of a bunch of whiny fairweathers). But as far as his answers for the questions posed, I felt like Burns and Gambo got nowhere with him. You could tell they were trying to pin him into a corner, and the closest they got was the who “fan anger” segment. In general, I thought Burns and Gambo looked like the buffoons they are, and I feel like Sarver came across as the uncaring jerk that he seems to be. In other words, it didn’t change my perception of any of the parties involved.