Alvin Gentry and the Phoenix Suns mutually part ways

Updated 1:56 p.m. MST: Alvin Gentry and the Phoenix Suns have agreed to part ways nearly halfway through the 2012-13 season and with the team sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference standings at 13-28.

The official announcement from the team came hours after a 98-94 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks had Gentry clearly frustrated. It also comes the same week where the coach who was still fighting tooth and nail to win games admitted the team will start looking toward playing its younger players.

The Suns will now look to do that under a new head coach. An interim will be named in the next day or two, according to the team.

A press conference is scheduled for later Friday afternoon.

Gentry became an interim head coach in Feb. 2009 after the Terry Porter firing and was named as a permanent head coach in May of that year. He produced a 52.3 winning percentage in a little over five seasons in Phoenix, including the 2010 run to the Western Conference Finals.

The move represents the the Suns are wanting to move in a new direction. The player development portion, one would think, could be a huge part of doing so. And Gentry stepping aside, especially on mutual terms, signals it’s time for that to happen.

Update: Now, the Suns look to replacements. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Phoenix will consider assistant Elston Turner or player development coach Lindsey Hunter as the top candidates to replace Gentry.

Suns players’ tweets in reaction to Alvin Gentry’s firing

Marcin Gortat tweeted that he was thankful for the three years he and Gentry spent together.

Then there was this:

Channing Frye on Alvin Gentry:

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  • azbballfan

    Nate McMillan, Stan Vangundy or Jeff Vangundy

  • john

    I don’t like having a ton of turnover the in the front office, but I think Babby and Blanks need to go as well. Hire a GM, none of this two-headed dragon stuff, have that GM find his guys for the job, and just start over fresh.

  • DBreezy

    Agreed John, at the very minimum hire basketball people with basketball knowledge, which Babby by his own admission does not have when it comes to evaluation. azbballfan, I don’t think any of those guys touch this job with a 50ft pole, unless one of these potential draftees shows all-world promise between now and the draft. This is not a very attractive job right now.

  • DBreezy

    It also appears that Lindsey Hunter is in the mix for the interim job. I figured as much since the team hasn’t shown much faith in Majerle (although Tucker has to be a big feather for him) or Coach Igor. Turner is in the tough spot of not even coming close to doing what he was hired to do over the last season and a half.

  • Scott

    @DBreezy -

    It worked out okay for Terry Porter. ;)

  • Todd

    Don’t expect a top tiered coach, when all they went after during free agency was bottom of the barrel left overs. Sarver has proven he doesn’t want to put money into this team, he just wants to play owner, and have management personnel around him who are yes men. The Suns will have to bottom out for a few years until it gets better.

  • Scott

    BTW … is it possible Gentry quit? Some have speculated that he was being tightly controlled by Blanks; being assigned players he didn’t want, and being told to play certain players even though it resulted in losses.

    Maybe Gentry decided he’d just as soon move on.

  • Todd

    Scott — good thought, notice the “mutually agreed” comment… and with this ownership / management team, can see that happening. Why i don’t think top tiered coach is going to want to come here. AND, even tho i love my Suns, and have since 1976, don’t see it getting better for a few years. Sad to see it get to this

  • Scott

    I’ll guess that if Blanks picks the interim coach, it will be Lindsey Hunter.

  • john

    Is it possible Gentry quit? I suppose so. Is it likely? I doubt it.

    I am no wizard when it comes to coaches’ contracts in professional sports, but if it’s anything like the real world, you forfeit your contractual benefits by quitting (which is more than $1M for the remainder of the season, as far as Gentry is concerned). I don’t believe he would have just walked away from $1M because he didn’t feel like toughing out another few months of bad basketball and bad bosses.

    @Todd – I don’t see any reason to believe the Suns aren’t willing to pay for a top-level coach. Just look at the amount the Suns are STILL paying Porter (who is FAR from top-tier). Whether or not a top-tier coach will actually be enticed by the cash/opportunity is a different story.

  • m.i.milliman

    I knew this day was coming. That’s a bad front office blaming the coach for their stupidity. But I think Gentery wanted this as well. Who would want to work for the worst front office in basketball. I can’t wait to see the “new direction” this ship of fools takes. It will be funny to watch at least. If Sarver had any forsight, which he doesn’t, B&B would be out as well. It’s amazing just how grossly this front office mismanaged and over estemated what they have here. Steve Nash was right to leave as well. Even the Lakers don’t suck as bad as this team does.

  • Scott

    @john -

    Don’t take “quit” so literally. It was a “mutual decision to part ways,” so I assume Gentry still gets his cash.

    What I’m saying is that if Gentry was grumpy about having to put up with Blanks, he might have welcomed being fired.

    Gentry’s been fired before. I’m sure he knows how it all works. ;)

  • SkyBill40

    This is an utterly stupid move on the account of Sarver and the front office, but I have nothing but respect for Gentry. I wish him nothing but the best.

  • azbballfan

    I would have made a better post but i had to go to the bathroom

    Those are coaches i would like to see take over the team

    The Axe had to fall on someones head, who better than the coach who didnt put this team together and who got this team to the WCF?

    Sarver needs to get rid of babby and blanks but you know he probably wont if anything he will extend them

    The team has the worst talent in the NBA

    and who drafted those players and signed those free agents? hmmmmmm?

    Trelor needs to go too

    our last two draft picks arent even averaging double figures points. COMBINED

    Markieff Morris is solid but you want better than that for a lotto pick

    Marshall is basically invisible

    every single player the Suns got after Babby and Blanks came in was later traded

    Warrick, Turk, and Childress all gone

    Could Gentry have made better decisions coaching?


    but its not gonna matter with no real talent minus Gortat and Dragic

    You know its bad when you look at the team and go

    If these players werent on this team would they even be in the NBA?

    Imnot even mentioning the disaster trade which gave away Dragic to Houston

    Literally everything the front office has done has been a train wreck

    Clean House, get rid of babby and blanks and trelor and gut this team for the future instead of making a stupid panic trade to get oh i dont know richard hamilton in here whos not gonna do anything for us anyway.

    Whoever the Suns next coach is gonna be, its gonna be somebody with little experience that will just do whatever the front office tells them.

    Gentry was above all that and didnt play the game so the axe fell on him.

    This team needs a fire sale, but the 3 stooges wont do that and they will just continue this pathetic “We Can Make The Playoffs”

    8th seed isnt good enough

    Barely making or missing the playoffs every year means your a bad team

  • silver

    Gentry isn’t the biggest problem but I don’t think he was the right coach to rebuild with so he had to go. Babby and Blanks should be gone first though. We’re rebuilding so fire the coaching staff (we have a player development coach that can’t develop players and a defensive coordinator that can’t teach defense) and most importantly the front office. They put us in this position so they need to go. Let’s start from scratch.

  • Voqar

    I would guess Gentry wanted out because I’m sure he’s one of the lowest paid decent quality coaches or Sarver would’ve fired him and replaced him with some high school coach at 50k/yr long ago.

    Until we get rid of Sarver, this team is doomed.

    Suns have been in steady decline since Sarver acquired the team.

    Front office has steadily declined til we have utterly random bozo the clown types in it.

    Stars/good players don’t get resigned because Sarver won’t pay.

    No good player in their right mind would want to come here seeing what Sarver has done to this team so far.

    People like to love on Collangelo but he’s the one who sold the team to this useless piece of shit so for me it’s hard to really give him any props.

  • bk

    I think the management is clear that the Suns is no longer in a win-now mode and their goals are to develop their young players and solve the Beasley puzzles. A coach change is a good choice for both at the end of Gentry last year contract.

  • john


    Not sure if you realize this, but the Phoenix Suns are paying out more than $6M to coaches this season. Care to guess how many teams are paying more than that? I’ll give you a hint, it’s less than handful.

    No one should accuse this team of not being willing to pay coaches. Their problem (as it has been on the player side as well) is that they’re willing to give too much money to bad coaches.

  • Scott

    I’m leaning more and more toward the idea Gentry wanted out, and was not fired due to poor performance. We may find out at the press conference this afternoon.

    There were hints in recent articles that Gentry might have known an opportunity for departure was coming, that the transition to developing young players could also mean transitioning him out.

    I think this exit is mainly Gentry’s call. The Suns probably wanted him to stay and fulfill his contract, but were willing to accept his decision to leave, knowing full well the deck had been stacked against him by the GM. Also, maybe Gentry has a standing offer to assist for D’Antoni or Collins, which he may prefer to do.

    As points out:

    The firing came despite the fact that owner Robert Sarver told two different media outlets last month that Gentry’s job was safe, telling ESPN’s Chris Broussard that Gentry was not in danger, and USA Today’s Sam Amick that he expected Gentry to be the coach at the end of the season.

  • Freddy

    I wouldn’t mind seeing SVG or Avery Johnson come in and shake things up.

    There are way better coaches out there to hire than the the Internal staff. I would personally like some new blood.

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    From my point of view, I believe the “mutual” parting. He knew that the organization SHOULD be playing to the future, and I can’t see Gentry being the guy to stop playing his vets. After all, they have to play for their futures as much as Marshall, Morris, etc.

  • Scott

    Heh. I was just thinking, Sarver should do a “coach of the month” club, where each month one of the guys on the staff gets the opportunity to be head coach. :)

    Hunter: February
    Turner: March
    Majerle: April

  • hawki

    Like they say….it’s easier to fire one guy than 15 guys.

    The word is they’ll save Hunter for next year so he can start with a new slate. Onward to the draft.

    “How’d it go with Tommy ?”
    “He’s gone”
    “Huh…what ?”
    “He’s gone Jimmy”
    “Whaddya mean gone ”
    “Y’know… gone…..Jimmy, he’s gone & there’s nothing we can do about it”

  • suns for life

    we’re fucked

  • Chris Hansen

    Wow I would think Lindsay Hunter would make a great coach for the Seattle Suns :)

  • Michael Beasley

    Thank goodness

  • Lance Blanks

    Hey fans,

    I just wanted to share to you the thoughts of me, Lon and John in regards to this firing. We think Alvin is a good man but we just did not think he was the right man to coach this team that we built, and that we believe either Elston, Dan or Lindsay would be better fits.

    We need to give more time to our young guys, Beasley and Marshall in particular. Those are two talented ball players who need more time to show just how great they can be for this team. Alvin simply did not want to give them time, and that is his prerogative that he can just relay to himself while watching Michael and Kenndall progress from his sofa.

    Listen Suns fans, I understand the frustrations, but I and Lon and John believe in this team. It is still early, and we believe that there are changes that can be done to turn this ship around and brig this team back to the playoffs where they belong.

    I also know that we need to put more emphasis on guys like Kendall, Michael and Markieff, as I know they can, hell will contribute to this team.

    Stay with us fans, this ship will be righted,


  • john

    When the Suns move to Seattle, they’ll definitely have to change their name.

  • ihateginobilli

    I’m hearing the FO has told the interim coaching candidates that they better give Beasley a starting role and Marshall more minutes at the point than Dragic, and that is their basis for picking who to go with for the rest of the season.

    I’m also hearing talks are back on for Rudy Gay

  • Lennay Kekua

    Will this mean kendall will be freed?????


  • ihateginobilli

    Also hearing that Blanks is safe for now, but if he is ever canned at the end of the season, Treloar will take over the role Blanks has and join Babby.

  • Alvin Gentry

    Does anybody know where I can find a new coaching job, okaaaay?

  • Kevin Towers

    Hey breaking news, we just traded Justin Upt–

    just kidding, we’ll let the Suns have their day today, time the roles got reversed :)

    Your friends at the Arizona Diamondbacks

  • ihateginobilli

    Suns FO having a job beyond this season depends on how Kendall Marshall progresses, and even if he is not near ready to play key minutes in the league, I am hearing Babby/Blanks/Treloar demand he play 25 minutes and then upward, even if it means sacrifcing Dragic.

  • Lennay Kekua

    if i were suns gm i’d trade dragic now – he peaked last year in houston, and start marshall. i think he will be a special point guard with his innovative passing

  • DBreezy

    While I do think money will likely be a factor, I think there are other impediments to hiring a ‘big’ name coach here before they even get to that. This isn’t an attractive job presently. There’s no star on the roster, questionable youth, and even with a high pick there’s not presently a bonafide can’t miss type of guy at the top of the draft to entice someone. The front office is in limbo presently, and even if it remains the structure and personnel are unconventional and management concerns often keep top established guys away from jobs. Cash comes in from the standpoint of are they willing to pay a lot for a coach in general and specifically for one of a deep lottery team. Internally, despite what’s said this afternoon, they have to realize that they could be up for a few more trips in the deep lottery over the next few seasons. How much do you want to pay someone to coach that?

    I’ll also go ahead and point out the elephant in the room, Sarver. I’m not going to sit here and go round and round about him with Scott and John, as I know where they stand on him. I’ll just say that there have been a lot of reports that he isn’t well liked around the league, and I personally heard this from a damn good source a few weeks ago. Not that I think anyone should believe the latter as it’s the internet, but it was a nail in the coffin for me. I personally expect any long term search to fall short of any high profile candidates, only interesting one if extra cash and control are thrown in.

    If people are looking for higher profile names, I would guess that guys who have been twice disgraced, like Mike Brown or Avery Johnson might jump at an opportunity. Maybe even a Larry Brown who is rumored to be looking for yet another one last chance in the league.

  • john


    I have a feeling you hear a lot of erroneous claims.

  • john


    I’m curious as to who your source is. Not doubting, as I don’t think you’re the type to make up a story like that, just honestly curious.

    I don’t think he’s well-liked either. I think he is widely disliked.

  • Ty-Sun

    I didn’t expect it to happen this soon but I’m not shocked that it did. I like AG and I think he’s a very good coach but the FO put him in a horrible position. I doubt he wanted to quit but I also doubt that he wasn’t relieved to get out.

  • Marion#31

    Fire Blanks too and had Phil Jackson as GM He said when he had the intervieuw with the Lakers that if he comes back, he ‘d like to have a similar position as Pat Riley ! Then he can chose the best coach available. He ‘s the zen master and has 11 rings ! The Lakers are nowhere since he left! So are the Suns :D

  • IowaPHXfan

    time to admit mistakes and start on a REAL path of getting back to contention….

    get as many picks and young potential as possible by trading gortat/dudley/beasley (2020 2nd rd pick for beasley would be fine..)

    possible trades?
    gortat/dudley for derrick williams
    gortat/dudley/1st rd pick from LA/couple of our 2nd rd picks for kevin love
    gortat/dudley for perkins/lamb/OKC 1st rd pick

    we need to stay ahead of the curve and adopt the OKC model before all the other crappy teams do too…

    meaning load up on draft picks, don’t spend any LONG-TERM money on players over age of 30, scout and do deep analysis on young player’s efficiency, lock up young players that show great potential before their value inflates….

    only players that have any value in keeping are dragic/scola/dudley/marshall/tucker/morris/garrett

    these players either are very young or are on good contracts which could lead to good return in a trade or simply good value for your roster (i.e. % of payroll/% of player contribution > 1)

    for instance, win shares/48 mins is a good judge of how much a player contributes to a team’s success, dudley has a ws/48 mins of 12.7%….yet his salary is only 8.2% of the Suns payroll…this makes him underpaid…so even more valuable.

    the players that have a ws/48 mins of 12-13% this year are the following:
    luol deng, kevin garnett, taj gibson, kris humphries, jarrett jack, mike miller, zaza puchulia, marreese speights, nikola vucevic, thaddeus young, & jared dudley

    average salary for these players in 2012-2013 is about $8M…dudley’s great contract makes him more valuable than your average $8M player, because you can have a player worth $8M/yr in dudley and still have $4M/yr leftover to go get a guy such as Patrick Patterson or Darren Collison.

    this is not a perfect science, but the end goal is to acquire as many ‘efficient’ contracts and draft picks as possible….which in turn will hopefully lead to trading/drafting at least 2 all-star caliber players.

    if the right moves are made, this team could realistically be back in the playoffs in 2 yrs (2014-2015), and contending for the West in 3 yrs (2015-2016).

    as of now we are looking good for the draft, it appears we are headed towards a top 3 pick, hopefully we ensure that by trading away a few players as mentioned before.

    lakers 1st rd pick for 2013 draft is out of our control, but it appears to be at worst a top 15 pick.

    right now i would prefer ben mclemeore, anthony bennett, or shabazz with the 1st pick. i think they all are 4th best option on a championship team at worst and a ceiling of 2nd option.

    if the end goal is to win a championship, you better start thinking that way. too many teams make the goal to get to the playoffs, but this leads them to make decisions that only delay their progress.

    below is a team we could have for the 2014-2015 season if the right moves are made:

    dragic (possibly draft a pg such as trey burke)
    randle/parker/wiggins (2014 top 3 picks – all STUDS)
    kevin love
    jeff withey

    if you can land a top 5 pick 2 yrs in a row it is proven the odds are likely you will get a franchise changing player.

    this year’s draft which was predicted to be fairly weak is shaping up to have a very solid top 5 (zeller, noel, mcelemore, shabazz, & bennett).

    2014 draft is the key one which our front office should be positioning for as I type this. wiggins, parker, randle are all potential #1 option on a championship contending team. it will be the best draft for talent in the top 5 since 2008 (rose, westbrook, love).

    how do you accomplish all of this? let the young players actually play. we should view ourselves as if we’re OKC in year 2007….top 3 pick 2013 to be a scoring leader on team, top 3 pick 2014 to make for a duo all-star combo, cap space to sign another all-star player along with great role players.

    PHX could actually skip a year or two of the OKC plan due to having cap space to acquire a max player or two ~$12M/yr type players.

    odds are that PHX’s 1st rd picks for 2013 and 2014 will be between 3-5 for both years….since 2000 there have been 39 players picked 3rd, 4th, or 5th and ~33% of these players became an all-star caliber player.

    smart scouting should give PHX a 66% or better chance at landing a 1st option guy for a championship caliber team in the next 2 drafts.

    i think that guy is in 2014 draft, which is why I am all for completely tanking 2013-2014 season. play all young players and figure out which ones can contribute. whichever year has a better free agent class, go after an all-star player. combine him with your two top 5 picks in next 2 yrs and then you have something.

    OKC hit the lottery in 3 straight drafts with durant, westbrook, and harden. but it was their scouting that made it successful. they got 3 very explosive players. when put together, they become a scoring force almost impossible to defend…unless you have lebron and wade.

    the failed draft picks have a common theme over the past decade. safe. not explosive.

    wesley johnson, jeff green, shelden williams, adam morrison, drew gooden, eddy curry, thabeet, evan turner…

    these guys all were ‘safe’ picks, most of them did a lot of things above average, but were not explosive players. at no point in watching these players in college did anybody think ‘wow that guy can take over the game anytime he wants’.

    PHX should keep it’s top pick for this year, obviously. but all other picks should be considered to acquire more picks for next year to position for having top 3 pick in 2014.

    I applauded Houston for the moves they made this off season. it is exactly the type of moves PHX should be looking to make. they acquired draft picks and used those picks to get a 1st-option guy, james harden. they did this all while not even having top 5 picks. they had middle of 1st round picks and cap space. signed asik and lin, traded for harden, hoped couple of their picks would reach potential (terrence jones and royce white). if they could’ve traded up to get a lillard or beal or barnes… they would’ve been very close to a championship contending team… maybe one big signing away. they acquired 4 of their top 6 players this year (harden, lin, asik, & delfino).

    oh and Houston is $10M under the cap and $15M under the cap next year. for all the talk on Houston going crazy with trades and signing players it seems to be working out pretty dang good…

    doing nothing and picking the safe route never works in the NBA.

    i’m ready for PHX to start down a path that us fans can actually rationalize and see it is a plan to have us contending in the West again in 3 years.

    sorry so long, but it’s frustrating when front office execs don’t realize all the fans want is the best chance to win a championship.

    for the next 5-8 years there will still be guys by the name of lebron, wade, durant, westbrook, and even harden that will be in their primes (wade on downhill, but lebron makes up for that).

    PHX must structure a team with at LEAST 2 all-star players in order to have even a chance. i hope they realize this and take the necessary steps to align themselves in a strategic position.


  • DBreezy


    I honestly can’t say for obvious reasons, and I’d expect you or anyone to doubt me. I had heard similar stuff before, around town, but like anything you take it with a grain of salt. This last one for me personally was the nail in the coffin which is all I’m trying to say.

    As far as the coaching search goes, that could only potentially be an issue if they decide to go out of house for the next coach. Considering how they’re approaching this interim thing taking their time and doing interviews before deciding, you have to think their intent is to hire who they feel is their next permanent head coach on an interim trial basis. Gotta be a weird feeling for everyone on the staff right now except Hunter and Sampson.

  • frenchysunsfan

    Thanks Mr Gentry, you’re the one who pays for all the FO’s awful decisions.

    Now it”s time to part ways with the whole FO, the Suns will never rise again with such a crappy staff.
    A big trade must be done now, we must get guys like Gasol, Evans, Gay, etc …
    Just keep Dragic, Dudley and Scola and rebuild with real good players, not Shannon Brown, Gortat and Beasley.

  • DBreezy

    Btw, isn’t it awesome to read this article while watching Marshall tweet about iHop and other nonsense and Gortat lobby for the good looking Van Gundy right after ‘thanking’ Gentry!

  • azbballfan

    So let me get this straight

    Blanks wanted Gentry to play Beasley and Marshall more

    alot more

    but somehow win games too?

    exactly how is making these two play more make the Suns a playoff team?

    theres no way Marshall does better than dragics 14 poins 6 assists 3 boards and 2 steals this year

    he didnt even give you 10 points a game in the D League

    and if Marshall is your future PG then why did you draft him 1st then go out and get Dragic? you already had Telfair

    Sounds like we got people trying to cover up their mistakes by blaming the head coach

    The head coach who tried to win by playing his best guys

    prove me wrong

    i would love for Marshall to get Dragics numbers but it aint gonna happen.

  • Tony

    Absolutely disgraceful!!!!

    As a life-long Suns fan, I never thought the day would come when I would no longer root for the Suns. With today’s unfathomable news of the FO dismissing Gentry as head coach, so long as Sarver owns this franchise, my alliegance to the Suns is over. I now hope they remain a perpetual lottery team, devoid of both star talent and respectability.

    Coming into this season, only the ignorant or immensely delusional believed this Suns team could compete for a playoff spot. Not only did every national NBA expert predict the Suns would be terrible, knowledgable Suns fans recognized the likelihood of this as well. In fact, I predicted this team would finish in the bottom 5 of the league. Yet, people like Steve, Sun Also Loser, Ty-Sun, probably John and a few others, doubted reason and facts, pointing to the potential stardom that was awaiting for Dragic once he returned as a Sun. Even though they based it on 28 games, convincing them that the sample size was way too small to make an accurate judgment, they nonetheless adamently clinged to blind hope and delusions.

    What the morons complaining about the Suns record this season still fail to recognize, obviously because they don’t understand basketball, is that not only is this roster composed entirely of role players, the miniscule of talents these role players possess don’t mix well with each other. For example, Dragic’s one-dimensional scoring ability by driving to the basket, interferes with Gortat’s strength in rolling after giving screens. Or, recognizing that because Beasley, Brown, and Dragic score mostly off of isolation plays, that the team would struggle with ball-movement offensively. And don’t get me started on the Marshall draft pick! That kid is destined to be a role player at best.

    Moreover, the lack of any team chemistry, which is forged by playing with each other for an extended period of time, was lacking because the FO brought in nine new players. Hence, when you consider the totality of factors-that is, the lack of any all-star talent, instead favoring cheap role players with skills that didn’t match well with each other, and the lack of any established team chemistry coming into this season-it should have been obvious to any reasonable person that this Suns team would be horrible.

    Additonally, in refusing to give Gentry a contract-extension prior to the season starting, or even demonstrating any tangible inclination that they were even considering giving him an extension, weakened Gentry’s influence with his players from the get-go and in essence, set him up to fail. Because Gentry was in such a tenuous position as a lame-duck coach, whom even his players must have recognized the unlikeliness of his return next season, the lack of support from the FO was detrimental to Gentry’s prospects of turning this mixed-matched horrible bunch of role players into a competitive team that could compete for a playoff spot.


    there’s just no point in trying to reason with the likes of John or Scott, as both prefer ignorance to knowledge. Scott probably believes Steve Kerr was behind Gentry’s firing, and John probably believes if not for Gentry, this Suns team would have been a playoff team. Heck, he probably believes Gentry was privileged enough to coach a team full of stars, i.e., Dragic and Dudley!!

    I apologize for the length of my post, but I felt compelled to respond to Gentry’s dismissal as head coach. This latest action by the FO was its most disgraceful and every Suns fan should likewise feel embarrassed for the unconscionable conduct by this franchise’s FO. Do not forget that although the NBA is a business, as are all professional sports, the franchises’ are still representatives of their respective cities they play in. Thus, the plight of the Suns fortunes since Sarver took over have not been limited to the NBA. His reprehensible conduct as owner, along with his underlings in Babby and Blanks, have also damaged the reputation of the city of Phoenix as well.

  • Tony

    Lastly, I just want to thank the entire VOTS’ staff for all your hard work in producing such intriguing articles and videos about the Suns. And, it’s also too bad Michael Schwartz is moving on, but I want to wish him the best as well.

  • Harry

    Happiest day as a Suns fan in years. Seemed like a nice guy. Terrible coach. Probably the worst in the league this year. Get rid of that stupid offense starting tomorrow. Hire Kelvin Sampson. Start anew. No retreads like McMillan or Avery. I would imagine at this time Blank’s and Babby’s powers have been cut off. Get a new GM and let’s go Suns!

  • Ryan

    Awesome……not the Gentry parting ways news, but Tony giving up being a Suns fan. Enjoy being a Lakers fan you’ll fit in perfect.

  • Scott

    @Alvin Gentry -

    I hear the Bucks have an opening at head coach. They’ve got a talented young team that stands to get better. Send in your application. :)

    @DBreezy -

    Don’t drink Tony’s Kool-Aid. I’ve never said Sarver is well-liked, nor have I said that he’s innocent of wrongdoing. Tony keeps saying it’s ALL Sarver’s fault, whereas I keep pointing out there’s plenty of blame in all directions.

    The people under Sarver have made bad moves. Bryan Colangelo is the one who made a deal before the draft to trade away the pick that could have brought Andre Iguodala in before Joe Johnson left. Colangelo was also GM at the time of JJ’s contract negotiations. I think Colangelo should take a big share of the blame on those things, especially the bungled draft.

    D’Antoni was not a perfect coach; for one thing, he didn’t like developing youth, which the Suns needed. So when he was head coach the Suns were not that interested in picks. They wanted veterans.

    Gentry wasn’t a perfect coach either. But he might have looked worse as the Suns sapped the team of talent, which – IIRC – began under Kerr.

    Kerr wasn’t a very good GM. He made several bad trades and cost the owners a fair bit of money. Kerr then recommended the current set up of Blanks (a friend of his) and Babby.

    Blanks has been terrible. I don’t know about Babby; I can’t tell what he takes responsibility for.

    Sarver apparently has intervened to do some good things. He raised the offer on Joe Johnson, he flew out to mend fences with Grant Hill when he was feeling low-balled, and he paid millions to buy out Pavlovic and Wallace when asked to do so.

    Has Sarver done the wrong thing at times? He must have, because he signed off on all these bad hires and didn’t take adequate measures to make sure these guys didn’t hurt the team. He’s also slow to replace Blanks now.