Alvin Gentry and the Phoenix Suns mutually part ways

Updated 1:56 p.m. MST: Alvin Gentry and the Phoenix Suns have agreed to part ways nearly halfway through the 2012-13 season and with the team sitting at the bottom of the Western Conference standings at 13-28.

The official announcement from the team came hours after a 98-94 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks had Gentry clearly frustrated. It also comes the same week where the coach who was still fighting tooth and nail to win games admitted the team will start looking toward playing its younger players.

The Suns will now look to do that under a new head coach. An interim will be named in the next day or two, according to the team.

A press conference is scheduled for later Friday afternoon.

Gentry became an interim head coach in Feb. 2009 after the Terry Porter firing and was named as a permanent head coach in May of that year. He produced a 52.3 winning percentage in a little over five seasons in Phoenix, including the 2010 run to the Western Conference Finals.

The move represents the the Suns are wanting to move in a new direction. The player development portion, one would think, could be a huge part of doing so. And Gentry stepping aside, especially on mutual terms, signals it’s time for that to happen.

Update: Now, the Suns look to replacements. Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Phoenix will consider assistant Elston Turner or player development coach Lindsey Hunter as the top candidates to replace Gentry.

Suns players’ tweets in reaction to Alvin Gentry’s firing

Marcin Gortat tweeted that he was thankful for the three years he and Gentry spent together.

Then there was this:

Channing Frye on Alvin Gentry:

Check back throughout the afternoon and evening for more updates

  • Tony

    From Paul Coro, reporting another lie by the infamous and cartoonish Lon Babby:
    Babby: “We know we are in transition. It’s not as if we had unreal expectations.” Coro: “But brass expected the #Suns to contend for the playoffs.”

    Once again the pathetic Lon Babby shows what a liar he truly is!

  • john


    If it’s for obvious reasons, I’d assume your source is under the employ of the Suns. In that case, it would confirm two of my suspicions.

    1. Sarver is a bad boss.
    2. He needs to hire better people.

    Happy employees don’t trash their bosses. Even unhappy employees don’t trash good bosses. Also, good employees plug leaks, not cause them. The Suns sure are a mess.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    It’s a pitty Gentry had to go, I don’t think has that bad at all.
    Yes, I can think of some mistakes he made (starting Beasley and making him the first option, not using Gortat in PnRs, not giving Marshall any time) but in the end you gotta be honest. This team lacks talent, it’s a simple like that. Maybe a better coach could help the Suns to get some more wins (maybe!), but I don’t think you can make the playoffs with these players.
    And I don’t know how much influence Gentry had on the trades/drafts, so I can’t say anything about that.
    Now I hope that SVG will come. He is a great coach.

  • Scott

    @Sillmarillion -

    Keep in mind that new GMs often like to pick their own coach. Gentry was Kerr’s pick, not Blanks’s.

    The danger going forward is that Blanks will pick a new coach that represents his vision for the team, and then Blanks will be replaced.

  • Tony


    don’t put words in my mouth dummy. I never claimed that you said Sarver was well-liked. I did say that you consistently placed the blame for the Suns situation on Kerr and ignored Sarver’s influence.

    Once again you are wrong in regards to JJ. Yes, Colaneglo was initially the GM when Sarver tookover, but the contract extension offers to JJ were based on Sarver’s pocketbook. It was the same with A’mare. In case you didn’t know this, the GM has an amount he’s granted by the owner to spend on players and Sarver didn’t want to pay for JJ. Can you get that through your thick head?????

    And per Paul Coro, D’Antoni was given a choice between keeping a draft pick or signing a veteran. Thus, rightly or wrongly, he went with signing the veteran player because the team was close to a championship. Sarver didn’t give him the option to keep both! So stop lying!


    have fun enjoying a perpetual lottery team LOSER!!!

  • Ryan

    I liked the idea someone brought up earlier about PJackson….Suns are rumored to be wanting to make a splash, and ad star power. What an easy way to start by making the Zen Master the GM/President role that Pat Rielly has. Of course that would take some further much more welcomed dismisals.

    As far as Gentry is concerned I’m actually happy for him. I think this was a no win situation he was placed in this season, and I think he’ll bounce back just fine. He was and still is a good coach.

  • Ty-Sun


    “What the morons complaining about the Suns record this season still fail to recognize, obviously because they don’t understand basketball…”

    Yada, yada,yada…

    Soooooo predictable. Tony knows it all. The rest of us who don’t fall in line with his superior knowledge of basketball are all “morons”.

    Some of us actually have this thing that we call “hope” that made us believe that MAYBE things might actually turn out well for the Suns this season back when it started. Well, we were wrong. Big freaking deal. I love the Suns but whether they win a championship or wind up with the worst record in the NBA is WAY down on the list of my worries. That’s why it really isn’t important to me what you think of me or my opinions.

  • Keith

    Agreed with Ryan and Harry. And if Tony’s gone too, then this truly is the best day ever.

  • Scott

    @Ryan -

    The Suns need someone with good basketball sense in charge of operations. While you can pick a bad basketball lifer and you can pick a good NBA newbie – indicating tenure isn’t always that important – considering the troubles over the last few years at the Suns it’s probably best to put the reins in an experienced hand.

  • Ryan


    Well, I really don’t know what kind of GM PJ would make, I don’t. He may be average at best in that role, but as with Rielly in Miami, he has star power and persuasion he’s a salesman so to speak.

  • Ty-Sun


    I was wondering what kind of GM PJ might make too. As you say, his star power would have at least some appeal to free agents.

  • Ryan

    @ Ty-Sun

    Well being the moron that you are, and me being the LOSER that I am, perhaps we should ask the all knowing in the world of basketball(and probably life for that matter) what kind of GM PJ would make.

  • Nate

    if they hire anyone other than SVG this is an out and out FAILURE on the part of the suns. alvin gentry is a brilliant coach and NOT the reason for the suns failure. babby definitely should have been fired instead.

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  • Ty-Sun


    LOL! Perhaps we should!

    Thanks for the laugh. :)

  • DBreezy


    I wasn’t trying to reason with Scott or John about Sarver. In general, I know where they stand and while I may not agree on some of it, it doesn’t bother me that they have a different opinion than me. Especially on something that is such a well travelled topic here on pretty much every Suns related BB. Longstanding posters have their corners on it and that’s pretty much that.


    No worries, I think I pretty well understand where you stand on Sarver. On some points we disagree, and I think you pretty much know where I stand. To me, life goes on and I try not to mention him much unless I think it’s relevant in some way to something going forward. While I don’t think it’s the primary issue by far, I do think he is an issue if they try to hire a coach, gm or pres of ops from outside of the organization which is why I mentioned it instead of dancing around it. I was just trying to say that I really didn’t feel like wasting all of times re-establish the parts of our thoughts on Sarver that aren’t really relevant to things going forward. I think we have enough other stuff to talk about, like right now I’m annoyed that Jared Sullinger has just pulled down his 14th bloody rebound while Marshall is worrying about the Mantei story and how long ago Grindin’ by Clipse came out.

  • john

    Marshall’s tweeting habits really tick me off as well.

  • Tony

    Well being the moron that you are, and me being the LOSER that I am, perhaps we should ask the all knowing in the world of basketball(and probably life for that matter) what kind of GM PJ would make.

    I only insulted you after did so to me. By the way, I never called you or Ty-Sun morons. Although, even suggesting that PJ would be interested in the Suns leads me to conclude otherwise. Why stop there? Let’s just add Lebron next season too, right? We’ll trade Dragic and Dudley for LJ! Or better yet, Dragic and Dudley for James and Bosh!


    Even though I usually disagree with your opinions, I respect your point of view as you’re generally respectful. But those who are condescending and arrogantly dismissive of differing opinions deserve to be called out, and I will do so.

    So I didn’t mean any offense towards you; I was merely reflecting upon pre-season, when YOU and the others I mentioned were adament that this team was a playoff-caliber team.

    FYI: I never claimed to always be right, so I have absolutely no idea where you came up with that. I’ve called other people out for being wrong on certain points, but that’s only when they repetitively post the same dribble over and over again and assert it as the truth; i.e., Steve Kerr is the cause of the Suns being where they are today.

  • Ryan

    @ Tony

    I’m pretty sure that Dragic and Dudley for LeBron and Bosh wouldn’t work under the CBA, but hey I like the positive outlook it’s refreshing.

  • john

    I was hoping Tony disowning the Suns would lead to him leaving the commenters on this site alone. Alas, that wasn’t the case.

    As long as you’re here, Tony, how does knowing Gentry quit affect your novel? I know you don’t want to take anything back, so please show Mr exactly how deep you can dig.

  • Tony

    @Condesending SOB John,

    I was wondering how long you’ve been in Sarver’s service? You fit right in with him and Babby. In fact, I bet you have a poster of them on your wall.

    I’m not surprised a douche like you doesn’t recognize how ridiculous it was for the FO to fire Gentry. That’s ok though, you’re just another pathetic clown who thinks he knows something about basketball.

  • john

    Haha, yep, he’s still here, and we’re all still idiots. Also, don’t ever bother to argue with Tony or it proves you work for Satan (aka Sarver).

    Not fired. Anything to say about that?

  • I Support Marshall

    Give kendall time, he will prove to be a great pick down the line and the true point guard of the future for this team.

    His passing skills is unmatched, and certainly has better ability than Dragic to make his teamates ever.

    Gentry was a terrible coach, no idea of how to form a good cohesive rotation, and don’t play guys like Marshall.

    Glad he”s gone, it might be the time that Marshall proves to all you dumb haters/Dragic lovers he”s the real deal.


  • Ty-Sun


    No problem.

    The one point I disagree with you on is that I was never “adament that this team was a playoff-caliber team” before the season started. I was adamant that they had the potential to be one… if Beasley finally lived up to his potential. And we both know what a pipe dream that turned out to be.

    Anyway, sorry that I made some rude/disrespectful comments to/about you.

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