Phoenix Suns absolutely should not trade for Rudy Gay

It would be a colossal understatement to say the Phoenix Suns are struggling in a way they have not for decades.

After tonight’s loss in Milwaukee, the team has dropped nine of 10 games and they are not far removed from a separate seven-game losing streak. Goran Dragic is the Suns’ best player, which is to say they lack a franchise cornerstone, and it sure seems like it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

That being said, now is not the time to panic, and that’s exactly what making a move for Rudy Gay would be: a panic trade.

Rudy Gay is an excellent basketball player. He would be the Suns’ star, and it wouldn’t be particularly close. He would be that go-to guy the team has lacked for years now, and he probably would put a few more butts in seats in US Airways Center.

The biggest problem with such a move before considering what it would take to acquire a talent like Gay is that it would only serve to perpetuate the mediocrity of the past few years while putting the Suns no closer to returning to title contention.

At this point, the Suns aren’t even close to sniffing the playoffs so an addition like Gay would only serve to make their draft pick that much worse in the interim. But looking long term, is Gay the kind of player who will make you a championship team? I think Memphis’ willingness to deal him is answer enough, and if it’s not I’d like to direct you to his 40.8 percent shooting percentage this season.

Next look at the opportunity cost of what the Suns wouldn’t be able to afford by adding Gay. His contract calls for  $17.9 million next season and a $19.3 million player option the year after.

Memphis wants to remain competitive in any Gay deal, but a key impetus behind trading a player like him is to mitigate future expenses with Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol already being paid premium prices and not much financial wiggle room to upgrade their perimeter play. With the Suns roughly $7 million under the salary cap, it seems a fair assumption to presume they would take on both present and future money in any such trade.

The problem with that is that not only should the Suns consider the tangible assets they would be trading, they should also think about the coveted salary cap space such a trade could eat into. Such a deal could mean the Suns would no longer be able to offer any free agents this summer a max contract and would otherwise cut into their flexibility as well.

As for the meat of the trade, Memphis reportedly desires the exact assets the Suns should be stockpiling in Jared Dudley and draft picks. Dudley is one of the Suns’ best players, and he’s playing on an undervalued contract that is very attractive to other teams. Furthermore, perhaps the best way the Suns can genuinely rebuild is through the draft, so handing over anything but severely protected first-rounders makes no sense, and obviously that won’t get a deal done.

The biggest issue with Rudy Gay is that such an acquisition would seem to signify valuing the present over the future — when Michael Jeffrey Jordan himself couldn’t save this team in the present — at the risk of damaging the future. It would seem to be a move aimed at winning a few more games now so that the front office and coaching staff members can save their jobs.

This season should be about laying the groundwork and foundation for future seasons in which the Suns could turn their cachet of assets into a stud like Gay. But without that foundation solidified, adding Gay would just lead to more mediocrity, and that’s the worst place for the Suns to be.

Sure, there could be a scenario where this makes sense for Phoenix short term and long term — like if Memphis takes back a bad contract like Michael Beasley or Channing Frye — but why would the Grizzlies do that? Rudy Gay is nice in theory, but not at the price such an acquisition likely would cost.

Like most rumors and rumblings, it’s more than likely that Sunday was Rudy Gay’s last visit to Phoenix this season.

However, if the interest is legitimate as multiple outlets have reported it is, it’s worrying that management might feel that Gay is that  piece to push the Suns over the top. It’s equally concerning if they feel he is the kind of first banana that his contract says he is.

It’s painful for everybody involved with this organization to watch right now, but the Suns’ best course of action is to continue to be patient, continue to stockpile assets to build a foundation and make their big move when it can take them from good to great rather than terrible back to mediocre.

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  • Rich Anthony, (KJL)

    while we’re normally on the exact same page I’m kind of a few pages in front or behind you on this one.

    Rudy Gay is not a 1-man savior for the Suns. Adding him isn’t going to make the team that much better going forward. Even if he gets his points the talent around him isn’t there so the Suns will continue to lose close games and high draft-pick certainty will remain.

    The whole point / reason / purpose behind all the draft picks is to hopefully use one of them be it via draft or in some sort of trade to land a stud. Depending on what Memphis would want, (as long as it isn’t PHX’s record-based 1st this coming off-season), I’d be interested in hearing what they have to say.

    Gay’s contract is pretty beefy, but nothing the Suns can’t handle. There are a lot of easily managed contracts on the team currently, and any rookie(s) coming in isn’t going to bring financial burden either.

    Gay doesn’t have to be the final move, either. As long as too many draft picks aren’t lost I’d be willing to listen. The FO drafted Morris and Marshall the last 2 seasons. I’d trade a couple more opportunities to botch a mid-1st draft pick or 2 for Gay.

  • scott

    Totally agree, If Gay is going to cost more than some expiring contracts and lottery protected 1st rounders than this is pointless and horrible for our future. As of right now we’re looking at 2 high lottery picks and with Howard and Gasol out indefinitly the Lakers are going to drop even more. The best course of action Is to let all that play out and get a Shabazz & Anthony Bennett in the draft because this draft is looking strong.

  • Suns Marketing Department

    Hey fans!

    I know it’s been a tough and long season thus far, but we want to take your ideas of how to put forth an in-game experience which guarantees satisfaction to you and your family!

    We are focused intently on making sure Suns games are always a fun, family-friendly experience to bring your whole family too!

    Thank you and have a great day!

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Excuse, but in which universe is Dragic the best player on this team? He certainly is not, I see both Gortat and Scola ahead of him, at times even Dudley.
    Maybe I would change my mind if Goran played at the 2, but for now he’s a mediocre point guard.
    On the Gay topic: I wouldn’t go for him. If you aquire him now it would mess up the Suns tanking strategy. They will win a few more games, but still miss the playoffs. Where is the sense in such a move? Finish as worst or second-worst team in the West, swallow this ugly season, but get a good pick at least. (Ofc we don’t know whether the FO wouldn’t screw this opportunity as well…)
    Btw. could anyone of you guys explain to me what a “lottery protected pick” or “protected pick” mean?

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    Sorry for the double-post, but I just saw it (why can’t you edit your comments on this board btw?): Yesterday Gay went for only 8 points with a FG% of 20 where he attempted 10 shots… Maybe he is not such a great player after all?

  • azbballfan

    Lets say hypothetically that the Suns gave mephis their 2013 1st round but made it lottery protected

    That means that Memphis would get it, ONLY if the suns made the playoffs, thus if Suns miss the playoffs they still get the pick.

    We would need to send Memphis protected lotto picks and get some other young guys in return for me to like a deal such as this.

    Even then, i still see this team missing the playoffs

    19 mil for one player is not good if it aint lebron or durant

    Hopefully a 3rd team will come along and everyone can be happy

  • Majestic One

    Suns only interest in a Gay trade was to gauge whether they could unload Beasley in it.

    That was it, move on folks.

  • Elviro (Italy)

    I wonder if we started the reconstruction or destruction of the team …
    the advantage is that if we continue at this pace, good fishing in this project …. always know how to choose good …
    I believe that once part of the blame also quintet Gentry changes every 2 games, removal of safety for the team and the players ….
    I understand that Beasley is not making as you would expect from him ….. but 2 games without getting it seems to me too …. I believe that, in order to assess properly is due to play every game, insist on him, trying to pf …. just so we could have a proper judgment on him! Everyone knows his potential, the guy has a profile character is difficult, but the coach, staff, peers, the task to stimulate him, make him feel important to try to pull him out of his potential! In this Gentry was a bad coach … see also the behavior with Wes Johnsonn put another player on the edge of the project and that I can make an important contribution to their own! Only now the Gentry is giving a few minutes, but only because the team is touching the bottom … ! I’ve always been a supporter of reconstruction, and for this reason, I have a lot of patience … but I think this team is doing less of its real possibilities! The Suns lost if Beasley plays, but if he does not play the Suns Beasley perdonu too: we might as well continue to focus on him as it is the player with the most talent and potential (unexpressed) that we have on the team!
    Maybe lose: ok! We will have a very good choice in the project, which is the best thing to start a reconstruction work of the team.
    To this we must add that we also have important economic space to move in the near future!
    We just have to be patient, hoping that the management make the right choices!
    In this regard, I agree with those who wrote the article about the possible arrival of Rudy Gay … would be useless … and his arrival would position us for a long time in the limbo of mediocrity!
    This is my current position as much fan (I am Italian and I live in Italy) and maybe not so well-informed about the world just like you, but still fun and close to the world orange! Hope and patience!

  • Michael

    In my opinion Beasley´s contract is not as bad as most write here. It shouldn´t be the major goal to unload his contract, because this one doesn´t hurt us.
    This year we are below the salary cap, next year he has a guaranteed 6 Mio.$, and we are still only at 42,x Mio.$ guaranteed contracts, so well below the salary cap and with a possinbility to offer a max. contract to any free agent (Josh Smith, how about coming to the Valley?). Although I don´t think we´ll get one…
    As we will suck anyway at least for this and the next season, Beasley´s contract doesn´t hurt for a potential run in the 2014/15 season, as his last year is not guaranteed as far as I know.
    The only contract that seems a little above the player´s value and is fully guaranteed for 2014/15 is Channing´s, and even those 6.8 Mio.$ are not limiting any planning.
    I like Channing´s play, he is very unique and has helped us a lot in the past, and once he gets back to full strength he will contribute to the team´s future success (and if not, he has a then quite attractive expiring contract).
    Whereas Gay´s contract is a real nightmare for the next off-seasons, as we wouldn´t be able to offer max contracts most probably, and he is way overpaid until and including 2014/15.
    You can blame the FO and Sarver for a lot of things, but at least the contracts of our entire roster are good work, assuming they don´t ruin that by doing panic trades in the next 1 1/2 seasons.
    Let´s move on with good draft picks, bid on FA and see what you can get (I´d see any max. aquisition as a bonus) and get back to full attack mode during the off season 2014.
    You should have at least three high lottery picks with our own and the great Lala one (and hopefully found at least one franchise player and two #2 players (Wiggins, Shabazz, McLemore, …)) at this time, no bad contracts left and a well developed Dragon, Dudley and Frye as the veterans of the team.
    Any trade with an expiring (WJ, Telfair) or underpaid contract (Gortat, Scola) is to be seen as a bouns as well and should NEVER EVER destroy the good position the Suns will get into 2014/15.

  • johnny

    Chasing a star in the bright sky! Phoenix has Ben on the hunt for that star for the past 3 years, well look no further with Rudy gay available this is a move suns need to make. Let me start by saying all I’m hearing is it’s a bad move but why they want Dudley and his 11 points a game ya he can get hot but has absolutely no star power! Were as gay has already proven he can make a needed play. Gay is being undervalued on a good team he is a career 17 point game player and in a place were his touches will go up so will he. As for the draft picks we own Lakers unprotected first round picks that are looking like lottery picks so use them let’s face it the Lakers will get it together but until that’s draft picks are perfect for trade leverage seeing as Phoenix suns have done horrible in the draft any ways I don’t see the picks being the answer PhD can’t let this slip away or they will be in the class the wizards for many Yeats to come.

  • Scott

    ^ different scott above ^

    IMO, Rudy’s contract is like one of those poison pill contracts. They knew they were overpaying him at the time; they just wanted to keep other teams from poaching him. So not many teams are going to want a player with a contract like that … and that includes the teams that devised the poison pill.

    I don’t think the Suns should bite on it. As I noted, they might temporarily right the ship by getting a piece that allows them to put out an all-above-average starting unit, but – as everyone here knows – they could have done that before the season started by signing Mayo for less than half the money Gay commands.

    If the FO is sensible (???) they will skip on Gay.

    As I mentioned before, it seems to me a more likely move is something like Gay to Indiana for Granger, which would save Memphis a few million, keep them competitive, and Granger comes off the books a year earlier.

    (This move would assume that Indiana doesn’t expect to re-sign David West.)

  • Scott

    Let me add that this report of interest by the Suns is probably a red herring along the lines of the “Ray Allen to Phoenix!” news we got over the summer.

  • JD

    What does not make sense is assuming the Suns know how to draft well. Is there an example of Suns drafting well since 2007? Dragic maybe? But he was a 2nd rounder. Then there are questions of whether or not this draft class has any franchise players beyond the first or second pick, if even that. So the Suns have six picks in the next three years to draft more players like Marshall and Morris (or the top-10 equivalent slightly less mediocre but nevertheless underachieving).

    Then we have free agency, which has worked so well this past summer. What unrestricted franchise player wants to willingly come play for the Suns? None.

    So the Suns rebuilding is best served by betting that they can win the lottery in the next few years. Yeah, and my retirement strategy is based on winning the Poweball. Sound strategy indeed.

  • john


    I hear you, but anyone can get it right/wrong in a given year or stretch of years. For instance, the Bobcats didn’t go wrong by getting MKG. No matter how bad a FO is, there’s still a chance they’ll get it right, even if it’s just sheer luck.

    And this question: “What unrestricted franchise player wants to willingly come play for the Suns?”

    is a but unfair. How many unrestricted franchise players are available in any given year? Well, let’s open that up a little bit… how many franchise players are there in the LEAGUE? 10, maybe?

    1. LeBron
    2. Durant
    3. Wade
    4. Howard (and I’m second-guessing this one)
    5. Paul
    6. Kobe
    7. Rose (maybe)
    8. Dirk (assuming he gets back to being the old Dirk)
    9. Melo (maybe)
    10. I’m running out of franchise guys…

    There are a TON of second-tier stars, the types of guys who are good enough to get a team into contention but never all the way to the promised land (without some serious help from a first-tier star or another second-tier star):

    Love, Randolph, Duncan (obviously used to be a first-tier, not sure I’d still put him there), Ginobili, Nash (of old), Amar’e (of old), Griffin, Harden, Westbrook, Gasol, Bosh, etc etc etc…

    But with less than a dozen FRANCHISE guys in the entire association, I don’t know what you expect. It is exceedingly rare for that type of a player to reach the end of a contract without being extended, and there aren’t enough of those guys to go around for every team in the league. Even supposedly first-rate destinations lack star power when their stars fade into the sunset: LA after Magic/Shaq, Boston after Bird/Bias, Miami after Mourning/Shaq, New York after Ewing…

    What did anyone seriously expect to happen once Amar’e and Nash got older? Did you all think they were going to wear purple and orange forever?

    I know I’m going off on tangents, so I’ll bring it back in. Saying there are no unrestricted franchise players who will want to come to Phoenix is easy and pointless. First off, there are no unrestricted franchise players available in the first place. Secondly, it is VERY rare for a franchise player to want to leave his team at all. Thirdly, we already know all of the franchise players in the NBA are happy where they’re at.

    And last but not least, unrestricted free agent signings are not the only way to acquire franchise-type talent. In fact, that’s probably the LEAST likely way for it to happen. Let’s not forget the draft and trades exist.

  • Troy

    Robert Sarver, Lance Blanks, Gentry, etc….keep up the great work!!! :) Wont be surprised if a trade does happen and we end up with Tay Prince and he’ll be the new savior. Unfortunately for us fans, all of this nonsense will continue until someone with an actual basketball IQ buys this team. Reason I mentioned Gentry in this, is simply because he has this roster so tightened up like were competing in games. Not giving Johnson decent minutes (05:41) against the Bucks after he shined again in minimal minutes just goes to show how ridiculous you are. I like PJ but 29:04 minutes cmon man! I do like Dragic, but he was getting worked by Jennings all night but you only subbed in Bassy our workhorse as Jennings was subbed out. When you couldve played Bassy at the 1, Dragic at the 2 since he is our best player LOL, Tucker and Brown both struggling, play Dudley, and split time with Johnson, then theres Gortat and Oneal who have been playing decent in time split. Since when does the summer league pickup demand that time! he went 2-7(6pts), 3rbs, and a few hussle plays in just under 30 min. It’s just ridiculous….we are one of the worst teams in the league yet, our draft pick Marshall isnt getting any PT, not even a damn look to go in the game….smh WHY THE HELL NOT!!! you drafted the kid…play em.

  • Troy

    too add…we thought Beasy was struggling with his confidence before………DNP’s will sure assist that. smh Good times being a SUNS fan, just like it always has been.

  • http://none Sillmarillion

    I agree on the Marshall part. He has to play a lot more, I mean the Suns are losing anyway, so where is the differnce?
    Let Telfair start (Dragic as SG) and play Marshall as backup. He is a superb passer and we are only worried about his shooting. Well, shooting is mainly about confidence (especially in his case I suppose) so play him, maybe he’ll get some confidence after all.

  • Michael

    If the Suns want to trade for unprotected draft picks in 2013 or even better in 2014, which should be a main target, they should try a deal with the Magic, the Thunder (with their Top3 protected Raptors pick), the Hornets, the Celtics, the Raptors, the Wizards.
    Those are all teams that most probably have lottery picks (maybe except the Celts) and might be willing to take some of our players.
    The Thunder could become a real threat for the Heat when trading for Gortat. FO should push hard for a deal like this (including the Raptors pick):

    OKC gets stronger now, remains below the luxury tax, and we would get great future assets in Lamb and another lottery pick. Would be a lovely one.

  • http://none @Mikel_hAz

    I’m all for making this trade!!! If made though it has to be made with the idea of resigning him and then building around him. Rudy Gay is a good move for the suns!

  • Ty-Sun

    As has been said several times before, Gentry is either trying his best to put a winner on the court with the team he’s been given or is auditioning for his next job by doing the same. Without a contract extension offer from the Suns or at very least a direct order from the front office to forget about winning and try to develop Marshall and the rest of the people he has on the bench he’s just going to continue to do the best he can to win.

    The blame for not giving Marshall, Johnson, etc. playing time shouldn’t fall on Gentry. His job is to win games until someone higher up in the organization tells him otherwise. Yes, he’s not winning but there’s just no way he would NOT play Marshall if he thought he was even an equal player compared to Telfair. Gentry doesn’t know whether he will still have a job in Phoenix next season so, as I said, all he can do is the best he can with what he has until someone tells him to forget this season and look toward player development instead.

    And if setting at the end of the bench is hurting Beasley’s confidence… GOOD! His problem is that he’s been OVERconfident. That’s why his shot selection sucks. Nobody just throws up shots that they don’t believe will go in so he must believe that every bad shot he’s taken was going to go in. If shooting was “mainly about confidence”, Beasley and Brown would be NBA all-stars.

  • JD


    ” Saying there are no unrestricted franchise players who will want to come to Phoenix is easy and pointless.”

    The point is that acquiring Rudy Gay would be great for the Suns. Given their poor recent draft history, limited number of true franchise players, and limited market for free agent top-tier talent, trading for Rudy Gay makes sense.

    I do not have any confidence the Suns front office will draft correctly unless they get the first, maybe second, pick overall. But what kind of strategy is that? Hold and hope? If the Suns simply hoard picks, it doesn’t change how they go about choosing who to pick.

    Free agency is also a tough deal as we saw with this past summer. The only thing good about the Beasley acquisition is the contact Babby wrote up.

    More teams fail at rebuilding through the draft than succeed. At OKC, Presti was already in place once they blew it up. For the Suns, Blanks has yet another painful year on his contract, so they won’t even think of getting a new “talent guru” and staff until at least 2014. Add several years of rebuilding and the Suns look more like the Kings and Wizards, not the Thunder.

    Gortat, Scola, Tucker, and Dragic won’t be young when the supposed rebuilding takes shape. So unless the Suns want to completely clean house (which I don’t see happening), they should try to acquire a proven go-to guy in his mid-20′s who can hit game winners such as Rudy Gay.

  • john

    I think Gentry knows he is auditioning for next year. I think it’s very unlikely that he will stay in Phoenix. He hasn’t done anything to truly wow, in my opinion, and that seems to be what’s required of a coach in order to keep his job these days.

  • JD

    @ Ty-Sun

    I would also add that Marshall wasn’t particularly impressive in the D-League either. No coach would play Marshall in an NBA game at this point.

  • Ryan

    I’m glad the suns are looking around but I hope they don’t pull the trigger on this. Dudley is such a good team guy and he’s becoming a staple of the community. Great dude, lets not lose him. Let just keep losing games!

  • john


    I totally understand and agree with your line of thinking about acquiring a franchise guy. I guess where I disagree is that I don’t believe Rudy Gay resembles that kind of a player in the slightest.

    He’d be better than what they’ve got, but Rudy Gay isn’t the type of player who is going to right a ship like the one the Suns are sailing, in my opinion.

  • Michael

    Rudy Gay is shooting an awful 40.8% this year, this is even worse than Shannon Brown. If you make him the franchise player for the future, it´s becoming very dark for years to come.
    He has one of the worst contracts in the league, and it´s highly arrogant from Memphis requesting draft picks in return for this crappy contract… It´s a shame that the FO is even considering such a trade.

  • Ty-Sun

    I doubt Scola will be here next year. He was a great bargain pickup after Houston used their amnesty on him but I don’t think they are including him in their long term plans.

    Gortat… I just don’t know what to expect with him. If the right trade offer comes up I wouldn’t be surprised to see him sent off to another team. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay with the Suns.

    Like it or not, Dragic is our PG for at least the near future. The only way the Suns trade him away is if he demands a trade or some other team makes a completely insane trade offer for him.

    Dudley… I’m glad we have him. He has his drawbacks but IQ isn’t one of them. To me he’s a “tweener” of a different sort. He’s right on the borderline of being a starting 3 and a backup 3. I’d love to keep him but he’s not untouchable if the RIGHT trade offer comes along.

    When healthy, the above description also goes for Channing Frye to a certain extent. Frye has more athleticism but also is a starter/backup “tweener”.

    And as much as I love Tucker, he’s the kind of guy you want at the END of the bench who will come in and play his heart out when an injury forces you to reach deep into your bench.

    Everyone else on this team falls into one category… expendable. I’m not saying that they aren’t good players or that they have no place in Phoenix but I can’t come up with any reason why anyone else should not be considered untouchable in a potential trade.

  • JD

    Gay has one of the most expensive contracts in the league and it was a poor decision by Memphis at the time. However, it is not one of the worst today because there are only 2 years left after this season and he will be only 29 when the contract ends. He is a key player on a winning team, has won many games for his team, and is a career 45 percent shooter.

  • Ty-Sun

    On Rudy Gay… he’s just not worth it for the money he’s being paid.


    Yes, his stats are down this year but if … and ONLY if… we could get him for HALF that price would it be a good deal for the Suns.

    And there’s no way that’s going to happen.

  • Michael

    For Goran, I don´t see him necessarily as our PG of the future, but as one of our two starting guards. Often mentioned here, but rarely seen on the court, but I can see him being a great SG as well. Pair him with a second combo guard like Jennings and you have a hot shooting, great ball handling backcourt.
    He won´t become a 10+ asts/game PG most probably, but I can´t understand the criticism he´s often faced here. Any comparison with Steve is unfair, he´s unique and will always be.

  • JD

    With few exceptions, mid-20 year old cornerstone NBA players, like Gay, are overpaid. There is no escaping that reality.

  • azbballfan

    i pretty much agree with every point Ty-Sun has

    Its becoming pretty clear that Babby and Blanks just follow orders from Sarver and have no real autonomy

    (real independent decision making)

    if thats the case i feel bad for them, because they get alot of the Suns criticism

    It could be that way, i have totally worked jobs in my life where someone else above me was calling the shots and my job was to do what i was told.

    I think taking a real hard look at the players in the game that are talented but not getting minutes would be the best stategy.

    Most of the people i outlined in a previous post play almost no minutes due to, probably reasons beyound their control and would come cheap.

    You either have to draft stars, or you have to find one and dvelop one, or you have to let someone else do that and yuu shell out major money to sign them as a free agent.

    ok so we got gigantic holes at the 2 guard spot that a untrained monkey flying an experimental alien craft could get through

    so who are around the NBA is young, cheap, has some talent that would help us and is currently not getting alot of playing time?

    Tony Wroten could be a good pickup for us, and hes getting what 2 minutes a game?

    Jan Vessely could help us and he gets not alot of time on a banged up wizards team that somehow has beaten miami and the thunder

    just some examples im throwing out there

  • ClashBoogy

    I’m on the fence. I do agree with the comment made that there are only a handful of superstars in the league so waiting on that train is going to be a long wait.

    I do like the idea of gay in purple and orange. I would have loved it more if it was done before the Beasley signing in the off season. Oh well. Maybe that’s what Beas needs to get him out of this funk. An All star like gay who can make things happen when the games on the line. Who knows tho.

    I think Wes Johnson def should be getting decent mins. The 5 or so is far from enough. Which all this leads me to one observation only,

    The suns are tanking this season on purpose thru player rotation. I think they were banking on Beasley in the beginning but things changed quick. My only contradiction to my observation is that if it was the case, then you would think Marshall would be getting more mins for some player development.

    I’m content with a couple losing seasons this year and next if the fo does things right in the off seasons with drafts, trades and fa. I think they can with what’s on their plate and their place in the standings. I think gay will just make the games a little more exciting to watch for now and help make them real exciting in 14/15 season once the rebuild really kicks in.

    Just my 2 pennies.

  • Ty-Sun


    Paring Dragic with a 6-5/6-6 combo guard would be ideal for Phoenix. Paring him with an even smaller PG and moving him to the 2 would probably be as successful as trying to make Dudley into a 2 though. Dragic isn’t a classic pass first PG but few are these days. Not having a good 2 guard on the team really make Dragic look worse than he actually is. With Tucker playing the 2, Dragic gets almost no assist when he passes to him because Tucker doesn’t take a lot of shots. With Brown at the 2, Dragic doesn’t get a lot of assists because Brown takes a lot of bad shots.

    Unless there is a specific play called or the team has a specific go to scorer, the PG most often passes to the SG when the ball passes mid-court. Early on in the season I would expect that Dragic was told to get the ball to Beasley. We all know how that worked out. We also all know that Brown is mostly a black hole for passes even though he sometime hits a hot streak.

    Dragic is also often criticized for not getting the ball to Gortat on more PNR plays. Perhaps this is warranted but perhaps more teams are daring Dragic to score on them and covering Gortat more closely on those plays because they already know that Gortat can beat them in a PNR.

    But all in all, at least you have to admit that Dragic could have racked up more assists this season if he was playing with teammates who hit more shots AFTER he made passes to them. An assist is only an assist if the other player makes the shot… which has been a problem for Phoenix this year.

  • Brenton

    First, the Suns arent tanking this year. If they were, Marshall would be starting with Dragic at the 2, Dudley at 3, Morris at 4, and Gortat at 5(that is the ideal lineup anyway, but Gentry is stubbornly trying to win games rather than develop talent). Its infuriating to watch Telfair get decent minutes with his dribble first, shoot second, pass only in emergencies midset. He should be riding the pine, with Marshall at least playing as the backup. Who drafts someone #10 overall to ride the bench during a year where you win 20 games? Its idiotic. Westbrook was also terrible his first year, and while Marshall probably isnt Westbrook, we will never know because he wont ever play meaningul minutes.

    Tell Gentry to play Marshall and fire him if he refuses. The Suns arent winning anything this year, so get Telfair off the floor.

    As for the Rudy Gay trade, it would depend on what you give up. A Beasely, Dudley + Lakers 1st rounder(top 5 protected) for Rudy Gay seems like a pretty good deal to me. Even better if it was something like Frye, Beasely, Dudley, and Suns top 3 protected pick for Rudy Gay.

  • Mark


    Here is an example of how we could fix one or two pieces of our line-up , maintain cap space, and get rid of waste. My proposal is to get the Kings involved. They are possibly moving to Seattle, and the Maloofs might do a dump in order to make their team more attractive (add allstar).


    Receives Rudy Gay ($16.5M)

    Receives Jared Dudley ($4.2M)
    Receives Michael Beasley ($5.7M)
    Receives Wesley Johnson (($4.2)
    Receives Sun’s Second Round Pick

    Receives Tyreke Evans ($5.2)
    Receives Thomas Robinson ($4.0M) – Rookie
    Receives Jimmere Fredette ($2.4M)
    Recieves King’s 2013 or 2014 1st Rd pick

    The Kings finally get an Allstar to play with Cousins. Their biggest need is Allstar potential/leadership. They should be willing to give away Thomas Robinson even though his future is bright.

    Memphis drops their salary by $2.5M for 2012, and then W Johnson’s $4M comes off the book in 2013. They still have a starter in Dudley and Beasley coming off the bench. Goal is to drop salary, but maintain quality play. DONE!

    Suns get the following:
    1. Get rid of Beasley, realize their mistake and get rid of his salary for the next couple of years.
    2. Keep their salary flexibility open for next year to sign an Allstar.
    3. Pickup Evans, who is screaming for a new home, and a new start. Could fill the 2 spot at 1/3 the cost of Gay. We would have a 1.5 years to determine wether he is a good fit and resign. If not, we let him go.
    4. Future Talent in T. Robinson. Could be the PF we are looking for in the future. Scola can teach him. Let’s face it, Markief Morris is not a PF. He is a tweaker between a 3 and 4. Very inconsistant.
    5. Ferdette is a good role/bench player. I think he would be perfect coming in off the bench and lighting up the 3′s in Gentry’s system.
    6. Another 1st Round Draft Pick would be great. Whether we use it for ourselves or to move up.

    This is just one opportunity out there that makes since to me. The key is to keep our future open…

  • http://valleyofthesuns john

    I really like this trade, I just dont see it happening thou!!!But I can wish!!

  • http://valleyofthesuns john

    Then I’d like to trade Gortat to Boston for Bradley and possibly another first rounder!!!what does some phx fans say about this trade to Boston?

  • ClashBoogy

    @mark. The only reason that trade would make sense would be to get rid of the Beas contract. Tyreke is cool but if a game was in the line I would rather the ball be in Rudy’s hands.

    But if we could x the Beas contract I would exchange it for Rudy’s. tyreke is a good idea though for the quality of play for the size of the contract. In that aspect it totally makes sense.

  • ClashBoogy

    @john. Not a fan of gortat to Boston for a guard with Bradley and his 7 ppg, horrible 3pt % and fg% and lack of assists. Where would giving up gortat make sense if we have only oneal and frye in the center position

  • Russell

    @Mark, you take the cake on that offer, I mean can you dream any more? Basically this is what you are saying:

    In order to get Rudy Gay, The Kings give their top 5 pick from this years draft, Thomas Robinson, and Tyreke Evans and Jimmer, plus they throw in two first round picks that will be top 3-5 picks….All for Rudy Gay.

    My first impression was why would the kings need the Suns to make this trade? The Grizzlies would jump all over this trade w/out the suns involved.

    But just so you know the trade you made up there could land the Kings 5 times the return then what you are offering … Rudy Gay! lol Rudy Gay and Cousins with no one around them would win 20 games a year, and in your trade not only would they suck they would also give up their top tier draft pics.

    hope you just woke up to reality.

  • Russell

    just to add one more point I wouldn’t trade, Thomas Robinson for Gay, Jimmer For Gay or Tyreke Evans for Gay in one on one trades. not only do they all have better upside they all make much less then Gay. So the Kings are not that stupid.

  • Jon

    Trading Dudley and picks for Gay would completely annihilate any chance for rebuilding.

  • Ryan

    @ Mark

    I think Memphis would want that kings first round pick in the trade. Suns would probably have to take on a bad contract from the kings too. Probably salmons. I like the frame work though. Jimmer could be a future sixth man of the year and they get a test drive on Evans and not give up draft picks.

  • Ryan

    Just to add one more thing, I don’t think Robinson would be offered in that trade either.

  • Matt

    Rudy Gay will explode on the suns like james harden we need him

  • alan

    Dragic is a point guard and will get better, look what he did with houston last 28 games of course kevin mchale is better coach then gentry and he had better shooters on his team, but he orchestrated very well an offense in houston and avg 18 points a game and 8.5 assists a game. Suns team screw ddragic up out of assists cuz they shhoot poorly after getting ball from dragic or drive and pass to someone else. Dragic is about where nash was in their 5th year anyway. I compare dragic to a nash/ginobli type player. He will be fine he’s a better defender than nash too!

  • ClashBoogy

    @matt and @alan. CO-SIGN!!! We need an all star player that does it all. Score, defend, and lead.

    A week ago I watched a game where phoenix stole the ball and Dudley finished with a dunk and the entire bench stayed seated. Anytime someone like Dudley who rarely dunks, dunks, the entire bench should be on their feet. Shows moral, support, united and it gets the fans involved more.

    There’s no chemistry and no bond yet. Have a damn team BBQ or something. I know it’s a new team but damn

  • Mark

    OK, OK, my trade is a little favorable to the Suns. But, drop off Sac’s first for our First (Laker’s Pick), and you are right back in the conversation. Why wouldn’t Sacremento jump on this. They are a team that has young players, but no proven winner. It reminds me of the Suns when they traded Hornacek, Tim Perry, and a draft pick (or 2) for Charles Barkley. Suns had a good team that year, and really didn’t need Barkley to make playoffs, but Barkley brought in the Leader/Allstar that they needed to direct them to the finals. Best Suns Team so far (Could debate 2004/05 Team -Stoudemire, Marion, Joe Johnson, Nash, Barbosa, Q team is better or 2006/07 Team less Robert Horry’s cheap shot.)

    I am not saving the Kings are going to make the playoffs, but they will be better. Look at Golden State, they made the trade for David Lee, and it took a little while for them to be in the playoff race.

    Either way, don’t cut off your future for something unless its the real deal. Should have traded for Harden.

  • Jay H

    Should do the trade.

    1) Suns don’t draft well, so who cares about the Draft pick?
    2) No big name max deal FA’s are coming to PHX, it isn’t an attractive place for them to come to, like Barkley, you need to TRADE to get that talent
    3) A philosophy of adding great players shouldn’t be based on your record
    4) Dudley is an average to bench player, that is a win-win for the Suns – no reason not to take on salary now

    All of the reasons mentioned in the article are BS. The Suns don’t need to keep holding onto these average marginal players, they need to add stars that they can get, and trade may be the only way to do that.