Rudy Gay reportedly a trade target of the Phoenix Suns

Rudy Gay is reportedly being heavily shopped around by the Memphis Grizzlies, and Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Tuesday morning that the forward has drawn heavy interest from the Phoenix Suns.

Wojnarowski was told by sources that the Grizzlies would want Jared Dudley and future first-round picks, and it’s a wonder how willing Phoenix would be to give up any lottery picks considering the need to inject youth into the team that’s still a rebuilding project.

The Suns are lacking a marquee name, of course, and finding a player of Gay’s level would certainly appear as a big move to fix that problem.

Financially, how big would initially appear to be the issue holding back any trade between Memphis and Phoenix.

After all, Gay admitted to that he knew his contract was the reason trade rumors once again surround him.

How the Suns would be willing to absorb Gay’s massive contract that is worth $17.8 million and $19.3 million over the 2013-14 and 2014-15 seasons, respectively, is another question. Gay’s five-year, $82 million contract signed in the summer of 2010 is the one that Memphis has been looking to get off the books to ease their own salary cap situation, and Suns owner Robert Sarver’s opinion of Gay’s worth might be key in any deal.

It all hinges on how Sarver and the Suns front office views Gay’s star potential. He’s never been able to pull himself onto the elite pedestal with averages of 17.9 points and 5.7 rebounds in his six-plus year career. His averages this year are about the same, but he’s shooting a career-worst 40.8 percent.

He’s also 26 years old.

The Suns themselves have seen Gay’s upsides and downsides. Last year, Gay went for 32 points against Phoenix. He hit a huge game-tying shot earlier this season against the Suns, but the Grizzlies lost on Goran Dragic’s buzzer beater that came after Gay missed a go-ahead jumper (granted, a well-defended one).

And then, everything goes back to what the Suns give up and if they even have enough to land Gay. Memphis-based ESPN radio’s Chris Vernon tweeted Memphis front office sources said that a Suns-Grizzlies deal is unlikely because of how little Phoenix has to offer.

On their side are the Grizzlies, who appear to be very intent on trading away their leading scorer if, as Vernon tweeted, they improve as a team. Arguably, Dudley fits Memphis’ roster quite well, but how much addition by subtraction there is in a move involving Gay and Dudley is hard to say.

  • azbballfan

    Gotta have the brains to win games, i like that!

    So anyone read the book Flowers for Algernon?

    can the team eye doctor do some surgery where our least fundamental players suddenly learn basic defensive concepts?

    I dont really think Memphis, if it is indeed interested in improving the team instead of dumping salary

    would wheel and deal with Phoenix, we just dont have anyone they want

    I think if the Suns are still getting beaten up by the time the all star game rolls around they need to look at the future.

    the Suns i think lost tonight at the Bucks which would make them 2-15 on the road.

    Can you get each suns player own little island and have him fight his backup for minutes?

    of course im not actually suggesting that, im really saying they need to play the young guys or make a trade for the future that doesnt nuke cap space that the suns have been hoarding


    the sun and the moon and the stars…call me a cynic but i think the only thing sarver has agreed to is for his pr team to feign interest to excite the fan base..pulling the old eric gordon on us and its working..look at all the comments. @AZBBALLFAN lmao i was in flowers for algernon they play at arcadia high school.. @ MARK OOCHS i totally agree with you..REALLY blow this pathetic tub of stink to smithereens and go D league for real..


    wish comments could be edited on this format THE play

  • Robert Sarver

    Hey fans, I know you all have been frustrated with this season so far, and so have I. I know we are currently 12 games under .500, but it is still early and I know we can make moves to get this ship turned around and fight for the playoffs.

    I have instructed Lon and Lance to seek any moves that can make this team better now. We have assets, the picks, that I am willing to sacrifice so that we can be a better team now and make a run for the playoffs.

    I understand the frustrations with all the losing, and trust me I see all the frustrations and empty seats, and I hate it too. We can’t wait for possible outcomes for the future, we have to focus on making this team better now and giving the great fans of Phoenix a product to cheer for.

    I know Lon and Lance are working overtime to help this team get better NOW and win NOW. I cannot confirm or deny that Rudy Gay is being looked at, but I can confirm that the front office and I, under my orders, are working to make this team better now.

    Cheers and happy new year Suns fans! We will be back in the playoffs!


  • Rishi

    If this is really Robert Sarver, hey pal as a fellow UofA alumni, I understand that we need to put fans in the seats and make sure we have a profitable product. Having Rudy Gay might entice other free agents to look to come here and I think that this is one of the real reasons that you would pull the trigger on this trade. I just hope that once you do obtain a core group of all stars that you don’t start selling draft picks again to keep the core together. Please don’t mortgage our future again like that, for I am sure that you have the funds to sustain some financial losses. In fact, if I recall correctly, you traded for Shaq and that put you into luxury tax status in the past.

    If it were as simple as it is in video games, draft and develop good players and then trade them when their rookie contract is up for some more top 10 draft picks while retaining your “core” in tact. Anyhow, I digress.

  • Rishi

    Dear Robert Sarver,
    Please don’t be short sighted by giving away our draft picks to get fans in the seats. I think keeping draft picks and using the free agency is the only way to develop and make progress now. Why not do our best with what we have this season, get a couple of great first round draft picks (our own and from the Lakers) and use our cap space from expiring contracts to make a run at some free agents?

    I suppose the fear here is that we will come up empty just like Dallas did, and yes Dallas did have Dirk and we really don’t have a star to pair them with, but not knowing your financial situation and how much red ink you can sustain for personal losses, its hard for fans to truly understand why you want to obtain Rudy Gay and mortgage your future draft picks and cap flexibility.

    Already this Summer it has been proven that a maximum caliber player (supposedly) Eric Gordon will be willing to play for Phoenix, so we don’t necessarily have to make a panic move just yet.

    I like Rudy Gay, I would not accept a deal that gives away draft picks. Draft picks have great value in that rookie contracts are cap friendly. I hope we have some great scouts, spend some money on hiring great scouts and lets start playing Kendall Marshall and see what he can do.

    The focus on player development for the Suns may be in its infancy, but it can wield great results for us if we have multiple draft picks to use them on. Lets see if we can have a good mix of obtaining a marquee player like Gay without giving away all of our draft picks and cap flexibility. Trade Gortat away for some draft picks too before you are unwilling to give him what he is going to demand on his next contract. The guy is a sunk cost in economics, as he is already refusing to sign an extension. You must move him before the trade deadline for some good talent and draft picks.

    Rishi, Suns fan living in the enemy territory of San Antonio.

  • Unreal

    Player efficiency rating, Dudley ranks 113, gay ranks 138 estimated win added Dudley 2.8, Gay 2.5 This trade straight up we would be getting fleeced and we’re going to through in a pick to boot for an albatross of a contract. Stay away from Gay, stay far away!!!

  • bk

    Ridiculous if they make this trade. It means that the FO is not willing to pay Nash at $10M/yr but is willing to pay Gay at $18M/yr.

  • Troy

    literally just LOL’d at Frechysunsfan’s idea….

  • Rishi

    I think this trade for Rudy Gay is probably going to happen, but as Unreal posted, his PER is worse than Dudley’s. This is a straight up marketing ploy to get more people in the seats and doesn’t constitute a long term vision of getting the best players for your roster. The problem is many people who live in Phoenix are from other parts of the country and are fair weather fans who only support the team when they are good. Much like Laker fans are spoiled by Championships, Suns fans have been spoiled for a long time with playoff appearances. Hopefully the team can get it together before being mediocre for years and years like the Pistons, Wizards, Bobcats, etc.

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