ValleyoftheSuns Live: Grizzlies at Suns postgame show

  • Scott

    As you might expect, I didn’t watch the video above … :)

    However, I just wanted to note that I was happy to see Johnson finally get some minutes, and was pleased to see that he was effective both on defense and on offense, at least in the first half.

    The Suns had done reasonably well against the Griz this year, taking them into OT in one game, and beating them in the next. However, with the new lineup featuring Tucker at SG the Suns did not have enough scoring power and/or playmaking, and Tucker wasn’t big enough to stop Gay.

    What the Suns really needed was someone like Johnson in place of Tucker. If Johnson continues to get regular minutes and plays well, hopefully he can boost the team’s defensive quotient and at the same time boost the scoring.

    Now Tucker did outscore Johnson … and the rest of the Suns. He was the top scorer. But this is how you know something was really wrong, as scoring is not Tucker’s normal role.

    The Suns could have used a little extra scoring in the first half, as they were way off track, but mainly they lost the game in the 3rd when they came out playing far too slow and had several turnovers and poor possessions. Gentry should have called a time out shortly into the period, but he didn’t.

    O’Neal didn’t seem to be playing well. Maybe his back is in bad shape. If he was not feeling great, it might have been wiser to play Zeller in the few minutes against Haddadi.

    The last thing I can think to say about this game is that the Suns could have played Telfair and Dragic at the guard spots down the stretch when they needed to score, but they didn’t. IMO, they really missed having some playmaking coming from the SG spot, especially toward the end of the game.

  • jones

    What the Suns really need is to figure out a way to free Beasley.

    Sure his shots aren’t falling now, but he’s still the only guy on the roster with any modicum of chance to consistently become an offensive threat on this team.

    So what if his D isn’t great. Just surround him with player that also aren’t liabilities on D and try to figure out a way to get the O to go through him consistently without having him take bad shots.

    Basketball is very simple TEAM sport. Just jettisoning Beasley like Gentry has done has actually ruined the season.

    We all pretended that Beasley was the source of our losses. We aren’t winning games without him anyway so he clearly couldn’t have been the problem. I think Gentry needs to look in the mirror and hold himself accountable.

  • jones

    Tucker is a bit player and should be used as such. There is no way we are going to be a serious team featuring him as a starter. He’s very great at what he does and he does it well, but it is nothing to take a team like us over the top.

    Gentry should spend more time trying to either develop the nascent talent in Morris, Marshall, Wesley and Beasley or figure out a way to get those guys to be more effective for this team.

    Gentry should be fired. So far he’s shown no confidence in any of his players and seems to be grappling with straws trying to make this work. It may either be unworkable or perhaps he’s just not the right coach to make this thing work. Either way, I think it makes more sense to let another try their hands at the team. Gentry’s way is just going to lead to more losses and zero development of young players.

  • Scott

    @jones -

    I disagree about Beasley. I don’t know if there’s any hope for him in the NBA. As for his play with the Suns, he’s all out of rhythm most games, playing the worst he’s ever played. And he does need to play D.

    From what I’ve heard, Beasley played his best in a college system where he was tightly controlled by a dictatorial, disciplinarian coach. He’s fading away in the wide-open, loosey-goosey, player-friendly system used by the Suns.

    Beasley should either be traded, or he should sit on the bench till he gets hungry enough to play D. When he starts playing good D, he will probably find his O has naturally returned to good rhythm.

    If Beasley is traded, a coach that could probably get him going is the coach for the Bobcats, as (from what I hear) he uses more of a college model.

    If Beasley was to be traded to the Bobcats, the Suns should obviously try to get Kidd-Gilchrist or a pick in return. However, if Jordan isn’t hungover or whatever, I assume the Suns would have to take something more like Diop and a pick. Or if the Suns can’t get a pick from the Cats, then maybe take Diop’s expiring contract and Jeffery Taylor, whom I select simply because he looks like Tony Parker’s taller brother. ;)

  • john

    Greeny? What’s he doing with VotS?

  • Adam Green

    John, making things better, of course.

  • john

    Haha, well said.

  • Harry


    Just getting around to watching this . It’s really too bad these videos don’t get more love. This is the best stuff you do, by far! I’ve got a couple pushbacks on some of the things you said but it’s late. Hope to get to them later. Maybe you guys will be around.