ValleyoftheSuns, Crowd Seats offering free ticket giveaway to upcoming Suns-Mavericks game

ValleyoftheSuns is teaming up with Crowd Seats to offer a free ticket giveaway for the Dec. 6 nationally-televised matchup between the Phoenix Suns and the Dallas Mavericks in US Airways Center.

To enter this giveaway for two free tickets to the 8:30 p.m. MST game, all you need to do is guess the final score of the Suns’ upcoming tilt against the New York Knicks on Sunday. The first differentiator will be picking the right winner/margin of victory and the second differentiator will involve coming closest to the Suns’ point total in your guess.

If we still have a tie, that will be broken during Tuesday’s Memphis tilt with an additional question based off that game.

You can enter the contest in a number of ways, including writing your answer in the comments section below, tweeting us @ValleyoftheSuns, posting your answer on our Facebook page or entering it on our Google Plus page.

The contest will close at tip time of the Knicks game on Sunday morning (10 a.m. MST).

See below for more information from the contest sponsor Crowd Seats:

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  • Cody Baird

    Knicks win 115 to 103

  • Navkarn

    Suns: 87
    Knicks: 103

  • shazam

    suns 117 heat 83

  • Melon Man

    Knicks 109
    Suns 95

  • Kasey

    Knicks 97

    Suns 104

  • dPierce

    Suns 104
    Knicks 111

    #lotterybound #bleedorng4thefuture

  • sun also rises

    I’ll be at that game…

    With a paper bag on my head. If there was ever a time to do it, it is now.

  • Nathan Money

    Knicks 102
    Phoenix 93

  • Laura Money

    Knicks 92
    Suns 87

  • Willy Buckets

    Knicks 107
    Suns 110

  • Michael

    Suns 92
    Knicks 114

  • Ben Holland

    Suns 98 Knicks 87

  • Cody Zeller

    Knicks 101 Suns 92


  • Alvin Gentry

    Knicks 117
    Suns 77

  • Ryan

    Suns 104
    Knicks 103

  • Brandon

    Suns 103
    Knicks 101

  • Jim K

    Phx 92
    New York 103

  • Mario Benitez

    New York 105
    Phoenix 87

  • Robert Sarver

    Knicks 121

    Sarver 0

  • bk

    I saw the news that they are talking about refund of the tickets if you feel you are not entertained.–nba.html

  • A. Graves

    Suns 101 Knicks 99

  • Matt Vargas

    Win by Suns-107 Knicks-103

  • Andrew

    Suns: 92
    Knicks: 89

  • Gilberto

    Suns 85
    Knicks 108

  • hawki


  • Dan Smith


  • Kyle

    Suns 100

    Knicks 112

  • David

    Suns 98 Knicks 124

  • Crowd Seats

    Thanks to all who entered the contest! We particularly liked some of the humorous entries (like 148-28)!. Congrats to the contest winner!