ValleyoftheSuns Live: Heat at Suns postgame show

  • Luka

    They tried, but this Suns team is performing about where it should given the roster. Again, it’s not a finished product.

    The big question is what course does the FO take when the losses keep piling up? Do they try and go for decent wing to compliment Dragic? Then maybe keep tanking to get a PF in the draft?

    Gentry is only now getting around to changing the starting line-up, but it feels all but inevitable that he’ll be gone at all-star break or season’s end.

  • shazam

    im so f bombing proud of you guys….FANTASTIC vid presentation

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks shazam, I’ve appreciated all the feedback through the years!

  • Matt

    Enjoyed the show! Great team running this site.

  • Harry

    Wow, this was really, really good. I hated your first presentation but this one and your last have really improved. Lot of good stuff brought up by all but especially liked the point Ryan(?) made about Beasley operating more freely with the lane open. Do you plan on doing this at more home games?

  • Michael Schwartz

    Thanks, Harry. Yes, we will definitely try to do more of these!

  • Harry


    I don’t know the logistics of putting this together but it would be great if you could do this every game. I actually went back and watched again and I think I’m even more impressed than I was the first time. I watch a ton of basketball and have for many, many years. You have a truly knowledgeable group there.