ValleyoftheSuns Live: Season preview edition on G+

  • Harry

    Guys, good job. The last one of these I listen to, I had to stop mid way through. Too much arrogance. Not sure if we have the same players (doesn’t seem like it) but this was really good. I enjoyed every person here. Nice depth.

  • shazam

    wow now youre on to something..everyone knows my opinion about the content…its for my media producer hat (something i have a lot of experience in)…you no longer are driven by a live format and are now converting over to is extremely easy to edit..just wipe out those few glitches…the lighting is all over the map… there is no way to coordinate this with out a huge budget so rememberits better to error on the bright side (more front light fellas)…i notice you all broadcast from rooms w/ white walls…have your backs to the walls ..have no clutter in the background…the ONLY thing that should be seen in background is an 8 by 11 piece of paper taped to the wall just above your right shoulders (will show left on screen)..on that paper have VALLEY OF THE SUNS.COM

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